Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas

Wood Trim Accent Wall Ideas. In recent interior design trends, accent walls are really booming. So why shouldn’t it be so? They’re ideal for adding color, texture, and personality to any space. The best news is that when it comes to picking an accent wall, you don’t have to make a big investment.

When feasible, the concepts are adaptable enough to modify. One of the most popular accent wall ideas is a wood trim accent wall.

It’s a simple way to add a wide range of items to your space, from geometry to smooth beauty. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for simple and cost-effective wood trim accent wall ideas to try out.

From basic vertical designs through exquisite geometric patterns and wood slats to contemporary wood slats and simple jigsaw designs, this list has it all. Switch up the look of your room by finding one that appeals to you.

DIY Wood Accent Wall

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All of the love and attention that you can get, your feature wall deserves. However, you can easily make the wrong decision when it comes to working with wood trim accent walls, whether its color, finish, or texture. Yet, we have a solution for both of these problems.

By going through the fundamentals, this lesson teaches you the ropes to creating your finest wood trim accent wall yet. Once you’ve determined the most appropriate design and style for your space, you’ll have no trouble bringing it to life.

Wall Moulding Using 1×4 Stock Lumber

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The coffered ceiling and its wood planks are the most dominant focal point in this master bedroom. A cohesive treatment was needed for the oddly shaped room. By using 1×4 lumber as wall molding, it was able to construct rectangular wall portions.

Using frames with portraits that surround the headboard adds visual pizzazz to the space.

Board and Batten Accent Wall with Wood Trim

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Have you heard of board and batten? DIYers are increasingly interested in this style, but it has been around since the 1800s.

It is, nonetheless, a very ancient method/style that is now fashionable. As individuals began constructing their own homes and ensuring they were weatherproof, the phenomenon spread to Europe.

To make the crack or seam on the siding weather tight, a small strip of wood (typically about 2 or 3 inches wide) would be nailed over it. The name board and batten comes from the little wood strip, which was called a batten.

Why would I claim that it’s unique when it’s been around for years? Customizing the board and batten for your preferences or the requirements of your space is possible. You can apply this approach to your whole home, and each room will look distinct.

Now, putting wood/MDF strips in a pattern or design on your wall is referred to as “board and batten.” I adore it because it gives your room personality, adds a focal point, and lifts your room at a budget.

Skinny Board and Batten Accent Wall

Source: https://thecreativeshour.com

An easy and cost-effective accent wall tutorial is something we want sometimes. That’s where this guide comes in handy. You’ll see how to build an accent wall with a board and batten finish for that sophisticated appearance in this concept.

This wood trim accent wall design has a low-key atmosphere that you’ll adore. Two-toned color scheme is used throughout the design, which is a visual treat. You should take a look at how it is done if you like the concept of thin lattice molding for your room.

Accent Wall Hides Vent

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A fantastic idea for concealing an air duct can be found in this DIY wood accent wall. The texture in the squares adds an extra level of sophistication to the basic board-and-batten project. With peel-and-stick wallpaper in the squares, you may depart from the conventional.

Elevate the Look of Your Fireplace

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By focusing all of the attention on the fireplace, this living room exemplifies the concept of an accent wall. As soon as you enter the room, this is a fixture that aims to grab and keep your attention.

The white shiplap covering the fireplace wall contrasts with the built-in woodgrain shelves. The fireplace is highlighted by crown molding used on the top and bottom of the wall.

They’ve put a flat-screen television on the fireplace, rather than the conventional wooden mantel. It perfectly matches the width and depth of the fireplace. This family’s living room is stylishly appointed.

Simple Box Trim

Source: https://www.familyhandyman.com

Try a basic box trim design, as shown in this entry by @ali.bakun, to spice up a wall without having to spend much time doing it.

The husband and wife team sketched the design on the wall before attaching the wood trim and measuring the size of boxes they wanted.

After that, you’d simply nail or glue the trim to the walls, fill in the gaps, and paint. A builder-grade wall can be made to look custom with this project.

Modern Mid Century Accent Wall

Source: https://thecreativeshour.com

Your wood trimming may be applied to just part of the wall. That, in fact, is the appeal of contemporary mid-century styles.

This concept is extremely clever and stylish, while also making excellent use of the finest wood trim accent wall features. The best feature is that it’s It’s simple to reproduce yourself and adapt it to suit your preferences.

I strongly suggest this video if you enjoy the concept of contemporary meets ancient. Getting started doesn’t need a lot of expensive equipment. Make this gorgeous wood trim accent wall your own with a sketchpad and a little creativity.

Textured Wood Wall

Source: https://www.thesleepjudge.com

You may reach out and touch the grooves if you want to think out of the box and install a real wood accent wall. These stick-on elements, which adhere to the existing drywall for a fast and simple refresh, may be purchased online. Without the high cost, the textured wall gives it a opulent look.

DIY Accent Wall

Source: https://www.decorhomeideas.com

The entire room’s look and feel is altered by this do-it-yourself wood accent wall.

When you pay attention to the small things, such as meticulously filling in and sanding each nail hole, adding wall molding in a pattern like this is definitely doable.

The Pink Leopard Wall

Source: https://www.classyclutter.net

Right?! I believe this should be inducted into the Accent Wall Hall of Fame! As a fun exercise, we did it at work. So the pink leopard wouldn’t remain for too long, we ended up converting this room into a guest room.

But it was lots of fun! PAINT is linked here, and it has a complete video guide on how we did it. This is something you don’t want to miss!


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Wood accent walls are durable and cost-effective, in addition to being attractive. MDF, which is moisture resistant, may be used as a brilliant, cost-effective backsplash in a contemporary kitchen, according to Laura Stephens.

I adore the way the shelf finishes it nicely while allowing for display, Laura adds. “The wood panelling is painted in an eggshell finish, which is super practical.”

To emphasize the tongue and groove effect, she employed Travertine by Little Greene, which was a few tones lighter than her cabinets.

Wood Slat Accent Wall

Source: https://thecreativeshour.com

This wood trim accent wall appears to be difficult and sophisticated at first glance. That is not the case, however. The panel has a very serene and centered appearance due to the close fit of the slatted wood.

In your family room or other similar space where there isn’t much else going on, use this kind of feature wall.

It’s a bit of a stroke of genius to put the television inside the wall. Definitely use the concept for a similar touch of elegance to your living area if this is something that interests you.

Curtains and Paint

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The designer painted one wall bright green and layered it with curtains to soften up the space and emphasize the high ceilings in Eliza Carter Harris’s New York home.

Moreover, it serves as a stunning décor for a table that holds flowers, books, and other cherished items.

White Wood Trim Accent Wall

Source: https://www.decorhomeideas.com

When your walls need excitement but are avoiding standard picture frames, take a cue from this accent wall idea.

The texture you need to keep the wall from looking barren can be created by white-on-white or a slight variation in tone.

Pick Plywood

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Is it just for construction that you think plywood is good? It’s worth thinking about again. Plywood has become a must-have item for designers attempting to create a contemporary, minimal, or industrial appeal in the last decade or so. This pink, gold, terrazzo, and plywood bathroom is an excellent example of how warm, natural design goes with practically anything.

Modern Coastal Paint – Headspace

Source: https://crazylifewithlittles.com

From their website to your door, Clare Paint is a women-owned company that provides you with all of your paint project needs. We used the peel and stick paint swatches to choose the nicest blue-green paint color, Headspace, out of a selection of other colors.

This project needed the 5-piece paint set, and it came in handy. The roller handled the bigger squares while the soft angled brush worked nicely.

The color and coverage of this paint were amazing to me! This room’s best coastal paint color is true.

Green Accent Wall in a Home Gym

Source: https://www.decorhomeideas.com

The room is covered in wood accents, which takes full advantage of the area. This home gym and yoga studio

The wood weight bench and rowing machine are painted forest green. It definitely isn’t as cold and metal as a regular gym.

DIY Trim Accent Wall

Source: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com

For most homeowners, going all in when it comes to wood trim wall accents is a good rule of thumb. So, instead of rushing things and making everything too fancy this time, why not take it easy?

This concept might be applied to a variety of settings, to be sure. If you desire something unique, this simple DIY wood trim accent wall will provide you with ideas no matter where you live.

This is a great option for those who are looking for a room upgrade with a visual improvement. The wall is adorned with a textured appearance thanks to the monochrome color. Doesn’t it seem like a lot of fun to begin your wood trim accent journey?

Simple Wall Molding DIY Accent Wall

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A feature wall is the ideal option for that extra element whenever you enter a space. Molding and wood trim accents are sometimes used to decorate the feature wall. Wall molding allows you to do so much. It really changed the ambiance of the room, and it’s not that difficult to accomplish.

You may create your own attractive wood trim accent wall molding for a fraction of the cost you suppose, using the techniques and guidance in this guide. Your space will have a unique character thanks to the trim and molding. So, if the instructions are intriguing, go ahead and check them out right now.

Easy DIY Accent Wall Project

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Without the need for paint color change, a home accent wall provides the perfect degree of visual appeal.

Using a powerful liquid nail adhesive, you can tackle this DIY project if you’re concerned about filling each and every nail hole.

Angled Accent Wall with Wood Trim

Source: https://angelarosehome.com

Doesn’t it seem simple to say “board” and “bat”? So, keep your hands on your work, because the corner accent wall I built for my kid’s room was even simpler!

When most accent walls use 45 degrees, I used a mix of 60- and 30-degree angles on this Wood Trim Accent Wall, which makes it stand out. I said the wall technique is simple, but I can’t make it too easy, can I? I knew I needed steeper angles for sure.

Tell me, do you like it? Is it something that you adore or hate? It was worth the few extra steps, in my opinion. Especially when the project went viral after getting a lot of attention online. Now that we’ve talked about me, let’s move on to how to make your own angled accent wall.

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