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Fascinating Types of Aloe to Beautify Your Garden

More than 200 types of aloe are out there, offering a variety of benefits for our bodies and health.

The most cultivated species of aloe vera is Barbadensis that is originally from North Africa. Meanwhile, wild varieties of this plant are known to live for so long.

Aloe can generate two essences: gel and latex. Then, it has been popular as Cleopatra’s beauty secret for a long time ago.

Due to its popular benefits since many years ago, knowing various types of aloe can be a great investment. Without further ado, let’s check them out!

Aloe Ciliaris


If you are interested in a blooming plant, Aloe ciliaris is one of the best houseplants to pick. It comes with tubular flowers that look enchanting in its bright colors.

The appealing bright red-orange blossoms of this aloe have creamy, yellow tips. These beautiful flowers are complemented by the brilliant green leaves that feature squashy, hair-like teeth.

Also known as the climbing aloe, this plant can be birds and bees’ favorite in your garden.

Aloe Vera


While some types of aloe can be poisonous, this species remains the best choice when it comes to medical purposes.

This aloe plant has well-known sap that can help to ease sunburn or other kinds of skin disorders. Besides, it is also perfect to pop up a fresh color in your home as a houseplant.

Moreover, you can rest assured that this plant will do well even in waterless conditions and a small amount of light.

However, keep in mind that aloe vera cannot withstand frost, so you should protect it when it is cold outdoors.

Cape Aloe


Similar to Aloe ciliaris, this plant also blooms tubular flowers that appear mainly in winter. Its fascinating form makes it capable to draw the eye even in the vast savanna.

These types of aloe come with greenish-blue foliage that often gives a hint of rose. You can expect this species to grow up to 36 inches long and 9 feet high.

Once dried out, the leaves of cape aloe will stay on the plant and shape something like an underskirt on the stems.

Cape aloe has orange teeth that are complemented by its other features. This plant is native to South Africa and popular for its helpful gel.

Arabian Aloe


Also known as Aloe rubroviolacea, this species has interesting leaves that transform from purple-tinged during summer to bright violet-red throughout a cold season.

The normal blue-green leaves of these types of aloe are thick and typically arch outwards. Meanwhile, the teeth as well as margins are usually reddish.

If you plant this aloe in well-drained soil, it can grow up to 36 inches in height and 6 feet in width.

Rubroviolacea also requires bright, full sun to cultivate perfectly. However, it is typically capable to withstand soils with nearly all kinds of pH balances.

Due to their beautiful colorations, you can count on these types of aloe to highlight borders, rocks, and succulent gardens.

Aloe Capitata Var. Quartziticola


This is another aloe species that attract a variety of birds and bees. The plant produces pretty flowers with round heads as well as bright colors.

Even though the blossoms are mostly yellow, they typically have darker hues of orange that go towards the center.

The flower stalk of Aloe capitata can grow up to 36 inches high. Meanwhile, it has pointed grey-green foliage that changes into bluish grey when the weather is cloudy.

On the other hand, when it is sunny, these types of aloe will show purple-tinged leaves instead of blue-grey.

Moreover, this deer-resistant plant will typically cultivate up to 3 feet tall and 36 inches in width.

Aloe X Principis


If you are looking for the best types of aloe vera for skin, this plant is probably not the one. However, it can help to make your garden look even more pretty, especially in the winter.

Aloe x principis usually generates bright orange to scarlet spikes that can cheer up any winter garden.

This aloe is originally from South Africa and is capable to reach around 3 meters in height. Besides, you can count on the plant to draw pollinators to your garden too.

These types of aloe are resistant to deer and will make a perfect addition to your succulent or Mediterranean gardens.

You can also employ this plant to create beautiful borders or accents in the garden. Similar to other species of aloe, it shows its best growth in well-drained soil under full sun.

Coral Aloe


It is safe to say that this plant is among the biggest aloe varieties because of its possibility to reach 5 meters in height and width.

Coral aloe comes with flat, wide foliages that have pale green-grey colors. However, you may this plant’s leaves turn pink in sunny weather and blue in poor-lit conditions.

One of the most appealing points about this aloe is its purple and pink margins. The flowers are also beautiful with their coral-orange colors as well as tubular shapes.

Unlike most types of aloe, you can grow this species in an area with partial sun. However, it will always be better to cultivate the plant under direct sunlight and in well-drained soil.

To adorn your outdoor area, simply put this aloe in sunny borders or pots. Make sure to grow it in an area with partial to full sun and properly-drained soil.

Barbados Aloe


The unique look of Barbados aloe will make you fall in love at first sight. Its foliages face up in the direction of the sky and it also has wonderful spikes that come in greenish-yellow

In summer and spring, you can enjoy these types of aloe in reddish-purple leaves. Outside the seasons, the foliage will turn light green as usual.

Similar to aloe vera, this plant is also popular in the formula of many cosmetic and medical products. People typically take advantage of its plump leaves that contain beneficial gummy sap.

Considering the benefits, Barbados aloe can be precious as well as a beautiful addition to your garden.

Mountain Aloe


Among the different types of aloe succulents, this species is majestic due to its dense cluster of green and grey leaves.

Each leaf of mountain aloe narrows to a strapping point, making it unique. In addition to the tubular blossoms and reddish-brown spines, this plant seems so fascinating.

Even though you can enjoy the beautiful flowers in the winter only, mountain aloe still makes a great addition to your garden.

Also known as aloe marlothii, this species tends to grow around 3 meters in height, making it perfect for borders and accents.

These types of aloe have blooms that turn into several colors including orange-red, yellow, and bright-red. Moreover, the flowers are highly attractive to bees as well as birds.

Golden Toothed Aloe


Coming with bright-green triangle leaves that will change into a fascinating orange color under the full sun, this aloe is indeed lovable.

You can enjoy the brilliant orange, tubular blossoms of golden toothed aloe in spring. The flowers are often capable to reach 60 cm in height.

Meanwhile, these types of aloe tend to grow abundantly, so they will form a very great display that is ideal for borders and groundcovers.

Make sure to cultivate this aloe in sandy, gravelly soil under the full sun for the most excellent growth.

Crosby’s Prolific


If you are wondering whether a draft variety of aloe is available or not, don’t look farther than this Crosby’s prolific.

This eye-catching dwarf aloe has long green foliages that are full of transparent teeth along its edges.

The fleshy leaves of Crosby’s prolific can turn redder when the weather is hot and sunny. Meanwhile, its tubular, orange blooms typically grow on the stalks, making it ideal for any garden.

Considering its variety, you should not expect to see these types of aloe to grow more than 15 inches wide and high.

Malagasy Tree Aloe


In contrast to the previous mini variety, Malagasy tree aloe is an unusually large one that can reach up to 3.6 meters high and 5 feet wide.

As its name suggests, Malagasy tree aloe is originally from Madagascar and is known to be free from diseases.

Also known as aloe vaombe, this plant acquires fleshy leaves with white teeth. The foliage will turn to a brilliant deep-red from dark green when situated under the full sun.

These types of aloe also generate lovely red blossoms that are notable due to their vibrant color. As a result, you can count on this plant to become a focal point of your green garden.

Fan Aloe


The name of this aloe describes the form of its long leaves that look like a fan structure. Similar to most varieties mentioned above, it is also virtually disease-free and defiant to deer.

Fan aloe is popular as it was a winner of several international flower awards. It can get up to 2.4 meters high and appear like a little tree.

Orange-red blossoms complement the blue-grey leaves of this aloe very well. The foliage also comes with fascinating bright-orange tips that can be enjoyed along with the flowers at the end of winter to spring.

Torch Aloe


Acquiring enchanting foliage and colorful flowers, torch aloe makes a great plant for any garden. You can grow them in a container to create an attractive border or accent.

Also known as aloe arborescens, this species has a shrubby habit and can get up to 3 meters in height. Its width may reach a similar measurement as well.

It features sword-like foliages with soft-colored teeth along the rims. Throughout winter, you can see the beautiful spikes turn deep-orange and liven up the leaves.

Sunset Aloe


Growing up to 30 cm high and 2 feet wide, these types of aloe are probably not as big as the previous species. However, they still make a great addition to your garden due to their colorful and attractive characteristics.

Sunset aloe comes with vivid green leaves that change into red in the full sun. In the cold season, it offers spikes of greenish-yellow blossoms.

The flowers of this aloe typically contain nectar, so it is very attractive to pollinators like birds and bees.

Interestingly, sunset aloe is known to be almost disease-free and it grows well in pots or as groundcovers.

Sand Aloe


Sand aloe also has unique leaves and flowers. Fine lines decorate the foliages while the blossoms consisting of red-orange tubular blooms that feature a lofty, green, protruding center.

This stunning plant is capable to reach 60 cm high and grows well in alkaline soil. Make sure to provide it with a well-drained environment as well as other types of aloe.

While growing them in Mediterranean and rock gardens make a great idea, you do not need to hesitate to plant sand aloe in containers too.

Red Aloe


These types of aloe showcase graceful, curvy foliages, and standing stems that can perk up any kind of garden out there.

Showcasing multicolored characters that are ranging from green to copper-red, the bright orange flowers remain one of the most fascinating points about this aloe in early winter.

It has the average size of other types of aloe that can reach 2 feet in height and 1.2 meters wide. Moreover, this plant also generates nectar for attracting bees as well as birds.

Rock gardens make an ideal place for red aloe. However, you can use it to beautify your borders as well.

Keep in mind that red aloe can grow well in partial shade or full sun. Make sure to provide sandy and gravelly soil too for the best growth.

Short-Leaf Aloe


Short-leaf aloe is a round-shaped perennial that makes a perfect complement for your garden, particularly when planting together.

Also known as Aloe brevifolia, this species has pale-blue leaves that turn into golden-yellow and rose-pink under the full sun.

Throughout the spring, these types of aloe produce tubular, orange blossoms that can reach 2 feet tall and 60 cm wide.

Growing short-leaf aloe is somewhat trouble-free since it is resistant to deer and is not prone to any disease.

Van Balen’s Aloe


Take a look at this kind of aloe and you probably realize how similar it is to an octopus.

Van Balen’s aloe, as known as vanbalenii, features such curling foliages that have a vivid green color with copper-red rims.

These types of aloe can grow up to 90 cm tall and typically generate tubular blossoms in late winter to the beginning of spring.

The flowers of aloe vanbalenii are yellow and orange while the leaves can change into the darker shades of red under the sun.

Aloe vanbalenii is originally from South Africa and is capable to attract bees as well as birds to your garden.

Aloe Aristata


If you want to adorn your winter garden with something colorful, these types of aloe can be a good choice.

Also known as torch plant, aloe aristata is a kind of succulent evergreen that generates cone-shaped clusters of brilliant red-orange blossoms in the cold season.

Meanwhile, the leaves of this aloe are typically incurved and resemble a lance. While they appear much darker in sunny conditions, the foliages are normally pale green.

Each leaf of the torch plant comes with white spots all over the surface. You can also spot a similarly patterned trim around the foliage.

Types of Aloe Tree


Among many different types of aloe, this species is considered as a tree since it can reach 18 tall and 10 feet wide.

Aloe barberae can produce little red blossoms with green spots throughout the cold seasons.

This kind of aloe comes in dissimilar varieties as well, including the pillansii that can reach 9 meters tall and appear like a cactus.

Moreover, there is also Aloe dichotoma, a trembling tree that is known as the biggest varieties of the plant.

Spiral Aloe


When you take a look at the grey-green leaves of this aloe, they have a flawless spiral shape that becomes the main interest of the plant.

The leaves of spiral aloe can have either white or soft-green spines down the edgings. Besides, they also acquire darker shades of purple and brown at their tips.

Even though spiral aloe does not bloom very often, you can still expect to see its salmon-pink, tubular flowers.

To grow these award-winning types of aloe, make sure to plant them in full sun.

Tilt-Head Aloe


Growing thick, dense spikes in multiple colors, tilt-head aloe makes an eye-catching complement to any garden.

These types of aloe come with blue-green, large foliages that typically feature pink tinges along the edges and tips.

Tilt-head aloe can grow up to 3 meters in height and is loved by hummingbirds a lot.

Soap Aloe


This is another type of aloe that is loved by bees and hummingbirds. It has green-blue foliages that appear like swords.

You can also spot white teeth and blotches covering the surface of soap aloe. Then, once growing up, the plant can reach up to 46 cm in height.

Aloe Microstigma


Last but not least, Aloe microstigma, as known as cape speckled, is another virtually disease-free plant that draws some bees and birds to the garden.

With brilliant spikey blossoms in yellow-orange shades, these types of aloe will liven up your outdoor spaces.