Various Types of Clamps to Support Your Project Expertly

You may notice that loads of different types of clamps available for various projects. But how to determine which item suits your project? Therefore, we gain some clamps along with its function below.

In the world of woodworking, it’s essential to keep boards and stocks steady in the process of cutting, gluing, and nailing. That is why people need clamps.

Clamps are very helpful to secure workpieces to give joining as well as cutting accurately. In addition, they are adaptable to work with metal in construction, welding, and others.

For particular projects, you should pick the one that has the features you need.

These helpful items are not expensive since it gives good help to your project. Check out the types of clamps list below then, see which one you need.

The Types of Clamps

G or C Clamp

C:\download peserta\39129.970.jpg

This clamp is the one that you often see in the woodworking project. It’s also very versatile.

G or C clamps are so common. They are used to hold a piece to a table and also for clamping two pieces of a project together.

Moreover, the jaw openings can go from one inch to around eight inches. Besides, you can find this item in any hardware store easily. In addition, it will fit most of your project.

Likewise, the clamp features a swivel head in the screw section which allows it to hold onto an irregular surface. That is why G or C clamp is known as the toolmaker’s clamp.

Generally, these items are essential in the work of metalwork. Since the jaw is quite adjustable, it’s a great piece to repair furniture. The all-steel material makes the clamps very hardy as well as long-lasting.

Sash Clamp

C:\download peserta\71EghJZjNLL.jpg

This is the piece that is used in large projects like making doors, cabinets, tabletops, or sash windows. Usually, people are using more than one clamps at a time to make sure the grip is strong enough for the project.

Moreover, this clamp comes with a long flat bar that is so heavy. As a result, its weight shows how sturdy this item is gonna be.

There’s also a fixed jaw attached to the bar that you can adjust by using the screw. In addition, it features a sliding jaw that adds flexibility to the clamp.

You can move the sliding jaw along the length of the clamp. After that, lock it into the position of your desire to hold things in place. It will make sure everything is secured.

So, if you’re looking for a piece that clamps large projects and glue them together tightly, the Sash clamp will come in handy.

Pipe Clamp

C:\download peserta\oatey-pipe-hangers-33584-64_1000.jpg

This piece is also known as the gluing clamp. The system is quite similar to the previous one, a sash clamp. However, it’s not in a form of a flat bar. These clamps are round shaft. The clamp length depends on how long the pipe is.

If the clamp is not long enough, there’s an option to lengthen them. Just add more tubes to the clamp. That’s the reason these types of clamps very versatile and easy to use. Don’t worry, it’s not gonna be expensive and hard to make them longer.

The adjustable jaw of the clamp will move easily to the exact position you want. If you’re a DIYer, these types of pipe clamps will be a great purchase to support your project.

Spring Clamp

C:\download peserta\8409fe01f02d8b768873eb340a852b9a.jpg

There are some things you can do with these clamps. They are extremely popular in a bunch of projects.

People use it to clamp not only woodworking projects together but also hold onto wire for beading and jewelry works.

Spring Clamp has PVC-covered handles for a comfortable grip. There are also some removable PVC covers on the tops of the clamps. Those would make sure your projects are going smoothly and safely.

Bear in mind about the tension spring. It would cause the clamps harder to open. However, that’s a great thing for the joined items. The clamps would hold them tightly.

Bench Clamp

C:\download peserta\a3bca5ae7f35224aa0d15f6f0cdba0c5.jpg

As the name implies, these woodworking types of clamps are made to hold things onto a bench. The fixed jaws of the clamps depend on the furniture itself. The system makes it fit automatically to any furniture it attaches to.

The woodworkers use the bench clamp to make furniture or do any carpentry and welding. There are a variety of styles available. You can choose to have one according to your project needs. The price is not gonna be expensive, don’t worry.

Web Clamp

C:\download peserta\30078383.jpg

It’s a useful clamp that people use in the process of making frames. It comes with nylon bands that will wrap around the item that you are currently working on.

They will make everything is done securely and gently. It also features a ratchet to tighten them.

The clamps will hold the object just right, while the nylon will prevent damages on the frame.

With this clamp, the corner gripping pieces are not so essential anymore. With or without them, the project will still run smoothly. So, all the pressure will be in a good balance.

Bench Vise

C:\download peserta\bessey-vises-bc-df6sb-64_1000.jpg

Even though sharing the same name as the bench clamp, these pieces are different types of clamps. Moreover, they have a parallel and a fixed jaw. Both of the systems are easy to adjust using a screw.

There are portable bench vises on the store. With those items, the project would become easier because you can screw and clamp them onto a workbench. You will become more flexible in moving to a different spot while working.

Mitre Clamp

90 Degree Right Angle Clamp Mitre Clamps Corner Clamp Picture Holder Woodwork With Light Weight Integrated Aluminum Rule|Clamps| - AliExpress

This is a clamp that will hold two items together at the right ends. Both of them should be having the mitered ends. That is why they make mitre clamps for.

But, it’s quite easy to use. If it’s a piece of cake for you, check out the other designs with more complex systems. There are some of those clamps on the market.

Moreover, they come with firm figures and adjustable clamps. When you understand how to handle it, the project would become so quick and easy.

Quick Action Clamp

C:\download peserta\MB06537.jpg

This clamp is called quick and action. People can even operate it single hand. It’s such a strong and powerful piece but so effortless to work with.

Additionally, the brand had released a lighter version of this clamp. People can even operate it with only a finger.


C:\download peserta\038548103693_07713581.jpg

This a clamp that will grip an item quickly using one hand. In addition, it comes with an adjustable pressure.

What you must consider is the jaws. They don’t close squarely to each other.

That’s why you should use these clamps to work with the thinner materials. A quick grip is not for thicker pieces.

Power Clamp

C:\download peserta\FLIR_CM83_600A_True_RMS_AC-DC_Power_Clamp_Main_View.jpg,g_center/w_1024,h_768,c_lpad/assets/1/26/FLIR_CM83_600A_True_RMS_AC-DC_Power_Clamp_Main_View.jpg

The best thing about this clamp is its power. Moreover, you can hold anything with a lot of power and force. Since it’s electric, people would operate it easily. It only needs a single swift movement.

The design is compact and light. The power clamp is also easy to use. However, they offer an incredibly strong grip to deal with your project materials.

Trigger Clamp

C:\download peserta\dewalt-clamps-dwht83139-64_1000.jpg

For the adjustment, these clamps have a trigger. You will deal with the jaws and head to get the precise length. Operate it with only one hand, the project will run effectively and more efficiently, of course.

The strength and versatility are why many workers use it. What makes it interesting is the fact that you can use it inside the home and the garden too. It’s not only designed for workshops.

Drill Press Clamp

POWERTEC 71034 11" Drill Press Clamp - -

These clamps come with features for a specific use. If you’re working with a drill press table, this is the piece to have. It has an ideal design that allows users to make a very clean and accurate cut when working with machinery.

Adjusting the clamp’s tension and releasing it is so easy. Everything is effortless working with these types of clamps. Also, it’s very safe and precise to use with the drill press.

Screw Clamp

C:\download peserta\bessey-clamps-lhs10-64_1000.jpg

This one is quite the same as a power clamp. These pieces feature great strength and stability which are exactly what you need for your works.

Compared to the power clamp, it operates differently. You’re not gonna be dealing with electricity this time because it uses a thread and handles. Just screw them in and out. The system that it has to offer is a speeding-up process. Well, it’s slower than the electric one.

Speed Clamp

Jual 100mm 4 Inch F Bar Clamps Rapid Ratchet Quick Release Speed Clamp - Kota Bandung - Bandung Experts | Tokopedia

Speaking of speed, this long metal bar offers such a specialty. The adjustable head has several serrations to hold it in place. When it goes tightly against an item.

The serrations will lock and keep the sliding head secure as you clamps down the clamp head. There’s no chance for the head to slip while you do the work.

Bar, F, or Sliding Clamp

C:\download peserta\52LA97_AS01.jpg$zmmain$

The sliding clamp comes in a lot of measurement variance. Typically, the size is quite long so you can work on larger items. Don’t worry about stability. The bar has a flat surface which makes it easy to put the items on it.

Then, you can continue to use the head to slide up and hold the items tightly. You can buy loads of styles and variations in stores. However, it’s always safe to go with the basics for a starter.

Cardellini Clamp

C:\download peserta\1562869405_1482689.jpg

These types of clamps have jaws to attach onto the tubing. Its design considerably flexible. You can work with the round, square, even rectangular tubing. Cardellini would have no problem with it.

Commonly, people also use it to grip equipment, clamp flat items, and mount lights for the theater. If you don’t want the surface to be damaged a bit, don’t make it too tight. It could happen because of the design.

So, when using Cardellini Clamp, you have to be careful in adjusting and tightening the piece.

Flooring Clamp

C:\download peserta\40P195_AS01.jpg$zmmain$

This clamp is specially designed for the floor installation. It’s very helpful to hold groover and tongue boards in place to nail them down securely. So, there won’t be any movement that might disturb the process.

It can go with thicker boards. Flooring clamp can even reach up to 10 boards at once. You can’t work with only one piece because it must in association with the others.

Gripe Clamp

C:\download peserta\hd-quick-grip-clamp-043018.jpg

It has a very simple system that’s perfect for building a clinker boat. When the strake is being attached and fitted, the clamps hold it.

That’s to ensure that it won’t slip. The single purpose that it has, makes Grip Clamps hard to find in common stores.

Kant-Twist Clamp

C:\download peserta\23N366_AS01.jpg$zmmain$

This multipurpose clamp is like a combination of both C and parallel clamps. Kant-Twist clamps offer you the benefits of both products. You can adjust it to the surface easily. The free-floating jaws make it possible.

Surely, the clamp won’t shift from the center when it has the pressure. Everyone can use it easily and the movement is a lot.

Toggle Clamp

These types of clamps have a handle for control. It also features a bar to hold the piece of your works. There are also levers and pins to increase the force.

The objects will behold tightly and they won’t move when there’s inward pressure. Besides woodworking, a carpenter can use the clamps for milling, metalworking, and drilling.

Pinch Dog Clamp

1-1/2" - Pinch Dog - Clamps -

It’s a smaller version of a clamp worked by pulling the joint together. Carpenter uses these pieces to straddle the joints.

The pinch dog will hold the objects in a position to dry them after getting the glue. The shape is quite similar to a stable.

Clip Hangers

The Hanger Store 10 Laminated 'Scandi' Wooden Trouser Clip Hangers, with Rubber Protected Adjustable Clips: Kitchen & Home

Instead of draping or folding clothes over the rod, you can clip them to the hanger with these types of clamps. These small and common items operate will very little force. By using a few fingers, you can open and close it.

That’s because of the small size and people use clip hangers for light works such as clipping the bag of chips, clothes, papers, and others.

Step Clam

C:\download peserta\S007416176-1.jpg

It’s considered as one of the metal types of clamps. To be able to use the step clamps, you need the step blocks. They both need to work together. So, you can do the project with metal and machining parts or milling.

Picture Frame Clamp

Frame Clamp Kit - Angle Clamps -

This one offers a system that can hold four mitered pieces of material together to make a picture frame. All the edges are all neatly fit and held in place by using the clamp.

It’s like the upper level of a mitered clamp. The most popular ones are the one that has a central screw. It will be so helpful to adjust the piece and the object for the frame.

Wire Rope Clamp

C:\download peserta\018980ac9431379fc923142503dabfc0.jpg

It gets even smaller in this part of this article. As you can see, this small item is a wire rope clamp. Therefore, people use it to fix a loose end of a wire rope loop to do the trick. The wire will rope itself with this clamp.

People also call it clips. It’s specifically designed to deal with wire. That kind of clamps tends to be difficult to find in common stores. Sometimes, it needs a special order to get the size you want for your project.

Marmon Clamp

4.21" Marmon V-Band Turbine Outlet Clamp for BW S200 and S300 - AGP Turbo×1280/products/446/1500/s2s3vbandclamp__12880.1489468939.jpg?c=2

These band clamps are very strong. You can easily clamp together two cylinders at once in no time. These ring pieces come in various sizes and strengths. Pick the ones according to the need of your project.

Besides clamping them together quickly, disconnecting the two items are also easy. So, the Marmon clamp could be an ideal item for operations like in the flexible aircraft fuel lines.

Hose Clamp Koehler Enterprises KE10BX 10 Piece Hose Clamp Box (Size SAE 10),silver: Automotive

While having a similar look and purpose to the previous ones, these clamps have so many varieties of types and styles. It won’t give the pressure as hard as the Marman pieces. People use hose clamps throughout the house.

Types of Clamps for Medical Use

Stealth Surgical Clamps, Applied Medical - A3205

There are some clamps used in a medical facility to support during operations and other processes. Here are some of them:

– Mogen and Gomco Clamps

It’s the one Doctors use generally for circumcision.

– Foerster Clamp

A quite common tools for surgery. It’s also called the sponge stick.

– Pennington Clamp

This one is also called as Duval clamp. It comes with a triangular eyelet that Doctors commonly use during intestinal and rectal surgeries.

– Hemostatic Clamp

This clam has many common names such as hemostat, arterial forceps, and pean. It’s to control bleeding during surgery.


Some other types of clamps are quite uncommon. Those you’ve read in this article are commonly found on the market. Above all, every clamp is different. Hence, certainly, select the most proper clamp to assist your project.


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