Different Types of Forks You Need to Know

If you are planning on throwing a formal dinner party, it would be great to learn about various types of forks. Those eating utensils will let your guests enjoyably eat their multi-course meal.

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People didn’t make use of fork straight away. When Theodora Anna Doukaina, the Byzantine emperor’s daughter gave Domenico Selvo gold forks, this created a scandal. Venetians thought that it insulted God because men already have fingers.

However, in the sixteenth century, Italy and Spain were the first countries that used forks as essential eating utensils. One century later, France did the same thing.

Here, you are going to discover different kinds of forks. They will round out any formally set dining table. Let’s check these out!

Salad Fork


Salad forks have become one of the most popular types of forks these days. Many people use them to eat any food. However, they are specifically designed for eating all sorts of salads.

Moreover, the salad fork is typically slightly longer than the regular eating utensil. It also features a nice cutting edge that allows you to cut vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, and spinach.

This kind of fork is meant to work together with a special spoon. They both enable you to mix your delicious salad and pour the dressing over the dish before enjoying it.

People who regularly eat salad will certainly benefit from owning these types of forks in their culinary spaces. Besides table fork, they are often found on formally set dining tables.

Furthermore, these items are usually mistaken for dinner forks. Compared to them, the salad ones are a bit shorter.

Even if you don’t care about formal dining etiquette, these types of forks can be utilized for many different purposes. The pieces will look excellent on your table too.

Furthermore, if you focus on a fine dining setting, knowing some cool facts about these forks is a must. When meals begin with a salad, they should be put to the plate’s far left side.

If the party host serves salad after the main dish, then she or he should place this utensil just to the plate’s left side, ahead of the dinner fork.

Dessert Fork


As the name indicates, these types of forks are used to eat desserts like pies, pastries, and cakes. They are normally smaller than the table and fruit ones. Most formal dining tables use them for the last course.

Furthermore, you will adore having dessert forks around in your cooking area. Keep in mind that no formal dining set is complete without them.

If you truly like following the practices of fine dining etiquette, then purchasing a few dessert fork sets is very reasonable. Sometimes, people also call these pastry forks.

People can use the terms interchangeably because they serve the same purpose. Additionally, pastry desserts are usually eaten with this kind of fork.

These types of forks are very popular as well. Buying them in a silverware set is possible. Moreover, they become a crucial part of the cafe, restaurant, and hotel cutlery series.

If you plan to shop for classic dessert forks, then don’t purchase them in a set. We recommend buying the pieces in a standalone pack. These items are not only easy to find, but also work spectacularly for different dessert-eating necessities.

Carving Fork


People who don’t get used to formal dining may think that purchasing a carving fork is a bit uncommon. As the name suggests, this utensil will let your guests carve meat slices easily.

Many people use any kind of fork to hold the roasted meat steady while they are cutting it with a special knife. Furthermore, the carving fork is particularly made for this purpose. The utensil does the job pretty well too.

It’s advisable to have these types of forks in your kitchen for special occasions. Undoubtedly, the tools will help guests carve roasts without any problem. They speed up the meat carving and offer a firm grip on large vegetables as well.

Although the carving fork is not deemed imperative, it can be useful. If you are looking to find the item, we suggest purchasing one specifically. Sometimes, these types of forks come with a knife set. However, this is uncommon.

Searching for a carving fork individually is a safe bet. You do not only get a good quality product but also will enjoy using it.

Table Fork


Everyone certainly has table forks in her or his culinary space. They are one of the most basic eating utensils. Additionally, the pieces are ideal for various food choices such as meat entrées, salad, pasta, and dessert.

Some people generally mistake these for dinner forks. You may also think that they are the same utensils. However, this is only true in certain cases.

Furthermore, this item is also known as a standard fork. These utensils are available in different sizes, so sometimes they fall somewhere between salad and dinner forks.

People use this kind of fork daily. Moreover, the unit won’t be seen in a formal dining setting, but it’s commonly found in many kitchens. You can also purchase these types of forks in silverware sets.

These are generic yet excellent forks that serve different purposes. They will work quite nicely as well. Since the pieces are truly useful, having them is a must.

Moreover, you can buy table forks that have a lovely appearance. There are also fancy options on the market. Without a doubt, they will jazz up your dining table.

Oyster Fork


People may not eat oysters all the time. However, this oyster fork is such a crucial eating utensil when they do. In addition, it is specifically crafted to make eating seafood more enjoyable.

These types of forks are perfect for eating almost any kind of seafood. Their tines help you crack open the shells with ease.

Unlike other types of forks, it is put to the plate’s right side during a formal dining experience. People will certainly like owning a quality oyster fork when they are eating seafood.

You can use this kind of fork to eat oysters, lobster, shrimp, and other shellfish. Furthermore, people who love seafood dishes will adore owning several oyster forks. The items are ideal for enjoying a tasty meal. They look great as well.

Normally, you will have to purchase this type of fork in a single box. It is not an eating utensil that is often available in a bundle with other kinds of silverware.

Moreover, an oyster fork is considered a specialty eating utensil these days. Besides, it is not as common as other many other types of forks. However, the item does the job excellently.



This item is really interesting as it is certainly not a regular fork. It combines two eating utensils into one handy tool.

Moreover, this spork allows you to scoop up your food. Meanwhile, the prongs can be used to stab things. Many people like placing down sporks on their dining tables. However, some find those pieces unrefined.

Regardless of your opinions on these types of forks, they can be convenient in certain situations. With a spork, you don’t need to use several eating utensils during the meal.

Spork is certainly not a tool that is intended for formal dining experiences. However, people find it quite useful in modern days. If you like eating with this dual-purpose utensil, we recommend buying some.

Finding sporks in every kind of silverware bundle at the store seems impossible. They are common but you’ll need to particularly search for them in all probability.

You can also find disposable sporks on the market, so put those into consideration too. Moreover, people prefer to buy a good quality stainless steel or wooden spork set.

Dinner Fork


You can use dinner forks to enjoy the main dish. Furthermore, they are longer than the ones for eating salad earlier.

These kinds of forks typically boast four tines that have the same length. Moreover, this fork is used to eat the entrées like grilled chicken or beef stroganoff.

It is probably the largest fork in the people’s silverware drawers. Furthermore, there are bigger specialized forks. However, they wouldn’t normally be arranged with regular dinnerware.

You’ll certainly see this kind of fork in most silverware bundles. Since they are easy to find, we strongly suggest having some.

The dinner forks come in various styles. That means there are many options to select from. Some of them have ornate details. They will look great during a formal dining setting as well.

Moreover, others appear more quaint. They’ll serve as eating utensils. Additionally, you can use them for daily purposes. Finding dinner forks is not a hard job. Just seek out the silverware that truly steals your heart.

Fruit Fork


If you love eating fresh fruits, consider buying these types of forks. They are more popular in Europe than in the U.S. At the formal affairs, people use them to pick up melons, apples, strawberries, grapes, and other slices of fruit.

Furthermore, you can utilize this fork for spearing smaller fruit pieces or cutting larger ones. These types of forks make eating fruits easier.

If people are served a big plate of fruits, then they should turn to this fork. However, not everyone uses it nowadays. Although these utensils are really useful, they prefer to utilize standard table forks instead of the specialized ones.

Using a knife and generic fork for eating fruits might seem funny in formal dining experiences. There are many cool models. That’s why you should buy fruit forks. Make sure they’ll look amazing on your dining table.

Types of Forks That Can Extend


These types of forks certainly won’t go over nicely during formal dining experiences. They are novelty items that people have made. Moreover, the pieces also act as dinner conversation starters.

Furthermore, this utensil features a long extendable shaft that lets it reach further than the regular fork would. Additionally, the item allows you to steal things off of your guests’ plates.

There is an extra-long extendable fork. This eating utensil can extend 2 feet in length. It is definitely excellent for when your sister won’t pass you the roasts or your mom will not share her cake.

If you have a great sense of humor, it’s really fun owning an extendable fork. This silverware piece is not only funny but also can gather people’s reactions. That’s why it is worth buying.

You certainly won’t eat with the extendable fork regularly. However, this unit could garner a few laughs. In addition, the utensil will put a smile on someone’s face. When the situation needs a little humor, just bring it out.

Spaghetti Fork


For some people, spaghetti fork is just a novelty eating utensil. However, others make use of it. These types of forks are designed to help you eat sorts of pasta noodles.

Moreover, this utensil has three or more tines. They generally boast tiny ridges that enable the pasta to twirl around the fork’s edges more easily. With it, you can eat your pasta noodles such as linguine, fettuccine, and spaghetti enjoyably.

If you love eating pasta regularly, then this spaghetti fork is worth a buy. These types of forks are not deemed necessary for every kitchen. People usually purchase these units when they find them useful.

You can surely eat linguine or spaghetti with a regular dinner fork. Nevertheless, we suggest owning one at your disposal.

Bear in mind that spaghetti fork is less popular than other types of forks. You may not find it easily at local retail stores. That’s the reason for buying the item online is probably the best option.

Not everyone appreciates this kind of fork. However, people who like eating spaghetti will certainly have a great time with it.

Cocktail Fork


When it comes to cutlery and eating utensils list, people can’t forget the cocktail fork. These types of forks are particularly made to hold garnishes like cherries, olives, and carrot sticks.

People who love cocktail drinks normally have this fork with 2 prongs. It allows them to handle different garnishes easily. The utensil will look excellent as well.

Some people utilize cocktail forks to eat seafood. For certain, they are quite good at stabbing shellfish.

Currently, the items are more commonly used for eating sorts of seafood than for holding cocktail garnishes. Furthermore, they normally are not available in most silverware bundles.

Moreover, people who have home bars usually purchase these types of forks. That way, they can make fancy drinks. Also, the pieces will complete the drinking experience.

Disposable Fork


There are many disposable forks to choose from. Most of them are made of plastic. Moreover, people usually discard those pieces after a single-use.

Many people currently do not use disposable plastic forks because they give a negative impact on the environment. That’s why companies have produced biodegradable silverware options.

The biodegradable disposable forks offer a sense of convenience without making people feel guilty. They will be useful when you throw a big party. Just hand them out and your guests can eat easily.

After eating their dishes, your guests can simply throw these types of forks in the bins. You don’t need to wash them too.

Not only are disposable biodegradable forks eco-friendly and convenient, but also make your life much easier. In addition, they are ideal for outdoor gatherings. It is truly worthwhile to have some around for certain situations.

Toasting Fork


You can use a toasting fork to hold meat steady over a flame. Moreover, people utilize this tool for cooking steak over a fire. These types of forks mostly feature two tines. However, some of them have three.

Since this toasting fork has a long handle, your hands won’t get very close to the fire. It makes sure that you are safe when cooking near a flame. The tool is not difficult to wield as well.

If you are looking to cook meat on your fire pit, then toasting fork is a must-have item. With this tool, people can know whether their meats are fully cooked or not.

The toasting forks are not hard to find. You’ll be able to buy them anywhere. Many options on the market have wooden handles.

Granny Fork


These types of forks are certainly not very popular these days. You may not see them in a local retail setting. However, they’re useful on special occasions.

Granny forks normally serve as multifunction tools. They can be used to stir and toss your pasta. Moreover, the items help you drain and pierce it. Although these things can be done with a regular fork but this unit makes preparing pasta easier.

We recommend buying granny forks online. The most popular style has three tines. Some feature two and others have five. Choose the model that appeals to you.

Whether you want to host a formal party or not, having different types of forks will certainly come in handy. They create an enjoyable dining experience and give your dining setting some personality.