Must-Have Types of Spoons for Various Foods and Purposes

From wooden to silver, you can find many types of spoons on the market. Having been used since primeval times, these dining essentials are as old as knives.

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A long time ago, people in the UK and Egypt considered spoons as a status representation. Then, starting from the 16th century, the modern appearance of these dining essentials became known.

Nowadays, you can find a particular kind of spoon for various types of food and other purposes like measuring or baking.

Moreover, types of spoons can be categorized based on their materials and sizes as well. For instance, these cutleries are now available in wood, ceramic, plastic, metal, or even a combination of them.

However, stainless steel remains one of the most popular spoon materials.

With a lot of types available, the Lambert Castle Museum in Paterson even has more than 5000 spoon collection and is known as the largest one in the world.



Even though a teaspoon has an identical size to the spoon you use for measuring out ingredients when baking or cooking, this one comes with a dissimilar shape.

It is safe to say that a teaspoon is a smaller version of tablespoons. This spoon makes a perfect choice when you want to stir cream or sugar into a cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

You can also use a teaspoon to feed your little ones. While they have outgrown baby spoons, consider using this dining essential as well to allow them to utilize silverware that looks like yours.

These types of spoons will be perfect for kids since they are a bit smaller than tablespoons. As a result, your little ones can eat effortlessly without making clutter.



Similar to a teaspoon, a tablespoon can be used as a utensil and a measurement unit. It becomes a common appliance during meals as well as cooking.

Since they are bigger than a teaspoon, a tablespoon is more ideal for adults. Its larger size makes it more convenient for you to enjoy your meals.

Although you can get types of spoons that are designed particularly for measuring ingredients, a tablespoon is still a versatile choice since it can double as an eating utensil.

While it seems great for eating soup, a spoon dedicated for this purpose is also available and offers more advantages

Soup Spoon


This spoon is the one you should search for when eating soup. Since it is formed and created specifically for having something liquid, the utensil comes with bigger bowls.

Compared to a tablespoon, these types of spoons have deeper bowls that make it less difficult for you to hollow out your soup without making a mess.

Soup spoons are available in a lot of diverse styles and sizes, making it easy for you to pick the right one for every need.

For instance, a bouillon spoon is a small version of this utensil that has a round bowl.

Then, Chinese and British soup spoons are among the most popular styles in the market. Both of them differ in the size as well as the shape of the bowls.

British soup spoons are a bit smaller than their Chinese counterparts. Besides, their bowl is highly circular as well.

Meanwhile, Chinese soup spoons feature a thick grip and their bowl typically ranges from flat to deep options. They also come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to very big ones.

These types of spoons are generally made of ceramic, but you can also get one that is created from other materials.

Beverage Spoon


You can identify these types of spoons without difficulty since they have very long handles that make them very different from others.

Even though they have such a long handle, beverage spoons feature a very small bowl that often looks out of place.

Thanks to its long handle, you can count on these types of spoons to stir any beverage that is served in tall glasses.

Adding sugar to a very tall and full glass of tea will not cause any issue when using a beverage spoon to stir it. Besides, you will not get your fingers soaked while doing so.

Unfortunately, a beverage spoon does not offer a lot of applications because of the length of its handle.

However, having a beverage spoon in your kitchen or bar is still a good investment even for its specific use only.

Sugar Spoon


If you see granulated sugar around the table, there could be these types of spoons as well.

Despite having a similar appearance to a teaspoon, a sugar spoon typically features a deeper bowl that often comes with fluted rims.

Moreover, you can easily find a sugar spoon that has been cast to resemble shells too.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with using other types of spoons to serve sugar. However, when it comes to formal dining, you better set this spoon.

In the market, you may find this spoon being called sugar shovels or shells depending on their characters and sizes.

Dessert Spoon


Compare to other types of spoons, this one typically features a more pointed bowl instead of rounded.

You can use a dessert spoon to eat almost anything. However, as the name suggests, this utensil is more suitable to enjoy your favorite sweet confection.

When it comes to size, this spoon is offered in a variety of choices ranging from a teaspoon to a tablespoon dimension.

Many people do not utilize these types of spoons cutlery in their every day’s dining. You are more likely to find this utensil during a formal table setting.

In the formal dining, you may find a dessert spoon be set above your plate or brought by the server along with the sweet confection.

If set with basic cutleries on the table, this spoon is typically apart from the other utensils.

Caviar Spoon

Caviar spoons typically have bowls that are formed to resemble either an oval or a paddle. Meanwhile, their sizes may vary from eight to 12 cm.

Their bowls feature a small and shallow dimension, making it perfect for shoveling and serving a bit of caviar.

Aside from serving caviar, it is hardly ever to use these types of spoons for other purposes because of its shape and tiny size.

Mother of pearl, gold, animal horn, and wood are the most traditional materials of caviar spoons since one made of metal is considered bad for the roe.

Many people believe that a metal spoon can make the taste of caviar not as great as it should be.

Grapefruit Spoon


In terms of shape and size, these types of spoons may seem like teaspoons. However, this utensil is created specifically to help you eat delicious grapefruits.

For this purpose, a grapefruit spoon features a serrated edge that makes it easy for detaching the fruit from the rind.

Since the serration is pretty sharp, you need to be careful when utilizing these types of spoons or letting your little ones use them.

Without being careful or paying attention when using a grapefruit spoon, its sharp edge may accidentally cut you.

Slotted Spoon


These types of spoons are probably not familiar to some people’s ears. You will typically find this utensil in a buffet where some liquid meals are served.

A slotted spoon usually comes with some slots, holes, or other kinds of openings on its bowl. These features let water pass through when serving.

As a result, you can seize the bigger pieces of food on the top of the bowl without any difficulty.

You can utilize smaller slotted spoons for eating foods that are served with juice. Meanwhile, the bigger versions are perfect for taking out items from a liquid cuisine in a pot.

There is also an absinthe spoon, a kind of slotted spoons that serves a more precise purpose. Aside from this particular type, others are flexible for a range of different cuisines.

In the market, you may see these types of spoons in intricate and ornate designs. However, the plain versions are also available with the same functions.

Absinthe Spoon


Absinthe spoons feature an even bowl rather than a usual curved one. This special design allows your liquor to flow through easily.

Those who love to drink absinthe should add this spoon to the favorite list since it can help them to make the most of their ritual.

These types of spoons typically have a notch in their handle as well. This feature will let the utensil lie on the rim of your glass.

Generally, you will use an absinthe spoon to blend a sugar cube in the absence. This way, the beverage does not taste too bitter for your tongue.



When serving cuisines that contain a lot of liquid including soups or stews, you will need such large types of spoons like a ladle.

By using a ladle, you can eliminate the chance of making a huge mess when serving liquid cuisines.

Meanwhile, ladles themselves are available in a selection of type, size, and style. They typically share a similar long handle that connects to a deep, big bowl.

You are more likely to find these types of spoons having a handle that is fastened straight onto the bowl.

However, some ladles have their bowl connected at an angle so that you can pick up foods from the pot without trouble.

Some ladles may come with a point or a spout as well. Such a feature makes it less difficult to pour fluid without spilling.

Risotto Spoon


This spoon is the one you need to stir risotto or something like creams and sauces. It features a huge hole in the center that forms a kind of vortex in your pot.

The function of this special feature is to make sure that the whole thing in your pot is stirred perfectly and carefully blended in.

Among different types of wooden spoons and their uses, this one is pretty friendly for inflating a foam or batter.

If other wooden spoons are more likely to deflate your foam or batter when mixing in additional ingredients, such an issue will not happen with this utensil.

As a consequence, a risotto spoon is perfect for adding new ingredients into the batter.

Besides, once you finished with stirring the ingredient, these types of spoons will feel much lighter since they will not condense your batter.

Serving Spoon


Prepare a serving spoon when you need to serve foodstuff at the table. This utensil will help to ease the process of handing out food for everyone.

Different from traditional spoons for eating purposes, this appliance is considerably bigger, features a long handle, and has a larger bowl.

This way, you will find it effortless to serve even such a big portion of foods.

If you want to purchase serving spoons, keep in mind that they are available in a variety of styles. Thus, make sure to get the right type and style.

For instance, you may like to get these types of spoons with slots or scalloped edges. A selection that features a bowl without holes is also available for easy serving.

Baby Spoon


Now that you start to feed your baby solid foods, a small enough spoon like this will be helpful. It can make sure the little one to enjoys its meal without chocking.

Using a baby spoon can also avoid having too much food going into your children’s mouth at one time.

Compare to others, these types of spoons are very tiny and are typically covered in rubber or silicone to prevent unintended injuries while feeding the baby.

Of course, you can find baby spoons in a range of different materials. However, it is typical for families to acquire heirloom ones that are made of silver and have passed down through generations.

Interestingly, some of these types of spoons feature a rubber tip that can change color when your baby’s food is too hot.

This feature is very helpful to prevent a caregiver or parent from burning the baby by accident.

Coffee Measuring Spoon


Do you need a reliable spoon for making a cup of coffee at home? If so, this utensil will save the day!

You can benefit from owning this kind of measuring spoon in your kitchen since it helps to make great mugs of coffee every time.

These types of spoons come with a deep, round bowl that is particularly created for gauging coffee grounds.

Because of their special shapes, you should not use them for eating or serving foods. They will simply do good work when helping to create a perfect cup of coffee for everyone.

Demitasse Spoon


Unlike regular spoons, this utensil is noticeably smaller. As a result, it makes a perfect pair for an espresso cup that is typically a half size of a standard coffee mug.

The average length of demitasse spoons is eight to 10 cm. With such sizes, you can find this utensil in either simple or very ornate handles.

Although these types of spoons are likely to be somewhat fragile, you can count on the durability of this utensil since it is usually made of stainless steel, gold, or polished silver.

Types of Spoons Based on Their Materials


Spoons are not only categorized based on their shapes and sizes, but they are often defined by the materials as well.

Stainless steel is among the most common materials for spoons since they make an ideal utensil for eating and cooking.

However, you still need to use these types of spoons with care when cooking because they may heat up and burn your hand.

Moreover, stainless steel spoons acquire a hard edge and surface, making them prone to scratching the nonstick finish on some pans and pots.

Wood Spoons


Wood is another common material for spoons due to the number of benefits it offers.

You can even call out many types of wooden spoons with names since they are very well-liked in nearly every kitchen.

These types of spoons are very convenient to use and come with a long handle to keep your hand apart from high temperature when mixing something on the stove.

Besides, since wood cannot transmit heat, there is no need to worry about burning your hand too. Spoons made of this material are perfect for nonstick pans and pots as well.

Plastic Spoons


Plastic spoons are more favorable in a situation where you want to dispose of the utensils after use.

However, you can still wash and reuse these types of spoons, especially when it comes to heavier duty plastics.

The general issue of plastic spoons is that they are too lightweight and prone to break. For this reason, giving them to your kids is not a wise move.

Other Spoon Materials


In addition to the types of spoons mentioned above, you can also find ones made of other materials like porcelain or ceramic, silicone, bamboo, and copper.

Porcelain spoons are generally attractive and ideal for special occasions. Meanwhile, ones made of silicone are perfect for cooking since they can withstand high temperatures.

Finally, the choice for the right types of spoons will be on your hand. You can use the above information for determining what kind of utensils to have in the kitchen.


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