Trex Deck Ideas. Deck ideas are the foundation of the best decks. Browse through our selection of stunning design ideas for inspiration for decks — both huge and tiny.

Is a sleek, minimalistic design your thing? Or maybe you’d like to have a firepit on your decking concept?

Is it your preferred style of horizontal deck flooring? Or do you want a herringbone design to add more visual appeal?

Here you’ll find novel color combinations, as well as ideas for decks with pergolas.

Who Will the Deck Be Used For?

A deck that is solely created for usage on birthdays and holidays will seem to be nothing like a vast backyard deck where your whole family can dine, play games, and soak up the sun all summer long.

If the deck is going to be used by youngsters, then ask yourself: How many people will be here at any one time?



Decking is useful for creating a tiering garden and levelling out uneven hills. Different zones may then be created for various activities based on the resulting levels, such as this eating area and lounge area.

With its warm, reddish color and visually pleasing diagonal placement over the upper level, we like the look of wood-effect composite decking.

To emphasize the steps, a secondary shade has been employed here, as described in the preceding tip.

Find Your Zone


Partitioning a deck into various living zones, much as you would at home, can be helpful when space permits.

For eating, reading, and conversation, think about zones. Each “room” can be given a unique feel by using outdoor furniture, rugs, patio umbrellas, and potted plants.



Composite materials are especially suited for a attractive pool deck because they’re non-slip. So why not try something a little more different if you want?

Build a playful area that’s a pleasure to explore by building durable walkways and bridges over and around your pool. You might install some trendy decking railings if you want to increase the safety factor.



Mid-century modern house with an indoor-outdoor courtyard and a living room. With wood ceilings and floor to ceiling sliding doors, this living area has wide views of the San Francisco Bay.

Orange lounge chair and wooden side table, plus a courtyard with a round dining table and wicker patio chairs. In the Berkeley hills, California, large potted plants on teak deck tiles



Contemporary courtyards, such as this one, benefit from composite decking because it is easier to care for and always looks nice.

You may easily expand your living area by pairing it with current deck furniture. The setup will be elevated even more by a wall-mounted outdoor TV, which sounds like a really nice way to spend a night under the stars.

Trex Trancend


Trex Transcend decking in Lava Rock features rich reddish-black coloring with subtle hatching and natural hatching patterns, while Trex Transcend decking in Tiki Torch features a mild.

The look of genuine tropical hardwoods with modest variations of color and streaking is intended to be imitated by earthy shade, which has rich, reddish-brown hardwood streaking.

Trex Elevations, Trex Reveal railing, Trex Pergola, Trex Outdoor Furniture, and Trex Outdoor Lighting – stair riser lights, post cap lights, and recessed lights are among the other products available.



Deck lighting ideas are an important consideration if you want to give your outdoor living space after-dark appeal.

If you’re including them in your design, consider installing strip lights beneath steps, planters, or even built-in benches as an alternative to recessed spotlights.

Without being overbearing, the effect is current and comfortable. To highlight your planting displays, add modest stake lights to the containers themselves.

Two-Tone Effect


It’s difficult to choose just one color of Trex deck boards because there are so many great options. Why not choose two?

Adding depth and character to an outdoor living area is a simple two-tone trick. It can also serve as a trail marker, indicating where the path changes angle, slope, or grade.



Is it just the floor that you think about when you design decking? Composite designs, which offer a smart and contemporary look that lasts, may be used to clad garden walls.

The rustic texture of this wood-effect design appeals to us. The vintage-style lightbulbs add to the scene’s dark hue, which pairs beautifully with lime-green plantings. It’s a wonderful technique to utilize as a living wall backdrop for your seating area.



There is plenty of opportunity to get creative with so many different colors of composite decking. Therefore, why not choose two complementary hues instead of just one?

The secondary color may be employed to draw attention to the edges in garden stair design.

It not only looks nice, but it also prevents people from skipping a step by accident. The home’s dark gray matches the entryway frames in such a way that it is an attention-grabbing feature.

Down in the Pits


Guests like moths to a flame flocked to a subterranean discussion pit with a propane fire table. Is there no hole to fall into? It’s no problem!

Trex boards may be utilized to produce built-in seats, despite the fact that there isn’t a sunken area. A wooden frame will be required to support it.



Pergolas are a fantastic deck cover idea that not only offers shade from the sun but also definition to a zone.

This big, pale gray and white pattern, which is similar to composite flooring in hue, looks absolutely stunning on top of it. Particularly with the complementary dining furniture, it ties everything together beautifully.

For nighttime get-togethers, you could always suspend contemporary outdoor pendants from the beams. Hanging plants are also a excellent choice for pergolas because of their bright color and visual appeal.

Fire Pit On A Trex Deck


With a deck fire pit, one of the main concerns is heat. You’ll want to make sure that the boards aren’t visible from above.

At temperatures as low as 176 degrees Fahrenheit, Trex decking will begin to soften. As a result, installing the fire pit on top of the decking is never recommended. A non-combustible material must be used to create a protective barrier or padding.

A fire pit or fireplace on your Trex deck can be a lovely addition to your home once it is properly installed.

A Trex deck with a fire pit is one of the most popular options for creating a secluded retreat in your yard.

Generational Deck


Three generations of family members may relax and enjoy a curved or extended deck in their own way thanks to this conceptual deck design concept. Install a safe swing on one end so that the grandparents may read to the newborns and lull them to sleep.

Adults may enjoy an afternoon drink and catch up on the latest family news in the sophisticated comfort of Adirondack chairs, while the children may play games or tell jokes in the casual ease of Adirondack chairs.



Using a dark and ink-like tone to spice up your garden theme is a surefire way to create drama and is highly on-trend right now.

In this example, it blends well with vivid and metallic colors, but also works well against lighter furniture for a beautiful contrast. Furthermore, adjacent foliage will be highlighted by the use of charcoal hues.

Consider painting your fence to match for a truly cohesive aesthetic, in addition to selecting composite decking for this scheme.

Party Deck


Do you want to be the host with the most space on your huge deck, and the topic of conversation in your community?

With benches and deep seating sofas, many of which are integrated into the design or flush to the wall to leave more room for mingling, party decks have large open spaces and plenty of built in seating.

You can structure your gatherings by putting something like a fire pit in the center of a large space and arranging a few seating sets in the corners for people to relax. Let the festivities begin!



Excellent architecture isn’t always good in and of itself. On rare occasions, incorporating features from the landscape may improve the design and help it blend in with nature.

The best way to achieve it is by planting a lush deck that creates a private retreat!

In urban outdoor settings, where you may want to create your own private enclosure, this is particularly beneficial. For a little visual appeal and personality, you can also include a lot of variety in your foliage!



When planning your deck for construction, you may alternatively avoid convention from the start.

You may, for example, create a somewhat elevated deck (about 12 inches) with no railings and large wooden steps if you have some room.

This will give you a smooth transition from the home to your deck, resulting in continuous movement! Of course, there’ll be even more room to integrate elements from different design concepts around the edges.

Colorful Deck


Your design ideas don’t have to be limited to practicality; they can be creative. Daring designers may inject bursts of color into every corner of their design to capture the attention instead of creating a deck that fits in with the architectural elements of your home.

Many of our most popular outdoor furniture pieces are accented with a line of vibrant colors including Sunset Red, Pacific Blue, and Lime.

When you line the sides of your deck with planters full of lush plant life, you can also use greenery to establish your deck theme. Decks that are high enough to require a lot of steps may transform into a walkable garden.



Consider going a step further by making the area into the ultimate relaxation zone, staying with the lounging theme!

By putting a daybed with some nice outdoor pillows in this area, you may transform it into a comfortable retreat for lazy afternoons.

This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of your living room, whether hanging from an overhang like a pergola or covered by a canopy.



These days, practically everyone wants an outdoor kitchen. That’s obvious. They’re also great summer socializing centers, and they provide a fantastic way to cook alfresco.

A composite deck, which provides a stable, non-slip, and simple-to-clean foundation, is the ideal flooring for these characteristics.

For a subtle style statement, complete with recessed spotlights for illuminating the scene at nightfall, a second, complementary tone has been used around the counters.



You can build your deck so that the flooring surface inside and the outside deck connect at the same height, if you want to really embrace indoor-outdoor living.

You might put certain glass doors on the walls that will open wide and provide you with natural air circulation throughout the space.

You’ll be spending more time “outside” before you know it once this makes the whole area seem like one big outdoor room.

Food-centric Deck


Cooks with a deep desire to cook and serve meals outdoors may still create a one-of-a-kind deck design that prominently features a large dining table.

If your guests are mostly adults, incorporate a few bar tables around the eating area for snacks and drinks, or buy chair cushions so your children may stay comfortable during lunch or dinner. to offer natural overhead cover throughout your dining area, construct a pergola.



Setting up an outdoor dining area is one of the greatest methods to make sure that you utilize your deck on a regular basis.

You may use this area everyday if the weather permits, by shifting your family dinners! Look for some outdoor dining table sets online and choose a nice space with enough room.

It would be nice if you considered buying a dining table with an umbrella or some other overhead to shield yourself from the weather.

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