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14+ Radiator Shelf Ideas, No More Hiding in the Warm Season

Recently, radiator shelf ideas have become the choice of many home decor lovers. Instead of hiding it during the summer, they use it as a piece of furniture to beautify the room.

Radiator shelf ideas are also not difficult to apply. The only thing you should do is to place the topper on top of this appliance in various ways, from wall-mounted, no drilling, and so on.

Fortunately, there will be no big-bucks payment to get this feature. You can DIY a radiator shelf with unused materials at home and design it according to your tastes and needs.

However, because the radiator may give off heat continuously, you may have to be selective in choosing the material. Wood may change shape over time, while metal will receive heat more quickly.

But there’s no need to worry. If you don’t have a material that is strong enough for these radiator shelf ideas, you can still choose the best materials and designs from stores that sell home décor equipment.

The installation of radiator shelf ideas is generally not too complicated. The following are some models that you can apply in your home:

Radiator Shelves (No Drilling)

light Oak laminated Radiator Shelf (24x6 inc) 600x150x18mm: Kitchen & Home

One of the things that many people fear is that they have to punch a hole in the wall to place the radiator topper shelf. It is considered not worth the benefits provided.

But now, that is not a big deal anymore. Several home décor companies have developed over-radiator shelving units that the installation process does not require drilling on the walls.

Instead of wall mounting, these shelves have a feature that allows them to be attached to the radiator. Nonetheless, everyone is able to do installing and dismantling without damage.

The materials used are also high in quality. The maker has designed the material to withstand heat from the radiator to prevent it damaged easily.

You can apply these radiator shelves ideas for various purposes, for example, bookshelves, trinkets, and so on. The creative designs will make you no doubt to do room decoration.

Decoration lovers will not have difficulties to find as it is available in various stores. For further information, try to look for references on the radiator shelf IKEA shown on their website.

Wall Mounted Radiator Shelf Ideas

White Rounded Radiator Shelf 48x6 inch 1200x150x18mm: Kitchen & Home

Apart from no drilling, you can also apply radiator shelf ideas in this way. Thus, the topper is attached to the wall instead of putting it on the appliance.

The advantage of a wall-mounted system is that you can use stacked shelves so that you can accommodate more items. Of course, it supports room efficiency.

By applying the wall-mounted method, you can install shelves of various designs without worrying about damaging the radiator. Don’t be afraid that the appliance becomes overloaded.

Unfortunately, this method has drawbacks. You have to make holes in the wall so that the shelf fits perfectly over the radiator. Of course, this will leave unwanted marks.

That’s why a lot of people are turning to no-drilling systems. However, this model is also quite risky because it may not be able to withstand too heavy load.

Shelf over Radiator in Hallway

Radiator shelf, diy radiator shelf, radiator cover, hallway inspiration, scaffold shelf, radiator scaffol… | Radiator shelf, Hallway inspiration, Dining room chairs

One common problem that arises when applying radiator shelf ideas is placement. Sometimes we are confused about finding the right location for this appliance.

Another room has been filled with much furniture, while it is impossible to add the new one. The trouble is, you must put it well in the house.

To overcome this, you can try placing it in the hallway. You can put it nicely without having to fill up the main rooms, such as the bedroom, living room, and so on.

Since the hallway is a traffic-lane, and not a place to spend time, the furniture placement will not be a problem. However, you should make its presence useful by applying radiator shelf ideas.

The shelf over radiator Hallway-based can be a storage for the items that we can use for travel. You can put a basket to store gloves, hats, and so on.

Another alternative is putting decorations to beautify the hallway. Thus, the scenery through which the people walking there would not be boring.

Antique Combination

5 Home Renovation Tips From HGTV's Nicole Curtis | HGTV's Decorating & Design Blog | HGTV

Some of you may like something that smells antic and decide to put old things in the house. Enjoying all things vintage does provide unspeakable peace.

Combining your antiques with radiator shelf ideas sounds great. One way is to place the distressed table on top of the appliances. The existence of this furniture will give a vintage feel to your room.

To make it even more perfect, you can place some decorations that give you an old impression. Old vases with flowers can be a decoration to beautify the room.

Even if you want to disguise the presence of a radiator under the table, use supportive decorations. The easiest way is to cover it with a tablecloth so that people won’t notice its existence.

Make Your Bathroom Warm

36+ Inspiration Radiator Shelf Ideas That Are Simple Yet Pleasurable For 2020 (PHOTO GALLERY) - Decoratorist

As previously mentioned, radiator placement is sometimes a problem. The reason is, this appliance emits heat, which might be quite annoying during the warm season.

Accordingly, a bathroom is one of the best locations. Placing a radiator in the room can help reduce the cold and humidity that may arise due to the presence of water.

However, you need to do tricks when placing them. In order not to do something untoward, place the radiator in a location where it will not be touched by water as much as possible.

To beautify it, you can also apply radiator shelf ideas in that location. A topper on the appliances can help embellish your bathroom.

Another advantage, you can also use the radiator shelf ideas to store items, such as soap, toothbrushes, and others. What a great solution, right?

Let’s Play with Pets

Cat Hammock Cage Radiator Window Bed House Lounger Bearings Cushion Adjustable Warm Shelf Perch Seat Cover for Kitten Small Pets|Cat Beds & Mats| - AliExpress

There are many ways to apply radiator shelf ideas to your home. If you can’t find a suitable place to put it, then make this appliance something useful in your home.

An interesting idea to steal is to make it a cat play area. For this cute purpose, you can place a board with pet toys on it.

Given that cat toys usually take up quite a bit of space, this idea will go a long way toward the principle of space efficiency. Besides, the warm air from the radiator will be a pet’s paradise.

However, you should take these radiator shelf ideas into account. Make sure that the heat that appears continuously does not adversely affect the toppers.

To avoid unwanted things, you need to check the radiator shelf ideas periodically. Make sure the pet’s activity does not cause anything dangerous.

Modern Shelf over Radiator Ideas

Modern Floating White Radiator Heater Cover NORDIC one or two wood drawers –

Space efficiency is one of the goals of radiator shelf ideas. It is in line with the principles of modern concepts that always make effective use of every space.

Therefore, you might be able to make it an extraordinary room decoration. The over-radiator shelving unit should have obvious benefits, for example, for the storage of goods.

You can place various items on top of the toppers that are attached to the radiator. If possible, you can maximize its use by placing a shelf that can accommodate many objects.

To give a more modern impression, you can choose a color that suits this concept. Bright colors, such as white, will display a classy look as well as give the feel of a spacious room.

For shelf placement, you can use any method. If using the wall-mounted method, try to choose a topper that has a large capacity. Yet, the no-drilling type will solve all the problems.

You can add other furniture around your radiator shelf ideas, for example, a bookshelf or cupboard. Thus, the existence of the appliances is obscured by the decoration.

Traditional Radiator Shelf Ideas

Reclaimed scaffolding board entryway bench / radiator cover | Radiator cover, Diy radiator cover, Diy wood projects furniture

When you buy the topper at various stores, you will see a variety of designs with the perfect touch. The best wood material is polished with a layer that will keep the radiator safe from heat attack.

However, the radiator shelf ideas don’t have to be that perfect. You can use wood at home to turn the appliance into something useful.

So far, one reliable material is oak. But for alternatives, you can use the others.

If you do DIY, no need to concern about the quality of the material. If you use something that is not used, of course, you cannot expect to get premium quality.

Meanwhile, DIY results are sometimes able to provide aesthetic value that is higher than those made in factories. The rustic nuance will be thicker with unfinished-looking furniture.

Hidden Under the Table

How to Disguise or Improve Ugly Radiators

The application of radiator shelf ideas is diverse and flexible. Sometimes the only thing you need is to find a location that can accommodate the appliance.

If you have furniture that is large enough, then the only thing you need to do is accommodate the radiator. One location to use is the space under the table.

By placing it under the table, you will get a concise view. To be more efficient, you can still put the topper on the radiator.

If you don’t want to show the radiator, then you can cover it with a tablecloth or other cover. That way, your room won’t appear full of unwanted objects.

Cute Shelf over Radiator

Radiator Shelf Quartz Mysterio 20 x 90 cm Depth 2 cm Polished: Kitchen & Home

Apart from the shape that sometimes takes up space, a radiator can also be a sweet decoration for your room. One way is to make furniture instantly.

You can adjust the radiator shelf ideas that you apply to your tastes and needs. If you want to make it a sweet decoration, then place a feature that can support that nuance.

A tinny topper in a bright color will remove the unpleasant impression of a radiator. You can customize the tone of the installed shelf with the appliance.

You can also design what the shelf will be used for, for example, for a table, a place to store decorations or others. A few additional decorations will also enhance the look.

If you can turn it into instant cool furniture, then these radiator shelf ideas will look perfect in any corner of the room. Interested in trying?

Make It as a Plant Stand EBTOOLS Radiator Shelf Space, MDF Radiator Cover Display Stand Heating Cabinet with Ventilation on Both Sides for Living Room Furniture Decor White 44" x 7.5" x 32": Home & Kitchen

It turns out that there are many ways to take advantage of the radiator when it’s not in use. In the previous discussion, we have reviewed how to use it as storage and a place to play for animals.

Besides, there are many other benefits of radiator shelf ideas. You can also make it a plant stand that will give a green feel to your home area.

The installation is the same as other radiator shelf ideas. You can add a removable topper on top of the appliance with the method you choose. After that, you can use it as intended.

If the topper is installed, then all you have to do is place the plants you want on it. You can add various green decorations to make it look even more beautiful.

For these needs, you should also consider the heat the plant might receive from the radiator. The topper must be made of a material that can absorb heat so that it does not damage plant development.

An oak topper can generally meet these needs. Some products have been designed to deflect the heat so that it doesn’t spread to unwanted locations.

Unite with Bookshelves

Alternative Radiator Book Case | Furniture renovation, Interior design living room, Home accessories

One way to disguise the presence of a radiator in a room is to pair it with other objects. One of the furniture that can compensate is bookshelves.

For this purpose, you can place bookshelves either above or beside the radiator. The good arrangement will make people unaware of the appliance’s existence.

One of the designs that you can use includes a floating shelf. You place the topper wall mounted over the radiator and put some books on it.

However, the application of these radiator shelf ideas also depends on room conditions. If you still have enough space, then placing it next to the appliance can also be an option.

Distracting Decoration

Hallway shelf detail in 2020 | Narrow hallway decorating, Hallway shelf, Hall decor

If you want no one to notice a radiator, then the only way is to distract. It will happen if you place some eye-catching decorations.

Decorations such as large paintings, colorful knick-knacks, and cute items will attract attention. Thus, one’s attention will be immediately fixed on these objects.

Thus, people may not immediately notice the presence of radiators nearby. You can hide it by giving a cover on the surface.

Just for Displaying

Greenhurst Radiator Shelf | Garden Street

When it comes to radiator shelf ideas, sometimes a person doesn’t have a goal. They only want to make it invisible when it isn’t needed and no more.

Consequently, you cannot decide what item to place on it. If so, why not make it a place to display home decorations?

Even if you don’t have specific items to place on top of it, you can still apply radiator shelf ideas. Having decoration to put down is not an obligation. Instead, you can leave the appliance as is.

Even if there’s nothing on it, in the end, you can turn it into an emergency table. At some point, you may need a place to put something.

Leaving the shelf empty also has an advantage related to the view. It will give you a relieved look as space doesn’t look cluttered with stuff.

DIY Radiator Shelf

10 Stylish DIY Radiator Covers×768/filters:no_upscale():max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/DIYRadiatorCover-DeaneryFurniture-5bbbef56c9e77c005108f84c.jpg

As discussed earlier, implementing radiator shelf ideas is not inherently complicated. You can use a wall-mounted installation system or no drilling to get instant furniture.

You will have no trouble getting toppers with various designs in various stores. The only thing you need to do is choose the best according to your wants and needs.

However, due to differences in room conditions and appliances, you may not find a suitable topper in various stores. Hence, a DIY will be the best solution.

Making your topper for the radiator won’t be too complicated either. Here are some tips and tricks for DIY radiator shelf ideas:

  • Prepare the necessary materials, including a radiator, materials for the topper, and any equipment that may be needed.
  • Make sure the topper you use is durable enough to withstand the heat that keeps rising from the radiator. To make it perfect, don’t forget to do a consultation with the expert.
  • Measure the radiator and the material you will use as a topper. They should have the proper size for each other.
  • Install the hook according to the installation system you choose (wall-mounted or no drilling).
  • After that, all you have to do is attach the topper to the radiator.

Now, you can use radiator shelf ideas that you created yourself at home. Don’t forget to add various decorations to disguise the appliance’s existence. Good luck!

As outlined above, there are many radiator shelf ideas that you can apply at home. Besides saving space, this method is also able to provide value to your appliance.