Triple Window Curtain Ideas

Triple Window Curtain Ideas. Windows are often found in pairs, trios, or even bigger multiples. Multiple windows in a room necessitate creative window treatment ideas, whether they’re treated individually or as a group.

These sleek examples demonstrate how to outfit side-by-side windows while also offering intelligent functionality.

If the Windows Are Immediately Next to Each Other

We’re referring to several single-window components that are stacked directly next to one another to form a broad window here.

They are commonly referred to as triple windows by many. Those windows, excluding the wooden frame, are usually about 72 or 108 inches wide. There is no set “standard” width.

You may either combine these windows into a single unit and arrange them there, or you may divide them out.

Treating the Window as One

Outside mounts or frame mounts are used to dress these windows.


The frame of the window was fastened directly to a gathered balloon valance.


dressing two neighboring windows with a single extra-wide valance is just fine with an inch or two of space. The arching trumpet valance is what you’re looking at.


In reality, broad walls of windows can be broken up and given form by using arched areas.

Window Seat


With a designer combination of woven shades and short-length curtain panels, flank recessed bench windows offer an extra-cozy and stylish look.



This house in Pebble Beach, California, has some of the best views imaginable. To prevent the curtains from interfering, design firm Workshop/APD used a special arrangement. To create a laid-back vibe, choose a long, semi-sheer neutral.

Wood Blinds


Wood blinds seem to belong in most rooms, not just a den or library. Natural wood slats that have been painted or stained are referred to as wood blinds.

They’re a traditional approach that complements numerous decorating approaches while their basic design makes them simple to control.

Light pine to bamboo to highly stained ebony are just a few of the options available.

Depending on the amount of autonomy you need with respect to privacy and light management, different slat sizes are available. I like to use wood blinds with drapery or a valance for a stylish look.

Try Your Hand at a Roman Shade


They claim that it takes time to construct Rome. However, these Roman blinds are definitely stylish. This multipurpose do-it-yourself window dressings work for practically any space in your house.

It is designed to be reversible with a tension rod for ease of installation and is made of two different fabrics. For a perfect look, choose fabrics that complement your décor.

Curved Large Windows


You may choose to hang drapings over or beneath a curve if you have curved windows. The curtain rod was placed over the full set of broad windows in this chamber by the interior designer.

Instead of having custom-made curtains, you may use ones with a basic design.

How to Dress Multiple Windows


You’ll need to pick between treating each window independently or treating the whole expanse as a single unit when picking treatments for many windows. In this residence, there is a living room.

Because of the surrounding built-ins, separate Roman shades are inserted inside the frames of each window.

The leather sofa and other natural textures throughout the space are complimented by the woven material. For a cohesive look, the same window treatments are repeated throughout the adjoining dining area.

Treating the Window as Separate Sections

The window treatment for each of the sections is unique. Blinds are the most popular window treatments in most parts of the world, but soft window treatments can make your windows stand out even more.

Consider a stationary faux shade valance or a fabric Roman shade that pulls down for privacy and light control.

If they have rod pockets, these window treatments can be mounted on wood or tension rods.


Inside-mounted triple window section with three silk balloon shades above a kitchen sink. Separating colors out is a wonderful way to create each one exactly how you want it.


You can get as creative as you want when it comes to separating each window section out as long as there is symmetry.

The center of the valance spans three window areas here. If you like this fabric, check out some more toile valance designs.

Wall of Windows


Consider installing modest groupings of high-hung drapery panels at intervals around the area if your sunroom or other living space is lined with huge window walls. Close them for private or better light control or leave them open for unobstructed vistas.



Designer Ryan Lawson chose thick, textured fabrics for a rustic, layered effect in this Connecticut Colonial. The homeowners’ bohemian artworks and accouterments are perfectly matched by natural fibers.

Faux Wood Blinds


Faux wood blinds are always my first pick for value and a simple design. Why? Affordable, efficient, attractive, and easy maintenance are some of my favorite words.

Therefore, there will be no fading or fraying, and you’ll just need to wipe it off occasionally. What’s not to like? I mean, what else is there?

Faux wood shades are less costly and more long-lasting than genuine wood shades.

In humid climates or high moisture rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, since these blinds won’t warp or fade, they are the best option.

Repurposed Object Curtains for a Simple Solution


Several things, aside from traditional rods, can hold up the curtains. A stylish alternative is a simply painted board with hooks attached.

The board’s appearance after years of exposure to the elements is even more appealing. The effect is finished by adding a film tabbed curtain to the board’s brackets.

Cafe Curtains on Large Windows


Try using café curtains to cover larger windows on a budget. To achieve a cohesive look for the window, this owner utilized a lengthy curtain rod and lengthy curtains on either side.

Next, when needed, they installed café drapes across the bottom half of each window to provide privacy.

Vintage Pattern Curtains


This set has a little vintage appeal and is a good source of picture window ideas. In contrast to the solid neutral backdrop, each panel has a damask pattern in a contrasting hue.

It features a tab top header and a liner that creates a blackout effect.

Designer Advice: Blue and tan are available. Because the damask designs would complement the themes of these residences, we suggest purchasing the blue set for coastal, vintage, and transitional interiors.

In addition, contemporary, farmhouse, Parisian, and vintage settings all benefit from the tan option. When picking a color for the curtain, choose one that contrasts with the wall treatment but is not too bold.

Best Privacy

Roller shades or blinds are the best option if you’re more concerned about light levels throughout your home.

Roller shades have a sleek appearance while still providing functionality. They provide a wide range of natural light for living rooms, hallways, and dining rooms, while also protecting against UV rays.


Some spaces, such as the bedroom, theater, or nursery, on the other hand, need more seclusion and the ability to block harsh sunlight.

You’ll want blackout drapes or shades in this situation. They’re intended to block any external light and incoming air from seeping through by using tightly woven, thick materials.

You may set the bedroom apart using blackout curtains to produce a sense of coziness and ensure that you get a good night’s sleep every night.

Plush Pink


Floor-to-ceiling drapings, like Élitis’ delicate pink ones from Carice van Houten and Guy Pearce’s Amsterdam residence designed by Nicole Dohmen of Atelier ND Interior, can enhance the mood of your living space.

The room’s overall energetic yet lush feel is enhanced by the colorful Kooij coffee table and opulent sofas.

Treatment Ideas for Windows and Doors


Using matching window treatments, link several windows and doors. A pair of windows and a set of French doors are dressed in identical curtains mounted just below the ceiling in this living room.

The room’s symmetry is created by the patterned fabric connecting the two pieces.

If the Windows are 7 to 12 Inches Apart

Once the gap gets this wide, you’ll definitely have to treat each window individually. Outside mounts, inside mounts, and frame mounts should all work properly here.


You’ll be able to start installing complex valances at this time. In most cases, unless you’re going with a sheer or semi-sheer fabric, the window gap isn’t wide enough for draperies.

Clash colour and pattern


Sophie Robinson, the creator of DIY SOS and official ‘Friend of Ideal Home,’ has caught our eyes with this exquisite combination of floral patterned blinds and geometric print curtains.

On paper, it may appear questionable, but in reality, it’s quite stunning.

This room ticks all three boxes, giving a high-energy appeal that’s the polar opposite of polite beige,’ Sophie says, describing herself as a ‘self-confessed color lover, cushion hugger, and pattern clasher.’

Short drapings only really succeed in lovely rural cottages; whenever possible, use floor-length drapings.

Draw attention to a shapely bay window


Using blinds to emphasize the form of the bay and elegant drapes to highlight the height of the space, create a feature of a classic bay window.

Patterns add excitement, but they don’t have to be obnoxious or shouty.’ Helen Harry, an interior designer, advises how to dress a bay window as follows: it can be subtle and calming yet intriguing and texture.



Shutters are more than just functional and attractive window treatments; they may also add value to your home as an architectural statement.

Shutters help to insulate against heat, cold, and sound by allowing them to block incoming light, offer privacy when closed, and provide a barrier between rooms.

Shutters are a classic and timeless addition to any space. At my country manor or a completely hopeless romantic in my beach cottage, the shutters are so stunning; they make me feel like the Queen of England.

Roman Shades for Large Windows


Try roman shades for large windows if you want a simple yet elegant appearance. These window coverings are basic but functional, even if they aren’t necessarily curtains.

A fabric with a unique pattern, such as that seen on these window shades, will give your décor added refinement.

Layer materials in the same tone for minimal luxe


Daniela Tasca-York, the 2017 Great Interior Design Challenge winner, designed this look. You might recall her fondness for drapes if you watched the show. She didn’t let the lack of windows stop her.

Different fabric weights and similar cool creamy tones are used in these curtains to create a light and luxury look. Metallic furnishings have upped the glitz factor.

This design in an LA apartment wouldn’t look out of place with marble-effect wallpaper and a deep-pile rug.

With this tailored look, it’s critical to get the curtains’ length just right, according to the stylist. By purchasing made to measure, you can avoid making mistakes.

Bring the Outdoors In


Whether it’s photographs of a green kitchen or bucolic textiles serving as drapery, we’re loving all of the nature-inspired interiors that are appearing in our feeds.

Katie Rosenfeld, the designer, used Michael S. Grace’s Jasper Fabrics (created by Michael S. Grace). By using Smith) to decorate the walls and as pleated window treatments, this dining room’s overall design was given a modern and energetic touch.

Frame practical shutters with coloured curtains


It’s best to choose a classic white design in rooms where you pick a window treatment based on necessity, such as shutters on the lower portion of a living room window to offer privacy.

You may frame the window with draperies that are there primarily to add beauty, but you’ll probably never need to pull them.

Yet, to soften the appearance and create pattern or color in your décor, they become crucial.

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