White Shower Tile Ideas

White Shower Tile Ideas. White shower tile designs are clearly the most popular option in so many bathrooms, no surprise. They work in a neutral scheme or one with colorful accents, and they look fresh and help keep the space light-filled. They’re also classic in their design, and they’ll hold up for years to come.

White tile for the shower, on the other hand, is incredibly adaptable. The color of white, the tile format and size, finish – gloss or matte, textural or smooth – can all impact the appearance of a bathroom remodeling project for even the most exacting renovators.

We’ve gathered a group of showers with stunning white shower tiles to investigate the options and sought advice from designers on how to integrate them into your space.


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Simple square tiles are a clean, utilitarian classic that can be updated with a contemporary pattern to spice up white bathroom ideas.

Vipp (opened in a new tab) has launched its fourth hotel brand, this one on the island of Lolland, some two hours from Copenhagen.

Julie Cloos Mølsgaard planned the inside, which features white bathroom tile motifs from File Under Pop(opens in new tab) – each tile with a raised pattern and set in a balanced sequence to provide a dash of quirky modern appeal and character.

Transitional Beauty

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White bathroom tiles are undoubtedly clean, bright, and new looking. When they’re combined with white painted walls and window coverings like white shutters or blinds, this is especially true.

White has the disadvantage of looking cold and clinical on occasion. A patchwork floor, for example, is a fantastic way to add warmth and personality.

Tiles or high-end vinyl flooring, which is softer underfoot, may be used to achieve this. Natural materials, such as wood, can also be used to soften the effect of bathroom furniture and accessories.

Alternate White with Color

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Use small penny rounds to create a distinctive pattern or even a message using mixed white tiles of an opposing hue. Michelle Berwick Design’s bathroom goes for a more minimalist style, using narrow white and blue tiles to create a rain-like pattern.


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With a different pattern used in the lower part of the shower to the upper walls, here’s another way to make white shower tile anything but a plain and uniform background.

The broken zigzag below gives energy to the area, and in this tiny tile size, the herringbone adds a sense of chaos. The pattern above is modern, with a peaceful backdrop that compliments the herringbone perfectly. It draws your attention upwards.

Earth Toned Sonoma Tile Scheme

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Creating dimension within your space is easy with mixing tile size and color. The walls of this shower are made of warm-toned bathroom tiles, while the floor is made of cool-hued tiles, giving it a spacious feel.

The feeling of vast scale is created by the contrast between tiny tiles and huge tiles. A method of emphasizing a feature is to use smaller tiles sparingly, as seen here.

Without overwhelming the space, the small tiles at eye level draw attention to the inset shelf. Choosing a neutral color scheme like the one shown here is a smart way to keep your bathroom from looking dated because tile is a long-term investment.


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To create a sense of understated opulence, choose marble bathroom designs. It retains the advantages of using white tile in the shower, including the light reflecting and space-stretching effect, as well as adding interest with its gray veins and creating a sense of opulence.

Porcelain tile is a good option if you want to maintain the look but not have to take as much care. It realistically mimics the beauty of natural stone without requiring as much care.

Switch up the tiles inside the shower

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Inside the shower, you aren’t bound to use the same tile. For a stunning visual surprise, use white subway tile to wainscot height, glass mosaic tile above that for an intriguing contrast, and pebble tile on the floor for a comfortable foot massage. A diversity of tile types is used to its full potential in some of the greatest shower tile designs.


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The look of white shower tile is greatly influenced by grout color. The form of the tile will be highlighted by choosing a dark gray or black.

It’s a technique to make white tile stand out more, which may be applied to your shower curtain design as well.

If you want the tile to blend on the wall, use a white or off-white grout, which will give the impression that the grout lines are disappearing.


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A shower tile with a patterned to solid color scheme. A solid color and a solid pattern meet up on another shower tile idea. A patterned surface of varied coloured little tiles may be followed by a single color surface.

This may help with the formation of a pattern in certain parts of the shower. For this kind of shower tile, the possibilities are endless, and you may place them out however you want.


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Pair white shower tile on the walls with a vivid accent color for the floor tile to make the décor modern.

There are so many ways to play up traditional white tile in a bathroom,’ says Lauren Ramirez of HouseMill(opens in new tab). While maintaining the subtlety you’re likely looking for in a classic white tile, tone-on-tone design feels layered and lends a welcome sense of drama.

Choosing a contrasting color for the floor can be a effective strategy to stand out against those white walls (and unlacquered brass hardware).

Small Walk-in Shower with Freestanding Bathtub

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Maximizing space in a small bathroom is feasible with the right feature selections. The dominance of the white color in this tiny bathroom gives the impression of more space. The white bathtub adds extra usefulness to the shower area, which perfectly fits. A storage place for bath products is created by a recessed niche.


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Switch from rectangular or square-shaped white tile to fish scale to give the shower a curve. Fish scale tile, also known as scallop or mermaid tile, is a kind of soft contrast to the room’s straight lines that is ideal for emphasizing shower storage ideas like niches.

Consider laying the fish scale tile with the pointed edge down, creating a teardrop effect, or side or up. It’s also possible to create a more elaborate pattern by laying it at various angles.

Modern white bathroom

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What a lovely, refreshing bathroom. The contemporary white bathtub matches beautifully with the white tiling, walls, ceiling, and cabinetry. I also appreciate the woven carpet, which adds a little bit of coziness to the area. I also appreciate the subtle use of lush green bathroom plants to breathe new life into your plain white bathroom.


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Consider the option to integrate the two, which may raise the appearance, in addition to picking between high shine gloss and softer matte white shower tile designs.

According to Mark Williams and Niki Papadopoulos of Mark Williams Design, “Creating a shower with inexpensive white wall tile doesn’t have to be boring.”

Add dimension and interest to your designs by alternating between matte and glossy versions of the same tile.’

The shower bench concept at the far end of the area, for example, has been effectively employed throughout the space.

Large White Format Tiles

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Don’t be concerned if you find yourself in a scenario where you must work in a tiny or even tiny restroom; there is a contemporary bathroom tiling design for just this situation.

Large white format tiles are entering the scene. These tiles help to visually expand a bathroom by adding space to the surrounding area, which is why they’re particularly effective.

The fewer grout lines also help to streamline the overall area, which is another benefit of this strategy.


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Updating tile is a more complicated process than changing a wall color, so it’s important to be pleased with tile for years to come. Subway bathroom tile in a classic pattern is one of the white shower tile designs that won’t date.

It never risks leaving the room looking plain, and while it’s perfect for the shower alone, it can be extended to other walls for wraparound style, and it’s one of those little bathroom shower tile designs that can help make the space feel a bit more spacious.

Spacious Home Spa

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Enter the shower, which is almost as big as a person’s whole bathroom. From the walls to the barrel-vaulted ceiling to the built-in bench, beveled white subway tile covers this space. Little hex tiles were put in a stylish, geometric pattern on the floor to add aesthetic appeal.


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In organic bathroom designs, a less harsh approach to white shower tile ideas may be the best choice. For the walk-in shower tile idea above, Emily Dunn of Emily Dunn Interior Design(opens in new tab) combined several whites.

She claims that combining various shades of white gives a natural and comfortable appearance, akin to a fresh, neutral aesthetic.

Make the Shower Pop

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Go daring in the shower (or the other way around) if you choose plain and simple floor tiles. Heidi Cailier used a unusual yet classic floor pattern and a more modest pattern on the walls and floors outside the shower stall to make an declaration here.

Pair white bathroom tiles with wallpaper

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You can be more adventurous elsewhere by using traditional colors, shapes, and styles for the basic (and more costly) elements like flooring, tiling, and sanitaryware. Wallpaper, blinds, and towels are far more cost-effective and convenient ways to add or update color and pattern than tiles.

According to Colin Lincoln-Evans, Buyer at Tile Mountain (opens in new tab), a popular trend is the feature wall or floor.

If you will, white tiles are used to generate a blank ‘blanket’ that is afterwards supplemented with a feature item, such as patterned tiles or wallpaper.


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Another way to added another dimension to wet rooms is with white tile with a texture. When there’s a patterned tile on the floor, follow the precedent of this room by using it for the shower.

It harmonizes with the geometric detail of the floor and ensures that it doesn’t become the room’s unnoticed Cinderella element.

Shimmer with glass mosaics

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As a decorative white bathroom tile idea, use white mosaic tiles with an iridescent sheen for a more feminine look. The pearlised sheen will bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom by softening any harsh edges.

These will add a little extra sparkle if you’re someone who enjoys a long, hot soak under candlelight (and who doesn’t). If you pick tiles made out of recycled glass, iridescent mosaics may be a more environmentally friendly option.

Colour palettes will help in bathrooms with no natural light, while gloss finishes will help to reflect light,’ according to Tile Mountain’s buyer Colin Lincoln-Evans.

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