Top Of Kitchen Cabinet Decorating Ideas

Top Of Kitchen Cabinet Decorating Ideas. Some areas in our homes seem to be pleading for décor, but they’re a little uncomfortable. Next to the front door is a wall. Underneath the stairwell, there is an empty space.

And then there’s the area above the kitchen cupboards, which seems to need something but what?

Filling that area above the cabinets might be the answer if your kitchen’s styling seems to be lacking in some way and needs just the thing to create a finished look.

Demonstrated by featured designers, bloggers, and Instagrammers, there are truly a variety of options for decorating this area. You can use that space above the cabinets for anything from vintage art to practical storage.



Explore kitchen art ideas and decorate with art above cabinets and shelving to inject a little joie de vivre into your kitchen.

Art should be as important in the kitchen as it is in any other room, and we can’t disagree with that.

Jessica Summer, an interior designer, creates a rustic atmosphere with earthy hues and texture (opens in new tab).

To highlight the above materials while also balancing the traditional elements such as an antique butcher’s block and open shelves, the cabinetry is minimal and contemporary,’ said Mr. Chen.

Secret Stash


Store picnic baskets, decorative items, and extra cutting boards in your kitchen cabinet tops since you don’t have enough space elsewhere.



Adding strong contrast to a room without overpowering is as simple as using an accent color above eye level.’

According to George Miller, home designer, Neptune(opens in new tab), the accent color will draw the attention upward for a visual surprise.

In rooms with higher ceilings or grand cornicing, accentuating either characteristic to spectacular effect, this can have particularly excellent effects.’

The cooker hood here, for example, has a blocking effect that feels modern and can help smooth out any awkward architectural junctures. Continuing the kitchen color idea across various surfaces and planes.

Include Nooks for Storage


Your cabinets’ space above them may be utilized for a certain function, such as extra storage. Maximize your kitchen’s storage capacity by utilizing the area above your cabinets to store baskets.

Baskets can provide a decorative aspect to a room by keeping tiny items and extra kitchen supplies concealed.

Adding vertical dividers will give the area a more organized and neat appearance, while using a set of matching baskets creates a homogeneous effect.

Cattle Collection


Holy cow! Build a themed display to take your country-style kitchen to the next level, just like these Texas homeowners.

Bring in Artificial Plants


Artificial plants may seem outdated to you, since climbing vines trailed along the tops of kitchen cabinets in the 1980s.

Anyhow, today there are stunning and lifelike fake plants that may inject a contemporary feel to any room.

Buying a few of the same style of plants will keep the room looking fresh and clean, and a little bit of greenery in the kitchen is always a welcome touch.

To tie it all together, add a few more comparable layouts on the counter and dining table.



Add interest to a kitchen cabinet with wall panels by adding some extra space. Wall paneling ideas are a wonderful way of marrying old and new. Period properties, wall paneling that fits or complements the property’s original style and architecture.

Instead, adding a paneled section is a clever approach of injecting character to a featureless area in a basic kitchen devoid of decorative features or any distinct architecture.

In this area designed by Charlotte Crosland(opens in new tab), tongue-and-groove paneling, linen curtains, and wall-hung storage all contribute to a French country kitchen aesthetic.

The laid-back, ‘unfitted’ atmosphere is enhanced by keeping your kitchen equipment easily visible and within arm’s reach using magnetic knife blocks, utensil racks, and pot stands.

Decorate with enamelware and paintings inspired by rural activities, as well as typical brocante items like chic vintage china.

Create an Indoor Garden


Setting up an indoor garden in the space above cabinets if you have a green thumb and aren’t afraid of climbing up to water the plants every week is perfect; just be sure to get plants that don’t need a lot of light.

The kitchen is brightened with low-light plants that are planted above the cabinetry. The appearance will stay fresh and modern by using identical design and colored pots.

Style Eye-Catching Décor


Add a dash of style to the empty area above your kitchen cupboards by selecting a few tiny decorative objects that stand out against the wall color.

In this white kitchen, we adore the woven accents that tie the space together by drawing attention from the countertop to the ceiling:

The combination of various textures blended together for an intentional finish that doesn’t overpower the area is thanks to an earthy mix of neutral hues.



Jake Arnold(opens in new tab) has achieved exactly what he set out to do here. He designed beautiful room concepts that meet the needs of those who live in them while expressing their personalities with good design.

Your current kitchen ideas might be transformed into a spectacular room with precise attention to materials and their placement.

The well-chosen ornamental items above the kitchen cabinets serve as the focal point of this Californian home’s kitchen. These elements pique curiosity but don’t dominate the space, and they don’t clash with each other.

Showcase a Sign


Maybe you were going to the flea market or a local design accessory store and saw an overscale sign that you couldn’t find a home for, but maybe on your last trip.

Whether you’re putting up a tall, vintage-style sign or creating your own family motto, the empty, chilly area over the kitchen cabinets is ideal. Above the cabinets, it will seem homey, and when coupled with bouquets of beautiful fake flowers, it will appear even better.



We’re seeing brighter colors on walls, cabinets, and even ceilings,’ says Emma Bulmer, head color consultant at Edward Bulmer Natural Paint(opens in new tab), ‘as colorful kitchen ideas have a renaissance.’

Creativity and confidence are also becoming more evident in the use of colors and color combinations.’

An absence of top cupboards really opens up this kitchen, allowing the dark pink paint color and artwork to add character and personalize the space,’ says designer Danny Fothergill.

Weave in an Art Gallery


Wall art is a classic and attractive feature that can be added to any home. It’s nice to visit a gallery that is presented in a new and innovative manner, while being timeless and traditional.

Using frames that are all the same color creates uniformity, as does leaning a group of similar-style artwork against each other and the back wall.

This design element is rather simple to build and gorgeous to see, whether it’s a collection of antique oil paintings or black and white photographs.



It’s possible to overlook kitchen lighting while decorating above kitchen cabinets. In the kitchen, a few LED strips can really brighten up the room, adding shelving and dialing down the stress level.

When the lights are off, the most sophisticated solutions are completely hidden, necessitating early discussions with your designer.

According to Mark Holloway, managing director of Kitchens By Holloways(opens in new tab), it is critical to ensure that the LED strips are properly placed inside the shelves or cabinet.

The greatest lighting effect and the least evident reflections or visible fittings will be achieved by angling them at 45 degrees back towards the wall.’

Vintage Glass Bottles via Inspired by This


I’m fascinated by glass bottles on top of cabinets. Instant color, texture, and history are added to a room by apothecary and vintage bottles.



The space that a kitchen backsplash takes up may be less important than the value of having it built out into the room.

A marble kitchen backsplash with clever cubby-style kitchen storage inside, as well as a shelf above to display the couple’s favorite pieces of crockery and kitchenware, may be found in the kitchen of Roddy Murray, founder of RJ Murray Design(opens in new tab).

Fill the Space With Tall Pieces


It may be difficult to locate décor items that are tall enough to span the area above the kitchen cabinets and blend in with the rest of your kitchen design if you have high ceilings.

The bareness above the cabinets may be filled with tall, elegant vases and ceramic art that gives a contemporary impression.



Give a room with wallpaper designs that delight the senses a performative and decorative stamp. Over kitchen cabinets, kitchen wallpaper themes may be used to embellish, and there are a plethora of paint colors and wallpaper and fabric patterns to pick from.

Now, as they were originally created, traditional paper designs are block-printed in a similar manner, such as here, and are often inspired by nature.

Botanicals, checks, and stripes are classic designs that are always popular, but they are particularly in style right now.

Many clients combine tiled walls with wallpapers to create a bold visual effect in the kitchen, according to Paula Taylor, head stylist and trend specialist at Graham & Brown. ‘In fact, people seem to go bolder in the kitchen because it is a creative environment,’ she says



When it comes to designing above kitchen cabinets, the sky (or ceiling) is the limit. Architectural practice SPPARC has a drop on maximizing the potential of statement ceilings.

‘SPPARC(opens in new tab) has devised ceiling designs that include intriguing forms and materials, which may be applied to generate articulation and rhythm in architectural elements elsewhere, such as the floating stairs that connect the kitchen to the living rooms above,’ according to Trevor Morriss of SPPARC.

This hefty ceiling is sure to pique everyone’s interest because it is made of stained ash and oak.

Find Spots for Practical Items


We often run out of space, even in a small kitchen with plenty of storage. The vintage kitchen scale might not fit in a cabinet or on the countertop, so it’s possible that there isn’t a place for the extra rolls of paper towels.

That’s where the storage spot above the cabinets comes in handy. While mixing in a few decorative pieces for visual interest, display surplus kitchen necessities, cake stands, and trays. For a sleek appearance, stick to a single color pallette.

Hang Vintage Finds


You may place things on the wall in the area above your cabinets if you have enough room.

This extra wall space surprisingly caters to wall art of almost any kind, but flea market treasures seem to look even more charming. It might be framed family photos, mirrors, small macramé creations, or vintage baking or cooking tools.

Organize Your Cookbook Collection


Who doesn’t want more shelf space for their cookbooks? Consider utilizing that area above your cabinets to keep your favorite books that are simply too lovely or emotional to give away.

The finished design is not only lovely and fits in with kitchen themes, but it’s also the perfect size for storing a collection of cookbooks without being crowded.

Display a Meaningful Collection


Collecting certain things may be fun for you, but you might not have a designated storage space for them, and they’ll wind up buried in the basement or a closet.

Look above your cabinets for a place to display that collection if you haven’t been able to find it.

Your discoveries, which have their own particular location to stand out, will naturally draw your attention upward.

Above cabinets, vases, antique postcards, and even books are appropriate. Filling the void with a succession of pitchers topped with fake flowers is another good option.

The size of the items must be appropriate for viewing when up high; a collection of salt and pepper shakers, for example, may not be appropriate in that location.

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