20 Under Deck Ideas and Tips to Fill Your Empty Space

You should never neglect under deck ideas as these could help you to make the most of your outdoor spaces.

Performing some remodeling project under the deck allows you to recognize how much the available space there. Besides, it can help to turn the area into something more practical.

This article will show some awesome approaches to remodel space under the deck and help you find your best model, so let’s check them out!

20 Most Amazing Under Deck Ideas You Should Try



The easiest way to make use of under deck area is by turning it into storage solution. However, some homeowners don’t mind about the design of this space too much.

Thus, they tend to simply store their tarps, garden hoses, kayaks, and other things randomly. Then, these items may end up get wet due to leaked water from the deck boards.

To help you create a more useful and clean space, this following information covers some under deck ideas to try.

Add an Under-Deck Ceiling



Incorporating an under-deck ceiling will give this empty space a more finished look. You can opt for one made from aluminum or vinyl as the best choice.

Not only offers a durable option, both aluminum and vinyl are also affordable. They also let you to install lighting fixture more simply.

You can even find some lighting accents that can provide additional source of illumination in your under deck space.

Under deck ceiling typically requires more attention than other décor options, so be careful to choose your design.

Store Seasonal Items



Don’t know with what to do with the under deck ideas? Simply use this space to store your seasonal items.

There is always time when you want to store your outdoor furniture from the harsh weather. Thus, finish the space under deck should be a fun project with this thing in mind.

By remodeling your space, you do not need to get panicked when need to put away things during winter or organize items on holiday.

From your festive gifts to blow-up decorations to surprise presents, space under the deck should be enough to keep everything.

Incorporate Various Shelving Options



Shelving will help to expand the usefulness of your under deck space. Most people love this idea but often do not know how to execute the project.

Some house trend reports even note that today’s homeowners are more interested in adequate storage space since this part can increase their home’s value.

Plan everything carefully so that you can remarkably improve the storage space. Opt for anything from floor-to-ceiling shelves to open cabinets.

Besides, it is possible to purchase a storage system or go for a DIY project to create a personalized, handy solution.

Incorporate a Garage



Whether you already own a garage in your building, it is not impossible to have another car, a new boat, or an additional trainer.

When something like this happens, empty space under the deck becomes a good alternative to provide adequate protection against harsh weather.

You just need to opt for discreet under deck ideas that are ideal for any type of vehicles.

Put away Your Garden Essentials and Firewood



Repurpose under deck space into a storage room for your garden tools. Here, you can tuck away rakes, fertilizer, hoses, lawnmowers, leftover seeds, and hoes.

To save some budget, don’t hesitate to opt for a DIY storage bench or shelf to furnish under deck ideas. Thus, you are ready to face the next planting season with more organized tools.

Adding a pegboard makes a good choice as well since it lets you hang up some of the most-utilized garden tools.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to keep the under deck design ideas somewhat unfinished, consider tucking away logs for a fireplace too.

Work in This Space



Even though it is rather new in terms of under deck ideas, you can go for it without any hesitation.

This idea is perfect if you need a more private office to work at home. Start with incorporating a writer’s nook in the area beneath the deck.

It is also possible to create a more finished home office in this space by arranging a desk, chair, bookcase, and other working essentials.

Make sure to bring in the right ventilation and lighting system so that you are capable to enjoy this under deck area throughout the year.

Make It Come in Handy



Under deck ideas often come in handy since they are pretty flexible to use later on. Thus, your need of a repair shop or she-shed is achievable in this view.

Turn the space under the deck into a versatile room that accommodates your passion in everything.

Whether you like floral arrangement, woodworking, or doing engine repair, this under deck space will always be there to accommodate your needs.

Don’t forget to keep it clean so you are ready to go when need a good place to work.

Store Away Outdoor Toys



Your kids’ plastic cars, bikes, and scooters deserve a good place to store them away when not in use, so don’t let them clutter the backyard.

Instead, you can put them away in a storage space under the deck. Use a simple desk or a bounce house to store the things neatly, so the kids can use their toys again anytime.

Create a Temporary Play Ground



There can be time when your little ones want to get out of the house yet it is very cold, windy, or rainy outside.

On such days, you will appreciate having under deck ideas that turn a storage area into a temporary play ground for the kids.

You can simply create a kid-friendly corner in the storage area, so your little ones can feel like they own a small playhouse there.

Even a little corner will work, so you just need to furnish this space with a mini teepee, tent, as well as other fun toys to play with.

Finish the Space for Entertaining



If you love to invite your friends to home but don’t have a large outdoor space for throwing a party or other fun events, simply furnish the space under your deck.

Start with incorporating a movable cart or a full kitchenette to the area beneath the deck. Thus, you can entertain your guests outside without being afraid of forecast.

Get a weatherproofed television for outdoor use and you will be able to host a movie time with others.

Just install some screening and there is no need to worry about the bugs anymore.

Keep Sporting Goods Clean



Under deck ideas are typically perfect for storing sports gear, camping chairs, and even bicycles. You can even use this space for stacking canoes or kayaks.

Instead of simply stacking the sporting goods on the floor, you can install some storage systems like hooks and shelves around the area.

This way you can keep the sport items clean and ready to use anytime.

Install Lattice as a Deck Option



Not only helps to make space under the deck looks more finished, but lattice also creates privacy.

Besides, it allows air to flow under your deck to avoid moisture from developing. With latticework, you can achieve a sense of cohesiveness and severance all at once as well.

You can grow plants with trailing growth habit as well to serve your lattice screens as a decorative element.

Don’t forget to include an access door in your design so that you can store outdoor tools, pool accessories, and others easily.

Depending on your budget and preference, under deck ideas with latticework can come in composite, vinyl, or solid wood material.

If you prefer something that can endure a beating better, vinyl lattice makes a good choice as it will not crack, split, or rot.

Build a Little Shed Under the Deck



Under deck ideas typically come with a step to install a waterproofing membrane, especially if you want to create a shed in the area.

To create a waterproof shed, you need to install the waterproofing membrane between the joist areas and close by the downspouts.

Meanwhile, the under deck flooring ideas can be stone, dirt, or upgraded to a raised platform or concrete. Hence, you will be able to keep any item in this area without being anxious.

Remember to add lights, hooks, shelves, and outlets to get the most of the under deck ideas. Finish the project by painting the shed to match your exterior design.

Add a Patio Swing



Swings are one of the simplest under deck ideas with a great health impact. Besides, these can be enjoyed by both adults and kids.

Simply hang a swing from your deck frame and it will let every family member to enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine that helps produce vitamin D.

In addition, enjoying a porch swing can help to lower stress and increase blood circulation as well.

Aesthetically speaking, swing can be a stylish addition to under deck ideas and may improve te overall value of your property.

Create a Patio Under the Deck



Add a paver or concrete patio under your deck and install rubber roofing system for a shady shelter as well as a watertight roof beneath the platform.

This one of under deck ideas works best on higher decks with minimally 2.4 m to the ceiling and 7 ft to the beam.

Incorporate Skirting



While you can find a lot of under deck skirting ideas, how it will look like typically depend on the height of the platform itself.

For instance, if your deck is 30 cm to 1.2 m off the ground, skirting gives minor enhancement. Meanwhile, if the platform stands 8 ft above the floor, it will provide a solid wall appearance.

Skirting generally makes a better option than latticework if you have active children that love to play soccer or baseball around the deck.

Furthermore, skirting is also capable to reduce the number of critters you tend to find under the deck. With a blockade to prevent access, the area will be free from those unwanted creatures.

When remodeling under deck ideas with skirting, remember to select materials that work well with its upper platform.

Build an Under-Deck Play Area



Instead of a small corner around your under deck storage, you can go further by turning the whole space into an under-deck play area for kids.

You can move your children’s toys and sandbox under the deck during summer as the upper platform will provide enough shade.

Upgrade these under deck ideas by incorporating playground sets with spiral slides, sky lofts, and monkey bars for further delight.

With this under-deck play area, you may feel worry free since the kids can have fun under your supervision.

Besides, the solid construction of the beam and strapping hardware will keep your little ones safe as they enjoy bucket swing or tic-tac-toe panels.

Coat the Ground in Weed Blocker Fabric



Increase the visual appeal of the space under your deck by covering it with overlapped weed blocking fabric.

For adequate drainage, you can spread a layer of compacted gravel or landscape stone around the footings and the posts.

River rocks, crushed stones, and gravel typically work better in most under deck ideas as they will not decompose as mulch do.

Moreover, weed blocking with these materials may restrict wildflowers from sprouting as well.

They also help to keep animals like badgers, moles, ground squirrels, and groundhogs from burrowing into your ground.

Once finish covering the ground, you can grow various plants including Clemantis, Emerald Green Arborvitae, Cherry Laurel, climbing roses, boxwoods, trailing vines, juniper or others.

You can also increase the privacy of these under deck ideas by planting full shade species like Mountain Laurel, Daphne, Oakleaf Hydrangea, and Rhododendrons.

Turn It into a Three-Season Room



Furnish space under the deck with walls, screens, concrete patio, and deck to provide you with the ultimate three-season area.

Don’t forget to bring your outdoor furniture there so that you can still enjoy nature with the comfort of the living room.

Rather than a concrete wall, you probably like a glass paneled design better since it allows you to enjoy your outdoor space the more.

This one of under deck ideas will function like a sunroom in which you can entertain your guests and do other activities.

Build Under-Deck Kitchen



Space under the deck often makes a great place for a second kitchen as well. You can even furnish this unclosed area with a bar table and stools to enjoy the meal right away.

To make it usable all day long, don’t forget to install adequate lighting fixtures in this area. You can even hang a string of light bulb to create a dramatic view at night.

Consider incorporating some outdoor curtains around the area to increase the privacy of these under deck ideas.

If you cannot afford a second kitchen, simply bring your barbeque equipment outdoors and arrange some chairs to have the treats.

Essential Factors to Create Dry Storage Under the Deck



Similar to a basement, it takes particular measurement to remodel space under the deck. Thus, you will not face leaking problem that results in mildew and mold.

To make the most of under deck ideas, make sure to start with an effective drainage system. This way you can get rid of any moisture that comes down between the boards.

When installing the system on top of the joints before the deck boards, you should go down to check whether any moisture buildup under the area or within the beams too.

Then, to prevent the high cost of water damage, consider having a professional contractor waterproof it.

Otherwise, you may need to deal with various issues including contaminants, peeling, cracks, and even rotting.

Once you finished with waterproofing your space, executing any under deck ideas will not seem worrying.

Extra Tips to Consider When Remodeling Under Deck Space



First of all, you should avoid painting the deck especially with dark color as it will be the ceiling of an area that you want to illuminate. Remember that even a small tree can create some shade there.

Second, it is necessary to make sure that the surface is slightly rough, so you will have a good framework for what to do next.

This will offer you the best backdrop for what to build around as well.

Next, you need to be a little more cautious when executing under deck ideas since several areas experience strong winds.

Then, list exactly what you want and need before executing any project ideas. Keep in mind that the most appropriate style can make your home even more striking.

If you find it hard to get started, consider following the tutorial created by some deck builders as they tend to display any sort of materials used in their plan along with important information.

Final Thoughts



In short, utilizing under deck area can be the best solution when you need additional space to enjoy outdoors.

While some inspirations come with simple procedures, others may require more effort and woodworking skill.

Just make sure you go with the best under deck ideas that meet your space’s requirement and availability. Then, decorate it to become your family’s favorite spot to hangout. Good luck!

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