19 Wood Cutting Tools You Need To Have For Various Projects

If you are thinking to build something, you will need to know about some wood cutting tools. On this page, there will be a rundown of all the different types of tools to support any woodworking project.

All the wood cutting tools we are about to explain in this article have the blade and teeth that will do the work in slicing through the timber and other wooden types material.

As we know, wood is the main choice for most DIY works. Cutting the material is a big part of many projects. Hence, if you are into the do-it-yourself projects, that skill is a must-have. Using the proper wood cutting tools, it would be helpful.

There are so many different wood cutting tools out there in the market. You should know what your project requires. The task will be quick and uncomplicated at all. Check out the list below.

1. Table Saw

D:\@ARSIP\2020\SEPT ARTIKEL\TableSawCuts1800x1200-56aa2c5e5f9b58b7d0016b77.jpg


This one is the most common wood cutting tools in carpentry workshop. You use a table saw to cut a lot of different planks or other lumber pieces. It will expedite the process of your building project.

A table saw can give precise cuts, and it would make it easy, as well, to make a large number of cuts one right after the other. Many professionals use this saw tool to prepare the lumber in many various circumstances.

This tool is designed for professionals to work in any kind of construction job. Nevertheless, a DIYer can have one. If you are about to use it quite often, it is a recommended equipment to make the project easier and quicker.

The table saw will not be an affordable product to buy. Thus, you have to consider the budget before buying one. Well, time saving will always be a great feature to have. Then, this tool is well worth the investment.

Before choosing this table as your tool in woodworking, there are some variations of wood cutting tools to acknowledge. There are ones with a smaller size and different shapes. Just ensure that the design suits your needs.

2. Lathe

D:\@ARSIP\2020\SEPT ARTIKEL\wood-lathe-christs-1024x768-1024x768.jpg


A lathe is just a machine needed to cut wood as easily as possible. This tool will cut in many different ways. Just attach the required wood cutting tools to use the lathe as a sort of all-encompassing woodworking equipment.

For those with a tight budget, buying this machine will not be simple. You will need to spend many budgets to get a good lathe. Just like the table saw, it would be worth the investment.

It is going to be a major purchase by most. Hence, you have to take great consideration and make sure that you need it for your work. It is a recommended machine for professionals who deal with detailed woodworking processes.

3. Hacksaws

D:\@ARSIP\2020\SEPT ARTIKEL\7692.jpg


Commonly, people use this tool to cut pipes and other materials inside modern houses. Regardless, hacksaws can be so handy to cut through a log. Woodworkers sometimes consider it as one of the best wood cutting tools.

You can get a good hacksaw from the store by paying little. Just head to any hardware store nearby; it is easy to find. DIYers like to use this tool because of its reliability and ease of use.

The most interesting feature you can get from Hacksaws as wood cutting tools is the removable blade. It allows you to replace the blade with the other types. When you need to change them into a new one, the replacement would be so easy.

4. Coping Saws

Perfect Cuts With Coping & Fret Saws | Woodsmith


This one is easily recognizable because of its interesting and unique design. Nothing can beat a coping saw. This type of saw is important for carpenters who want to work with details. It gives them the freedom to make more intricate cuts.

The saw design is quite handy. Therefore, you can comfortably use it to make curved cuts or intricate shapes. For people who are new to these wood cutting tools, they may need to learn how to use it. After that, they will be ecstatic to have these as their equipment part.

These wood cutting tools feature a thin saw that makes it simple for users to change directions during the cutting process. When used properly, it will result in a clean cut. It can even saw the inside of the wood as your desire.

However, you have to drill the hole first. It will make a way for the wood cutting tools to beginning cutting.

5. Bow Saw

OX Bow Saw - Pro Heavy Duty Bow Saw - Ideal For Cutting Wood, Tree Stumps, Branches, Logs - Multicolour - 21 Inch/533 mm: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools


You can rely on the bow saw in the woodcutting process. From time to time, these wood cutting tools have been helpful to its users. It has a long handy blade that features many teeth in a crosscut design.

With these wood cutting tools, you can cut tree limbs very swiftly. Do the pulling or pushing to work with bow saw. People can do many different tasks with this.

Besides cutting tree limbs, people also use these wood cutting tools to cut through logs. If you do many outdoor works, have a bow saw inside the bag. People might use it often outdoors and indoors.

6. Crosscut Saw

D:\@ARSIP\2020\SEPT ARTIKEL\stanley-hand-saws-20-045-64_1000.jpg


Crosscut saw is a great tool to cut through rough woods. That large and thick blade is the highlight of this saw.

Some large limbs and even trees need this equipment. If you do it regularly, get a quality crosscut saw from the store.

These types of wood cutting tools are ready for plenty of woodcutting jobs outside. The durability and reliability are what crosscut saws can give to you.

To cut the lumber through, you may need little arm muscle to keep doing the push-and-pull movement. So, use the automatic wood cutting tools to deal with thicker logs.

7. Jig Saw

XMQ02 55 Household Multifunctional Electric Chainsaw 500W Electric Jig Saw Sawing Cutting Machine Wood Cutter Power Tool| | - AliExpress


It is not a puzzle game. This one is a very functional tool that supports your woodworking projects. Jig Saw is a great machine to cut curves. It can also cut lines into a piece of wood. You can use this for many purposes.

It is going to be a smart move to have this one as part of your wood cutting tools. Jig Saw will come in handy in some projects. It will also allow the curve cutting without a hassle.

Besides lumber, this tool can also cut plastic, laminate, metal, etc. Opting for the proper blade is the key to fast cutting. You can do things to get the right one. For PVC and wood, use carbon steel blades; for accurate clean cuts, get the fine-toothed ones.

You can have the coarse blade if you want it quick in cutting the wood. Those tips would be helpful to cut through the needed material. The results would reach the expectation.

Jigsaw also comes with some wood cutting tools variations; choose between the corded and cordless ones first. When it is corded, the saw will long last without battery. The cordless one is a more convenient choice because of its improved portability.

So, which types of wood cutting tools meet your needs? Do not bother getting the corded model to prevent some issues with the battery, but you need to have the power source nearby. If you want to be free in doing your project, get the cordless saw instead.

8. Two-Man Crosscut Saw

D:\@ARSIP\2020\SEPT ARTIKEL\zweimann-schrotsaege-303022-1.jpg


It is another type of crosscut saw. This version has the system and design that allows two people to work together in cutting lumbers. You may already saw this in a movie. To use this tool, there must be two people stands on opposite sides of the medium.

Thus, the tree cutting will be so much better and effective. The two-man crosscut saw has two large handles to give a comfortable grip for each side. These days, the crosscut saw is not common anymore. People will choose the wood cutting power tools.

9. Pruning Saw

Fixed Blade Tree Pruning Saw Pruner Cutting Chopping Cutter Cut Wood 350mm: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools


For a specific cut to tree limbs, use these wood cutting tools extensively. You might see the landscaper carrying pruning saw anywhere. It features a long form of a saw and a curved blade. The coarse teeth will cut the limb from both sides.

You can work up with three reef limbs thick. Compared to the chainsaw users, use the one without a small pruning.

10. Japanese Saw

D:\@ARSIP\2020\SEPT ARTIKEL\58686-japanese-detail-saws-d-01-r.jpg


There are various Japanese saws available on the market. These tools would surely pique your interests. The design is unique and visually appealing. Carpenters also call it pull saws. They offer a much simpler method or technique for people who are doing the woodworking.

The compact and lightweight design are what people like about this saw. To cut, you can simply pull them. Compared to hacksaws and other handsaws, this Japanese tool allows you to use a lot less strength.

Among woodworkers, Japanese saw is quite desirable and practical for many reasons. That is why it is a lot easier working with this tool than the others are. It may be a great wood cutting tool for crafts.

11. Most Preferred Wood Cutting Hand Tools: Rip-Cut Saw

Lie-Nielsen Rip Cut Panel Saw | Axminster Tools


Many people would prefer this tool to hand saws. The entire design is like a typical and traditional one. Every woodworker should have these to cut boards quickly and easily.

Well, you will need to give a little bit of arm strength to use the saw properly. A bit of technique is involved. Put the weight into the sawing motion to use it. It is easy to understand, and it would be an easy task.

The price you get from this tool is affordable. There is no reason you cannot get it as part of your equipment. Because of the convenience, you may need to own more than one rip cut saws.

12. Router

D:\@ARSIP\2020\SEPT ARTIKEL\how-to-use-router.jpeg


It is such a powerful and durable tool. People even use a router daily. To make fine cabinets, this one would be helpful.

With the high-quality router, you can make an intricate work thoroughly. People necessarily use this woodworking tool to cut woods, but it has the ability. As many users say, it is like giving the result of woodcutting from a different nature.

Functionally, this tool’s design is to hollow out an area in the wood. This electric wood cutting tool such handy equipment for many various projects.

13. Chisels – Wood Cutting Tools for Art

Wood Chisel Tool Sets, 6 Pieces Chrome Vanadium and Hard Ashtree Handle Woodworking Chisel Kit with Premium Wooden Case for Carpentry Craftsman: Amazon.ca: Tools & Home Improvement


This woodcarving tool is quite popular among woodworking enthusiasts. Chisels are capable to create work of art onto the lumber a lot simpler. You will also have a fine product as a result.

Wood makes many beautiful sculptures. The artists probably carve those artworks using wood chisels. For those of you, who are interested in woodcarving to make artistic items, purchasing them in a set is advisable.

Chisels are the Japanese-style products that are very reliable to help you in your project and make it excellently. As a result, the users would love these precision wood cutting tools.

14. Planes

Choosing and Using Hand Planes - This Old House


Shaping a piece of wood is much simpler with Planes. It is the key tool to prepare in the project. These manual planers need a certain amount of muscle power to use. So, make sure to give a lot of upper body strength when shaping the lumber.

Every time you need to shave down some parts of the wooden board, planes are going to be essential. Find a good wood planer for a great result. The concept and technique are simple to understand. Thus, it will be an easy job.

Planes have to be parts of the collection, especially if you are doing wood projects frequently. The affordable price and functionality is the reason why you should have one.

15. Band Saw

D:\@ARSIP\2020\SEPT ARTIKEL\lenox_IMG_2050.jpg


You need to have this excellent tool for a woodworking project around during the process. For precise and smooth curves into the lumber, one of the band saws would come in handy. They come in two types to choose from, the stationary and portable versions.

Besides being a great wood cutting tool, it is also able to cut other types of materials. Hence, it is going to be a multifunctional saw. They are so affordable, too. Consider buying these during the project.

16. Chainsaw

Woodmaster 1500W Petrol Tree Cutter Chainsaw/Wood Cutting Machine: Buy Woodmaster 1500W Petrol Tree Cutter Chainsaw/Wood Cutting Machine Online at Low Price in India - Snapdeal


It is a machine to help cut down trees as quickly as possible. A good chainsaw will take good care of thick lumbers. These tools are so important for workers who want to cut through wood very effectively.

Once you understand how to use it, it would not be that hard. Cutting through thick logs cannot be so easy. If you are searching for fast and strong tools, this one is the safest bet. However, it will not give you the precise cut you want.

It is not hard to find these wood cutting tools since they are common. You can also choose from some variations depending on your needs. If you are doing some heavy projects of cutting big trees, opt for a large machine.

If most projects are dealing with cutting smaller logs and trees, it is better to have a lightweight tool for a comfortable grip.

17. Circular Saw

D:\@ARSIP\2020\SEPT ARTIKEL\Gunpla_115mm_Circular_Saw_Blade_Alloy_Steel_Wood_Cutter_40_Teeth_Carbide_4_5_inch_TCT_Finishing_Saws_for_Wood_Cutting_Woodworking_7_8_inch_Arbor_22mm_1555652054583_4.jpg


If you want to cut multiple types of materials, this is the perfect saw. It is such a great tool to cut wood efficiently. Hence, it is going to be a great support if you want to do the project shortly. The portability makes this one a popular product.

Many workers would love to have these tools in the process because they are so convenient. Effectively, you can cut through wood, masonry, plastic, and even metal. Even though the price is not that affordable, it would be worth buying.

These useful tools are ideal for people who work in construction. They will need to make many cuts. A high-quality circular saw should be the one on the list.

18. Tree Loppers

D:\@ARSIP\2020\SEPT ARTIKEL\apidfehnw__73269.1558971696.jpg


It is a different kind of wood cutting tool. It does cutting of wood, but the idea is not for a tree or construction. People use tree loppers to cut down branches on the trees. It will keep them looking as good as possible. Moreover, the trees would stay healthy.

Removing dead branches and keep them from growing too far is the purpose of having tree loppers. For thicker limbs, you may need help from a chainsaw to take care of them. However, you can test it out with tree loppers first. It is such a worthwhile purchase to keep your trees wonderful.

19. Ax

axe, wood, cutting, lumberjack, hatchet, woodcutter, tool, tree, forest, cases, ax | Pikist


Old-fashioned lumberjacks use this traditional tool to cut down trees. Well, people also use this in modern times. It is a great tool to have around, but it is not going to be as simple to use as a chainsaw.

If you know how to use this traditional equipment with a proper method, ax would be a very satisfying wood cutting tool.

Many traditional woodworkers use axes to split logs to make wood bundles. They will use the lumbers to put right into the fireplaces. Make sure the ax is available for your wood cutting job.


You can still find many other cutting tools out there. For woodworking enthusiast, having them is quite significant.

All of those wood cutting tools you have explored would be a great support in your woodworking project. Need not to purchase all of them. Just pick some that you think would be necessary to accompany your work.

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