11 Best Types of Pianos You Should Know

A piano can be a magnificent focal point in the living room. Just be sure it fits your lifestyle as well as family. Moreover, if you want to learn more about this musical instrument, take a gander at different types of pianos below.

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Bartolomeo Cristofori of Padua, an Italian harpsichord maker invented the piano in 1709. That musical instrument was first called fortepiano. For almost a century, royalty and aristocrats were the only people who could afford pianos.

Furthermore, Crystal Piano by Heintzman Pianos becomes the most luxurious piano. At an auction, it was priced at $3.22 million and first played during the Beijing Olympic Games. The unit boasts a beautiful transparent body.

Grand Pianos


There are various piano types names on the market. Grand pianos themselves are known for their wonderful craftsmanship. Furthermore, they offer a sense of privilege. No surprise, the units come with a huge price tag.

Moreover, these types of pianos are ideal for composing as well as live performances. A professional musician will adore having a grand piano like the one pictured above.

As the name suggests, the grand piano comes in a quite large size. This instrument is not a practical option for many people because it will consume too much space. If you are just a casual musician, the unit may not steal your attention.

Compared to other types of pianos like upright models, these provide more advantages. For example, they have double escapement action. This lets professional musicians play notes in rapid succession.

People who love pianos or serious musicians want to purchase the grand piano because it has certain musical mechanisms. This instrument can deliver superb sound and create some emotional tones.

Although the grand piano is so expensive, people think that it is worth buying. To many, nothing beats this stunningly hand-crafted instrument.

The grand pianos are visually pleasing. That’s the reason you will find the instruments at big concerts. Besides, legendary musicians usually perform on them. They help professional pianists make a spectacle for the crowd.

A casual musician might have more subtle reasons to own one. However, a piano aficionado will love having it.

Upright Pianos


The upright piano is one of the most popular types of pianos. Moreover, the unit fits well into any home or building. Also, the instrument is not petite, but it is smaller than the grand model.

You can conveniently place an upright piano against the wall. The instrument looks awesome in the room’s corner as well.

Furthermore, these types of pianos are not great for live performances. They don’t allow the masses to see the pianist and vise versa. Therefore, the performer would be only looking at the instrument or the wall.

The upright pianos can be found in schools as well at homes. In the United States, they are typically used in churches for worship services.

Speaking of differences in pianos, unlike the grand version, the upright piano features vertical action and strings. As a result, it works differently from its larger cousin.

People can play those two types of pianos in the same way, but the upright piano just feels different. Unlike the grand model, it provides a unique feeling. The difference between them might leave you quite shocked too.

Moreover, the upright pianos are available in different sizes as well as styles. Some stand quite tall, while others are very small.

This kind of piano is more reasonably priced than the grand version. However, it is still an expensive musical instrument. On most occasions, people prefer to purchase mid-sized upright pianos.

Types of Pianos for Kids

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Do you have kids? If yes, we suggest buying them a toy piano. The unit helps children unleash their inner musicians. Moreover, it may encourage your little superstars to take music courses one day.

Bear in mind that kids admire their parents greatly. If your children have seen you playing the piano, chances are they will do the same. This certainly can be a heartwarming sight.

These types of pianos have no room for legitimate playing. However, they give your kids lots of fun. Furthermore, this particular version will demo different fun songs. It allows children to sing a song while playing the piano.

The toy piano normally includes a tiny stool, so your kid can sit down comfortably and perform on it like an actual pianist. Additionally, the unit will let her or his imagination run free.

Many parents say that these toys make their kids love pianos. Also, children usually have a fascination with music.

Your kid is fond of the piano, but she or he isn’t old enough to take music lessons. If that’s the case, this toy can be a great solution. It lets him or her learns keys in a fun way.

Furthermore, this toy piano is very affordable. The item also won’t eat up a lot of space because it is not large. In addition, the unit will bring so much enjoyment into any room.

Unfortunately, toy piano is not durable because it mostly consists of plastic parts. The item will get damaged over years. Moreover, the unit’s durability depends greatly on how often and roughly your kid plays on it.

Digital Pianos


If you are into types of electric pianos, give this digital piano a chance. It does not only has an elegant look and a contemporary design but also can create a bold impression.

To many people, digital models are not considered real pianos. Nevertheless, they have their position in the world of piano.

Digital pianos function differently from the traditional versions. However, they can produce a similar sound. Some categorize them as keyboards. But in fact, the units duplicate the tones and feel of the acoustic ones.

Furthermore, these types of pianos have improved a lot in recent years. This digital piano is one of the high-quality electric musical instruments.

Some digital pianos boast weighted keys to make them feel like real things. Although the units differ from their acoustic counterparts, they are much more reasonably priced. No surprise, the items are an excellent choice for many.

These types of pianos encourage people to play the piano. They are more accessible than traditional models.

Even more manufacturers continue making highly functional electric pianos, so they can be passed down to the next generations. While the digital piano is such an amazing musical instrument to teach young individuals how to play.

Moreover, some electric pianos can be connected to smart devices such as computers and the iPad. This lets you access specific piano functions and manage the settings. The units are capable of recording music sessions too.

Studio Pianos


These types of pianos are pretty large. They normally measure between 43 inches and 47 inches. The units are also more commonly employed in music studios than people’s homes.

Moreover, some will incorporate studio pianos into their homes simply because they get used to these instruments. Also, professional pianists who feel comfortable with the vertical piano will choose this model.

Furthermore, these types of pianos are perfect for music composition. People play the studio piano when they are trying to create melodies or just playing around with their musical ideas.

Studio pianos are suitable for people who have musical talents. The instruments help them deal with their creative process. Moreover, if you plan on making your music at home, having one would be so beneficial.

Like other types of pianos, studio piano comes in digital and acoustic models. The former is much more reasonably priced. No surprise, many people prefer it to the latter.

Since digital studio pianos are quite affordable, they have become the most popular model. In addition, you’ll certainly be able to buy one either for your home or a musical studio without spending a fortune.

Types of Pianos Spinet


Spinet models become the smallest among upright pianos. They are suitable for people who live in tiny homes. Moreover, these provide access to musical instruments without taking up too much space.

These types of pianos are usually featured in apartments, condos, or other areas where space is at a premium. The smaller spinet piano is as impressive as other upright models.

Even though there are people who consider the spinet piano a toy, you need to know that it is an actual musical instrument. The item is not only adorable and complex but also can produce sophisticated music.

Whether you buy a spinet piano for your kid or yourself, it definitely will be useful. The instrument is more affordable than many other types of pianos, too. Most people certainly can afford this unit.

Additionally, the spinet pianos can be used for teaching your kids how to properly play the piano on the tiniest musical instrument. They also make beginners comfortable learning the notes and keys.

These types of pianos fit easily into any room due to their small sizes. They are a great option for people who want to play the piano right in the bedroom.

Moreover, the spinet model employs a keyboard that is about half of the adult piano’s size. Some are ideally designed for adults, while others are particularly used to teach children.

You can utilize a spinet piano as an instructional musical instrument without a problem. It will certainly be a fun and enjoyable learning experience for your kid.

Console Pianos


Console pianos belong to the category of upright models. They come in fairly large sizes. Moreover, the units provide ample enjoyment. You can place this type of piano in almost any room.

Furthermore, console pianos are available in digital and acoustic versions. Pick the model that you are comfortable with.

The console piano can create beautiful music. It will also make for a spectacular musical instrument for people to learn on.

Console pianos are not so intimidating. Beginners get accustomed to the instrument’s size easily. This piano is truly high-quality as well. That means it will come in handy once you have become a pianist.

Buying an electric console piano at an affordable price is possible. The digital versions are usually less costly than their acoustic counterparts.

The acoustic console pianos are more expensive for sure. However, you can opt for whichever fits your purposes. Meanwhile, the digital models are truly great at producing music.

Moreover, the console piano is surely going to look wonderful in any home. Besides, it will fit nicely in most people’s dens as well as living rooms.

Set your console piano up against the wall, so you can access it any time. This is such a convenient option for having an instrument in the home.

Parlor Grand Pianos


These types of pianos are typically between 7 feet and 7 foot 6 long. Moreover, they cannot fit easily into any space in people’s homes due to their large size.

As the name indicates, back then, the units were featured in parlors. Furthermore, parlor pianos are more popular among professional musicians. Sometimes, pianists use them as touring items for various musical acts.

The Parlor piano is one type of grand model, but currently, it is not a very common instrument to see.

Finding a perfect space for its units is difficult because they are sizeable. However, the items look undoubtedly stunning and elegant.

That is why, buying this fairly large grand piano is such a great idea. Just be sure you place the unit in your spacious music room. Thus, it will appear graceful and produce fantastic sound.

Baby Grand Pianos


Baby grand piano is one of the smallest types of pianos on the market. Since the unit is not large, it looks nice in any den or music room. You can accommodate the instrument without making yourself uncomfortable.

Fitting a bigger grand piano anywhere in the home seems impossible for most people. That’s the reason they choose this smaller version. The unit does not consume a lot of space.

Interestingly, some people purchase these types of pianos and simply use them as centerpieces. They even don’t have any basic music knowledge.

Moreover, baby grand pianos evoke a feeling of elegance and luxury. That’s why people would love owning the instruments in their beautiful homes.

Needless to say, baby grand pianos are expensive. As a result, not every piano enthusiast will have them.

These types of pianos are suitable for people who want to learn how to play the piano. Additionally, they will spice up any home.

Purchasing one is such a brilliant idea. It lets you play an amazing instrument at your property. The hefty price tag on the baby grand pianos might keep some people from buying them.

You can save yourself some money by purchasing an electric baby grand piano. The digital models are still gorgeous. They sound spectacular as well.

Shopping for an acoustic version isn’t an easy task. Remember that not every local music instrument shop has them. If you want to make a purchase, we recommend visiting a specialty retailer or two.

The electric baby grand pianos are currently a bit more popular. You’ll be able to find one more easily than the acoustic model.

If you are only learning how to properly play the piano, then opting for the digital model is an excellent choice. It is one of the most convenient types of pianos.

Concert Grand Piano


This instrument is the biggest grand piano you’ll see. These types of pianos are truly grandiose, they can vary in size, from 9 feet on up.

Furthermore, some concert grand pianos are incredibly humongous. They are usually around 10 foot-long. The most common ones measure about 9 feet in size.

Most often, people use concert grand pianos for live musical performances. As we stated before, professional musicians frequently take the units on a world music tour with them.

Moreover, these types of pianos are ideal for any stage performances because they have an impressive look. Additionally, they can produce superior sounds.

Unlike other grand piano types, concert models are specifically designed for very large venues. Seeing a professional musician touring with a majestic musical instrument is undoubtedly a sight to behold.

Medium Grand Pianos


These pianos are a bit more costly than the baby grand models because they come in a slightly bigger size. Furthermore, the units are available in a digital and acoustic version. While, the latter ranges from 5’6 to 6’6 long.

Most people find medium grand pianos slightly cumbersome for their homes. However, if you live in a large house, having one is definitely a great idea.

Moreover, professional musicians buy this kind of piano quite frequently. That way, they can practice the piano every day in their own homes. Unlike the concert model, it can fit into a music room.

These types of pianos are admired by many people. They do not only look magnificent but also allow musically talented individuals to make fantastic music.

You might not find these instruments in local music stores. They are much less prevalent than baby grand pianos. Even, the digital versions aren’t always available. We suggest going out of your way to buy one.

In short, the piano comes in various designs, sizes, styles, and shapes. We hope this guide makes you aware of different types of pianos. Choose the one that suits your purposes, budget, and personal preference.


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