Urine Smells Like Coffee, Is It Normal?

We all have experienced sometimes just after we urinate after a cup of hot coffee, the urine smells like coffee. It’s usually noticed by most of the people that the smell of their urine is affected by coffee. In comparison to other beverages, coffee always shows funny effects on the pee. Some other foods including Salmon, asparagus, garlic, vegetables with green leaves are also the reason of unusual smell of urine.

But that does not mean that every person feels the same, some people don’t get unusual smell after a hot cup of coffee or eating asparagus. But the question is why some people get the smell of the coffee they took rather than any other drink?

In this article, we will find out some reasons that why coffee or some other foods make the urine smell unusual. This could definitely because of a medical condition which makes the smell unusual so a person must know that this sign is not normal and when to visit a doctor.

Kidneys remove out excess fluids and waste products from our body. The smell of the urine is usually mild and depends on the waste products concentration and other defaecated chemicals from the kidney, concluded from the doctors of Mayo clinic. When there is a large concentration of waste product in the urine, it starts smelling unusual and with a noticeable odor. According to the doctors, the normal and healthy urine could be in yellow color or colorless, transparent.

According to the journal of “Archives of disease in childhood”, The odor of urine is not only affected by the concentration of waste product but it may also include consumption of certain foods, dehydration or any medical condition. Dehydration can provide many substances a smooth way to make urine smell through allowing the concentration of various substances.

The New York Times published an article in which they said some foods like asparagus and some drinks like coffee can make the urine smell unusual. Harvard medical school researchers reported that some substances from the food can make urine smell and affect its color and odor. Some chemicals like Sulphur in asparagus can make the urine smell unusual like rotten cabbage.

Why Pee Smells Like Coffee

The reason of unusual smell of Urine like coffee

There are a couple of reasons why coffee apparently influences the scent of pee more than any other drinks. The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry published an article saying, coffee contains synthetic mixes with to a great degree high scent movement which gives coffee different aroma.

Strangely, the scientists found that coffee additionally contains a few sulfur-containing mixes. A portion of these substances without anyone else possess an aroma like spoiled cabbage or have a “catty” smell. Others have sweeter smells with some being zesty or smoky.

Compounds that are aromatic can be sensed in the Urine

We know that the substances in the coffee make the urine smelly by finding their ways in the urine. It was reported by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that samples of urine help doctors to analyze a person’s metabolites through their intake of dietary, of which some chemicals appear in the urine and make it smell if not properly metabolized.

A few people are more impatient with the scent of aromatics in the pee

Coffee makes you pee more or in other produce more urine, that’s why it smells like coffee when you urinate after coffee, it’s another reason behind why your pee can possess an aroma like coffee. A publication by The Journal of Science and Medicine says that coffee is a gentle diuretic that can expand the recurrence of urination. Therefore, it may be the case that coffee influences us to pee increasingly and apply the aromatics from coffee speedier in the pee.

Every human is different so it is not necessary that every person feel the same after having a cup of coffee. That is not a disease or a medical issue. The Journal of Chemical Senses published an article “causes of odor in urine” published that some food contains chemicals that cause aroma and some foods don’t. this research also tells that every person is not able to sense the metabolites in the urine because some people are more sensitive to the smells than others.


Urine smells like coffee

The final words, there are some powerful substances in the coffee that make the urine odor unusual and smell like coffee and make you urinate more than any other drink. Some people are sensitive as compared to others so they smell and notice.

Foods that Make Urine Smell

Some foods, aside from the coffee can affect your pee and make it smell. The smell falling off your pee could give a trace of something like rotten substance (as on account of nourishments that have a high sulfur content) or your pee could have a trace of the odor of what you’ve as of eaten just.


Usually, asparagus is the food that makes the pee smell like a rotten cabbage or something different as asparagus have a different kind of taste or flavor.

It was reported by Dr. William Smith on WebMD on the research conducted on why urine smell rotten after eating asparagus that, some Sulphur compounds are broken at the time of digestion into odorful chemicals. This smell can be observed after eating asparagus and urinating after 15 minutes of eating.

Research shows, it appears that everybody’s pee is affected after eating asparagus. An article in the Chemical Senses revealed that since a few people didn’t think they had impactful pee in the view of eating asparagus was simply down to recognition. Not every person can identify the solid scent that asparagus causes.


Garlic contains compounds of sulfur that makes the smell of your urine putrid. This food is an excellent food ingredient and it is an easy home-grown food. Garlic likewise has numerous medical advantages and is a characteristic anti-microbial that can dispose of the infectious diseases.

Though this food is good for health purposes with many different benefits it makes the smell of urine, body sweat and breath bad. The researchers have described that this food makes the metabolic and then these metabolic are passed into the urine. These foods producing the odors can be recognized by smell and compound tests. They found that the discharge rate of sulfur mixes was reliant on time and the person.

Garlic produces a pungent smell but still, there are numerous reasons for adding garlic to your daily diet like garlic is used for cancer prevention and very helpful for naturally boosting up your immune systems.


If you want to spice up your meals with a different flavor in curries then you can use this appetizing herb, Fenugreek. Though it produces a sweet smell in your body sweat and urine.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health stated that the sweet aroma of this herb has a maple syrup-like smell in urine.

Brussels sprouts

This vegetable produces a strange smell in your urine. Numerous green vegetables including Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and kale containing the compounds of Sulphur produces strange odor in urine.


Many individuals have reported that their urine smells bad after eating the salmon. One purpose behind this could be that salmon is high in vitamin B6 and this could affect your pee scent contingent upon how your body uses it.

Cleveland Clinic report some interesting factors that Salmon is an extraordinary wellspring of omega-3 unsaturated fats, and also different vitamins and minerals. If it’s not too much trouble reading my article on why you ought to dependably purchase wild salmon to abstain from ingesting numerous toxins that cultivated salmon contain.


After eating curry and then peeing you may feel a strong smell because of herbs and spices. most of the curries are cooked with cilantro (coriander) and cumin which both have very strong aromas.  The Journal of the Bangladesh Pharmacological Society states that coriander has the aldehydes that emit a sharp smell. As this article has just appeared, fenugreek can influence pee smell and it is a typically used food ingredient in different Indian curries.


Consuming too much alcohol can make the smell of urine bad and can damage the health by causing other issues.

Drinking many alcoholic drinks can be the reason for a tinge of alcohol in your urine, the next day.

Though, another factor behind why drinking excessive alcohol can make the smell of the urine bad. DrinkAware.co.uk, have indicated that the alcohol is a solid diuretic that makes you pee more. as a fact, the output of urine increases by 10 ml for each 1g of consumed alcohol. Drinking excessive alcohol has a negative impact on your kidneys. You must pee more to dispose of abundance liquid and the diuretic impact makes you pee considerably more and can cause dehydration.

As a result, the concentration of toxins increases and other chemicals produced in the kidneys by the body produces a strange odor in your urine.

People very often consume coffee to moderate themselves which produces a different smell in the urine. Alcohol remains in the body for a longer time but consuming coffee doesn’t disprove the alcohol effects. For further causes and information of alcohol take a look on my blog how long alcohol remains in your body.

Chili peppers

Many people have described that using chili peppers and consuming spicy foods makes the smell of urine different. This may be as a result of capsaicin that boosts up the chills by the synthetic chemicals and is used by the body.

Medical Reasons for Smelly Urine

Usually, if the urine smells like coffee, asparagus or any other food it is just an occasional condition and nothing serious to worry about, except some medical conditions that make the urine smell like ammonia.

The urine becomes normal when you stop eating the goods containing chemicals and substances that cause odor.

Some medical conditions are a reason of rotten smell too like dehydration when the body loose water it makes urine chemicals more concentrated changing the odor and color of urine both. Dehydration Can also create bubbles and froth in the urine.

A dark color of urine with a strange rotten smell can be a reason of infection in urinary tract. The bacteria in the urine can make it smell like ammonia. This can be confirmed through a urine test by the doctor for white cells of blood for checking the presence of nitrates.

Some other reasons for urine strong smell or different color may include diseases like:

  1.    Kidney disease
  2.    Kidney infection
  3.    Liver infection
  4.    Diabetes

Time to visit a Doctor for Smelly Urine

A person should visit his doctor if there is a strange smell in the urine even without the consumption of asparagus, coffee or foods with additional spice. Doctors from Mayo clinic have given some symptoms to check in case:

  1.    In case you notice any blood in urine
  2.    If the urine is brown or darker in color
  3.    If to urinate is painful
  4.    A flank pain in the lower body or abdomen
  5.    Urine is increased as compared to normal
  6.    Bladder takes more time to get empty

Exactly how Particular Foods and Beverages Affect Urine Smell

Our kidneys are responsible for removing waste products and also excess fluids from our body. Inning accordance with medical professionals from the Mayo Facility, urine smell is usually light and is identified by the concentration of waste products as well as various other chemicals that the kidneys excrete.

Your urine will certainly start to release a recognizable odor if there is a large focus of waste items in it. The shade of healthy and balanced urine ought to additionally be nearly clear or a light yellow shade.

It’s not simply the focus of waste items that impact the urine’s smell. The journal Archives of Illness in Childhood years reported that specific foods could create the urine to smell various. Additionally, dehydration can affect the focus of various substances that discover their means right into your urine and also provide urine an unique smell.

An article in the New york city Times reported that foods like asparagus as well as drinks like coffee do impact the smell of urine.

Researchers from Harvard Medical Institution reported that substances from many foodstuffs discover their means right into urine. Chemicals from foods and drinks can affect the color and also smell of your pee. For instance, it’s thought that the sulfur material in asparagus offers urine an unique “rotten cabbage” fragrance.

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