Towel Display Ideas

Towel Display Ideas. In the bathroom, having extra towels on hand is always a smart idea, but storing them can be difficult.

The overall look of your bathroom is determined by how you store your bath towels, washcloths, and other linens. Whether you store them in baskets on hooks or atop shelves, this is an important consideration.

These towel display ideas will offer your bathroom gorgeous and convenient storage.

Adding Color to the Vanity


For those who want to build a curated towel display in the bathroom, most modern vanities provide multiple options.

In 2017, the most popular choice among homeowners is the two-part floating vanity.

You can show off your fresh, folded towels in a basic yet visually striking manner by spacing the top and bottom units apart.

Towels in bold orange, brilliant purple, navy blue, or even sunny yellow tend to draw your attention immediately since they are the most common colors.

By altering the color scheme and fads throughout the year, you may update your bathroom.

More than just offer space for additional towels, metallic towel racks and holders do much more.

Brass and copper are at the forefront of providing texture contrast to today’s bathrooms, which are full of polished finishes. Those who prefer a less noticeable towel holder may choose one with a cooler metallic finish.

Decorative Ladder


A ornamental black ladder stood upright against the wall beside the bathtub is a imaginative solution to the problem of how to display your towels in this sleek beach house designed by Desiree Burns Interiors.

Minimalistic Parallel Bar Design


This design might be your go-to if you’re looking for something simple yet stunning. The best feature is that this one will only need a simple setup.

Two horizontal bars are all that’s required. Tape loops or Velcro loops are used to attach the bars to the wall. That’s all there is to it! You have your towel bars ready to go!

A Ladder Towel Rack


Use a ladder as a towel rack by capitalizing on vertical space against one wall. Both wet and freshly washed towels can be displayed in this way.

Consider using an antique wooden ladder from flea markets or thrift shops, and paint it to freshen it up. Hang small containers of bathroom supplies, such as brushes and combs, on the lower rungs.

Towel Rails, Holders and Hooks


Do folded towels that are neatly placed beside the mirror or on floating shelves seem a little too ordinary?

Next, the basic but very efficient towel hooks should be brought out. You can move the hooks around the bathroom and arrange them in a variety of ways to generate an appealing aesthetic, in addition to choosing them.

The bathroom’s particular theme (say nautical, rustic, or industrial) can be enhanced with customized towel hooks or even homemade hooks. For an even more fun and colorful bathroom, you can mix them with beautiful wall decals!

Stylish Towel Rings


To keep them within reach, hang hand towels on wall-mounted hooks. In tiny bathrooms with pedestal or floating sinks, where counter space is restricted, this towel storage idea works well.

You’ll also have the opportunity to display any of your beautiful bath towels.

Antique Vanity


An antique vanity holds the sink in this frilly bathroom from Courtney at French Country Cottage, and fluffy white towels are stacked on a lower shelf and rolled up in a large basket under the sink.

The ornate style of the bathroom is helped by keeping an abundance of white hotel-style bath towels on display.

Rectangular Star Design Towel Hooks


If you adore having plants around, this towel hook is for you. The structure is made of wood and has a rectangular head at the top, with wooden bars creating Criss-cross designs to cover the rectangle.

Your towels are hung from hooks placed at the bottom of the rectangular structure. Meanwhile, to produce a natural, beautiful effect in the center, the rectangle structure features a circular plant design.

‘Hey, there!’ and ‘I like you AND I love you,’ say the wall behind this structure’s positive messages.



Baskets are a good way to store your bath towels because they’re both textural and convenient. At How Does She, I first saw this concept of hanging baskets for towels, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

I was able to stuff five of their hand towels and six washcloths into each hanging basket, as well as a few of the huge, soft Boll and Branch Bath towels.

They are within arm’s length of the shower and perfectly display the lofty cotton towels.

Baskets are also decorative while being functional at the same time, which adds to their appeal.

The new Boll and Branch washcloths fit nicely in these small striped baskets. In addition, because they’re tiny, you can relocate them whenever necessary.

Rolling towels makes it easy to cram the most into a basket. I roll them tightly either in half or thirds.

Ladder Shelf


A ladder-style shelf might be a good idea for holding your towels. This kind of display has a small footprint and is simple to keep in place, making it ideal for tiny areas.

Stacked Towel Storage


Towels should be placed on open shelves near the shower. A narrow set of shelves is sunk into a wall behind the entrance to conserve space in this tiny bathroom.

The lowest shelves contain stacks of clean towels and sheets, while the upper shelves hold bathroom supplies. The towel of the day is held by a hook between the shelves and the shower.

Time to Get Innovative


In the bathroom, a contemporary reincarnation of the rustic ladder provides plenty of area to organize those towels.

Baskets that can hold your towels as well as other ornamental items and toiletries are housed on nifty ladder shelves, which go a step further.

A modest side table beside the bathtub that may hold everything from soap and shampoo to the neatly folded towel might tickle your fancy instead of a ladder shelf.

Yes, it may not provide a large amount of space, but it certainly adds refinement to the bathroom!

Cubby Holes


Built-in cubby holes between the double sinks create a dedicated area to store fresh rolled up towels in this polished beach house bathroom from Desiree Burns Interiors.

Wall-Mounted Wooden Towel Storage Space


This is for you if you prefer your towels to be neatly rolled away rather than hanging off hooks. It’s a wall-mounted piece of wood that’s of high quality.

It comes with three different shelves – one on top of the other – so that you can also store other items for yourself alongside the towels, making it simpler to store your towel rolls.



Draping or hanging your towels is another good and common way to show them. I layered one hand towel with a washcloth as shown above.

For the primary purpose of drying hands, these particular towels are large in size and gently hang.

These beautiful towels may be hung from hooks on doors for more space.

The enormous Boll and Branch bath sheets (a favorite of my husband’s because of the grand size) are able to be hung on the wall with hooks.

All of the bright white is given a finishing touch with elegant bathroom brushes and accessories.

Don’t be afraid to just drape your towels over a sink or counter like the Boll and Branch hand towel, since there are no hooks or holders to drape them.

The size of these towels (all versions) is nice and large, which you can see proportionally. For the purpose of a properly functioning bathroom, they should be just so.

Doorknob Towel Hooks – Recyclable and Reusable


Do you have a knack for repurposing furniture? So you’d appreciate this one, wouldn’t you?

Except for the fact that they are food knobs and key cases, these are hooks for hanging your towels. You can screw them to the wall and hang your towels on them right away.



Another excellent option is to store your bath towels folded when you’re not draping, rolling, or hanging them. A neatly folded towel stands out as the most organized and elegant object imaginable.

If space is limited, they may be stacked in cabinets or lines outside of them.

To get this appearance, I like to fold them in thirds and then thins.

Alternatively, you can use these long washcloths as a drying towel for visitors and wash their hands by folding a bit under.

So, if you can’t pick between three different storage strategies, use them all! There’s no need to tuck your bath towels away because they’re as lovely as these.

Our small little space has benefited from having such lovely towels, and we have appreciated them. Every bathroom can benefit from it. I want you to be able to adopt some of the concepts presented in your own home; if you did, great!

Thanks to Boll and Branch for providing these towels, which I appreciate. Boll and Branch sponsored this post, but it is 100% my own opinion.

The items are fair trade, organic, and created to give back in collaboration with Not For Sale, which is noteworthy about this firm. Thank you for listening today and allowing me to share with you.

Hanging Towel Bar for Your Beautiful Bathroom Corner


This one has the potential to make your bathroom look stunning. In your bathroom, this arrangement is located next to the sink.

A bar hangs from the bottom of it, and it’s a brick-like shelf. The hanging bar may be utilized to extend out your hand towel, while the brick shelf may be utilized to implement plants in your area. The gorgeous bathroom mirror complements it nicely.

DIY Basket Shelves for Towels


Mount a set of wicker baskets on the wall above the vanity to create floating shelves for a creative towel display idea.

Storing extra hand towels and washcloths in a long, narrow shape is the best choice. Store frequently used toiletries, such as hand cream and cosmetics, in the other baskets.

Open Laundry Room Shelving


Thick warm wood floating shelves are positioned above the washing machine and dryer in this laundry room created by Cathie Hong Interiors, providing a location to store grab-and-go piles of towels alongside beautiful items, plants, and laundry accessories.

Bathtub-Side Towel Roll Basket


You shouldn’t have to exit your bathtub to get your towel while you’re having fun.

The towel roll basket is typically ideal for this. This basket is simple to use because you can stack your towels. After that, simply put the basket on a stool or table near your bathtub for easy access.

Open Towel Stack


neatly stack your towels on open shelves under the vanity for a sophisticated appearance.

Make a pyramid out of your towels if they come in different sizes. Starting with the biggest, work your way down.

To avoid the shelves seeming full, keep only three or four towels on them at a time.

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