17 Types of Desks for Various Uses

For those of you who need a space for work, you may wanna take a look at these types of desks.

There are countless ideas for this furniture. On this page, you will get the ultimate buying guide to search for the best.

Desks are so functional for office workers. They can accommodate their needs while doing the work. Different types of desks are ready in stores.

Therefore, you might confuse in choosing the one that fits the most in your space and with the styles.

On this page, you’ll explore many types of desks to help in choosing the needed furniture easily without a doubt.

The information as well as the description will be pretty specific to match the needs of your home or office.

The Importance of Desks

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This piece of furniture is considered as the best one for work and play, home, and the office, of course.

It can be a great centerpiece to any space inside a building. You can use it to do a job, hobby, schoolwork, or any other activities.

In buying desks, the options are actually limitless. There are tons of designs depending on how the designers want it to be.

However, there are some common and popular structures and concepts to pick.

The construction of the desk comes in a white variety of categories. You can opt from the traditional one to the sophisticated one. Whether it’s bold or minimalist, make sure it fits the necessity.

In this article, we divide the types of desks into three parts according to the designs, materials, and finishes. Let’s explore.

Main Types

There are so many categories that define these types of furniture. You have to decide what’s the thing you want for your space. Remember, the category can really define the room where it’s in.

1. Writing Desk

C:\download peserta\grey-wash-walker-edison-furniture-company-writing-desks-hd8032-64_1000.jpg


It’s an ordinary desk that supports your writing process. The storage is minimal but it’s got a desktop which is quite large.

This open desk design is perfect for taking place along a wall or in the center of the home office.

The desktop area is more ideal for working with a laptop than a big chunky computer. The conservative style of a this furniture piece works well in any kind of space elegantly.

Find out what types of writing desks that fit your personal taste.

2. Computer Desk

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The writing desk doesn’t have enough space for a computer. That’s why you need this one. It’s such perfect furniture in a modern home office setting. The practicality and utility are designed for office works.

There will be plenty of expanse for a monitor and a computer tower. Moreover, you will still have enough storage to keep the accessories, peripherals, and cables to connect all of them.

A computer desk is surely built for simplicity and efficiency. But compared to the writing desk, it’s larger and better for some reason.

There is also a space for hardware components added. The two great elements of a computer desk are a tray for the keyboard and the CPU machine area.

However, many people no longer need large types of desktop computers nowadays. That’s because there are smaller options, like laptops and tablets, that will save more space in a room.

Even though they don’t need such a big machine, the desk is still doing great in the market.

3. Executive Desk

C:\download peserta\caa8063557aa96891cd838ca1a2dbe4e.jpg


You can call this the king of the home office. It comes with so many drawer storages and surface area with its massive footprint.

Mostly, the executive desk is made of wood since it gives a sense of elegance to the office.

The timeless appeal and a sense of luxury come from those carved wood specimens. This kind of traditional desk comes in various styles and shapes including:

  • L-shape Desk
  • U-shape desk
  • Rectangle desk
  • Massive desk systems

4. Credenza Desk

C:\download peserta\cm-dk6208h_cd.jpg


The combination of a desk and a cupboard-packed credenza create an awesome piece of furniture.

Moreover, the function is pretty flexible so you don’t have to place it in an office. It’s a great desk for the living and dining room.

In addition, there’s an open cabinet to display some collectibles, decor items, photographs, and etc.

The size of this furniture is quite large and spends a lot of space on the wall. Also, you can only have 50% space for the desktop.

This multifunctional desks could make a great focal point in any room. Display some of your personal decorations in order to make the area even more special.

5. Corner Desk

Bush Series A 48" Corner Desk SRA035


With this desk, there will be no left-out corner inside the house. Instead of having an awkward houseplant right in the corner space, fill them with more functional furniture like this one.

It’s gonna be a convenient solution to the space problem of your interior. In such a small area, this furniture provides more desktop space.

There’s also extra legroom for a more comfortable workspace.

Additionally, this L-shape desk looks like two tables attached together right into the corner.

As an alternative, you can aim to have a more compact one that’s friendly to your minimalist style. So, it won’t waste a lot of space visually.

6. Secretary Desk

C:\download peserta\3456.jpg


This desk is a heavy piece of ornate furniture that was designed for people who wanted a fancy desk yet lacked the room for the bigger one.

It’s one of the types of desks antique. It will surely bring up the elegance of the space.

These types of secretary desks contain a lot of drawers as storage for accessories and supplies such as paper, stamps, and many other little things.

According to the appearances and the functions, this furniture is old-school.

7. Floating Desk or Wall-Mounted Desks

C:\download peserta\1588622504-724226_p.jpg


This is the desk you want if you have a very limited floor space inside the room. Because it’s mounted to the wall, it doesn’t need any leg.

So, there is no space on the floor taken. You may add such a functional piece of furniture without being worried over taking up some areas.

If you like everything to be minimalist visually, leave the desktop floating just like that. You can make it as your writing table with the laptops and all the stationary.

However, if you feel like it needs to display some decorations and add storage, you can choose to mount some shelving systems or cubbies.

Dorms and bedrooms are just a perfect place to work with floating stuff like this one.

8. Roll-Top Desk

C:\download peserta\Best-Roll-Top-Desks.jpg


Judging by its designs, you can easily tell that it is an antique piece of furniture. Some great quality of roll-top desks is available in some flea stores.

Well, you don’t have to get the old one, you can make a purchase of a new one as well.

The system of the desk allows you to keep away the cluttered desktop from sight. So, there’s no need to neatly arrange the desktop area.

With the roll-down hood, the surface of the desk will secure what’s inside.

Types of Roll-Top desks are also packed with a lot of furniture space, those cubbies look so functional.

There are three configurations dealing with this furniture. They are drawers on the left, right, or both sides.

9. Standing Desk

C:\download peserta\Varidesk-ProPlus-36-Person.jpg


This furniture is also called as adjustable height desks. That’s right, you can set this desk to the desired height.

You can attain a convenient state depending on how tall your body is. Just as the name suggests, it’s a desk to use by standing, instead of taking a seat.

According to research, sitting for extended periods of time is not healthy. That’s become the main reason why standing desks become so popular.

People would look for the health benefits they will get after the consumption.

There are three foremost types of standing desks. The first one is an accessory that gives you an option whether you want to stand up or not at your current desk.

The second type is the desk that has a method that enables you to construct and lower the desktop. Lastly, is the static standing desk that has a firm position.

Desktop Material

The desktop is the part of this furniture where you will make a contact. It’s also where the whole thing happens.

Moreover, the design and material seem to be the one that determines most how it looks and feels when you’re using it.

10. Wood

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This one will make the most traditional desk, Whether the structure is using other types of materials, wood is a great recommendation to have in many desks.

It’s a perfect desktop for both all-wood and metal frames. You can find the types of wood desks that will upgrade space.

11. Glass

C:\download peserta\denize-glass-computer-desk.jpg


For a bold modern touch, you can have glass surfaces on top of your desk. When you pair it with metal or wooden frames, this material will expand visual space.

Adding glass on top of furniture will also lighten the whole thing.

Most of the glass surfaces come in a form of additional parts. So, it’s gonna be removable for maintenance, cleaning, or moving purposes.

This desktop material is also available in many various shapes and configurations.

2. Metal

C:\download peserta\71aDKmaXkWL._SL1000_68c01a88-9832-40b2-860b-30a436c9a116_1024x1024.jpg


This kind of desktop material is a great and durable one for the furniture. Whether it has a classic wooden construction, the metal top would also make a good impact. Besides, it can resist stains and scuffs.

Then, every time you touch it, it would still be free and cold. The desk with a metal top is a great modern addition to a more traditional wood desk.

13. Laminate

Built my first desktop computer in 13 years. Custom desk made from laminate countertop. : battlestations


It’s a nice surface overlay that does not only beautify the desk design but also protect it. It’s quite protective of the wood-constructed office furniture. Usually, the coating is made of quality plastic of some sort.

Even though it’s plastic, the quality is strong and durable enough to keep the stain and warping resistant away from the desk. Functionality, adaptability, and safety are the special things about the laminate surface.

The Wood Desk Finishes

Unlike any other materials of construction, wood is very flexible to work with anyone and furniture.

It’s also the most common one, you can pick whether you think the natural, grey, white, and black could fit the desk styles.

14. Natural

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Having a natural wood tone finishes will be a great choice to deliver a classic look. This most common finish for desk conveys timelessness.

That’s probably the main reason why this treatment has remained popular lately

15. White

C:\download peserta\OC1001-2.jpg


This pure color becomes a great finish to a table. White has gained in popularity currently. It can make a bright and sparkling tone to any room.

It’s such a great white focal point would definitely open up any space inside the room.

16. Black

C:\download peserta\twigs--l-shaped-desk-with-side-storage-twigs--l-shaped-desk-with-side-storage-didejd.jpg


Compared to the white one, a black finish has a more modern style. The black color could give a more stately, serious look. A lot of metal frame desks have black-colored finishes.

17. Gray

An Old-School Desk Gets A Whole New Look - Suburble


Gray wood finishes offer a calm look at the furniture. That neutral tone is perfect to be incorporated in a modern edge.

It’s such a bright option to have for a desk. It stays in the middle of black and natural finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

There might be some people who don’t understand enough bout choose the best desk for their home office.

Here are some explanations and answers to the frequently asked questions.

Can Desks be Recycled?

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It would be a pretty challenging job to do. That’s because there’s a lack of materials inside of a majority of desks.

The best material to recycle is plastic. So, if the desks have such structure and desktop and you don’t use it anymore, then it’s ready for recycling.

Can You Sell Used Desks?

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Yes, you can. Actually, loads of places that sell this stuff. It’s also available online on the auction problem such as eBay. You can also find it on Amazon that comes from independent sellers or stores.

People buy used desks in order to save the budget in the renovation of an office. That’s because they are typically much more affordable than the brand new ones.

It’s such a perfect piece of furniture for the household.

However, there will be some minor deterioration compared to the brand new one. In a lot of cases, the condition of the desks is considered as “Like New”.

Can You Paint The Desks?

C:\download peserta\Chalk-Painted-Desk-24.jpg


Of course, you can paint the furniture in the color you want. In addition, there are numerous diverse methods of how to paint the desks.

But you will need some extraordinary efforts of primming and sanding to successfully express a high-quality coat of paint.

Two of the most common types of paints for desks are oil-based paints and other specialized ones.

These pieces of furniture are somewhat easier to apply a coat of paint. Although. It’s still gonna be a time-consuming process since it can be complicated and tedious too.

What are the Common Materials for Desks?

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The carpenter uses various materials to build a desk. It depends on the style of the space where you place the furniture.

However, the most common materials to make desks are wood, metal, and plastic.

Depending on the purpose of the table, the amount of the materials can vary. Specifically, the more common types of wood used in this piece of furniture are Oakwood.

Besides, people also use maple and cherry wood to build one.

What Are the Shapes of Desks That Are Mostly Used?

C:\download peserta\longow-computer-desk-small-shapes-givdo-home-ideas-going-to-printable-coloring-and-bench-plans.jpg


In households and schools, the desks are commonly designed in a rectangular shape with four legs. Most types of desks are also having a similar construction or concept.

In some cases, some furniture has a very specific design, such as circle, oval, L-shape, and many others.

You may find some office desk has a U shape. It increases the effectiveness of the working flow. The conditions of the workspace also become more convenient and well-organized.

The L or U shape on desks is more popular in the office workspace rather than the household or school.

Can Desks be Repaired?

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Some problems would occur when having office desks. Typically, you should consider fixing them.

Try finding a service that can fix your furnishings for a generous amount. Even though it might be challenging, but you may be lucky to find one.

Well, if you think you know what you’re doing, it’s better to repair it on your own.

Above all, uneven legs is on common case you’ll find. Usually, you have to completely redone molding them to regain the needed strength.

In some cases, you have to completely change the structure with a new desk frame. It would cost a lot more money compared with other minor problems.

What’s the Standard Dimension of Desks?

C:\download peserta\BUNHRP006B70359_2_Supersize.jpg


Most desks have about 30 inches of height. They also range between 48 to 72 inches for the width and 24 to 36 inches for the depth.

All of those measurements are the most common one which is used in many models.

People can change the size of the desk that depends on the purpose of the space.

For instance, the types of desk in school classroom desk tends to be smaller than the one for the office. That’s because of what’s the goal of that piece of furniture.


There are so many types of desks. Therefore, their materials, design, and dimensions should be based on the purpose of the furniture itself. So, did you find the one for your space?