21 Different Types of Dressers and Chest of Drawers

Speaking of designing a home, many people often overlook when choosing the types of dressers. Even more, they think that it is just a utilitarian furniture piece.

But in fact, the unit can become a focal point. That is why you should take a look at various types of dressers below.

Furthermore, this article will help narrow your options down, so you can pick the right model.

Below, we have some collection of dressers that cost under $200. There are also great alternatives to them and repurposed ones.

We begin with design because this is the most crucial feature of the dresser.

Moreover, it informs the overall appearance, function, and shape. Generally, people consider that factor before making a purchase.

After that, you must take a look at different dresser materials. Finally, we sort out various styles.

Consequently, these aspects determine precisely how a new furniture unit may suit your lifestyle and home. So, let’s check out our beautiful gallery!

The Definition of Dresser


Technically, the dresser is typically a short as well as a wide furniture unit with multiple drawers. Normally, it also has two or more columns.

The chest of drawers is also used to stash clothing and other things. However, this furniture piece is commonly tall and narrow.

But nowadays, people use those two terms interchangeably. Therefore, our collection explains various dresser options incorporating both.

Dresser Ideas and Types


When shopping for a dresser, people consider the design first. Because it will provide a clear starting point.

Moreover, it is the most defining aspect and leads to style and material considerations.

Here, we categorize dressers by price, style, design, size, and also material. Likewise, this buying guide includes dresser photos.

Standard Vertical Chest


Also called tallboy, this unit is certainly much taller than the regular dresser. Furthermore, it usually has a double pile of drawers that forms a column-shaped furniture.

But sometimes, the cupboard replaces the vertical chest’s top half. Moreover, this can turn the unit into an armoire dresser.

Standard Horizontal Dresser


This standard dresser is greatly inspired by the chest as one of the oldest furniture units.

Furthermore, these types of dressers have a squat profile and a horizontal orientation. Moreover, they typically boast two drawer columns.

Combo Dresser


As the name indicates, this is a mix of two major furniture elements.

These types of dressers mostly consist of a tall cabinet coupled with a standard horizontal dresser. Moreover, it can provide more storage choices in just a single unit.

Gentleman’s Chest


As you see, this chest is a combination of a large cabinet door that has a vertical orientation coupled with a drawer column.

In addition, the unit offers ample space to store pants, suits, and ties.

Semainier / Lingerie Chest


Also commonly known as the semainier, this furniture piece normally boasts seven narrow and deep drawers.

They also provide plenty of space for lingeries and other delicate clothing. Since the unit is tall and long, it fits well in a small room.

Bachelor’s Chest


These types of dressers are more minimalist than others. Additionally, bachelor’s chest usually has a single drawer column in a squat profile and narrow frame.

But traditionally, the bachelor’s chest features a slanted writing surface. However, most models feature horizontal surfaces these days.



Although these types of dressers are much less popular than their wood counterparts. However, they come in various designs.

Consequently, from completely metal options to hybrid models, the material offers a more lightweight frame.

Types of Dressers Made from Wood


Most of the dressers are made from wood. Beyond just tradition, the material is not only reliable but also very versatile. That is why you can get a selection of configurations and options with it.

Furthermore, this venerable building material has experienced different design permutations in the long history of the dresser.

Besides, from rustic to mid century modern to minimalist styles, you can find wood in a variety of dresser designs.



These types of dressers commonly have wood frameworks. Some units feature an entirely leather surface which offers a rich, textural appearance.

This example comes in brown leather upholstery and boasts contemporary drawer pulls.



Rattan, also known as wicker is a kind of woven building material. Furthermore, it can be made from plastic or natural fibers.

Wicker is not only sturdy and lightweight, but also can resist stains as well as moisture.

Moreover, these types of dressers are commonly found in cottages. Sometimes, they include wood drawers.



Contemporary dresser has an appearance that is of the moment. The furniture piece contains up-to-date touches as well as styling. They might not come from previous era.

Furthermore, contemporary style furniture doesn’t have pre-established stylish tics. In addition, an array of various details can capture this look.



Are you looking for types of antique dressers? If yes, give this traditional style dresser a chance. It boasts an enduring, detailed look.

These types of dressers have carved wood structures and clean lines. They also boast general shape and a bit of ornamentation.



This style is undoubtedly the epitome of outdated, unrefined furniture. The unit itself does not only have a timeworn appearance, but also weathered tones and textures.

These types of dressers typically will use soft metal hardware as well as distressed wood. Moreover, their framing is normally utilitarian.



Without a doubt, cottage style creates a peaceful, warm, and cozy country living atmosphere.

Additionally, it employs light tones and carved wood. The furniture piece itself offers a lived-in look.



Distressed is popular furniture style among the DIYers. The dresser is intentionally made to appear worn and aged, lending an antique look to it.

Of course, you actually can purchase timeworn-looking chest of drawers and dressers. Above is a great example of the dresser nicely done in a distressed style.



Modern style is a specific design strain coming from the twentieth century. Furthermore, it features futuristic and straight lines in original configurations.

Here, we show you the dresser on the utmost end of futuristic. However, it still fits the concept of forward visual language in a cleverly packaged design.

Small Dresser Ideas


You definitely do not want a compact dresser that can’t accommodate anything. Remember, it is a storage furniture unit.

Here, we show types of dressers at different prices including the ones that cost less than $200.

Furthermore, there are vertical, combo, and horizontal models on the market.

Below is our gallery of some amazing small dressers. We guarantee there must be one design that wins your heart.

Delta Children Universal Six-Drawer Dresser


Are you searching for types of dressers for a kid’s bedroom? If yes, give this dresser a go. It features a stylish, appealing curved design around its edges.

Without a doubt, this dresser will shine in any room because it combines modern drawer design with a classic touch. Additionally, there are six slide-out drawers.

The manufacturer uses a combination of solid woods and wood composites. They also did meticulous testing to make sure that the dresser is toxic-free and meets ASTM standards.

This dresser is 20.75 inches (52.7 centimeters) deep. It has drawers with the depth of 19.5″.

The item also measures in at 34.75-inch high and 48.5 inches wide. Furthermore, the unit weighs 49.44 kilograms (109 pounds).

When the dresser is empty, it’s easy to transport. Moreover, the unit boasts outward curved design at the feet’s bottom.

This isn’t only stylish but also keeps the item from tipping forward. You can feel peaceful placing it in a kid’s room.

Storkcraft Kenton Six-Drawer Universal Double Dresser


This dresser comes in 6 colors ranging from black to cherry and white. It should pair with any room decor. The unit has a simple design.

Moreover, the upper drawers have an upward curve. It makes the unit stand out as well as gives the furniture a sense of class.

In total, the dresser comes with 6 drawers. They hold accessories and delicate things.

The unit is 50″ long, 32.4″ tall, and 18″ deep. Furthermore, the dresser is quite heavy since it weighs over 55.79 kilograms (123 pounds).

This is probably because of the steel and hardwood combination.

Storkcraft uses this combination for a reason. It doesn’t only add to the dresser’s weight but also enhances the unit’s sturdiness.

You can put heavy pieces like mirror on its top. The drawers themselves slide out smoothly on tracks.

Rock Brook Natural Maple Six-Drawer Dresser by South Shore


This dresser is not made using natural maple. The item is actually built from engineered wood. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have wasted space.

Moreover, this unit is larger than other small dressers. It’s 32″ high and 52″ wide.

The dresser also employs 6 drawers with a depth of 16″. Each of them features a stylish metal handle.

These types of dressers stand out because the drawer gliders have a lifetime warranty. The manufacture and parts feature a 5-year warranty too.

This is an excellent example of dresser with mirror. However, you must pay more to have it.

Graco Brooklyn Three-Drawer Dresser Chest


Finally, we talk about small vertical dressers. This classic 3-drawer chest will look amazing when paired with other wooden units.

These types of dressers are available in five shades including black, white, and espresso.

Moreover, this dresser is made from pine and composite wood. The drawers feature safety stops and steel sliders too.

mDesign Fabric Vertical Dresser


This compact 4-drawer dresser is both sleek and trendy. It serves nicely as a corner unit or a standalone furniture piece.

The drawers are made out of reinforced fabric. Each drawer boasts an upholstered outer lining that helps protect overenthusiastic children’s heads.

These types of dressers are certainly one of the most compact options. The tiny plastic feet make the unit portable.

Dakota Pass Four-Drawer Chest


There are types of dressers that offer a contemporary flair. This 4-drawer chest is one of them.

It looks great in almost any bedrooms. Each drawer has two tiny knobs and a wooden strip.

This dresser is fairly easy to transport. The legs are sturdy too.

Moreover, the unit is built from engineered wood. It also comes in char pine shade. Unfortunately, the drawers will stick over time.

Glendora Natural Wood Three-Drawer Dresser


This dresser is constructed from stained solid wood. It has metal lining around the edges too. Despite of its small size, the unit can steal the show.

The large legs support this dresser. Moreover, the acacia wood accompanies the black iron frame nicely. In addition, the unit employs three drawers with chunky handles.

South Shore Two-Drawer Combo Dresser


When it comes to types of dressers, you can’t forget this white vertical combo dresser. The item features two shelves, a couple of drawers, and a compact wardrobe.

Furthermore, this dresser weighs 109 pounds and measures in at 48.75 inches tall. It is quite simple to assemble too.

Zipcode Three-Drawer Combo Dresser


Talking about types of dressers, put this dresser into consideration. It comes in cherry red and white. The unit also includes a small cupboard and three drawers.

This manufactured wood dresser should be dragged by two people. Additionally, it carries ASTM and PEFC certifications.

South Shore Vito Five-Drawer Chest


This small furniture is more expensive than previous types of dressers. It boasts a large cupboard containing four shelves and five drawers with tiny metal knobs.

These types of dressers are available in various colors. In addition, this dresser comes with coat hangers on the cupboard door. Its top can house a 50 inches TV too.

Large Dresser Ideas


These types of dressers are a perfect addition to large bedrooms. Moreover, you can buy either a double or combo dresser.

Emerald Home Synchrony Dresser


This large double dresser measures in at 56″ wide. It provides ample room to stash away towels, clothes, and personal items.

Moreover, this furniture is such a nice complement to a kid’s bedroom. Since the unit has eight drawers, it lets children share storage.

Tapered legs prevent the dresser from looking visually heavy. They give it some architectural interest as well.

Barra Six-Drawer Double Dresser


Do you love classic types of dressers? If yes, we suggest buying this Barra dresser. It comes with six oversized drawers and round knobs.

This dresser fits well in both adult and kid bedrooms. The large top itself can showcase potted plant and knickknacks.

Harbor View Dresser



Searching for types of dressers with doors? If so, you should purchase this dresser. It includes four drawers and two cabinets.

Furthermore, this engineered wood dresser has a salt oak finish. The attractive feet prevent it from becoming boring.

Buford Combo Dresser


This casual combo dresser measures in at 65 inch-wide. Without a doubt, it steals the spotlight instantly.

The drawers operate nicely on metal tracks. Moreover, the interior shelf can be used to store books and perfume.

Imagio Home Oakhurst Dresser


There are different types of dressers. Meanwhile, this large horizontal dresser is one of them. It also offers ample storage space, thanks to the 12 drawers.

Moreover, this dresser is made entirely from oak. In addition, it boasts an optional mirror. The item itself can be mounted on the wall.

Home Styles Bermuda Dresser


This large white dresser evokes an airy ambience and a light feeling. The six oversized drawers can house clothes.

Even though the dresser has a farmhouse style, it’ll look excellent in any room. The unit complements sheer curtains too.

Progressive Furniture 5-Drawer Dresser


This dark dresser is not only gorgeous but also sturdy. It is constructed from pine as well. Furthermore, the unit stands at 56 inch-tall.

The item can accommodate your clothes, without dominating the room. Additionally, the small feet prevent it from looking too heavy.

Vito Chocolate Dresser


The picture above is a large vertical dresser. It is functional and appealing. That unit features 5 drawer with round knobs.

Moreover, the item is kid-friendly, thanks to its tipover restraint.

Mattalyn Gentleman’s Chest


Any man will certainly admire the cool hardware, drawers’ size, and strong lines of this furniture.

Additionally, it comes completely assembled and lends the bedroom a rustic vibe.

Pulaski Gentleman’s Chest


This model has a detailed hardware, rich finish, and lots of storage. In addition, it comes with warp-resistant drawers.

The upper drawers can accommodate watches as well as personal items. Moreover, tapered feet give the unit a visual interest.

Inexpensive Dresser


People who have small kids usually buy cheap dressers. Moreover, they think that there is no reason to spend a fortune on a dresser.

Generally, the inexpensive ones cost less than $200.

Mid-range Dresser


The mid-priced dressers typically cost between $200 to $1000. In this price range, certainly you have many good choices for all kinds of designs, materials, and sizes.

High-end Dresser


Some people choose to go high-end. That is why they’re willing to pay good money for luxury items.

Additionally, the dressers that cost over $1000 are belong to a high-end class. Moreover, there is a huge difference between a $8500 price tag as well as $1400.

But some people argue that $1300 is in the mid-range. However, it’s still debatable.

Hopefully, you find our comprehensive guide to different types of dressers helpful.

In shorts, you can buy these types of dressers from online stores or local furniture shops. Certainly, the choice is completely in your hands.

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