24 Cozy Pool Cabana Ideas for Your Holiday Retreat

You came here to find pool cabana ideas for your house, right? You are in the right place!

One of the best ways to blow off steam is by swimming. What makes it better is if you could sit back and relax by the water. To make it tangible, check out these cozy pool cabana ideas that will give you the holiday vibes you have been longing for.

What is a Pool Cabana

Black and White Pool Cabana - Black Panelling | Pool house ideas backyards, Pool gazebo, Simple pool

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Many people mistake a Cabana for a gazebo since they look alike. The truth is they are two different things.

Cabana is a Spanish word, which means a hut. Unlike a gazebo that is open on all sides so that you can access it from anywhere, three lightweight walls cover a Cabana while the other one remains uncovered and faces the pool.

Both a gazebo and a cabana are handy. They can be a great place for you to relax in the afternoon and provide a shelter that protects you from the glaring sun.

Since cabana has walls and sometimes curtains, it can be a perfect place for you to change in and out of a swimsuit without messing the house.

This black-and-white cabana does not have curtains, maybe is one of pool cabana ideas you might like. However, it provides some seating for you to enjoy the backyard landscaping while relaxing.

Luxurious Pool Cabana Ideas

50 Swimming Pool House, Cabana and Pergola Ideas (Photos)

Luxury is all you can see in this contemporary cabana. It comes in an off-white color hue that matches the pool deck immensely while boosting the elegant look.

This cabana has all the things that you need to bring in vacation vibes to your backyard. It features an outdoor kitchen and bar in which you can prepare for lunch while watching your kids.

It also has a spacious dining area in case you invite your neighbors or friends to come over for dinner or an impromptu barbeque party.

Pool Cabana Ideas with Outdoor Kitchen

pool-house-plans-with-bathroom-and-kitchen-bar-areapool-bedroom-houses-shower.jpg 3,072×2,304 pixels | Outdoor pool bathroom, Pool patio designs, Pool house plans

Most pool cabanas have an outdoor kitchen in addition to a lounge, and so does this pool house. Although it is rather small, it offers you a lot of fun.

This pool cabana has black shaker kitchen cabinets that you can use to store some snacks and condiments. It features stainless steel countertop that is renowned for durability, making it a good counter space that enables you to prepare the meal.

In addition to an outdoor kitchen, it also has a small dining table with industrial-style chairs that provide a nice place for an alfresco breakfast or lunch.

DIY Pool Cabana Ideas

How to Build a Cabana | how-tos | DIY

Making a stylish and comfortable cabana does not always entail a lot of budgets. You can cut down on the money you are probably going to spend for a mere poolside house by constructing it yourself. Yep! DIY projects have always saved the day.

To make this cabana, you need to install four wooden posts, just like when you make a patio. Cover the top and back parts of it with a bamboo screen to incorporate few Asian vibes into the backyard.

Once the cabana is finished, round out it with some chairs. You can also mount a TV so that you can view your TV programs or favorite movies outdoor. It would be nicer if you hung curtains for the privacy screen.

Pool House Ideas

Diy Pool House Plans Lovely Plansth Outdoor Kitchen Small Shed Design Ideas Inexpensive Home Elements And Style Kits Blueprints Crismatec.com

This pool house offers you all the things you need to throw a party. It has an outdoor kitchen and bar so that you can prepare and serve delectable meals for your family and guests. A large flat-screen TV mounts on the wall, entertaining the other guests.

Crisp white siding denotes modern farmhouse style well. Tongue-and-groove paneling runs from the wall up to the ceiling, creating a cohesive look.

Since it has a sturdy roof, the weather is not something to worry about. The party will still go on despite the rain or snow, just make sure you have a fire pit in this cabana.

Wooden Corner Pool Cabana Ideas

Tips And Ideas For Pool Cabanas | Summerstyle

If your backyard lacks space, you do not need to build a large cabana pool. A small yet functional one would work like a charm.

It can be one of the worth-trying pool cabana ideas. It is made of pallet wood that shares the same finish as the fence, making them flow into one being.

The cabana sits in the corner, which means it will not gobble up the valuable space that you have in your minute backyard. To spruce up it, some roses fill the window box.

Outdoor Cabana Designs

A gorgeous pool cabana, trellises made to the satisfaction of our customer. | Pool cabana, Pool houses, Backyard sheds

This is another one of the wooden pool cabana ideas for your small backyard. It is not spacious, but it is quite functional because you can change into your home dress after swimming without making a mess inside your house.

Although it does not have an outdoor kitchen or bar, you can still enjoy lounging on a chair by the pool. If you are fond of natural light, you can just install a pergola cover so that you can still get sufficient shade without blocking the sun.

Minimalist Pool Cabana Ideas

Luxury Ideas for Outdoor Living and Patio Pools | Luxury swimming pools, Pool renovation, Pool landscaping

Some people are dying for the minimalist look of a modern house. It is eminently simple with clear-lined edges and a plain look. It is not boring at all. It is fascinating!

This pool cabana shows that being simple can be alluring. It is rather small, but the sloping and sleek roof has made it big in style. A corner built-in bench provides ample space for seating. String light wraps around the edges of the flooring, making look marvelous.

White Poolside Cabana

37 Amazing Backyard Pool Ideas | Pool landscape design, Backyard pool, Pool landscaping

White is one of the most versatile colors. Nothing could go wrong with it. Therefore, it can be a great backdrop so that you can pair it with other hues.

If you are looking for unsophisticated white pool cabana ideas, you can try it. As you can see, everything remains white here. You can just add some greenery to jazz up without overwhelming the space.

Cozy Corner Cabana with Trellis Cover

Pin by E M on Piscina e Área Externa | Backyard pool designs, Backyard patio, Patio

Are you looking for simple pool cabana ideas that you can add to your next DIY projects? Try this one out!

This pool cabana is located right in the corner of the backyard. If you happen to have this kind of landscaping, you just need to cover the flooring with wood and install trellis for the sides and cover.

You can play with the trellis to kick it up a notch. Grow Bougainville or Black-Eyed Susan near it, and let them climb. It will make your vacation vibes a dramatic backdrop.

White Pool House with Twin Pergolas


Two white pergolas flank this classic pool house, creating a perfectly symmetrical look that will improve your backyard landscaping.

The pool house is rather small, but it provides sufficient space for those who want to relax outdoor. It also has a shower room, a kitchen, and a lounge room.

Since it is not that spacious, large glass windows and doors are extremely useful. They make it feel airier and more open by allowing natural light to come into the space. Besides, the crisp white color helps this small cabana appear to be larger.

Modern Pool Cabana Ideas

Luminaires pour éclairer votre terrasse et votre jardin - IDEALUM PRO

This cabana is meticulously there to accommodate more people. It has a stylish outdoor bar that comes in a sleek design.

You can find a white pool chair that allows you to lounge on it. Two ottomans are also here for extra seating or cases when you need a coffee table to set down the snacks.

This modern cabana features a shower room inside so that you can take a shower after swimming and then change your swimsuit.

Prefab Pool Cabana Ideas

Pin by Lauren Alter on pool | Modern pool house, Modern shed, Pool house shed

If you are not good at carpentry, but still insist to build a stylish yet functional pool cabana, try opting for a prefabricated one.

Prefabricated pool cabana ideas, just like any other prefabricated buildings and constructions, are the best solution for those who want to save more money and time without the hassle.

You can obtain plenty of advantages if you opt for a prefabricated pool cabana. It is relatively cheaper than the one that you build from scratch, not to mention the faster construction comparing to its counterparts.

Some prefabricated pool cabana ideas come in sleek and boxy look that denote modern flair immensely, just like these.

These poolside houses look simple yet functional. A pergola lies between them, offering ample shade for any user.

Small Enclosed Pool Cabana Ideas

25 Pool House Designs To Complete Your Dream Backyard Retreat

You can see a modern exterior of the minimalist design. The clean-lined edges have always been the main charm of this kind of style.

Although this pool cabana is quite small, it still looks stylish because it features wooden siding that matches the deck nicely, which makes it chic.

You can only find a lounge inside the cabana that you can use to relax while watching your kids swimming. It also features a mirrored sliding door. You can close it when changing into your swimsuit.

Modern Farmhouse Pool Cabana Ideas

catalina contemporary pool house design by a poolside

Pool cabana ideas like this one resemble a miniature of a farmhouse, which completes with the A-shaped roof and the crisp white siding for the finish. Windows with muntin bars accentuate the style nicely.

Just like any other modern farmhouse exteriors, this pool cabana features two sconces mounted on the wall, flanking the window.

This cabana is rather small, so it will fit in with a minute backyard. Although it is not that big, it provides sufficient space for your kids to get dressed after swimming. As a bonus, it can make a great clubhouse.

Over-the-Pool Cabana Ideas with Bar


Are you looking for pool cabana ideas that can impress your friends? You can try this one.

This cabana protrudes from the pool deck, so some parts of it stay in the water, which is extremely cool.

You can do various kinds of things with this unusual-yet-impressive design like lingering in a “wet” bar. Just create some built-in concrete stools by the edge of the cabana so that you can enjoy your drink while sitting on them.

In addition to the cool bar, it also features a striking design with three fountains and faux stone tiles that add a little bit of rustic charm to it.

Rustic Pool Cabana

75 Beautiful Rustic Pool House Pictures & Ideas - October, 2020 | Houzz

A pool cabana does not have to be as spacious as a hall. It can be as compact as a storage shed as long as it still serves what it is.

This minute cabana blends with the landscaping nicely. It stays flush with the retaining wall perfectly as if it had been a part of it in the first place. The earthy color finish matches the stone immensely, creating a cohesive look.

If you want to get this look while saving more time, money, and energy, you can use prefabricated storage shed, and place it in your retaining wall. Make sure it fits snugly. After that, paint it in an earthy tone and add some faux stone tiles to boost its charm.

Above-Ground Pool Cabana

Pin on pool

Who says an aboveground pool does not need a cabana? It plays a crucial role, especially if you have kids that love playing in the water. Who does not?

This cabana sits on the wooden deck, allowing you to have easy pool access. The roof provides shelter from the glaring sun or pouring rain. It also has a love seat and two armchairs to maintain an intimate conversation while watching the kids swimming.

Two wicker baskets sit in the middle to stash away the clutter or towels. Since each of them has a lid, you can use them as your outdoor coffee table where you can set down your snacks or drinks.

Contemporary Pool Cabana Ideas

999+ Beautiful Pool House Pictures & Ideas October 2020 | Houzz

This white cabana helps you maintain your conversation or relaxation due to the rattan armchairs with comfortable cushions. Shutters cover two sides of it, offering you ultimate privacy and drive the peeping Tom away.

It also has a white cabinet that offers you ample storage space for your swimming tools or clothes. This cabana features a wood-burning fireplace for the authenticity of classic ambiance.

Simple Pool Cabana Ideas

Architectures Small House With Swimming Pool Plan Modern Ranch Plans Bedrooms Home Elements And Style Best Designs Beach Bliss Most Beautiful Tiny Design Crismatec.com

A stylish pool cabana does not have to be pricey. A simple one can be stunning if you know how to decorate it.

Many pool cabana ideas adopt the minimalist design for a more modern look, just like this farmhouse style. It is quite simple with geometric construction. To make it more appealing, use gray tongue-and-groove paneling for the siding.

This cabana also focuses on the aesthetic look by carving out symmetrical design obtained from the identical windows flanking the door. They even share the same trims. Sconces are also in a strategically mounting position.

Pool Cabana with Fireplace

Profil de lame composite : lequel choisir | Maison, Inspiration déco, Terrasse

Are you looking for some pool cabana ideas to create a cozy outdoor living area? This one would be worth trying.

This cabana features a comfortable sectional sofa that fits snugly in the corner. Shelves filled with wood are in use as a room divider, separating the lounge and dining room.

It also has a fireplace to help you keep being warm on a chilly night. You can also utilize it to make a pizza.

Romantic Pool Cabana

This north-orientated home in Melbourne by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design is designed to forge a direct relat… | Concrete house, Melbourne house, Concrete houses

Why are you not having a romantic pool cabana?

This pool cabana looks like a day spa that offers you many relaxing treatments. Instead of investing in some chairs, you can make built-in furniture and top it with some cushions so that you can sit back or even sleep.

The sheer white curtains provide a nice privacy screen while making the cabana look more attractive while accentuating the vacation vibes.

Spacious Pool House

999+ Beautiful Pool House Pictures & Ideas October 2020 | Houzz

Are you looking for pool cabana ideas that can also function as a great outdoor entertaining area where you can host many guests? This one is for you.

This pool house is quite large, which means it can accommodate your veritable army when you are throwing a party. It has two different living areas for any user. Besides, it also features a dining table.

You can also find an enclosed room here where you can change your T-shirt into a swimsuit without worrying about a peeping tom.

Small Poolside Cabana

Where Can I Build A Shipping Container House-Can A Crane Lift A Shipping Container Over A House in 2020 | Pool houses, Prefab pool house, Building a shed

Cannot afford a large pool cabana? It is not a big deal!

This pool cabana idea is rather small. However, it still looks chic due to the clean-lined edges and the sloping roof that embodies modern flair immensely.

It is an enclosed pool cabana, which means it is the place for you to get ready with your swimsuit before jumping into the water.

A small construction, which is fully covered, tends to bring a boxed-in feeling. You can simply install clear glass windows and doors to let the light permeate inside the cabana. However, it will harm your privacy.

To avoid this problem, try installing one-way glass windows and doors so that you can let natural light to come into the space, which makes the cabana more open and airier without compromising your ultimate privacy.

You might have come across many pool cabana ideas, from the small and affordable to the spacious and luxurious one. Whatever your choice is, make sure that it provides ultimate comfort and privacy, and suits your budget well.

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