24 Types of Marble and Everything You Need to Know

Aside from its luxurious look, many types of marble have a high quality to embellish in any building process.

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Moreover, its unique motifs and characteristics will spoil you. So, no wonder that this sort of rock has many fans around the world.

FAQs about Marble

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Everyone probably already knows and likes these types of marble rock.

However, in case you have no idea about the topic we are going to discuss, you can find some background knowledge from these frequently asked questions below.

What is Marble?

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Marble is a type of rock that is widely developed in building decoration, especially flooring.

The use of this stone is remarkable for many reasons, one of which is the beauty of the naturally-formed motifs. That is why people put a lot of interest in various types of marble on earth.

Because it comes from a natural material, the pattern cannot be uniform. However, this gives an exclusive impression to anyone who uses it.

Its heavy-duty quality but easy to carve also makes it thought as prestigious. So, no wonder marble usually has a high price.

Furthermore, most people believe that the term ‘marble’ comes from the word marmaron that in Greek refers to a type of crystal-like sparkling stone.

What is Marble Used for?

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Because of its high price, this material is widely known as a symbol of luxury, wealth, and affluence.

Above all, most types of marble are used in structural and building decoration processes. For example, the manufacture of walls, floors, countertops, stairs, etc.

Lately, it is also used to make furniture such as tables, chairs, and home decorations.

The reason why people adore marble is that among many precious stones from nature, most types of marble are easy to carve and can provide extraordinary beauty.

Moreover, you can find some of the advantages of using marble such as:

  • Having a variety of colors and motifs and may not be uniform. It will give an exclusive impression to its users.
  • Heat resistant. This property makes all types of marble suitable for use in bathrooms and as countertops in the kitchen.
  • It is not easy to scratch. Despite having a lustrous appearance, this material is very heavy-duty and not easily damaged. Hence many people use it in exterior design.
  • Marble can absorb carbon dioxide and heat. Using this material at home will keep the air cool.
  • Easy to clean and durable.

How Is Marble Formed?

Marble Rock: Geology, Properties, Uses


Marble is as a result of the metamorphosis of sedimentary carbonate rocks. Generally, the constituent materials are limestone and dolomite rock that undergo recrystallization.

During this process, various materials such as clay, sands, silt, and others are also mixed and form chemical reactions resulting in many unique motifs that cannot be the same.

Where is Marble Found?

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As mentioned earlier, marble is said to have been first popular in Greece. But after that, people also found it in various locations around the world.

The find location will usually determine the characters and properties of the types of marble.

Not without reason, each region will have different mineral content and natural conditions. These factors will determine the process and yield of the marble. The following are some of the best-known marble quarries:

  • Carrara, Italy
  • Mount Pentelicus, Greece
  • Vermont, United States
  • Turkey, to be precise in the orogenic belt of the Alpine Himalayas
  • Pinoso, Spain

The Main Types of Marble

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The number and types of marble on this earth reach tens or even hundreds as the unique processes of formation leads to difference. However, in general, these rocks are divided into the following main categories:

Carrara Marble

Round Carrara Marble Dining Table by Angelo Mangiarotti, 1970s | #117094


Carrara is among the most common types of marble tile we found most every time. It has a white base color with gray veining. The quarry locations are in Italy, but you can find these variants easily all over the world.

Due to its abundance, its use is well-known all over the world. Besides, the price is quite affordable compared to other kinds. Still, that didn’t make him look cheap at all. Carrara is one of the best materials for flooring and countertops.


What's the Difference Between Calacatta, Carrara, and Statuary Marble? A Remodeling 101 Guide


Statuary, Carrara, and Calacatta are types of marble that are physically similar. Broadly speaking, they have a white base color with almost the same veining.

However, there is one unique thing, namely, the back has a uniform color.

However, that uniqueness is not the main attraction of the marble statuary. This type is known for its very irregular veins that can make it seem dramatic. Generally, these variants have a broad and dark tone of light gray.

They are further divided into several subtypes, including Carrara-type, which has a white color, and Mossa-type, which lots of beige tone in all parts.

Both have a glossy appearance and are capable of reflecting shadows. Above all, statuaries are the best types of marble flooring.

Calacatta Marble

Calacatta Marble - Bathroom Cladding Direct


These types of marble are the most popular but also the most expensive ones. Physically, the shape is similar to Carrara. Both of them come from Italy and have a white base color.

The difference is that Calacatta has a dark and thick pattern. Its availability on earth is quite rare which makes it costly.

In general, these types of marble are still divided into several categories based on the pattern. They are Gold, Michelangelo, Borgini, Crestola Tedeschi, Oro, and Vagli.

Emperador Marble

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Emperado has a complicated characteristic design. Besides, its vein and pattern also tend to be random.

Generally, these types of marble have a brown or black color with a gray blend. Emperado is less popular because of the busy design, but it is widely used as countertops.


Stone Design - Marble - Breccia Caprice


Breccia is known for its light shades, ranging from white, mersh, beige, to light pink.

These types of marble also have unpredictable veining and patterning because they depend on the slab. However, the colors are usually consistent and easy to observe.

Another thing that attracts many people to use it is the warm nuance that emerges from the surface. Besides being suitable for flooring, it is also the best type of marble countertops you can choose.


Beige Limestone Similar To Marble Natural Surface For Bathroom.. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 137834026.


Using the term Limestone may be confusing as it may refer to a marble-forming material. However, many people refer to several types of marble with this title.

Moreover, limestone characteristics include having a beige or tan color that exudes a calm impression. Furthermore, this type has large pores as well as a matte touch.

Therefore, using it as countertops or bathroom flooring can be the right choice.


Is Marble The Right Material For Your Home? | Blog Post #10 | Metallic Epoxy Singapore


Other popular types of marble are Talathello. At the first glance, its color is similar to several variants, such as polished as well as honed.

Besides, with a gray or brownish color, they will be compatible with the concept of the structural design.

Because of its not slippery texture, you can use these types of marble on your bathrooms and kitchens floor. Some people also use it for exterior design. But it is not impossible to use it as indoor flooring ideas.

Polished Marble

Carrara Polished Marble 305x610 | Tile Giant


Polished marble has a perfect look for any corner of the home. Moreover, these types of marble have a glossy surface that gives a luxurious impression to anyone who looks at them.

Unfortunately, the texture is quite slippery so it is not suitable to apply in the kitchen or bathroom floor.

Honed Marble

Dartmouth Royal Honed Marble Tile


These types of marble are the opposite of the polished. Its appearance is more matte coupled with a texture that is not too slippery.

Therefore, honed marble is perfect for use in the kitchen or outdoor area.

Honed also has larger pores. As a result, this feature makes it less slippery. But for this type, you need to do maintenance every year so that it doesn’t look dull and dirty.


Eagle-SA | volakas


These classic types of marble are quite popular in their home country, Greece. The base color is white coupled with a gray or blue hue on the surface.

Furthermore, Volakas are best suited for indoor use, especially for bathrooms. Besides, many people use it as a basic material for making sculptures.

Milan Gray

Milan Gray Chevron l Honed Marble Tile | Grey bathroom tiles, Big baths, Round mirror bathroom


From the name, we know that these types of marble originate from Milan, Italy. Its physical characteristics are having a dark gray base color coupled with linear veins.

This variant usually has a matte appearance that is not too glossy but still looks clear. We can also find these marble in Turkey.


Florence Knoll Travertine Marble Coffee Table with Aluminum Base - SURFING COWBOYS


As mentioned above, the marble forming process sometimes involves foreign materials that take part in the formation of the pattern.

However, several types of marble have a clean appearance without veins. One of them is travertine.

Moreover, this variant generally has a neutral or beige color. Travertine is a marble that has a porous surface so it looks matte over glossy.

However, its clean appearance, veinless, and uniformity make people fall for it. Although, its price is quite costly.

Blue Marble

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if you’re looking tone other than gray or white, then you can choose these blue marbles. As you can see, this variant has several levels of color. For example, deep blue, light blue, and gray.

Blue marble itself has a similar appearance to the Azul Cielo type. Likewise, its basic color and veins are in the same look.

In addition, these blue marbles will be very suitable for beachside houses or buildings.

Green Marble

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Green marble can also be an option to enhance your home design. With attractive natural colors, you can combine them with various building concepts and present beautiful nuances in some angles.

In general, there are several subtypes, that is:

  • Verde Oasis: These are types of marble quarried in Greece. The base color is dark green serpentinite, coupled with light gray and white veins.
  • Subtype Verde Indio: These are popular marble types in India. Moreover, people also call it Verde Guatemala or Oasis Green.
  • Verde Tropical: The general characteristic of this type is the basic green color coupled with dark veins.

Yellow Marble

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The yellow color is believed to give a warm feel as well as a happy atmosphere in the room.

Therefore, using the yellow types of marble can also be a smart option. Besides, these out of the box variants are divided into Spanish Gold and Amarillo Triana.

Furthermore, the Spanish gold is a variant that has a yellow base color and is decorated with red veins on the surface.

Meanwhile, Amarillo Triana is known to have a beautiful appearance with random streaks throughout. Both types of marble are perfect for indoor applications.

Pink Marble

Cracked Pink Marble Wallpaper Mural | Murals Wallpaper


You can even build a romantic feel in the house with pink types of marble. This color is known to radiate positivity as well as warmth. Most importantly, people use this variant to beautify the inside of their house.

Moreover, there are three categories of pink marble. First, the Rosa Portuguese that is generally has a streak of an orange or gray color. Uniquely, some of its types don’t have any vein at all.

Next, there are rosa zarci and rosa levante that also have shades of pink as their dominant color. But the zarci generally have veins that appear opaque, while levante is identical to the splotches of fossil predominate.

Furthermore, these marbles categories are interesting and in great demand.

Crema Marble

Crema Marfil Select Polished 18"x18" Marble Tile - BigAppleMarble.com


At first glance, you will find it hard to distinguish Crema Marfil from limestone. Both are still in one category and have a porous as well as a matte surface texture.

As the name suggests, these types of marble have a warm crème base color.

This type is very suitable for the bathroom because it is not too slippery.

However, try not to get too much water on the surface to maintain its appearance. You can also make it as countertops.

Brown Marble

Rain Forest Brown Standard Gangsaw Size Marble Slab 30mm | Ostabay


Another interesting color to try is brown. These types of marble are sought after for their ability to blend with any concept, especially rustic.

Moreover, this tone contains a peaceful and calming nuance that makes anyone feel at home.

Furthermore, brown marble consists of two variants. One of them is known as dark emperador with its deeper color, while the others are known as light emperador that looks brighter.

However, both similarly display nuances of beauty in their luxury.

Red Marble

Classic Red Marble Wallpaper Mural | Murals Wallpaper


Among the many types of marble, the red one is the most interesting. Apart from its beautiful physical appearance, this variant also has many advantages. Here are some of the subtypes you’ll need to know:

  • Rojo Alicante: Many people adore them because of their rich as well as unique color. Besides, there are several color combinations on the surface that make it look attractive.
  • The Rojo Coralito: Its color is generally brighter than Alicante. In addition, it has shades and white streaks in several locations.
  • Rojo Levante: This red marble comes from Murcia, Spain, with a toga tone on one surface. Apart from red, this type also has a white streak.
  • The Rojo Bilbao: The red tone comes from coral and shellfish fragments that being put in the making process. Generally, this type has lighter red color.

White Marble

Polar white marble effect matt wall and floor tile 600mm x 600mm | VictoriaPlum.com


Among the many types of marble, white is the most commonly used in many houses as well as buildings.

Moreover, most mines produce a rock with this color so you won’t have a hard time finding them. Besides, this variant is much preferable for its elegant feel.

Black Marble

Black Marble Wallpaper Mural | Murals Wallpaper


If you want a bold look on your floor, then black marble is the right choice. These types of marble are likable because of their unique character coupled with a dark base color.

Even so, you can still enjoy the beauty of its patterns on the surface.

This black-type can match all parts of the house, including flooring, walls, and so on. However, most people prefer to make them part of the countertops because they won’t look dirty.


Arabescato Corchia Marble Kitchen | Kitchen marble, Marble kitchen island, White modern kitchen


One more variant that has a white base color is arabescato. These types of marble originate in Italy and generally have a black or dark brown veining design.

It looks quite similar to Calacatta as well as Carrara. Therefore, only experts can recognize it.

In addition, this type is quite common and easy to find anywhere. In the other words, it will not cost you as much as buying Calacatta.

Furthermore, Arabescato has several subtypes, including arni, faniello, and mossa.


Bardiglio Nuvolato Marble slab sold by Milestone Marble | Size: 117 x 70 x 3/4 inches | Marble slab, Stone slab, Stone tiles


In general, this variant has a brown and sometimes gray color. These types of marble are further dividing into several subtypes based on tone and vein, including bardiglio imperiale chiaro, nuvolato, bluette, and scuro.

Mineral-based Marbles

Marble Rock: Geology, Properties, Uses


Most of these precious stones are known by their color, pattern, and vein. But apart from the types above, marble can also be classified based on the mineral composition in it.

So far, there are three variants namely calcite, dolomite, and magnesium. Each type is divide based on the main housing in it.

However, other mineral substances can also involve in the formation process. For example, talc, forsterite, etc. Those extra substances will determine their color, character, as well as appearance.

To conclude, you may find types of marble that are different from each other that has an irresistible beauty and quality. Choosing it as part of the house is a prestigious act that needs serious consideration.

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