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Type of Scissor and How to Use It in Everyday Life

You may find the snipping tool as something common but integral. However, because of using it so often, most people do not realize to use a different type of scissor for objects.

For example, a paper cutter will not be the same as hair clippers, and so on.

To avoid misuse, you also need to know the kind and use of this tool. Thus, you can do all the work appropriately.

Read carefully the explanation with each picture of different type of scissor below.

Type of Scissors for Crafts

cutting paper with scissors

This multi-functional object is the most common type of scissor that we encounter almost every day. Its uses are very diverse, ranging from cutting ribbons, threads, making handicrafts, and others.

However, most people also call it paper scissors because they work most on these items.

As we all know, humans are rarely able to escape from paper. Office activities, handicrafts, various production processes, and almost any job will involve this object.

Saying that this type of scissor is a paper cutter would not be too much, even though its use is much more than that.

There is not too much different type of scissors for cutting paper. In general, this type has a long, sharp blade.

It also has a pointed tip to cut objects more quickly and precisely. However, some are shorter in shape for easy storage.

Type of Scissors for Hair

Professional Hairdressing Scissors Hair Cutting Thining Shear Scissor Hair Styling Tools For Women Men Salon Baber Hair Dressing|Hair Scissors| - AliExpress

The process of cutting hair must be correct and precise because it has to do with the appearance of a person (or maybe a pet). Hence, it takes the best type of scissor to get the job done.

Almost all hair-based types of scissors are indeed sharper than the other regular cutters. Besides, its use is not arbitrary. In general, here are some common kinds that are popular among hairdressers.

Regular Hair Cutting Shears

8 Best Hair Cutting Shears for Professionals & Beginners [2020]

Generally, this type of scissor has the same shape as regular scissors. However, you will see a difference in the circle at the end of the item.

The hairstyling shears have additional finger supports to prevent them from shifting during use so that the result is the desired result.

Hairdressing scissors are also available in various sizes, which are adjustable according to the size of the user’s hand.

The short-bladed type is a great choice for short fingers, while the long one will make the styling process easier because it can cover more areas.

The Hair Cutting with Teeth

XSHIYQ 6inch Professional Hair Cutting Thinning Scissors Hair Scissors Hairdressing Scissors Barber Tool For Hairdresser 17.5cm black Thinning: Beauty

When you go to the salon, you might find some hairstylists who use scissors combined with a comb. You don’t see it wrong because this thing is one of their mainstays in creating a great hairdo.

The teeth on the blade provide a tighter grip so that they don’t shift when cut. Thus, accuracy is even more precise than using ordinary scissors.

Apart from that, this feature is also useful for thin out the chunks and will work very well on thick and coarse hair.

The advantage of using this type of scissor is a perfect styling process. The fewer teeth will give you accurate results during the thinning process, while the more one is to simplify the blending or texturizing for a tidier look.

Hair Clippers

Andis® ProClip Excel™ 5-Speed Pet Hair Clipper | dog Hair Clippers & Trimmers | PetSmart

This type of scissor is also known as hair snips. The shape is unique because it is different from other cutters.

At first glance, you will see that it looks like two scissors joined together, and they work similarly to a razor.

Unlike the regular type of scissor for hair, the clipper is appropriate for the trimming process, especially for the texture of thick and wavy strands.

You can make a bald style in an instant using the help of this tool. The result is also much tidier.

Type of Scissors for Sewing

6 Best Fabric Cutting Scissors of 2020 - Cut Quilting Fabric With Ease×971.jpg

Still about fashion, the process of making clothes also requires a variety of special tools.

After talking about the type of scissor for hairstyling, now is the time to discuss the cutters that are common among tailors.

Ordinary people may not know that there are many types of tools used to separate something into two parts.

Dressmakers will use different tools to cut fabrics and stitch threads. Also, there are many types of scissors that you might not find on office desks.

The following are some of the cutters used in the sewing world:

Fabric Shears

7" Gold Shears Knife Edge Craft Tailor Scissors Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Professional Fabric Dressmaker Shears | Shopee Malaysia

This tool is also known as the dressmaker’s shears. In general, this type of scissor has a long and sharp blade to extend the cutting range.

Meanwhile, the two cutter parts also have different shapes, one of which is round-edged to avoid snagging, and the other is pointy.

Some fabric shears have an acute-angled blade at the end. Thus, the cutting process will be easy, while with results are almost impossible to shift.

However, some have shorter cutters to provide more accurate results.

Apart from that, there are still several different types of designs that have several functions. Since cloth is a long material, the standard sizes usually used by tailors range from 7-10 inches.

Besides, the blade must also have a high sharpness because the texture of the fabric is harder to cut than other objects such as paper and hair. Also, tailors usually use one tool to cut several materials at once.

Tailor’s Scissors

RI 538-AS8'' 8" Heavy Duty Tailor Scissors Stainless Steel – Rex Distributor, Inc. Wholesale Knives, Swords, Sporting Goods, Crossbows, Self Defense

You should not think that the fabric is the only material that is cut and sewn. Some thick and difficult materials often have to be processed properly to produce things that are important in everyday life.

For example, leather, thick cloth, multiple-layered cloth, and so on.

These materials cannot be cut with a regular type of scissor, so you need a sharper tool. The tailor is generally shorter than a cloth cutter, measuring about 5 inches.

However, the blade is thicker and razor-sharp to enable the fast, precise, and accurate processing of thick things.

Another difference from the dressmakers is a more-handy design to reduce fatigue due to hard pressure in the cutting process.

Interestingly, the tailor can certainly be well in fabric. This type of scissor has also become one of the mandatory tools for sewing classes and courses.

Pinking Shears

Pinking Shears | 50,000+ Art Supplies | Your Art Superstore

Ordinary people might think of this type of scissor as strange. How not, it has a serrated blade shape that leaves a zigzag result on the cut materials. But of course, this design is not without reason.

Thin fabrics are generally more stringy and torn when cut. Therefore, zigzag cutting will minimize this.

Besides, it will also be easier to cut serrated fabric with a slippery texture, while the curved part serves to make it easier to work on a flat surface.

The use of this type of scissor is useful in woven fabrics because of its stringy material. Pinking shears do not prevent this from happening, but at least they can minimize the occurrence of fabric.

Furthermore, the tool was invented by Samuel Briskman in 1931 to prevent the fabric from fraying. Over time, this type of scissor is also useful for aesthetic purposes.

Embroidery Scissors

Small Storkette Embroidery Scissors - Snuggly Monkey

During the sewing process, mistakes may occur. The wrong stitches will be so annoying that we have to remove them.

Unfortunately, this job is not easy to do. Besides being boring, you also need the patience to make sure there are no new mistakes and damage.

That’s why you need the right tools. An embroidery scissor is a tool with a small design but a blade that is razor-sharp.

Generally, it is short and narrow, allowing it to fit between the stitches. Its sharpness will ensure the thread is cut easily without damaging the fabric.

Even though it has a small shape, this type of scissor usually has a handle hole that is quite large and handy.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about difficulties when using it. Plus, many unique designs will make your work even more passionate.

The small form also makes storage easier. You don’t need to provide a special place so you won’t fill the sewing drawer. Apart from that, the embroidery scissor is also easy to carry everywhere.

Buttonhole Scissors

Buttonhole Scissors | Scherenmanufaktur PAUL GmbH

To open and replace buttons, you also need different tools. Using this type of scissor for fabric will risk damaging the seams so that you need the buttonhole. This sort of thing has two blades that look like a pocket knife at first glance.

These scissors have a short design. One of the blades selects a gap in the center to allow the other cutter part to slip through.

The inside is generally sharper and flatter. With this design, the process associated with buttons will be easier to do.

This type of scissor also has a handle that attaches directly to the blades. The cutting section itself connects directly to the shaft handle and features an attractive design.

The advantage of this tool is that it is easy to adjust because it has a nut that is easy to set.

Appliqué Scissors

Gingher 6" Applique Scissors – Susan Khalje Couture

This type of scissor is easily-recognized by the semicircle-curved blade. Its function is to push the bottom of the fabric to make it easier to adjust during the cutting process.

Thus, the fabric is not easily-damaged during the working process. Most people use applique in making rugs.

Gardening Scissor

For those of you who like gardening, this discussion may be quite familiar. The things that exist in nature are different in terms of shape, structure, thickness, and so on. Therefore, you also need another type of scissor for this purpose.

Hedge Trimmers

Long Handled Hedge Trimmers and Pruning Shears, 23.5” (60 cm), With Mo - The Gardener's Friends

This type of scissor is the best for cutting shrubs, tidy up, and shape them. The hedge trimmer is available in two versions, manual and mechanical.

The second is quite practical and speeds up work, but you have to be careful not to damage the plants.

Grass Shears

Kent & Stowe - Single Handed Grass Shears

Grass shears are a must-have for gardeners. To maintain lawn beauty, you have to do maintenance. Cut the grass regularly so that they keep growing well and avoid being visited by uninvited animals.

This type of scissor is also available in manual and mechanical forms.

Pruning Shears

Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears

The two tools above would not be able to cut a thick and hard tree branch. Therefore, you need the other type of scissor that is more heavy-duty.

You can use the pruning shear to separate tree branches with a thickness of up to 2 centimeters.

Type of Scissors for Surgery

Ent Heyman Nasal Scissors 18cm Tc Super Cut Blade For Rhinoplasty - Buy Heyman Turbinectomy Nasal Angled Scissors For Nose Surgery,Ent Heyman Nasal Scissors 18cm Tc Super Cut Blade For Rhinoplasty,Best Quality

The medical world also uses a range of cutting tools to do their job. However, the type of scissor they use will be very different and complicated from what we know every day. Here are a few that we know:

Bandage Scissors

Bandage Scissors - Pacific First Aid

This type of scissor has a short blade, but with a long handle. Uniquely, this tool has a blunt cutting edge, but with a sharp base point.

Thus, the patient’s skin will not be injured while the nurse is removing the bandage. It is one of the mandatory items in the medical world.

Trauma Shears

Trauma Shears (Emergency Medical Shears) 7.5" - Priority First Aid

Trauma shears are another emergency tool used in the medical world. Its function is to cut the clothes of injured patients so they can get immediate treatment.

This type of scissor has a long lever arm and a metal blade to bend up to 150 degrees. The tip is wide and blunt to avoid injury to the skin.

Surgical Shears

Wittex GmbH medizinische Instrumente Medizintechnik Instrumentendepot - Surgical scissors Joseph 14 cm curved

In addition to the types above, health workers also use a series of surgical scissors that are quite complicated.

The shapes are very diverse because they adapt to the part cut. It is generally poorly understood by ordinary people.

Type of Kitchen Scissor

File:Kitchen-Scissors.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Some ingredients will be difficult to cut with a knife. Therefore, scissors must also be a mandatory tool in the kitchen area.

Most people use a multi-purpose cutter that is usually used for paper and craft, even though that choice is not quite right.

The type of scissor used in the kitchen must be hygienic because it relates to what we eat. Hence, the blades must come from a rust-resistant material such as those used in knives.

Besides, considering its high and varied usage, it must be heavy-duty and can be honed again.

Currently, there are many kitchen scissors products in various stores. You can use it for cutting meat, opening packages, and so on. These products are usually resistant to heat and cold.

Type of Scissors with Pictures for Construction

Iron Bar Cutting Machine Gq35d Gute - Buy Gute Steel Bar Cutter,Rebar Cutting Machine,Steel Bar Cutter Product on

In the world of construction, people also recognize the type of scissor for different purposes. Of course, the shapes and materials are different because building materials have different levels of hardness. The following are some examples:

Pipe scissors

Soil Pipe Cutters | Reed Manufacturing

Although many people use saws for this purpose, now there is a type of scissor for cutting pipes. Thus, the work process will be faster and more efficient.

Iron scissors

Bolt iron wires and steel rods Cutter | Lazada

Besides iron, this type of scissor is usually also useful as a concrete cutter. The characteristic feature of this object is that the blade is a bit blunt but strong enough to ripen things like chains, handcuffs, and so on.

Zinc Scissors


Zinc is a material that is very common in the construction world. Even though it’s not too thick, you can’t cut it with the regular snipping tool. You can get special cutters at various stores, both online and offline.

Wire Scissors

Clauss 6" Electrician Shear with Wire Cutter Notch - KnifeCenter - 18474

Another item that is needed in the carpentry world is a wire cutter. The blade is relatively small but sharp and pointed.

In addition to cutting cables, usually, this type of scissor is also useful for snipping ropes, iron threads, and copper.

The construction scissor is quite diverse in type because many different materials need special treatment. Apart from those mentioned above, maybe there are still some kinds that existed.

Based on the User’s Hand

Left-handers: How to Cut with Right-Handed Scissors - Sewing Spark

Apart from being functional, some scissors also appeared to adjust to the character and nature of the user.

Left-handed people cannot use scissors together with right-handed and vice versa. The following are some of the familiar examples.

Right and Left-Handed Scissors

Why can't left-handed people use right-handed scissors? : NoStupidQuestions

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Most of the objects in this world have designs that only suit the right-handed. Meanwhile, those who are left-handed have to struggle with even the simplest of tools, such as scissors.

Therefore, over time, people began to think of providing special tools.

Currently, there is a type of scissor that can be easily used by the left-handed. In this way, they can also create creations like they are the right one.

Both types have the same design; it’s just that the position changes to suit the user. This applies to all types of scissors.

Ambidextrous Scissors

Antique Ambidextrous Scissors - 1881 | Collectors Weekly

While there are left-handed and right-handed, humans with ambidextrous types are quite rare on earth. They can use both hands maximally.

Hence, ordinary tools would not be able to accommodate their advantages. That’s what led to the creation of this type of scissor.

This thing does seem trivial and everywhere. But you need to know the appropriate type of scissor to do a particular job.

It is necessary to do so that everything will be easy, effective, and right on purpose. Therefore, don’t forget to always put any type of scissor you need in your home, office, garden, and other places.