30 Walkway Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Are you looking for some walkway ideas? You probably have it in your back or front yard. An element offers a functional and visual purpose to your outdoor space.

Walkways are to guide people to walk on the path you have chosen. They will keep the guests away from stepping on other areas. Besides, the addition of a walkway on the yard will give attractive features to boost the overall look of the house.

Such a nice curb appeal will make the design of the house more impressive. For those of you who want to create a new path or update the one that you already have, this article will provide 30 ideas to inspire and guide you.

1. Concrete Slabs with Texture

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This walkway idea has a rough, almost dappled looking, texture. It is made of concrete slabs that are slip-resistant because of the textured surface. It is very important to avoid people slipping, especially children.

If you look at its natural and unassuming side, this concrete slab walkway is quite attractive. It has the mottled effect that offers a nice abstract combination of gray and brown. That makes the dirt or marks will not show up easily. It does not need regular cleaning.

2. Paved Pattern Walkway Ideas

Paved Patterns


For a decorative patterned walkway design, there are various paving slabs to choose from. You can get it from the hardware stores nearby. Find the pattern that meets your style. Typically, they are available in square.

Therefore, it is going to be quite easy to apply on the walkway spot. You can uplift the style to the next level by applying the paving slabs with complex patterns. You will have a fantastic path for your outdoor space without wasting many budgets.

3. Modern Monochrome Walkway



For a more modern look to an outdoor space, look at this monochromatic walkway. It comes with a style of stepping stones that really make a big statement to the surrounding. You can just copy this one and apply it to your house.

The monochrome coloring is really a key to this walkway. A stark contrasts black rectangular stones and white pebbles. People would love that impressive detail about this element. If you do not want a grassy backyard, this is something to consider.

4. Red Bricks with Herringbone Pattern

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A herringbone pattern for a walkway is quite common in some places. Red-colored bricks have created many of them. This simple arrangement would really offer an interesting and sophisticated look.

Well, it is a bit tricky to work with this pattern. You need to measure it properly and precisely. If the installation is a bit out of place, it will ruin the entire look. For walkway ideas front yard, the red color really gives a nice contrast.

5. Round Paving Stones


Using circular stones for the walkway ideas is a nice one to try. It provides a unique but pretty pattern to the element. You can achieve it easily on your lawn. Just dig circles out of the grow and put in the stones.

Before you start applying this walkway idea, you should know that the lawn would be quite difficult to maintain after that. However, you will get the unusual combination of lawn and round paving stones.

6. Complex Patterned Walkway Ideas

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Look at this path; it has an interesting charm that makes a statement in between the grass lawn as the background. It is another kind of patterned walkway. It works well in any garden. The combination of the colors is impressive enough to the central feature of the yard.

The colorful and decorative look really defines the quality of this walkway design. It gives a natural and earthy feel with a professional-looking finish to your house area. What about the curb appeal? This walkway idea is really a winner.

7. Colorful Painted Planks

30 Walkway Ideas For Inspiration | Trees.com


To make a big statement with a small budget with your walkway design is using colorful paints. It is like a shortcut to add big interests easily. Gather some wooden planks of the same size and types and lay them in a form of a walkway.

These painted planks in the picture are one of the clever walkway ideas you can find in this list. The rainbow effect gives a striking scene to space. Paint the planks with various colors to make the impression into a completely new level.

8. Round Stepping Stones with Mural

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Check out this whimsical walkway design. The round stepping-stones have a nice and decorative image on each of them. It is a hand-painted mural of foliage or flowers. If you love a country cottage feel for your outdoor space, there you have it.

Some abundance of flowers and pebbles around the stones really turn the lawn into something else. The magical feel makes the garden looks reminiscent of an enchanted park. For people who love art, these walkway ideas could be a great project to flex their creativity.

9. Tortoise’s Shell Walkway Ideas

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Judging by the look, it is obvious that the shell of a tortoise inspires this walkway. It gives some kind of wild and natural vibe to the garden. It is easy to apply this kind of walkway idea. Just pour the concrete into the walkway you set.

Then, draw the pattern on the concrete using a sharp tool just before it sets. You should have the walkway filled with plants on both sides. It will set the wild and natural look you desired. S

10. Tucking in Tiles



This is probably one of the easiest walkway ideas on this list. You can start by digging square holes on the ground of the lawn. Then, tuck in tiles of the same size to fill the holes. It is a simple concept to make a path that goes through the garden.

You can apply this idea in just a few hours. It is great walkway ideas on a budget. This kind of tile will encourage people to step on them rather than the lawn itself.

11. Black Concrete amongst Flowers

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If you have a flowery lawn, you may want to consider having a contrast for the walkway. As you can see, these black concretes are set against the white gravel. They both create an outstanding contrast between each other. Besides, they complement the flowers and grass nearby.

This is just an example that you can take as an inspiration to your own walkway. For example, you can paint the tiles with some dark color to go against the bright colors of pebbles, gravels, or flowers.

12. Random Brick Patterned Walkway

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As you can see, the brick pattern on this path is irregular. There are various shapes of stones used to make the walkway. Intentionally, they are in a random way. It provides a unique look for your outdoor space.

Laying the bricks in irregular style will give an elegant look to the walkway design. Just fill the space in between the bricks with fine gravel or pebbles. It will create a modern appearance without being minimalist or contemporary.

13. Walkway Brick Ideas with Mosaics

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Creating a mosaic pattern with bricks is one interesting way to design the walkway. This could be the right time to unleash your creativity and add personality to the pathway. You can choose some bricks of various sizes to make some unusual patterns.

This red-bricked walkway can be a good inspiration you can copy. The flower images in the mosaic style provide the focal point of interest in your outdoor space. It does not have to form something; you can just make an abstract pattern with colors to set up a pivotal point in your pathway.

14. Walkway Ideas in Levels



For an outdoor area with uneven ground, this is an ideal idea to have. You do not want to have the slopped walkway, do you? Well, create a pathway t with gradually increase in height. Having this element with levels will give a functional feature to the area.

You can see there are hedges on each side of the pathway. It has functioned as a barrier to keep people in the walkway. Besides, the hedges also offer a structured feel to the entire path. It is such an interesting walkway border ideas.

15. Walkway Ideas with Pavers Diagonally

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If you do not want the pattern having too much twist like the herringbone and irregular ones, this one might be a good option. It is a little bit different since it uses a diagonal direction. The walkway will provide a less formal feel along the way.

This one will support the relaxed atmosphere you want to have around your garden. Even though it is quite unusual to install the paving stones like this but it will not be too much for space. As you can see, there’s a little curved at the path edges. It really gives a nice relaxing appeal to the area.

16. Slate Stones with a Zen

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For those who are looking for clean-cut slate tiles for the outdoor space, these ones are not for you. These stones are the opposite of those because they have naturally cut edges. The designer makes this intentionally to reach the desired oriental style.

Oriental style means that it is going to be calm and relaxing. Everyone can achieve this kind of atmosphere. The key is using simple materials. Then, choose a few main colors and textures to combine.

As you can see, this area has a black slate to blend a traditional style with a feel of modernity. That is why it is great for most garden walkways. Well, you have to be ready to spend some big budgets on it because it is not the cheap walkway ideas.

17. Rustic Planks Walkway Ideas



Check out this simple pathway made of some old planks. The interesting rustic look of this walkway comes from the aged wooden boards. All of them are well together creating a perfect path for your outdoors.

Some people are not sure about the durability when using wooden boards for outdoors. Alternatively, you can achieve a similar look by having some designed tiles that look like real wood.

With those wood-style tiles, you can have a rustic natural look on your walkway with no worries.

18. Terracotta Walkway Ideas

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Using terracotta as the main material for the walkway will give you a wavy track. The heavily ridged tiles would deliver a nice European rustic farmhouse feel to your garden. If you live in a warm and dusty climate, this is the perfect design for the pathway.

People will love the informal feel that terracotta can give. The biggest drawback of this walkway idea is cleaning. It will be hard to clean when things like berries or leaves are stuck in the ridges. This one should be in your consideration when selecting the right one for the house.

19. Vaguely Floral Style of Tiles

Tiled Trail


Obviously, the tiles are the highlight of this walkway. As we know, there are a huge number of shapes, sizes, and designs available at the stores.

Look at this pathway. Floral-style tiles that have bright neutral colors fill it. Seamlessly, it provides a nice interest without taking over the surrounding scenery. To achieve a similar look, you may want to get some large tiles.

It will make space look wider. The installation will not be something to frustrate about.

20. Bricks and Cobbles



There are two kinds of materials used to build this walkway idea. Both of them are separated. As you can see, you will have two different parts of the path, the cobbled way, and the ones with brick.

To make the cobbled part, just lay some pebbles on both sides of the walkway. The brick stones stay in the middle. It becomes the main part of the pathway. Another interesting thing about this concept is the unpredictable curved edges.

21. Large Mosaics with Irregular Paving Stones

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A walkway with irregular paving stones is very stylish in a unique way. It uses various sizes, shapes, and is filled with white concrete in between. The large mosaic pattern looks so interesting from this picture.

As you can see, the bright walkway goes against the dark-green grass. It is quite helpful to guide the path so people can see clearly when walking on it.

22. Recycled Concrete Walkway



Some people might not realize that the whole walkway is made of recycled concretes. They come in so many sizes and shapes joined together in a neat arrangement. The industrial and rough appearance goes against the green grass.

That contrast really helps to stand out both of the elements. This is a great walkway idea to support a healthy lifestyle.

23. Chunky Stepping Stones

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An outdoor space that has stepping-stones as the walkway must have gaps between. It gives you an opportunity to fill them with large pebbles. Instead of the gravel or stone chippings, this idea is a clever one to consider.

It will definitely encourage people to avoid pebbles and use stepping-stones. The flat ones will be the most comfortable part of the walkway.

24. Plant-lined Walkway Ideas

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Look at the neat row of matching plants. They make an attractive barrier between the yard and the pathway. This border will discourage people to step on any other surface besides the walkway. Even though it is low, the plants would still be effective. You will know why.

25. Bamboo Walkway Ideas

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Apparently, it looks like a low bridge made of bamboo. Therefore, everyone can enjoy the beautiful garden of flowers without stepping on them. This is such a nice alternative idea to have in your garden. It will help minimize the disturbance of the area.

For the DIY enthusiast, this might be the time to get excited. Within a few days, you might be able to build it.

26. Painted Paving Stones

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This is the easy way to improve the look of your finished walkway. Get some cans of paints in various colors. Then, paint the entire paving stones with a different color each. Just apply it randomly. You will see how attractive it becomes.

27. Walkway Ideas from Japan

30 Walkway Ideas For Inspiration | Trees.com


You can take a Japanese-style walkway as your inspiration. The concept is very simple yet effective. In fact, this idea is so easy to apply. It needs some irregular black slate tiles. Then, set them all in line amongst the gravel.

Talking about the contrast, it happens in many ways, the colors, sizes, and shapes. This Japanese walkway offers a contemporary feel to your space.

28. Checkered Style Walkway Ideas

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Add some luxury to your outdoor space with this regal-looking idea. The concept is actually simple. Set up square paving tiles amongst the clean green grass. The most important thing about this idea is the accuracy and maintenance.

29. Double Deck Planks

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Check out this double-deck plank as walkway ideas. You can recreate this design for your own space. It does not have to be using wooden boards. Using tiles or slate slabs is a better option regarding its durability.

Having two surfaces instead of one will be helpful to provide a spacious stepping area.

30. Modern Wooden Walkway



Beauty comes from simplicity. This contemporary walkway idea uses long planks instead of wider ones. The arrangement is quite unusual but it creates an illusion of length to the pathway. It looks longer than it actually is.

The long wooden planks are in a linear pattern. You can have this inspiration to copy in your own yard, especially a small one.


There are 30 walkway ideas you have explored. During the exploration, you might already have something in mind to turn your outdoor space into something more impressive than ever.