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20 Spectacular Vanity Decorating Ideas to Copy

Organizing a dresser would never be an issue anymore with these vanity decorating ideas. Sometimes, we find it hard to get something we need because space is not well organized. A managed and well-decorated vanity will help us to find anything we want.

Getting ready in the morning would be more enjoyable. As a woman, you can take your time fishing the hair and applying makeup. Everything will be more effective and efficient. You may want to check out these spectacular vanity decorating ideas.

1. Vanity with Glitz and Glamorous Ambiance

Check out this stunning vanity decoration filled with a charming light fixture. The use of exquisite lighting gives a golden glow to space. It also illuminates the mirror so you can see the face very clear in front of it.

The frameless mirror offers the potential to let the lighting design make a great impact. It is such an easy focal point for the vanity decorating ideas bedroom. On top of that, some white roses create a girly feel to the spot.

Moreover, the chair has a furry cushion that complements the bright charm of the white scheme. In between the roses, you can see the mirrored brush holder that looks so pretty. That simple organization of the brush would be very helpful to create a neat and clean scene.

2. Pink Velvet Chair for Vanity Decorating Ideas

The main element of vanity decorating ideas like this one is definitely the velvet chair. This comfortable seat can make comfortable make-up sessions every day. That velvet tufted couch makes the space to become glamorous.

Besides, you can see there is a mirrored vanity table right in front of the window. It sets a lot of brightness to the area. In order to match that sensation, you may add some silver accessories and trinkets. It would create some kind of balance for each item.

That combination offers an Art Deco vibe to your vanity. Even though you have mirrored items all over, it does not mean you do not need an actual mirror. That one would complete the concept of doing make-up.

3. Large Vanity Decorating Ideas

If you have a large space in your room, you will have a chance to show off your personal collections to the area. You need to display all the items accordingly and give them good organization. Try arranging your things in color coordination to make it more pleasing to look at.

With that large mirror, all the personal items you have arranged must be on the frame. It would create a beautiful scene you can enjoy while you are facing it. The light bulbs installed around the frame will provide a clear look to support the make-up.

Speaking about the chair, it looks so unique and transparent. That is the designer’s way to get in touch with the vanity mirror decorating ideas. It really matches the reflective value of the element.

4. Vintage Classic Hollywood Theme

Do you want to feel like a classic Hollywood star? You might want to consider escalating the vanity room. This classic design of a dresser would make you feel like a movie star preparing for a show. The black color becomes the main scheme to highlight the old concept.

Adding some sparkling accessories and materials will really complement the beauty of the classic black color. Then, you can finish them with some pink roses all over the space. The addition of chic can complete the value of this vanity room decorating ideas.

Then, you may print a name on the storage cabinets. In this case, they printed March Jacobs Beauty, which is probably the favorite designer. Moreover, make it personal by printing your own name. So, you would feel like it is a special space for you.

5. Decorating Ideas for Vanity Tables with Full Equipment

This is one of the vanity decorating ideas for make-up lovers. They probably face an issue dealing with many products. This concept allows you to organize them with flair. You do not need to have trouble anymore.

Vanity decorating ideas like this concept will make it easy to locate the things you need. Instead of keeping them away from sight inside a closed box, display them all. This vanity has an open shelf on both sides. Clear acrylic containers fill each space.

This item is quite functional for getting easy access and showcase. That container is sure will make everything a lot more organized. There is will be no clutter since everything has its own storage.

6. Impressive Mirror Makeup Vanity Decorating Ideas

This vanity has a killer mirror design. Such an enchanting element really defines the space entirely. The neutral palette gives it a great chance to shine. It also makes the bedroom feel more captivating.

A simple table with a glass cover that gives a nice reflecting looks to maintain a stunning scene. The vanity is quite small but it is not going to be a problem. As long as it is well organized and decorated, the size will not really matter.

For vanity top decorating ideas, some dazzling stainless stuff fill the tabletop and the vintage lampshade gives a pleasing character to make the make-up area feel more alive.

7. Mirrored Vanity Decoration

There are so many shiny things in this vanity area. For those of you who just love to have a traditional style, this one should be on the list. It has a Venetian them that would be an impeccable pick for you.

The mirror itself is in Venetian style too. A mirrored surface covered almost all the elements. The dresser, stool, and even the candleholders match to each other. This combination offers a romantic flair to space.

You might feel like you have been teleported to Venice during your morning preps. To strengthen the character of the theme, chic wallpaper filled the background wall. The silk fabric on the curtain and the fur on the rug create harmony among them.

8. French-Inspiring Vanity Decorating Ideas

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It is one way to decorate a vanity room with its main element. This is such a beautiful dresser that is only for a princess. You probably deserve it, right? It has a French-inspired design that would look perfect when paired with floral patterns.

So, make sure the other main elements, such as chairs, are having floral prints. It looks like the mirror and dresser is one unit of furniture. That is why the design seems to be so connected. The vintage structure and texture with gold detail are just what the princess needs.

9. Vanity Design Full of Drawers

If you are looking for a vanity that can hide away your stuff, this is the solution. This furniture has so many drawers. All of them are perfect to store all the things you need. You can make each drawer to be special for any specific make-up products.

To get it easy to find, you can even give it a nametag on it. The mirrored stool looks fantastic. It gives the lower part of the room a highlight. Many times the designer would leave it alone. This time, the reflection is quite a sensation for space.

On top of the vanity, there is a pot of pink roses that deliver a touch of soft color define the character of this impressive makeup vanity.

10. Chrome Sawhorse Vanity Decorating Ideas

The shiny surface of this vanity makes it look fancy. It features two drawers that you can use to hide away some stuff. For the handle, they have them in leather, which adds a cool elegance to the scene. On top of the table, some acrylic organizers handle the makeup products.

As you can see, the tabletop is full but spacious enough to accommodate your makeup routines. There are two rounded mirrors set on it, the main large one, and the small accessory.

To maintain the charm of the mirrors, a ghost chair from IKEA has an IKEA Sheepskin Pelt as a decoration.

11. Girly Vanity Decorating Ideas

For girls, vanity decorating ideas like this spectacular choice would be captivating. That comfortable tufted bench would be so comfortable for seating during the makeup process. The size is large enough to take two people at once.

Therefore, you can let the sister do the makeup together. The mirror with its light fixture is a great feature to maintain a quality preps with the vanity. For the brush storage, some pretty cups would come in handy.

There are thin long drawers right below the tabletop. It would handle the issue of clutter you want to hide. On both sides of the vanity, you can see a tall open shelf. Display some of the accessories and equipment there.

12. Minimalist Modern Vanity with Lights

A simple way to decorate a space without disturbing the minimalism value is to add lights. Some string lightings would really change the mood of your vanity room. The minimalist style that already makes an impact in the atmosphere will not get any interruption from that.

The Scandinavian table with three drawers is a great choice to maintain a visual scene. The round mirror has a thin black frame to complement the small black stool with hairpin legs. Visually, it is so spacious. Nice pink flowers provide a soft nature’s touch to space.

13. Simple Vanity Decorating Ideas for Small Space

If the space you have left in your house is limited, look at vanity decorating ideas like this. It is simple and cute. It has a complete element to handle the makeup sessions for everyday use. For the countertop, a floating table is big enough to accommodate a few products and tools.

For vanity storage decorating ideas, there is a small cabinet under the floating table. It consists of four small drawers to keep things hidden. Above it, you can see a basket of other products to prevent the top space to become crowded.

A simple plush stool is a perfect completion of the seating. For the mirror, it is quite big to capture the entire scene in front of it. Some golden detail on the frames adds a little bit of flair to space. The fact that it is located beside a big window is just great.

14. Easy Vanity Decorating Ideas

If you like your vanity to be simple and easy to deal with, this must be an exceptional selection. The simplicity seems to complete all the elements in the area. All the brushes and some makeup products are in a well organization on top of the table.

Thanks to the acrylic containers that make everything neat and clean. The white-colored vanity creates a bright atmosphere that goes well with any style and color scheme. Do not forget to add some greenery at the corner to maintain the freshness.

For the seating, fur pelt covers the small black stool to promote the softness that it has. Therefore, taking a seat would be so comfortable. The drawers under the tabletop would be ready to serve as a storage space.

15. Wooden Floating Shelf as Vanity Decorating Ideas

For a vanity design on a budget, you may want to look at this one. It is one of simple vanity decorating ideas. You can simply turn any wall inside a room into a makeup area. Install a wooden floating shelf and add a chair. That is all that you need.

The good thing about vanity decorating ideas like this one is that the floating shelf is attached to the wall that has a window. It creates a perfect surrounding to support the lights. The only thing that this vanity concept does not have is a mirror.

Besides vanity, the owner can also use the floating shelf as a desk for multiple uses. Need a place to read or do homework? This could be it.

16. A Paneled Mirror to Support a Vanity


One of the tips in executing vanity decorating ideas is to use a paneled mirror instead of having an ordinary one attached to the wall. It is an ideal element for a vanity facing the window. The size of the folding mirror tends to be big to cover some parts needed.

When it is unused, just fold it in to close the reflection. This three-paneled window does not need to be hanging on the wall. It can stand on its own. The vanity table itself has six storage drawers that are all perfect to keep a lot of stuff.

As a whole, it is such a stylish vanity room. The big window really allows many lights to enter the space. It makes the entire furniture in white so appealing.

17. Vanity with Eye-Catching Painting


This is a simple decorating idea you can apply anytime you want. The concept would suit any style of the interior. This one is a good inspiration to copy. It consists of two simple furniture units with vintage vanity decorating ideas.

It is unique because the painting spot is the exact space where people hang the mirror. Switching it with an eye-catching painting is going to be a big move. Although, it is perfect for people who do not really need a big reflector.

Instead, they add a small mirror to handle the makeup application. On both sides of the painting, you can see a light fixture that looks impressive. It helps in maintaining the interest of the painting.

18. Interesting Wallpaper in Vanity Space

It belongs to great vanity decorating ideas that you can copy immediately. The concept is very simple; you can just add wallpaper to the background wall. That is it.

That way will change the entire mood and taste of the design. The key is to choose the right pattern that can go well with the whole style. The mirror is not hanging on the wall, but leaning to it. It is another way to deal with this main element.

On most items, you can see there are some golden details. That is enough to accent the attractive wallpaper in style.

19. Wood Texture Layers

Incorporating some wooden texture into your decorating ideas for makeup vanity would take the charm up a notch. Various accessories come with complementary finishes and texture to handle that. Check out that wooden mirror.

The frame is larger than the mirror. It means the designer wants to emphasize the wooden texture that it has. Right under, you can see it has a sleek, wooden-leg desk that has a couple of drawers to keep the stuff in.

Besides, there is a pop of green from the eucalyptus springs to give a touch of nature and embrace the freshness. Below the table, a rustic wooden chair matches with sharp legs of the table.

20. Decorating Ideas for Vanity with Photos


Photos can come in handy as a property of vanity decorating ideas. It surely adds pops of colors to make the space more alive. In this vanity, there is a simple floating shelf above the mirror. Adding some pictures, painting, or other decorative accessories would be necessary.

It would give some kind of character to the vanity space. Besides being a decoration, the thing on the shelf would eventually give you a little inspiration to work something up. Obviously, vanity can work as a workspace too.


After exploring all of those spectacular vanity decorating ideas, you do not have to worry anymore. The organization and decoration issue would be safe. Do not forget to add a little personal taste to the design you choose.