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8+ Trundle Bed Ideas for Kids and Adults

A trundle bed is a hidden extra space under your parent bed that can be pulled out when friends come over for the night. When you have sleepovers, pulling it out and setting up in minutes saves time moving furniture around like with an air mattress or something else temporary. They’re also great if you don’t want to give up any of your floor space by installing another guest room! Trudle beds are available from twin size on upwards, depending on how much more sleeping capacity you need.

The trundle bed is an incredible option for those with a space crunch. It can be installed in small bedrooms, living rooms, studio apartments and kids’ bedrooms where there is a shortage of space. The style also works well for families who need to accommodate more than one child or adult as it offers the versatility to sleep two people on each side (kids) or three adults at once by adding another mattress below the first layer so guests have somewhere comfortable they can rest their heads while staying over!

Trundle beds come in a variety of styles and materials, including wood, metal or upholstery. They can be part of bunkbeds (with two trundle mattresses) as well as day/standard sized bed frames to provide sleepovers for kids and extra storage space when adults live with children! Looking for a trundle bed mattress size guide? We’ve got you covered – here are 15 bedroom ideas that will make your home rocking new again!

Trundle Bunk Beds for Kids


Trundle bunk beds are the best for kids and adults alike. These three-in-one bed designs save space, are easy to pull out when needed, and can be used in a variety of ways; disassemble top bunkbeds into individual full size beds or remove mattress from trundle part if you want to store toys without filling the room with more furniture!

Twin Trundle Day Beds Made from Steel

Hancock Twin Metal Daybed with Trundle

Twin trundle day beds offer an ingenious solution for those looking to maximize their space. These two twin-size mattresses rest on a base made up of sturdy steel slats, ensuring the best support and preventing moisture buildup within your mattress while still allowing plenty of air circulation in between them. The bed also has its own storage area under it accessible by rolling out one side! This is perfect if you’re short on extra bedrooms or don’t have the budget to buy another large furniture piece such as a traditional king size bed with frame; this can be conveniently tucked away when not needed without taking up any more room than just what’s been reserved for it at all times.

Trundle Day Beds

Sacha Velvet Day Bed in Navy Blue - Trundle Bed Included

A trundle day bed is a great option for parents that want to be close with their children during the night. Parents can use this as an area to sleep on when they are sick or need more oversight, and it also doubles up as reading material before bed. This is better than having two beds in one room because you don’t have any extra space being occupied by another piece of furniture like a twin-sized mattress would take up if used instead!

Twin Size Trundle Beds

Twin size trundle beds are a convenient and space-saving option for bedrooms. The drawers under the bed make it possible to store important items without sacrificing any square footage in your bedroom, but there’s more! If you remove the mattress from over the top bunk of these beds, then that empty space can be used as an extra drawer – this maximizes storage opportunities.

Convertible Cribs with a Trundle Bed Transition

Kids bedroom idea - crib with trundle bed.

Imagine your child growing up with their own bed from infancy to adulthood. Imagine a crib that will grow with them, instead of having to buy multiple beds for each stage in development. Then imagine the joy you’ll have watching as they use and enjoy all these stages–from infant on one side of the room and toddler on another; daybed near pajamas next door; then full-sized bed just across the hall!

Full-Size Trundle Beds with Headboard Panels for Storage

Trundle bed with headboard storage for bedrooms.

Full-size trundle beds with headboard panels are perfect for sleepovers, giving you the convenience of an extra sleeping area without having to sacrifice your own bed. A great way to save space in a small room is by purchasing these types of beds and utilizing shelves in the headboard instead of using nightstands or dressers. The closest items will always be at hand on top while storing other essentials like photos, books, pillows etc., on bottom – saving both time and energy!

Twin Size Trundle Beds for Siblings

Stig Full Over Full Solid Wood Standard Bunk Bed with Trundle

Twin trundle beds are a great option for kids who share the same bedroom because they give them their own space and also provide an additional sleeping surface. This type of bed is ideal when there isn’t enough floor space to accommodate two separate mattresses, but it can be pulled out at night so siblings have room on the floor to play games or read magazines before going off into dreamland together.

Leather-Upholstered Trundle Day Beds

The leather trundle day bed is the perfect combination of luxury and functionality. These beds are made from high-quality material that’s easy to clean, maintain, and accessorize with your decorating style. The sleek design offers an added bonus in a bedroom or guest room by providing discreet sleeping space when you need it most!

Pop-Up Trundle Beds for couple

Pop-up trundle bed idea for guest bedroom.

Pop-up trundle beds are a life saver for parents with small children. Pop-up trundle beds merge to the main bed; the lower portion can stay low to ground or pop up and be the same height as your sleeping surface. A twin size, two person pop-up trundle bed is great because it makes room on either side of you while merging into one huge king sized mattress that will accommodate whatever needs you may have!

The trundle bed is a fabulous space saver for small bedrooms! When not in use, the mattress folds up and tucks underneath your top bed. This means you’ll have plenty of room to sleep comfortably without feeling cramped. Trunk beds are also great because they give two people ample sleeping surfaces when they need it most– like during family gatherings or if one partner has guests over at their place all the time!

Full-Size Trundle Beds in Guest Rooms


Full size trundles provide guests with privacy but also allow parents to have comfort when travelling with their small children. If you’re looking for something compact that fits into even smaller spaces then this is perfect because it can be used either as sleeping accommodation or alternatively just stored away so there’s always enough room on your floorspace which comes in handy if having houseguests over regularly!

Upholstered Trundle Day Beds

A trundle day bed is an excellent piece to have in your bedroom because it can be used as a couch, workspace, and more. They are usually designed with arms on the side that allow you to rest comfortably while also being able to function as a sofa so there’s never any reason not too!

Trundle day beds are versatile pieces of furniture that can serve as a couch to work, read and study on. They also function as surfaces for sleeping or napping every now and then. The pull-out bed in trundle daybeds can accommodate a study partner if you’re pulling an all-nighter and need to rest while working with someone else!