Different Types of Fireplaces

Kitchens may be the heart of a home but they are not always practical. Why take up precious space with dishes and utensils when there is an entire area dedicated to cooking? A fireplace, on the other hand, can serve as a gathering place while also adding value to your property.

Sitting by a warm fire at the end of a long day is so nice. Nothing makes you feel more cozy and relaxed than sitting near an open flame with your family – especially when it’s cold outside! Making s’mores over this type of warmth is also something that both adults and children enjoy, because there are many variations on how to make them; we’ve included some easy recipes below for everyone from novice cooks to gourmet chefs alike.

There are three main types of fireplace which will dictate what style best suits your home or outdoor space: gas burning, wood-burning, electric (or none).

However if it seems too overwhelming figuring out which style is best for you then don’t worry because we’ve laid out some quick guides on what styles of firesides exist as well as additional features that will help make this decision easier in one easy read below!

Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces


The benefits of an electric fireplace are many. They don’t release any fumes into your home and there is no need for maintenance because it is not actually burning anything to produce heat, so you can leave the cozy feeling in all year round!

Electric fireplaces are the perfect solution for those looking to bring a touch of warmth and comfort into their home. Electric fireplaces can be customized not only in size, but also with regards to design! With so many designs available from which you may choose, your choice will truly reflect your individual style preferences.

Electric fires provide an easy way for homeowners who want both beauty and convenience without compromising safety or budget concerns: they’re affordable; safe because there is no open flame or ember use; quick installation process that doesn’t require any changing of wiring plugs on walls (or other complicated tasks); comes pre-assembled–just plug it in!

Gas Fireplaces

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Gas fireplaces can be an excellent choice for those who live in a colder geographic location. Why? They produce similar warmth to their wood counterparts but without the mess! Gas logs and gas inserts are both available options within this category, but there is one key difference between them: you have control over how hot it gets with the log option while only being able to adjust temperature if you choose the insert version.

Gas Log Fireplaces

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Grab your favorite chair and cuddle up next to a gas log. Gas logs offer the same ambiance of an actual wood fire, but without all that pesky mess! These high-quality replicas are shaped like any kind of wood you’re looking for from oak or driftwood – no chopping required! Not only do they produce zero dust or soot (so clean-up is easy), but there’s also far less effort involved than lugging heavy bundles over into place by yourself.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

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Gas inserts are the more efficient and cleaner alternative to a regular fireplace. They’re also less expensive because they don’t require extra construction costs or time compared to wood fireplaces, which only last as long as your supply of logs lasts. Gas inserts can be installed in any existing space such that it’s made for you out-of-the box!

Wood Fireplace

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The warmth, ambiance and natural beauty of a wood-burning fireplace can’t be replicated. With new home heating systems becoming increasingly popular, it may seem obsolete to consider having one in your own home; however this is not the case! A traditional wooden hearth brings so much more than heat into an average household: with its cozy atmosphere and soft glow you’ll feel like all your troubles melt away as they carry you back to simpler times when life was simple but good.

With all of the benefits that come with a wood fireplace, it is no wonder why they have been used for centuries. They are an affordable and reliable way to heat up your home while also providing light during power outages. Plus you can cook on them if need be!

Fireplace Mantels

Newport Fireplace Mantel Surround


Mantels are more than just a way to keep smoke from filling the room. They represent an opportunity for homeowners and designers alike to add some flare in their design by crafting elaborate designs that go beyond functional purposes. From traditional, linear mantel styles with plenty of storage space below or nontraditional options like coffee tables complete with shelving, there is no limit when it comes to what you can do!

Fireplace Surrounds

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The surround of a fireplace is the outer part of the wall that surrounds an opening into which firewood can be placed. These walls are usually made up brick or durable stone, such as limestone, granite and marble. Nowadays people choose to make their own from various materials depending on personal preference and overall room aesthetics!

Outdoor Fireplaces


Outdoor fireplaces are a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors during winter. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but many people prefer outdoor models for their low price point and voluminous firesides that can vary from gas or wood-burning options depending on your preferences.

A chimney cap is an important aspect of any outdoor fireplace. Without a protective barrier, the fire’s sparks may cause an unwanted blaze to start on a windy day! Outdoor fires are also made more vulnerable by environmental factors such as weather and climate change which can wear away at their durability over time.

Decorative Chimney Tops

chimney rain pain


The chimney is the gateway that allows fire to exit your fireplace and it’s there for a reason. Depending on what type of material you prefer, masonry or prefabricated, different types of tops will be available. Masonry top options include brickwork, blocks/stone work etc., whereas with factory-built chimneys we also have metal as an option such as stainless steel or aluminum; these are typically more durable than other materials in terms of preventing rusting and they’re easier to clean up after too!

From the tall ribbed shroud to a masonry one, or even what’s on top of your roof – you’ll be able to find something that will make your home stand out from all others.

A fireplace is a focal point for your home, and whether you live in a traditional or modern-style house, it can be an essential element to the look of your living space. If there’s one thing that people should think about before installing their new hearthstone into their floorspace, it’s being picky with what type they choose! Yes – fireplaces are common features on older homes but not so much nowadays as more modern technology has made them less necessary than they were back then. For this reason alone we have all the freedom when picking out our perfect match which means choosing wisely will ensure maximum use from its beauty and comfort without going overboard on cost too!

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