15 Hideaway Desk Ideas to Make Your Life Practical

Sometimes the existence of large furniture in the room is annoying. Therefore, we need the right spatial planning strategy to make it more practical, such as hideaway desk ideas.

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Admittedly or not, desks are not something we use every time in the room. We may only need it when we are working or want to write anything. Therefore, it is okay to make a simpler placement.

The hideaway desk ideas allow us to hide the table in a strategic place such as a cupboard or under the stairs when not in use. However, you can take it out at any time if you need it.

The purpose of these hideaway desk ideas is none other than to save space. Thus, what is visible to our eyes are only the things we want to use.

Generally, hidden desk ideas use a foldable system. The table is attached to other furniture but can be folded up when not in use. The following are some examples of designs that can be examples:

Hidden Desk Cabinet


This method is one of the most commonly found in hideaway desk ideas. By placing it in the cabinet, the table will not be visible when the storage is closed.

By using this system, you can set the desk to be appearing when in use only. If not, your working table will hide tightly in the cupboard.

These hideaway desk ideas can be done either with a foldable system or not. If you don’t need a lot of space while working, use one of the shelves in the cabinet as a table.

It is quite profitable because you can simultaneously make other shelves in the cabinet a place to store anything else. Thus, you feel like having a portable workbench that appears as you wish.

If you need more space, while the rack is not too big, then a foldable system will be a nice idea. Unfortunately, you may find it impossible to put anything on the table when they are in a folded state.

Hidden Computer Desk Cabinets


As discussed above, hidden desk cabinets are a smart way to save space. But the question is, is it possible to store a computer desk in the same storage?

The answer, of course, you can. Not just a work desk, you can also design a computer to fit in it. But of course, you might need a little strategy to organize it well.

Hidden Desk for Computer


A work desk that uses a computer cannot possibly use a foldable system. Some strategies are applicable for those who want a DIY hideaway desk for this purpose:

    • Choose a cabinet of the right size as this device may take up quite a bit of space.
    • In case you use a PC (personal computer), you need at least two shelves in the closet. The first is used for the monitor, while the second is for the CPU.
    • Take into consideration the placement location. All devices must be in sync with your sitting position.
    • Monitor and CPU take up quite a bit of space. Thus, some adjustments are required so that the two items can fit into it.
    • You may also need to provide a shelf for the keyboard. Adjust so that this feature can be dragged and inserted flexibly.
    • Don’t forget to put attractive decorations to keep you enthusiastic about working.

If You Do Not Use Computer

Hidden Desk Ideas & Photos | Houzz

Compared to computers, currently, there are far more users of laptops, tablets, and other gadgets. If you are one of them, then setting up hideaway desk ideas will be much simpler.

You can’t use a foldable system, but a sliding table is still possible. You can arrange for the desk to be pulled out when needed and put back in when you are done working.

The advantage of using a sliding system is that you can place work-related items on the desk. That way, you don’t have to reset everything every time you do something.

Hideaway Computer Desk Workstation


In the previous discussion, we talked about how to turn a cabinet into a workspace with a computer. Now, let’s see whether you can do more complex things.

Not just a place to store computers, you can also make a cabinet a workstation. But for this purpose, you may need a large area.

Use the strategy of placing a computer or laptop as in the discussion above. However, please consider the condition of the room so that you feel comfortable to do work activities.

If your computer or laptop already has its place, then you can use another space to place things. The shelf inside is a great option to keep your stuff tidy.

You can make these ideas easily because currently there are many hideaway computer desk IKEA selling in the store. However, DIY is also the best activity to do at home.

Another Function of Big Furniture


Something big, such as a wardrobe, sometimes takes up a lot of space. But if there is still free space in it, why not use it as part of the hideaway desk ideas?

Instead of using new space to place the table, try leaving space in the big furniture to put the hidden desk. You can adjust it as needed.

For example, if you need space for a computer, then you can apply the method as applied above. Meanwhile, in case you want to build a writing desk, the foldable system is more suitable.

If you want to apply this method, make lots of references to choose the right design and how to work on it. You can also pick a hideaway desk IKEA shown on their pages.

Under the Stairs


Apart from using existing furniture in the room, the hideaway desk ideas can also take advantage of unused spaces. One that you can use is the space under the stairs.

This part is generally not utilized properly because of its asymmetrical shape. Don’t let it become wasted as you can make it a fun work spot.

The concept to do is the same as a hidden desk cabinet. You need to build storage space under the stairs and place some shelves in it.

After that, you can design the hideaway desk ideas according to your needs. For workspaces that require computers, you can apply the methods discussed earlier.

However, you can also make it simpler. You can apply both the foldable or sliding system to these hideaway desk ideas. Of course, it all depends on what kind of job you do.

However, when building a workspace under the stairs, it is necessary to think about the room condition. Don’t let the hideaway desk ideas interfere with other activities when used.

Making Use of the Dead Space


One of the main objectives of implementing these hideaway desk ideas is to save space. As the worktable is not furniture that we use all the time, it would be better to hide it when it’s not in use.

Because the goal is for space efficiency, there is nothing wrong if we use dead space for this purpose. The spot that we can use is the corner of the room.

At this location, you can place furniture such as cabinets. Besides being used as a storage area, you can also add other features such as the hideaway desk ideas.

Because corner spaces usually have a less favorable shape, you can apply strategies that match the conditions. If it is impossible to place the computer, then you can make it a normal work desk.

Even though the shape doesn’t allow for a busy desk, you can still manage it to be multi-purpose. Don’t forget to look for references from various sources before choosing a suitable design.

Wall-Mounted Hideaway Desk Ideas


Wall-mounted installations have recently become a mainstay in modern spatial planning concepts. By doing this, you can make the space-efficient as it maximizes the use of walls rather than floors.

Wall-mounted has recently become a popular way of laying out space. Not only in storage systems, but furniture installation with this method is also quite popular.

You can also apply this method to hideaway desk ideas. To take advantage of floor space for other needs, you can place the desk by attaching it to the wall.

There are many ways to implement wall-mounted hideaway desk ideas. One way is to combine the work table with the other supporting items, for example, cabinets.

If we use a wall-mounted cabinet, then we must provide space in it as a desk. However, you can also use a foldable system where the table can be folded back when not in use.

Foldable Hideaway Desk Cabinet

Murphy Desk Bed | Hide Away Desk Bed | Wilding Wallbeds

We have discussed the information of the foldable hideaway desk cabinet in the previous section. In essence, we use this storage to place a bendable table.

This method is popular because it is practical and can save space. Nevertheless, you need to consider some aspects when choosing this method.

This system does not allow users to place items on the hidden desk when folded. Thus, you have to reset it when you are not using it.

This method will not be suitable for desks that require particular settings, such as a computer. However, it will be great for those who use hidden desks for a simple purpose, for example, writing.

Foldable Wall-Mounted Hideaway Desk Ideas


As discussed earlier, wall-mounted installation is currently becoming a crowd favorite. The same is true in implementing hideaway desk ideas.

Sticking the desk on the wall is indeed the most effective way to save space. Thus, you can use the floor for other purposes.

To further save space usage, you can also use a foldable wall-mounted desk. Thus, you only need to set the table when you want to use it.

This kind of method will make the room more compact as the table will appear while it is in use only. Otherwise, the desk will be folded.

The use of foldable wall-mounted hideaway desk ideas will be perfect for tight spaces. Thus, space can be adjusted according to needs.

Hidden Office Desk

design] Finished my kitchen and living room. | Hidden desk, Desk, Home

Not all offices have a large space for employees. If you are the one who has to work in a narrow room, then a hidden office desk is a solution.

Doing space efficiency is something you can do in some ways. You can apply the methods discussed above, starting from the use of cabinets, corners, to under the stairs.

All types of hideaway desk ideas, from foldable to sliding are also suitable for use in office areas. However, you still have to consider what office activities are like.

Again, the foldable system won’t work if you have to put a lot of stuff on your hidden desk. However, you can use a sliding table for this purpose.

Foldable desks are suitable for those who need a desk for purposes that are not too heavy, for example writing something. Another option, of course, will be the best storage.

Multifunctional Bookcase

Hidden desk bookshelf | Luxury desk, Custom bedroom furniture, Home office design

Apart from using the ideas discussed above, you can also use the bookcase as a medium for hideaway desk ideas. The method is the same when you use the cabinet.

This furniture usually has many shelves to use for storage. You only need to use this section to modify it into the hideaway desk ideas with size as needed.

Besides, you can also use several other shelves to place work-related tools. Then, the rest of the racks are available according to their original function.

Using this bookcase will be very effective if you have to work with lots of references. Thus, you can place various kinds of related literature.

These hidden desk ideas are suitable for use by students who have to struggle with books. However, this model is also applicable for various purposes.

The Desk behind the Picture


There are always many ways to show your uniqueness in the world of room decoration. It also applies when you apply hideaway desk ideas. You can do various unique ways to hide your desk.

One way is to use it as a wall decoration when the desk is not in use. To do this, you need to use foldable wall-mounted furniture.

The desk mounted on the wall has another feature that allows us to attach a picture or the like. Meanwhile, the furniture is also equipped with a part that can become a table.

When it is not in use, you can fold the desk. Automatically, the furniture will turn into a wall decoration.

This type of method can be used anywhere, from homes, offices, and schools. You can create these hideaway desk ideas yourself or buy them in the store.

Rustic Hidden Desk Ideas

Custom desk x legs, cupboard. #rusticmeadows | Diy computer desk, Custom desk, Diy furniture

We have thoroughly talked about how to design hideaway desk ideas according to the conditions and needs of the room. This time, let’s see how to make it perfect.

Everyone certainly has a taste in various things, including the matter of room decoration. Instead of using the same old furniture, you can design the hidden desk with a particular concept.

One that is probably quite popular is the rustic style. By carrying out the natural theme, you will get a different feel when working with the hideaway desk ideas.

To get this nuance, of course, you need to design a hidden desk made of natural materials, such as wood. Arrange the placement in such a way as to display maximum beauty.

Using a unique theme like this will also help improve your working mood to be more productive. That way, there will be more useful things that you produce.

Pretty in Colors

51 Home Workspace Designs With Ideas, Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours


You can apply the concept of the rustic, modern, farmhouse, and others to your hideaway desk ideas. But unfortunately, not everyone is interested in a particular style of room design.

Even if you are one of those people who are neutral towards design concepts, you can still beautify your hidden desk. One way is to use color.

Although decoration influences the appearance of a space, the choice of color also plays an equally important role.

Pick your favorite colors to make the hidden desk look attractive. Thus, this feature can also be a decoration for the room at the same time.

Nowadays, many people don’t hesitate to use neon colors to give it an uplifting ambiance. On the other hand, pastel colors are usually suitable for displaying a peaceful and elegant impression.

DIY Hideaway Desk Ideas

DIY Desks That You Can Build for Your Home Office | Martha Stewart


The hideaway desk ideas are not always applicable in all locations. The placement of this furniture usually depends on the conditions of the room, for example, the shape and width.

Therefore, even though currently many shops sell hidden desks, it would be better if you do DIY by utilizing items at home.

Besides being able to take advantage of unused items, the hideaway desk ideas that you produce will also suit your needs and conditions. Get a chance to embellish it as you like!


Those are some explanations about hideaway desk ideas. This method can be an alternative for those of you who want to apply space efficiency. Plus, you can also enjoy the aesthetic value of it.

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