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11 Types of Chrysanthemum and How to Care for Them

Seeing the variety of shapes and colors, many people maybe start to be curious about how many types of chrysanthemums exist across this planet. Yet, it is not surprising.

Because every time you step through this flower garden, you will see a different variant even though it has the same name.

The many types of chrysanthemums are one of the attractions that make this flower popular all over the world.

Even though it is not a species with the largest number, we can use each of its variants to be something amazing. That is what you will find in this article.

Besides discussing the interesting side of the chrysanthemum, we will also dissect the various common types that we usually encounter. Don’t forget, you can also get amazing tips here.

What is Chrysanthemum?

Chrysanthemum, Shungiku Edible – Snake River Seed Cooperative

The chrysanthemum belongs to the family of Asteraceae. Because of its beauty, they are designated as the national flower in Japan.

In other countries, this plant has become a favorite as the decorative plant of gardens and rooms.

Almost all types of chrysanthemums have a fragrant aroma that many people love. It is what makes some countries, such as Japan; make it a mixture of herbal teas.

Also, based on research, this flower does comprise matters that are great for health.

Aside from the benefits, each color and type of these flowers also have a deep philosophy. Therefore, you can’t just give it as a gift. The following are some chrysanthemum meanings based on public belief.

  • Red chrysanthemum: Symbol of love
  • Yellow chrysanthemum: Sorrow, sadness, broken heart, and the neglected love
  • White chrysanthemum: Loyalty, unconditional love
  • Chrysanthemum in Europe: Sympathy
  • The Chrysanthemum in America: Respect and honor
  • Chrysanthemum in Asia: Symbol of life and rebirth.

However, it all depends on the beliefs and traditions of each region. In general, most people see all types of chrysanthemum as beautiful flowers that provide comfort to anyone who sees them.

The Common Types of Chrysanthemums

Reducing sulphur in greenhouse chrysanthemum - Greenhouse Canada

In this world, there are dozens of types of chrysanthemums that have been recognized based on their physical characteristics.

Still, countless of their species are uncommon. In general, the following are the variants we find most often:

Single blooms

Chrysanthemum Billy Bell from Woolmans

These types of chrysanthemums have a pretty appearance with white petals coupled with light yellow color in the center.

These variants usually have only one flower per cluster, although some are more. The plants are quite dense and can reach 2-3 feet in height.

Quilled Blooms

Chrysanthemums Facts To Get You In the Mood for Fall | Better Homes & Gardens

People recognize the quilled-bloom types of chrysanthemum by the shape of their crowns so small that they look like spiky heads.

Some people also call it similar to a spoon. This type of flower is very suitable to be cultivated using disbudding.

Spider blooms

Wholesale Pink Spider Mums | Bulk Pink Spider Mum×1280/products/1943/3698/Pirouette__81127.1520464171.jpg?c=2

There are some reasons behind these types of chrysanthemum name. When viewed, the petals look thin, long, and grow in all directions.

At first glance, we will see it like a spider’s leg. Additionally, this variant is quite popular because of its uniqueness.

The variants of Spider blooms are widely-used in decoration and florist things. Some of its types are Cremon, Evening Glow, Anastasia, and some others.

Anemone Chrysanthemum

Class 8 – First Light – Best Anemone grown by Kathryn Andersen photo by Todd Brethauer | National Chrysanthemum Society, USA

The anemones are identified through a central disk with petals around it. Most people cultivate it by disbudding and can reach up to 4 inches in height.

Some examples of chrysanthemum of this type include Daybreak, Angel, Mansetta Sunset, and others.


Yellow Pompon Chrysanthemum | Wallpaper Tadka

These types of chrysanthemums are known to be unique because of their roundness around the center disk.

Its shape is beautiful as well as circular that makes a lot of people like it. Hence, many gardeners try to grow it at their home.

These flowers are sometimes small in size, so they are called button mums. Some of the variants included in it are Small Wonder, Yoko Ono, Moonbeam, and others.

Decorative Blooms

Types of Mums | HGTV

The distinctive feature of the decorative blooms is the petals covering the disks. Some of the variants have similarities with sunflowers, but not all of them.

In addition, there are a few variants of these types of chrysanthemum such as Honeyglow, Indian summer, and Tobago.

Reflex and Incurve Blooms


The Reflex and Incurve blooms are one type of chrysanthemum that we quite encounter.

As the name suggests, the petals curl irregularly inward and downward, making them look inconsistent. Generally, this flower has a large head.

Because of the uniqueness, many people like this flower as a part of the decoration. The colors and variants are indeed more numerous than the other types of chrysanthemums.

Some examples are Goldfield, Joyce Fountain, Bob Dear, and many more.

Reflex Mums

How To Grow Chrysanthemums

These are types of chrysanthemum in which the petals grow overlapping downwardly. The blooms are round in shape and measure about 4-5 inches.

Red and dark orange are some color variations from this type of flower.

Brush or Thistle Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Archives - Plant Talk×1051.jpg

Some types of chrysanthemum have thin, long, sparse visible petals. One of them is the variants of brush, or we also called it thistle. It is tubular, flat, and at first, glance looks like a brush.

Most of these species have a small size because the tree itself grows no more than 2 inches. However, this flower has a strong aroma. Hence, it is widely used as the ingredients of the perfume.

Spoon Mums

Blooms of the Spoon Mum Chrysanthemum Redwing - DLifeJourney

The term ‘spoon’ refers to the shape of the petals’ tip. These types of chrysanthemum are look similar to the semi-double one with the visible and round center disk.

Some variants we know are Happy face, Kimie, and Starlet.

Cushion Mums

Cushion Mums | Chrysanthemum, Plants, Daisy

These types of chrysanthemum are known to have a bushy appearance, growing so low they reach the ground.

However, they produce many flowers of medium size. Some of the variants we usually encounter include Ruby Mound and Valor.

Chrysanthemum Morifolium

Yellow chrysanthemum | lat. Chrysanthemum morifolium | Elvis L. | Flickr

Its plant height can reach 12-35 inches, with a thick and leathery texture.

Furthermore, this is a perennial type of chrysanthemum that is considered the oldest variant in China. This particular plant also considers one of the most potent medicinal ingredients.

Some people even though this flower can make life longer and younger.

Miscellaneous Types of Chrysanthemum

Lone Star | Small natural garden ideas, Lone star, Chrysanthemum

Aside from the groups above, some chrysanthemums do not belong to any type. Generally, they have different physical characteristics, and there are no other variants that have in common.

One that we know is that the Lone Star has a trough height of a little 6 inches.

Unclassified Types of Chrysanthemum

yellow viking chrysanthemum – Weddings By Bakanas

Apart from the unclassified types of chrysanthemum, we also recognize several variants without official classification. Some of them are Daisy mum, Focus, Yellow Zizzle, Orange Viking, and many more.

Besides the common types of chrysanthemum above, maybe you know some other variants. It is because this flower is quite diverse and often makes many people confused to distinguish it.

How to Plant and Care for Them?

Chrysanthemum Growing Tips - How to Grow Mums | Apartment Therapy,q_auto:eco,c_fill,g_auto,w_1500,ar_4:3/stock%2FStocksy_txp4aa09d68kxe200_Medium_1365645

You can plant chrysanthemum flowers in the garden or pots. With the right technique, they will grow into beautiful and lush plants.

However, there are special techniques so that they flower quickly and do not die easily. Take a look at the following explanation:

What You Need to Prepare

Kings Mums, LLC - Ordering Information

Before starting all the steps, first prepare the tools and materials you need.

To make this discussion easy to understand, especially for early gardeners, we will try to use a pot as a place to plant the chrysanthemum.

Here is all that is needed:

  • Seeds. You can choose one or more types of chrysanthemum based on the references in the previous section.
  • Medium-sized pot
  • Growing media. It can be soil mixed with coir or coconut powder, peat, and husk charcoal
  • Water
  • Fertilizer

Chrysanthemum Planting Stages

Get truckin': Which flowers to deadhead - The Boston Globe

After reading the reviews above, of course, you can determine which types of chrysanthemum are best. Don’t forget to choose quality seeds. The following are the steps for planting it:

  • Put the planting medium into the prepared pots. Organize them in such a way that the plant can fit precisely.
  • Plant the seeds by placing them in the middle of the pot. In one place, you can put only 5-6 of them. Then, put them in a pattern.
  • After that, water the seeds with enough water. Moreover, add fertilizer if necessary.

Watering the Chrysanthemum

Burgon & Ball - RHS Chrysanthemum Indoor Watering Can - YaYa21

All types of chrysanthemum are very fond of food intake to grow well in various media. However, don’t overdo it when watering.

Just give water in the morning at the roots and stems. Avoid the leaves so that the plant does not die quickly.

The watering process can be manually or by a sprayer. But if you use tools, make sure to be extra careful and avoid it get on the leaves.

Applying the Fertilizer

How to Plant Chrysanthemums - Best Time to Plant Mums

You can apply fertilizers in various ways. You can mix it with water during the watering process or give it directly to the roots and stems.

Do it at least once a week, and try to use organic fertilizer for the best result.

Tips for Lighting

Chrysanthemum illuminations worth the look | Japan Update

Mistakes in lighting can make the planting process fail. For these types of flowers, you don’t need to put them in direct sunlight for long periods. Putting it in the shade or greenhouse is a better option.

Besides that, you also have to avoid it from artificial light. At night, it is better to leave it in a dark room than to provide light. Thus, growth will also be more perfect.

Chrysanthemum Planting Techniques

How to Plant and Grow Chrysanthemums (Guide) | Install-It-Direct

There are several techniques common among gardeners that can be applied to get the desired flower. You can use this method for all types of chrysanthemum. Here are some of them:


How to Grow & Care for Fall Mums | Better Homes & Gardens

This technique is most widely-used among gardeners. The trick is to remove the plant shoots at the beginning of planting.

But the process must also be careful so as not to hit the leaves. You can use scissors to cut in half the buds that are starting to grow, and do it once a week.



This technique is done to get the shape of the plant as desired. The trick is to remove the unwanted part.

Do this continuously every time the section appears. But do it carefully. This method is usually applied to chrysanthemum varieties for cut flowers.

Growing and caring for all types of chrysanthemum is not that complicated, but it requires persistence. By applying the methods above correctly, you can get the plants you want perfectly.

The Great Advantages of Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Tea Health Benefits and Recipes (SUPER HEALTHY)

Among the many types of flowers, the chrysanthemum is the one with many benefits.

People not only use it to decorate gardens or make flower arrangements but also turn them into teas or beauty treatment ingredients. Here are some of the advantages:

Maintain Your Eye Health

Eye problems are common today. Unfortunately, chrysanthemum tea contains vitamin A which can provide nutrition to your vision organs. This drink can also prevent blindness and treat skin problems.

Fatigue Reliever

Some types of chrysanthemum leaves contain a sedative that can relieve nervous tension caused by fatigue. Thus, it will reduce the stress level.

Cure of Heart Disease and Stroke

You can take advantage of flowers in the chrysanthemum varieties list to treat various problems with blood pressure and coronary heart disease. Drinking this tea regularly will also prevent future heart damage.

The Anti-Inflammatory

Without realizing it, the human body is attacked every day by various threats that can cause disease and infection. This flower can be a solution.

Drinking tea every day can prevent as well as treating pain and contamination that may occur on your body.

As the Cosmetic Ingredient

Several types of chrysanthemum are useful as face masks. Mixing it with yogurt and honey will make your face smooth and free from all dry skin problems.

Best Decoration

Most people plant many types of chrysanthemum for aesthetic purposes.

The beauty of this flower has indeed attracted the attention of many people so to beautify gardens, decorate homes, and give attention to loved ones through flower bouquets.

Those benefits make many people interested in cultivating many types of chrysanthemums in their gardens.

With proper processing, you will get health and beauty advantages economically in an instant way. But to find out how to get the good inside, you have to read this article to the end.

How to Use and Process Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Tea Benefits and Side Effects×885/smart/filters:no_upscale()/chrysamthemum-tea-crop-540e74adde564d0288048d7d94a4141b.jpg

As mentioned above, there are many benefits that you can get from all types of chrysanthemum.

The active ingredients in it can not only treat various diseases but can also be part of the beauty treatment process. Here’s how to use it:

How to Make Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea - Wikipedia

We can use both chrysanthemum flowers and leaves as herbal teas because they both contain active ingredients that are beneficial for the body.

First of all, wash thoroughly the materials to use. Some people prefer to dry it first, but you can also use it in a fresh condition.

Afterward, place the ingredients in a container and fill it with hot water. Seal the pot closely, then leave it for 10 minutes.

The thing to remember is not to open the lid too often. Producing tea in a closed-place will be much better because the essentials will be locked in it.

Chrysanthemum as a Part of Beauty Regime

DIY Peel-Off Face Mask with Activated Charcoal | Wholefully

As mentioned above, you can use all types of chrysanthemum as a beauty ingredient. Many manufacturers are starting to mix this ingredient into their products.

But for this section, we will discuss how to use it traditionally as a mask.

  • Prepare the ingredients, namely three stalks of chrysanthemum of any type, honey, and yogurt to taste.
  • Take the chrysanthemum petals and wash them well. Puree by pounding, then mix with honey and yogurt. Mix well.
  • Wash your face and wipe it with a cloth.
  • Apply the chrysanthemum mask on the face evenly and let stand for about 15 minutes. While waiting, you can do a gentle massage on the face area.
  • Then, cleanse your face wholly using lukewarm water, right after 14 to 15 minutes. Next, wipe it gently.
  • If all the steps are all done, you can give the final touch by applying olive oil or the moisturizer that you usually use.
  • Do this step at least 2-3 times a week so it will be effective.

Simply, you can get extraordinary benefits from this flower. You don’t need to worry about having trouble finding ingredients because the ingredients above can be made from all types of chrysanthemum.


Above all, we can assume that all types of chrysanthemum are extraordinary flowers.

Behind its beauty, there are extraordinary benefits for health and beauty. Not to mention, this plant also gives off a reconciling scent.

In many countries, the chrysanthemum has become one of the best gifts to the beloved one. Some people arrange it in a beautiful flower bouquet. But others fancy it in a pot.

Additionally, most people believe that each color and type contain particular meanings and symbols.

Another nice thing about these flowers is that they are simple as well as easy to maintain. You don’t need to do complex and expensive treatments to get beautiful results from numerous types of chrysanthemum.