Exciting Types of Welders Jobs with Their Specific Duties

Hundreds of distinctive companies occupy various types of welders jobs that relate to many aspects of metalworks.

Indeed, the process of welding is not as simple as it seems. Moreover, the method of pairing some metal pieces by heat and pressure requires specific high-level skills.

Therefore, each advanced welding career has a different typical duty. What kind of jobs do welders do?

The workers are constructing structures, jet engines, airplanes, wind turbines, as well as automobiles. That is why they should have expertise in using structural steel, sheet metal, pipelines, and chemical equipment.

In addition, welding jobs are very expansive and essential. Thus, you need to know various types of welders jobs with different skill levels, titles, and experiences of performing the techniques.

So, keep on reading the following article to learn about their tasks in several industries.

Various Techniques for Welding

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If you choose a welder as your career, ensure that you understand several methods of welding.

After knowing the differences, this information will give the possible areas and best ideas of job paths in various industries.

Plasma Arc Welding

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The plasma arc in several types of welders jobs features a small and short tube to pass an electric current through the safeguarded fluid.

Consequently, this flow functions to weld tiny spaces. Furthermore, it conveys the exactness that is required in a small area.

Atomic Hydrogen Welding

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The AHW method of the types of welders jobs works best for processing heat-resistant materials like tungsten.

In addition, this hard polyvalent metallic element can be melt easily. However, the welding technique will not damage the metal.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding

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Any types of welders jobs that require a consumable electrode use the SMAW process.

Moreover, the stick welding has an electrical conductor device that is covered with a fusion substance. Then, the melted metal will be screened with its gas.

Electron Beam Welding

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Some types of welders jobs use an electron beam to process a metal sheet at a very high-speed level. To clarify, this method burns a ray of the negative electrical particle to weld the material. Thus, the energy allows it to melt before fusing.

Gas Metal Arc Welding

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One of the easiest types of welders jobs is the Gas Metal Arc Welding. The GMAW method, known as the MIG, creates a discharge of electricity between the material’s basis as well as a conductor device.

Then, the metal turns into a liquid state by heat. After that, this molten element pairs with the other material. Thus, due to its simple process, the GMAW technique is suitable for beginners and DIY lovers.

Flux-cored Arc Welding

What is Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)? - TWI


An incessant electrical conductor takes an important role in this process. Moreover, the consumable device is wrapped with a thin metallic conduit.

Most importantly, these types of welders jobs have a method that is the same as Shielded Metal Arc Welding.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) | American Welding Society Education Online


The types of welders jobs that utilize a tungsten device is the GTAW technique. Also, a distinct metal thread has beneficial use in the TIG method.

Furthermore, the electrode in this process creates an electric sustained luminous discharge.

Several Highest Paying Welding Jobs

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Although each welding job has different skills, some types of welders face the same harsh conditions as well as dangerous working places. Therefore, they earn more money than the others.

Underwater Welders

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Being the highest paying welding occupation, underwater welders are the most difficult and also hazardous things to do. These jobs involve people working in deep-water areas. Therefore, the water pressure is possible to crush the bodies.

In addition, these dangerous types of welders jobs require both wet and dry welding to repair dams, ships, pipelines, offshore oil-drilling rigs, and sub-sea territories.

While working in the water, the bubbles obstruct the degree of clearness.

Military Welders

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Military welders are a profession that relates to the air force, army, and navy. Certainly, these workers get involved in the maintenance and repair of vehicles and weapons.

Therefore, they should repair some impaired facilities in dangerous locations. However, these types of welders jobs earn lots of money.

As an inherent part of the teamwork, the military support welder is responsible for ensuring that the vehicles work in good order, the weapons become trustable, and the facilities look sturdy and secure.

Since the welders work for the military, they must become as healthy as the soldiers, have the basic skills, and learn the protocols.

The ones who join together with the navy should stay in the ship for a longer time to maintain and also to repair the equipment.

Shipyard Welders

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Likewise, the shipyard types of welders jobs are an essential part of the shipbuilding. Most impotantly, this is a place for constructing and repairing ships require watertight and oil-tight joints.

Thus, welding to melt a pair of metals to be a stable formation takes an important role to achieve the specific standard.

Moreover, the tasks include building ships, doing regular inspections, and finishing the repair. In addition, they work on research vessels, cargo boats, and others.

Due to the great responsibilities, tough job descriptions, and time-consuming activities, the professionals come with a good salary.

Motorsports Welders

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Motorsport welding is one of the important types of welders jobs that produce racecars, repair, and maintain after racing.

This profession should design specific vehicles that can resist extreme weather conditions as well as pressures to establish the greatest performance.

Moreover, the motorsport welders are responsible for selecting more updated kinds of materials. They weld to fuse the newest and the most outlandish metals.

However, the process has different regulations and criteria to keep on the high level of projects in progression.


Pipefitters - Construction Career Pathways


In the same vein, the pipefitters are expert types of welders jobs that occupy the utilities in the electric, water, gas, and oil industries.

To clarify, their job is welding the pipelines to carry natural commodities all over the world. Thus, they are different from plumbers that do not have this specific skill.

Moreover, the pipefitters conduct a process from designing to installing the metals. They form and bend the materials into various shapes to fit the structure requirements.

Their initial stage is planning the material, type, as well as size of the pipe to create a proper job as required.

After the manufacturing process finishes, the professionals will transfer the pipes to a certain place and start the installation.

In short, they should pass some tests to make sure that the long tubular instruments have a great performance to use and become free from any damage or leakage.

Rig Welding Jobs

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Rig welders are the essential teams in the gas and also oil industries. Moreover, they work in both the offshore site and on-land rig to assembly the artificial steel island and station. Also, daily maintenance and repair become their responsibilities.

Additionally, rig welders should be ready for a 24-hour standby duty if there is an emergency call. Certainly, the skills are used to fuse pipes and carry out all functions in the welding process.

They also have primary duties that include creating new metalwork and bonding metals to make vessels.

Since the professionals work in tough locations with extreme weather, they must have a strong physical condition.

Besides, the quality of being productive should be handled carefully. Therefore, rig welding occupations are more effortful than other types of welders jobs.

Industrial Shutdown Welders

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Any buildings, fixtures, machinery, and equipment employed in an industrial business can be broken and need to repair.

Consequently, the ones who are responsible for this job are the shutdown welders. Furthermore, they maintain and restore the torn or broken part in the workshop.

Then, the industrial shutdown types of welders jobs examine the leakages and start welding to fix them.

Above all, the process might take a few weeks or months depending on the size of the broken plants. Moreover, if there are many tears on the equipment, it will take a longer time to repair.

Sheet Metal Workers

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The sheet metal workers are the professionals that have advanced skills in designing, installing, and fixing the thin pieces of metallic materials.

In short, they learn the master plan to decide the proper welding technique and the best type of the matter.

After the workers finish cutting the sheet metal based on the needed size and shape, the materials are welded to fit the magnitude.

Then, they work at construction stations to install the products. Some disunite pieces need to be congregated by welding.

Likewise, these types of welders jobs are skillful in maintenance the plants. Also, the professionals specifically work on repairing AC, roofing, and ventilation.

Other primary duties are fusing materials that are similar to sheet metals, constructing supportive frames, and fastening metallic seams.

Industrial Maintenance Welders

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The industrial maintenance welders are responsible for examining the plants whether they need to repair or not.

Especially because the machinery can be damaged and cannot be operated, whereas the equipment is easily exposed to tension and friction that cause any breaks.

Therefore, these types of welders jobs are essential for looking after the facilities as well as maintaining and modifying the apparatus in the industrial business.

Most importantly, they are useful to prevent the equipment from breaking down that may affect productivity.


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Boilermakers are the types of welders jobs that create and also install large tanks or vessels for boiling to keep gases and liquids.

Besides, they work on assembling and repairing vats, containers, and boilers. Furthermore, the professionals should have good experiences of welding steel, copper, or iron.

In the other hand, the tough conditions that include closed areas and dangerous places with high degrees of heat and humidity status are challenging.

In addition, the boilermakers always move to one site to another and work far from home for a longer time.

Moreover, the job consists of studying the master-program, molding and welding the metal plates, and shaping them into specific formations.

Besides, these constructed structures should be test and upgrad based on the standards to elevate the efficiencies.

Additionally, natural resource industries need boilermakers as long as companies use large containers and vessels for boiling.

They also get involved in assembling air pollution hardware, funnels for discharging gases or smokes, and enclosed structures for reducing iron ore.

Structural Steel Welders

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The structural steel types of welders jobs are well-known as the ironworkers. They construct any structures as well as frameworks from commercial iron material. Other industries include aerospace, mining, shipbuilding, and gas companies too.

This occupation belongs to the dangerous welding job because the workers perform in high elevation. The harsh wind possibly causes any damages or injuries since it will blow the hanging bar.

Manufacturing Welders

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Many industries that transform metal into any equipment or products will require an advanced skill of manufacturing welders.

Thus, this occupation is not only focused on automobiles but also on any companies that use this conductor substance as the main material.

Some industries include motor vehicles, mining, and agricultural manufacturing needs them. Moreover, the welders can construct a new product or repair the broken one.

Construction Welders

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One of the most essential types of welders jobs is a construction welding worker. This occupation includes both commercial as well as residential structures.

It is because constructing the bridges, buildings, or civil engineering designs requires metals as the materials.

The first is commercial construction workers that perform complex and laborious tasks. These well-trained types of welders jobs work with lots of metal elements to fuse in outdoor areas with high altitudes. Furthermore, they are facilitated with extended plumbing models and electrical wires.

On the contrary, residential welders do simpler jobs like combining tubes or pipes that keep water or gas. Consequently, they are experts in working on projects that provide living facilities.

Auto Body Welders

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Technicians’ primary jobs are fixing, straightening, and refinishing the bodies and frames of automotive vehicles.

Moreover, the welding method is useful for replacing broken parts. By using metal cutters, they eliminate the damaged panels and sections.

Furthermore, other duties are identifying the properties and forming the plastic panels. The auto body welders also examine the vehicle to know the dimensional correctness.

In addition, the last is checking the proper position and handling by doing test drives.

Master Plumbers

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The master plumbers take responsibility for planning, repairing, and maintaining the backflow preventer.

Instead of fixing and carrying on the plumbing components, they should handle the equipment and improve safety in the workshop.

Also, the master plumbers work on installing hot and cold water lines as well as fixing and maintaining them. Furthermore, they create sketches and dimensions for drafters who will promote the blueprints.

Tool and Die Makers

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Tool and die makers are the types of welders jobs that analyze and operate machine devices. Besides, they fit and build separate parts to establish dies. In short, the blocks get specific shapes and lengths by cutting, forming, and trimming.

Likewise, the profession contrives patterns and sketches with computer-aided design software to create new dies and tools.

To assemble the pieces, tap holes, and drill presses are very useful for the operating process. Then, the last is attaching the workpieces to the equipment.

Master Jewelers

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You can get fascinating jewelry with the help of master jewelers. They are the ones who design and manufacture these beautiful pieces.

The jewelers cut and form soft metals and stones into various jewelry. Then, every piece is soldered and the joints are smoothened with emery paper.

Besides, the professionals can resize, restyle, and fix the old precious ornamental objects to meet the current fashions.

MIG Welders

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The MIG welders utilize an inert gas and electric arc to measure, cut, and construct metal pieces.

As a result, they can precisely interpret the master-program and specifications instead of deciding the right gas rates.

Before handling the project, the MIG welders should prepare the materials and work surfaces. In the other words, they make sure that the construction is sturdy and safe enough until accomplishing the work.

Common Titles of the Welding Jobs

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When you think of welding Career Information, the first thing in mind is the welders. However, all types of welders jobs have different titles. People might get a job in a wide range of roles and industries with metalwork.


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Generally, the welders include various jobs that relate to metalwork. This title means a person who can professionally combine metallic elements by melting together.

This profession may take on distinctive types of welders jobs like the arch method. The experience includes how to know the difference between metals. Besides, it is how to work with varied techniques of welding.


Important Job Skills for Welders


The job description of cutters is cutting metals into several specific shapes and sizes by using heat.

Then, these pieces will be paired through welding. This task is different from the welders since it focuses on separating the materials.

Welding Machine Operator

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Both handmade and machine will help the process of many types of welders jobs. In terms of a mechanically operated device, the ones who perform the machinery units are called welding machine operators.

Furthermore, large industries occupy welding machine operators to shift to self-operating procedures. The professionals acknowledge the methods, high-level machinery operations, and equipment.

Brazers and Solderers

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The brazers and solderers also use heat to combine metals. Then, at the recent stage, they utilize a filler to tie the two pieces of materials together.

As the filling elements, the fused metallic substances require low heat degrees since the alloys have a lesser melting point.

Welding Inspectors

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Welding inspectors in various types of welders jobs examine the metalworks of other professionals.

Furthermore, they take responsibility to control the quality and permit them to go on to the next producing stages.

Therefore, the molten structures should pass the tests to get the best strength and capacity.

To conclude, all types of welders jobs provide many career opportunities for people who are skillful in metalworks. Each occupation comes with its primary tasks. Thus, select the right one that fits your capability and enthusiasm.


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