10 Best Types of Azaleas to Adorn Your Garden

Especially the United States, this flower is very well known in various parts of the world. There are at least 10,000 types of azaleas grows in the wild with different characteristics and color. Some of them are have been cultivated by humans in the gardens.

What is Azalea Plant?

How to Grow and Care for 'Stewartstonian' Azalea Shrubs
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Azaleas are a popular type of flowering plant, especially in countries with subtropical climates, such as East Asia, North America, and Europe. In the wild, they can live in a variety of conditions, from acidic, moist, sandy, and even swampy soils.

This flower belongs to the Ericaceae family and the Rhododendron genus. So far, there are more than 10,000 types of Azaleas identified, which belong to 800 species worldwide. The colors also vary, ranging from red, yellow, purple, and other unique tones.

This plant is quite heavy-duty and can live all year round in various seasons. Most types of Azaleas begin to flower from early summer and drop their foliage in fall. However, certain varieties bloom in the spring season.

Other types of Azaleas grow in the form of flowering shrubs that never shed leaves. When they are not in flower, they continue to thrive with lush green leaves all year round. Besides, many more species may have different characters, depending on the growing location.

This plant does provide a nuance of extraordinary beauty so that many people use it to make flower arrangements. However, you have to stay vigilant, as several types of Azaleas are poisonous and dangerous to humans.

The Best Types of Azaleas to Grow

Azaleas - Farmington Gardens
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After learning a little about this flower, of course, many people began to be interested in cultivating it. However, with so many types of Azaleas, you might be confused about which one is suitable for your garden.

Here are the most popular types of Azaleas recommendations to make it easier. There are also several explanations about its characteristics, traits, and how to care for it so you can determine which one is the best to choose from.

Japanese Azalea

Azalea Bonsai | kuromatsubonsai.com
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Among the many types of Azaleas, this type is one of the most popular. The colors are quite varied, ranging from pink, red, purple, white, and so on. They range in height from 3 to 6.5 feet and have profuse, lush flowers when in bloom.

For good growth, it is necessary to put it under high-intensity sunlight. This plant, which has the scientific name Azalea japonica, also requires low water content, so you do not have to water it often.

If they are several years old, these types of Azaleas will even survive without being watered. However, when you start planting, you must pay attention to the moisture content. Besides, some people also add fertilizer to make it even more spectacular in growth.

Due to its lush flowers, many people prefer to plant Japanese Azaleas in pots or the form of bonsai. To make it grow well in a small container, you have to make sure that it is planted in an acidic and fertile medium. Do not forget to trim regularly to enhance its appearance.

Coastal Azalea

Coastal Azalea | Piedmont Gardener
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These types of Azaleas are also known as Rhododendron atlanticum. In the wild, they mostly grow along the southeast coast of the USA. The flower crown is predominantly white and blends nicely with the pink on the stalks and stamens.

The plant has a height of only 3 feet, so it is often called the dwarf Azalea. However, anyone will be attracted by their very strong musky scent. Generally, this plant starts flowering in the middle of the spring season.

Coastal Azalea loves sunshine in high-intensity. However, it will also develop well in shady areas, both on sandy soil and heavy clay. This plant requires moderate amounts of water.


FAQ - Azalea Society of America
Source: https://www.azaleas.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/cropped-cropped-A_D_Hooper_Copper_9953.jpg

Deciduous is one of the main types of Azaleas known on earth. The hallmark of this variant is the very large leaves that fall during the fall season. This plant is generally quite tall and can reach 15 feet.

You need a shady location with enough sunlight intensity to grow it well. The Deciduous variant itself consists of several categories, including Aromi Deciduous, Dodd Confederate Series, and other types that are divided into several colors.

This type is known to have many beautiful tones so that many people make it a mainstay. Until now, there are tens or even hundreds of types of Azaleas that are included in the Deciduous group.

Evergreen Azalea Varieties

Girard's Hot Shot Azalea - Monrovia - Girard's Hot Shot Azalea | Azaleas landscaping, Azaleas care, Front yard landscaping
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Besides Deciduous, the other main types of Azaleas you should know are Evergreen. Within a year, this variant usually blooms twice, namely during spring and fall. This plant also has a variety of colors, except yellow.

The advantage of the evergreen type is its higher survival rate. This plant can still survive through weathers, including winter. Even so, he will do better in a warmer state.

The plant structure is also shorter than Deciduous, at only 6 feet tall. Evergreens like locations with sufficient-intensity sunlight and can withstand heat and wind.

This plant is divided into several categories, including Encore, Glenn Dale, Holly Springs, Satsuki, and Kehr. Generally, the Japanese Azaleas fall into this category because it has a short-sized structure.

White Azalea Varieties

Azalea delaware valley 3g white
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Among the many types of Azaleas, white is one of the choices. This tone gives a peaceful and calm nuance to your garden so that it is an attraction. Besides that, you also use flowers with this nuance as a beautiful decoration.

Some white Azalea varieties are available in both Deciduous and Evergreen varieties. For example, you can find soothing nuances in the swamp type. You are also be able to find more beauty in other types.

So far, there are seven best kinds of flowers to grow, including Alabamense, Arborescens, Atlanticum, Colemanii, Eastmanii, Occidentale, and Viscosum. Choosing one or more for your garden will be a good idea.

The Sweet Pink

The fantastic show | Defeat Despair
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A pink-themed garden will be a good idea for your house. Some types of Azaleas look perfect with these romantic tones. You can choose the best of them, including pale pink, cherry red, rose pink, and many more.

These flowers can be an interesting decoration apart from only beautifying the house. Some pink Azaleas you can choose are Canadense, Canescens, Periclymenoides, Prinophyllum, and Vaseyi. However, you can still find the other types of romantic tones as a choice.

Flame Azalea

How to Grow and Propagate Azalea and Rhododendron | Gardener's Path
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One of the nice things about Azalea is its wide choice of colors. Apart from the tone discussed above, flame colors are also the target of many people. Bright and light shades seem to be a charm that cannot be ignored.

In case you want to bring a light orange nuance to your garden, several types to choose from include Austrinum, Calendulaceum, Cumberlandense, Flammeum, and Prunifolium. Some types of Azaleas even come in color combinations that make them even more pleasing.

Swamp Type

Rhododendron viscosum, Swamp Azalea | White Flower Farm

As mentioned earlier, this flower has many varieties that allow it to grow in different places and ways. You will still find it even in swampy areas, for example, Rhododendron viscosum. Even these types of Azaleas have a beauty that bewitches many people to fond of them.

Rhododendron viscosum is white and found mostly in the eastern of the United States. It can bear cold weather and will thrive in very humid soil conditions. In general, the crown is small but looks beautiful to look at.

These types of Azaleas also smell like cloves. The scent was so strong that smelled from a few meters away. Usually, they only start blooming in the middle of summer, so people often call them late-season Azaleas.

In terms of light intensity, the swamp Azalea likes sunlight both fully and partially. It grows amid heavy water intensity and acidic soil conditions. Adult plants can reach 8 feet tall.

Variegated Gem

Pin on Tales from a Woodland Garden
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The uniqueness of these types of Azaleas is that they reflect the three seasons. One plant alone consists of three tones at once, namely spring bright pink on the flower crown, summer white-edged on the foliage, and fall red leaves.

The color combination will make the garden look even more beautiful. Variegated Gems will be better in moist soil conditions with high-intensity sunlight but still shady. Under normal conditions, this plant is only 2-3 feet tall, making it in the dwarf Azalea category.

The Azalea bush is not too difficult to maintain. In addition to ensuring sufficient soil conditions and light intensity, you need to do enough watering. Gardeners do not even need to do pruning because these plants will fall off on their own in time.

For daily care, you also need to use mulch at the bottom to make sure the planting medium is moist. Keep this plant away from strong winds so that the parts do not easily fall or fall out.

Lemon Lights

Visit My Garden: Hardy Azaleas at the Arboretum
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If you like flashy Azalea color, this is a great choice. As the name suggests, the Rhododendron ‘Lemon Lights’ will have an extraordinarily bright tone to look at. Besides looking beautiful, this type will be easy to grow as it attracts pollinators.

They usually bloom in the spring season, which makes these types of Azaleas unique. The plant height ranges from 4 to 7 feet, as well as likes sunshine and soil with moist conditions. Nevertheless, areas where sunlight intensity is too high do not allow it to grow well.

However, the Rhododendron ‘Lemon Lights’ is not the only Azalea that has a similar color. Many other types have almost the same color, one of which is Rhododendron luteum. This flower also very attractive because of the strong and sweet scents

These flowers grow very fast compared to Lemon Light, but not many people plant it at home because all parts of them are poisonous. Therefore, keep these types of Azaleas out of reach of children.

The Benefits of the Azalea Tree and Flower

Azalea Blossom | 'DSC04366' On Black Good Morning Everyone! … | Flickr | Azalea flower, Pink azaleas, Types of flowers
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Planting an Azalea flower can be an alternative in gardening. You can get many advantages if you cultivate it yourself at home. Here are some reasons why you should make this flower a collection in the garden.

Clean the Air

Fuchsia Azalea Bush | Outdoor Artificial Flowers at Afloral.com
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Another advantage of growing this crop is that it helps clean up pollution. Most types of Azaleas can sterilize air by absorbing toxins in the air. You need not to worry about motor vehicle fumes that can interfere with breathing anymore.

Beautify the Garden

Azalea Gardens at the U.S. National Arboretum Review - Grading Gardens
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Most people grow several types of Azalea for aesthetic reasons. Besides having beautiful and varied colors, the flower crown is also beautiful and suitable for decoration. You can also take the flowers for decoration in the house or make a flower bouquet.

Medicinal Plants

Comparing Encore™ and Bloom-A-Thon™ Azaleas | What Grows There :: Hugh Conlon, Horticulturalist, Professor, Lecturer, and Gardener
Source: https://www.whatgrowsthere.com/grow/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Rhodo-azalea-Bloomathon-Lavender-4.jpg

Not only beautiful, but several types of Azaleas can also be a medicine that can cure diseases. So far, people believe that the ingredients of this plant’s leaves can cure various diseases, including rheumatism and coughs.

To cure rheumatism, wash and chop 10 grams of Azalea leaves. Boil the area with 400 ml of water until it is as half as much. Take the water filtered and drink it in warm conditions. Consume this concoction times a day to relieve pain.

To treat coughs, you need 60 grams of fresh, washed leaves. Boil them for 15 minutes in two glasses of water. Strain and drink the water in warm conditions. Do it twice a day in the evening and morning.

Some types of Azalea contain alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids, and saponins that are very good for the body. In addition to the two benefits above, the ingredients of Azalea leaves also have properties as pain relievers, cold medicine, relieve ulcers, and neutralize toxins.

The Best Choice for Small Area

Free photo: Azalea Flower - Azalea, Flower, Flowers - Free Download - Jooinn
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This plant has a short tree structure and is easy to arrange. Therefore, Azalea bush can grow well even in narrow land. Hence, you will not need to worry about how to place it in the garden later.

Easy to Maintain

Weston's Millenium Azalea | Spring Meadow - wholesale liners - Spring Meadow Nursery
Source: https://springmeadownursery.com/images/made/files/plant_images/Rhododendron%20Westons%20Millenium%201_1080_1080_60.jpg

Almost all types of Azaleas are not fussy in care and can grow throughout the year. People plant them by seed or stem cuttings. Although the growth is slow, it will thrive in areas that are exposed to full sun and have fine weather.

Azalea Flower Care and Tips

Azalea Flower Shop - Coventry Street Flowers - South Melbourne Market
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Most types of Azaleas are easy to care for. However, during the gardening process, several factors may make cultivation fail. To minimize this, try doing the following tips.

The Best Planting Media

How To Care For Azalea In Planters - Guide To Growing Azaleas In Containers
Source: https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/potted-azalea.jpg

The growing medium has an influence on all the types of Azaleas you plant. While they will grow well in fertile soil, the use of humus will be the right choice. However, the coarse one is better because it will allow the water to flow smoothly so that the nutrition is absorbed well.

Furthermore, you need to take note of the soil pH used as a planting medium. Make sure that the level stays stable at 4.5 to 5.5. If it is too high or low, Azaleas will not grow well, even in the best environmental conditions.

To overcome the pH problems, you can add husk or sphagnum moss to the planting media. Both are known to have a high shaft level so that they will help balance soil acidity as well as organic fertilizer.

The Right Way of Watering

Watering camellias and blueberries | lovethegarden
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Most of the failure in gardening is the result of the wrong way of watering, so do all types of Azaleas. This plant likes high water content that it must get intake at least once every day.

However, giving too much will also have an adverse impact. Water that is not absorbed will cause the plant to die through root rot. It will get worse if the planting media cannot flow water properly.

Provide Suitable Fertilizer

Espoma 8 lbs. Organic Azalea Tone Fertilizer-100534325 - The Home Depot

As mentioned above, husks and sphagnum moss can be alternative organic fertilizers for all types of Azaleas that you are planting. Besides, you can also use special fertilizers that make it flower fast.

The Best Place to Grow

Azalea Problems - Azalea Society of America
Source: https://www.azaleas.org/wp-content/uploads/stewart/amherst/cropped-RBS_004_Amherst_3699.jpg

All types of Azaleas are best grown in full-sunlight areas. That is why it will blossom earlier in the summer. Planting in open land will make it grow well. However, since they are classified as heavy-duty, placing indoors is still possible even though the flowers will not be easy to bloom.

Don’t Worry About Pests

Southern Indica azaleas give good performance | Mississippi State University Extension Service
Source: https://extension.msstate.edu/sites/default/files/sg120312_200.jpg

Another advantage of growing Azaleas is that you do not have to worry about pests. Something in these plants makes nuisance animals reluctant to come near. Therefore, you can care for this plant calmly without having to rely on many pesticides.

Nonetheless, you still have to be alert of various diseases caused by other things. Environmental threats, poor soil conditions, bad weather, or weed attacks may prevent Azaleas from growing well.

Those are some tips to do so that your plant can develop properly. The care of all types of Azaleas is not hard to do, as they are easy to survive. You need to take extra action to maintain its beauty.

Based on the above explanation, we can say that most types of Azaleas come in pretty colors that will create a nice feel to look at. With proper care, these flowers will provide the best view in your home every day. So, have you decided which the best choice to plant?

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