13 Mouth-Watering Types of Pickles with Homemade Recipes

Different basic types of pickles, cucumber cultivars, and varied pickling cuts create plenty of styles for any dish. They offer more tasteful like zesty, sour, sweet, and even hot. Those various flavors come from distinctive seasonings, spices, and herbs that mixed to the preserving solution.

The types of cucumber pickles process in a vinegar solution or saline liquid. These preserved foods are available in whole packs, splits, sticks, cubes, chips, vertical slices, or chunks. Thus, you can serve different shapes while enjoying them.

However, some vegetables can be treated as pickles instead of cucumbers. The following article will present an overview of several popular pickled variations with additional interesting information about them.

How Many Types of Pickles are There?

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There are more than ten distinct types of pickles that popularly treat as snacks and side dishes. One of them that known as the most famous variants are pickled cucumbers with an aromatic European herb. Dill oil also becomes an addition to give a refreshing taste.

Another seasoning is a brine solution in fresh cucumbers. You can decide to make sour or half-sour pickles by determining the bathing duration in the pickled liquid. Moreover, sweet variants combine preserved foods with a combination of sugar, vinegar, and seasonings.

Interestingly, other types of pickles are rich in flavors, either mild or spicy. Therefore, you can make variously preserved foods with different pepper varieties or combined them with fresh cucumbers, lime slices, and vegetables.

Furthermore, mix the hot flavor with sweet and salty versions as an addition to salads.

History of Pickles

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Some types of pickles have historical consequences due to they became the beauty recipes from the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. Instead of giving aesthetics values, the Roman army used to consume these preserved foods to improve the strength.

Moreover, Christopher Columbus prevented the sailors from getting the inadequacy of Vitamin C by giving them cucumber pickles to stay healthy. Therefore, the number of suffered seaman decreased during the exploration era.

Nutrition Facts of Pickles

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Generally, all types of pickles are very rich in Sodium. Also, a small spear of pickled cucumbers contains protein, carbohydrate, fiber, sugar, and calories. Due to the fermentation process, preserved foods have probiotics that give nutritional benefits to health.

Besides, the fermented types of pickles protect you from cancer, obesity, and cellular injuries. However, pickled cucumbers without fermentation might provide a good source of antioxidants and reduce the spasmodic contraction of muscles.

Additionally, consuming pickle juices becomes a healthy habit of losing weight, cures diabetes, and balances ion regulation. However, for people who have high blood pressure, it is recommended to make the preserved foods by themselves to manage the sodium substance and keep it below the daily limit.

Types of Pickles Based on the Production Methods

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Three techniques are available to produce any types of pickles. Those techniques are using fresh-pack, fermentation, and refrigerating.

Consequently, all three of them become common methods of preserving cucumbers, peppers, and other vegetables. But, the textures and tastes may differ from every way of production.

Firstly, the fridge method stores the pickles in the refrigerator. Keep them refrigerated for about 48 hours before serving. Meanwhile, the fermented technique allows a curing process to activate the bacteria for preserving the foods.

Then, the fresh-pack variant is the quickest way to bath the ingredients in vinegar liquid. You can mix them with spices and herbs to be more flavorful. Therefore, the various types of pickles give unique joys and extended lifespan of foods.

Sour Pickles

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Some types of pickles with sour taste come from a bathing process in the brine solution without adding vinegar. As a result, the slow procedure creates a fermentation that offers a strong salty flavor. Moreover, pickling seasonings like garlic, dill, and horseradish are a great addition.

Half Sour Pickles

Half Sour Pickles – Moldova Pickles & Salads


To create half-sour pickles requires the same method as the fermented versions. However, these preserved foods only take little time for the curing process.

Consequently, they come in crunchy textures and fresh green skin color. Furthermore, you must keep the pickled cucumbers in the containers and store them in the fridge.

Sweet Pickles without Salt

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No-salt sweet becomes a new variant of pickles. Additionally, its common shape is in the form of chips. Also, they are initially steeped in a vinegar solution. Then, you can add a tasty flavor by combining them with sugar, cinnamon, onion, or Sinapis alba seeds.

Bread and Butter Pickles

Overnight Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles


This variant provides both sweet and sour tastes with handy preparation. Certainly, because these types of pickles mix fresh cucumbers with salt, sugar, vinegar, and celery or coriander seeds.

The crunchy and tasty flavors come from the sweet onions as extra spices in the mixture. Therefore, these bread and butter pickles are perfect for burgers and sandwiches. They also become a delicious dipping sauce for spring rolls and other fried snacks.

Candied Pickles

Kool Aid Pickles {A Sweet and Sour Colorful Snack}


Candied versions are the types of pickles with a high level of sweetness. In otherwords, it is a result of lengthwise slices of cucumbers that are marinated with vinegar and spices in a sweetened solution. Thus, a large amount of sugar covers these fresh ingredients.

Hot Pickles

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These types of pickles with sweet flavor can be mixed with spicy seasonings to create a zingy taste. For instance, red peppers or jalapenos are the best spices for these hot variations.

Then, pack the pickled cucumbers in sealed jars and keep them refrigerated. In addition, they are great for snacks and barbeque toppings.

Gherkin Pickles

Homemade Gherkin (Cornichons)


These types of pickles are great for cooked and raw eating. Certainly, because the gherkins are very tiny varieties among other cucumber cultivars. They look like mouse melons but have a strong taste.

In short, if you wanna make them, simply prepare fresh vegetables with a brine solution and marinate for one day.

After that, heat some water, vinegar, sugar, and seasonings. Put the salted cucumbers into jars before pouring the mixture of sweet liquid into them. Then, they are ready to serve after keeping in the glass containers for about four weeks.

Hungarian Pickles

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The Hungarian pickles are the most famous preserved foods in Hungary. Moreover, fried sausages and savory foods taste great with these side dishes.

To soak the cucumbers, you need a mixture of brine water, garlic or dill, and some bread slices. Thus, the yeast will take control of the fermentation.

Furthermore, the fermentation process creates beneficial bacteria that will prevent you from some diseases. Besides, healthy pickles have a sour taste that will balance perfectly with savory and hot dishes.

Additionally, other Hungarian types of pickles combine cabbages with pepper, salt, and cinnamon in vinegar liquid. This Sauerkraut is stored in wood barrels. You can enjoy the preserved vegetables with casseroles, smoked meat, and rice.

Cinnamon Pickles

Cinnamon Candy Pickles : Canning


The cinnamon variants are the most attractive types of pickles that come with vibrant red color. They take a longer time to form the bright hot coloration. The unique technique requires a thick sugar solution that consists of candies, vinegar, water, cinnamon sticks, and red food dye.

Then, melt the candied mixture by boiling in medium heat. After that, spread the sticky liquid over the sliced cucumbers. Keep them in a covered jar for 24 to 48 hours. As a result, the red and sweet solution will absorb into these types of pickles.


Brunel Cornichons Gherkins Pickles In Vinegar 6.7 oz | Homemade pickles, Pickling recipes, Tea time snacks


Cornichons have a length of 4 centimeters and become crisp and flavorful varieties. Although the variants resemble the cucumbers, they belong to the Gherkin species. Bear in mind to collect the fruits before getting ripe.

Furthermore, the common cultivars include Parisience, Parigno, and Fin de Meaux. These types of pickles are exclusively available in France. The pickled cornichons can use kosher, herb of dill, salty or sweet flavors.

Dill Pickles

How to Make Dill Pickles – A Couple Cooks


Dill or Anethum graveolens has scented leaves and seeds. This herb is suitable for flavoring any types of pickles. The slices of vegetables are seasoned with fresh stems to create a sour taste. Enjoy the pickled cucumbers as a healthy nibbling either with regular or low sodium substance.

Original Dill Pickles

Danger! Men Cooking!: Old Fashioned Fermented Garlic Dill Pickles and How To Make Them


The dill variants are the regular types of pickles that have a conventional preserving technique. They come with a genuine form of the whole vegetables that are flavored with these aromatic seeds. Make sure that you keep the pickling food at a comfortable temperature.

Kosher Dill Pickles

Kosher Dill Pickles Recipe | Southern Living


Kosher dill pickles become a staple food in Poland. They are kept longer time for a fermentation process so you will obtain either a sour or half-sour flavor. Enjoy the extra crunchy texture and savory taste with some slices of bread and raw cabbage salads.

These types of pickles require kosher salt, dill, seasonings, and garlic for marinating the fresh cucumbers. Keep them in whole spears to be fully fermented, but they can stay crispy in a bright green skin hue to create crumbliness.

Overnight Dill Pickles

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Cukes are the popular name of these types of pickles. The preserved cucumbers should stay overnight or more than two days to get the best tasty sensation. Soak in a saline solution at the initial step before marinating them with vinegar, dill, and other spices.

Polish and German Dill Pickles

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Being special dishes in Germany, France, Poland, and the US, these types of pickles have a unique taste. Their famous variant with low-salt content is ogorek malosolny. Interestingly, the final flavor of the half and full sour is nippy and sweet. Store the preserved cucumbers in wood barrels or glass jars.

Lime Pickles

Indian lime pickle


There are not cucumbers in these types of pickles but limes. The strong flavor of the ingredients creates a delicious and tangy taste. Make them more flavorful by seasoning with aromatic seeds, salt, pepper, turmeric, and other spices.

Before mixing with the spices, add salt to the sliced limes and store them in a covered container for 14 days until they turn into a soft brown hue. After the color change, it is the best time to flavor with the seasonings.

Then, pour hot mustard oil to the limes and keep them for seven days. After resting for a week, serve the tangy pickles with plain foods since they can raise the taste of the flavorless dishes. For instance, enjoy the tasty sensation with fried wheat bread, rice, or focaccia.

Pepper Pickles

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Generally, peppers have the same method as other types of pickles. These hot ingredients substitute the cucumbers and offer a wide range of spicy levels. Also, you may experiment with more than 15 variations.

Pepperoncini Pickles

Pepperoncini Peppers - All About Them - Scoville & More - Chili Pepper Madness


Both Italian and Greek pepperoncini peppers are commonly used in some types of pickles. They give a mildly spicy taste that pairs well with antipasti and Mediterranean dishes. You will find the pickling in the whole shapes rather than rings.

Cherry Peppers

Red cherry peppers stuffed with cheese


If you prefer sweet and spicy types of pickles, the cherry peppers are the perfect option. The common shapes are rings and whole parts in red or green hues. The pimento serves a great flavor and gives a good source of vitamin C. This substance forms collagen for the skin and elevates the immunity.

Banana Peppers Pickles



These sweet and hot peppers resemble a banana. The long and yellow chili is preserved in the entire shape or slices. Keep the spicy types of pickles refrigerated. Therefore, they can last for about six months. For a longer lifespan, skip garlic in the original recipe and undergo a solution soaking for a quarter-hour.

Jalapeno Pickles

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The hot types of pickles are from the jalapenos. These spiciest peppers are famous in Mexican cuisines. Preserve the fresh ingredients in the brine liquid. Besides, you may combine them with cucumbers, garlic, and dill. Moreover, place the pickling in the fridge since they require no canning.

Types of pickled vegetables

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Nowadays, various types of pickles come from vegetables instead of cucumbers, limes, and peppers. You can preserve cauliflowers, okra, asparagus, and tomatoes. Moreover, it is possible to create a combination of those fresh ingredients. For example, make sweet mixed pickling with raisins.

Delicious Recipes with Pickles

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Various side dishes work well with pickles. The strong taste pairs perfectly with potatoes and macaroni. Besides, turn them into juice and combine it with peanut butter. You might spread the pickling on sliced apple or other fruits.

Furthermore, there are lots of easy ways to integrate pickles into your daily diet. Enjoy the sour dishes with tuna salads, scrambled eggs, and some slices of meatloaf. The following recipes are tasteful to try.

Colorful Swiss chard Pickles

Pickled Chard Stems- Upstate Ramblings


This recipe brings pops of rainbow hues. Use an easy refrigerated technique to create the pickles. The supplies are Swiss chard stems, onion slices, pickling seasonings, celery, and mustard seeds. The solution consists of water, vinegar, and sugar.

The first step is putting the stems into a mixing bowl. Then, add all spices and set aside. After that, make the vinegar liquid by boiling the water to melt the sugar. Cover the seasoned chard with the solution and keep it in the fridge for two days before eating.

Pickled Mushroom Recipe

Tangy Pickled Mushrooms Recipe | Taste of Home


The mushroom pickles are a great addition to salads and appetizers. Add some spices like minced garlic, sliced onions, vinegar, sugar, canola oil, salt, pepper, and dried tarragon.

To make the pickled mushroom, simply boil all ingredients in a large pot for ten minutes. After that, scoop the hot mixture into several jars. Cover with the lids tightly.

Then, place them into a container and boil with water for twenty minutes. Remove the jars and wait until they turn cool before serving.

Green Tomato Relish

Green Tomato Chutney {Green Tomato Relish} | SimplyRecipes.com


Enjoy sweet-sour flavor from this relish recipe. The supplies include green tomatoes, red peppers, and aromatic seeds like mustard or celery. Also, you need some spices such as salt and sugar in a vinegar solution.

Firstly, chop the tomatoes, peppers, and onions with a food grinder. Sprinkle with salt and place them in a bowl for three hours. After the mixture releases some water, eliminate the liquid and use the salted vegetables only.

Next, prepare to heat the mixed vegetables with vinegar, sugar, and aromatic seeds. Simmer the mixture until getting a thick texture. Then, spoon the hot mass into some jars. Process the pickled tomatoes by boiling into the canner with water for a quarter-hour. Finally, serve the relish after cool.

Peach Pickles

Nana's Southern Pickled Peaches | Allrecipes


The pickled peach recipe offers a sweet and flavorful dish to enjoy with cake, ice cream, and roasted beef. Combine the fruits with cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger slices, peppercorns, whole cloves. For the soaking liquid, prepare some water, vinegar, and sugar.

The first step is peeling and cutting the peaches into wedges. Put some slices in the jar with cinnamon sticks, cloves, ginger, and peppercorns. Set aside while preparing the vinegar solution.

Secondly, boil water, sugar, and vinegar in a saucepan. After the ingredients dissolve, spoon the hot mixture into each jar. Then, cover the top with the tight lid.

Go on to the next process by arranging the jars into the canner. Cover them with water before heating up for fifteen minutes. After that, remove the simmered peach pickles to be cool. This Southern dish with a classic taste will also be great for salad greens and roasted vegetables.

In conclusion, varied types of pickles are available to preserve cucumbers, peppers, and other vegetables. Most recipes use vinegar and saline liquid to soak the fresh ingredients. The duration will determine the crispness and savory. Thankfully, their great taste also offers excellent health benefits.


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