Toilet Paper Storage Ideas

Toilet Paper Storage Ideas. Let’s face it: the average bathroom is only 5 feet by 8 feet and does not have a lot of storage space. Everyone recognizes the importance of having enough extra toilet paper on hand, but let’s face it.

We’re more than happy to assist you if you need to store a few extra TP rolls but aren’t sure how.

We’ve found some creative toilet paper storage solutions that may either be made at home or purchased for a cheap price. Below are 15 of our favorite examples.

Simple Sink-Side Cabinet


Always have extra storage, particularly in the bathroom. If you have a bathroom arrangement similar to the one shown above, a handy member of your family may put up this simple sink-side cabinet in minutes.

Reclaimed wood, both in the bath and outside, may coordinate with other wooden items. This holder may simply show little houseplants to help improve the air with a window or adequate lighting.

A Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder – So Practical and Tidy!

A bathroom with a rolling cart is so convenient! Whenever you need to, move your toilet paper, cosmetics, towels, and other belongings around.

You may add a little fun by using the white cart to keep it tidy, or you may match your décor by using a bright color. Also, a tiny vase with flowers would be a lovely addition if you’re expecting visitors. There are so many possibilities!


Proudly Display Your Toilet Paper

This toilet paper tree is a lovely addition to a bathroom with natural elements, and it’s earthy too.


Have a bath in which the walls are white and gray? This contemporary and lightweight concrete cloud holder is tons of fun.

Do your kids use the bathroom with your guests? There’s no need to worry.

Your children will adore this sheep toilet paper holder, and your visitors will smile because of it!


Modern, black and white lines that are straight. This basic, diamond toilet paper pattern is something you can’t resist.

A nice vanity may be installed, but unless your bathroom is adorned with a smart storage system like this, you might just run out of toilet paper.

The square or diamond available can be customized to suit the size of your bathroom.


Do many individuals use a single restroom? Until it’s gone, don’t realize you’re out of toilet paper.

This is the ultimate multi-roll toilet paper holder! Camping cabins, sorority houses, religious facilities, and vacation cottages are all examples.

Do you have a giraffe fetish? Is it a bathroom with an animal motif?

To load up a few more rolls, snag a long-necked giraffe. It’s a bonus if you can store and design things.

Guests will never have to worry about where the extra roles may be because a fabric toilet paper holder will instantly match any bathroom design.


Wicker, metal, and plastic are also used for furniture. Fill a basket with additional toilet paper rolls and choose a style that appeals to you.

Depending on the size, place it on the counter, floor, or back of the toilet.

This birdcage toilet paper holder is sure to delight those looking for a fun, lighthearted, and one-of-a-kind bathroom. It comes with storage characteristics as well.

Over-the-Tank Roll Reserve


Consider utilizing your toilet for a spare roll or two if you don’t have any extra floor space to devote to storage. This three-roll chrome holder fits securely onto the tank and allows you to store up to three rolls.

Vertical storage rack

One of the most useful vertical storage concepts is vertical storage. You can fit any tight location with this furniture, which does not need an additional area to store stuff.

You can put as many tissues on this narrow vertical shelf as you want, because it has a lot of shelves. It comes with a top shelf that can accommodate some decorative mason jars.

You may set a few candles on the top shelves if you want a more tranquil bath. These scented candles will brighten your spirits in a jiffy. You can also put a Christmas Elf on the Shelf in your kid’s bathroom.


Toilet Paper Stand Storage

The stand is the most convenient and evident location to store toilet tissue.

For tiny bathrooms, it’s also a fantastic option.


This is my favorite toilet paper stand, but it lacks storage and has a clever little hidden surprise.



A tropical and fun vibe can be achieved with wicker baskets in your bathroom.

For easier toilet paper access, one of these sweet baskets has been mounted to the side of the sink.

Use a second basket to store your favorite bathroom accessories for visual symmetry.

Mesh Method


Mesh storage bins are great for seeing precisely how many rolls of TP you’ve got left while simultaneously organizing everything nicely.

While this item is industrial in nature, you may spray paint it to match your aesthetic preferences if you desire.

Wall-mounted Wire Storage Baskets


Organizing Toilet Paper in Repurposing Magazine Holders is a Brilliant Idea.
What a fantastic notion for utilizing something you already have in a different way!

Not for magazines, but add a magazine holder beside the toilet. Place the toilet paper rolls inside! It’s available in two places: the floor or the countertop.

Helping to keep everything organized is such a brilliant idea. You can get creative with paint, wallpaper, or even decoupage if you can’t find one that perfectly fits your bathroom!


Toilet Paper Holder and Storage Basket are combined


Baskets are an element of your décor that you can’t live without. Your home will seem well-put-together and distinctive with various shapes, styles, and weaves.

This basket can hold items and a rolling rod for this purpose, making it useful in the bathroom as well. For bathroom countertop storage, pair with other baskets of various sizes. Use them in the adjoining bedroom as well as outdoors.

Are You a Crafter or a DIYer? Make Your Own Toilet Paper Storage

This is both neat and adaptable. These 2-roll toilet paper holders are simple to put up and require minimal adjustments, hanging down from your existing toilet paper roll.

You might create a feminine, masculine, or amusing look for the children’s bathroom depending on the material you utilize!

I’m daydreaming about a sweet one for the kiddies featuring fish! When it’s time to wash, simply toss it in the machine.


Low on space?

There is excellent space behind the door, but toilet paper seems to be in an odd location. Instant ribbon toilet paper holder hangs beautifully from hooks by simply combining a long ribbon with a pencil.


You can put a magazine holder anywhere you want, behind the toilet, beside a cabinet, beside the door. The magazine toilet paper storage container is a simple and inexpensive idea because of its slender design.


Above the door, there is a prevalent area of wasted space, much like behind the door. Store and display more rolls on a single shelf that is positioned above the entrance.


With your morning meal, it’s time to get a little inventive. Your huge oatmeal containers, which are shockingly the precise dimensions of two toilet paper rolls, must be recovered.

Your future visitors are already thanking you for replacing those spare TP rolls in your bathroom every time.

We all use toilet paper and never want to be without extra! Never worry again! Pick a cool way to store the extras.

Neat and Narrow


Creating storage shelves that correspond to your requirements to a T is one of the great things about designing your own vanity.

We’re all about clever uses of space, so a thin shelf is the perfect place to store extra toilet paper.

Square Floating Bathroom Shelf


This floating shelf fits on any wall within your reach and is another DIY project that includes storage with the tp dispenser.

A terrific way to store books or show off your favorite trinkets. This is a fun woodworking project that uses cubicles but isn’t too difficult for a skilled saw and hammer wielder.

Creative Vintage Look For Your Bathroom And Toilet Paper

This is amazing! An antique crate with a vintage license plate is affixed to it. You may have an old license plate hanging around in your garage or purchased at the local flea market that you can use for this purpose.

Etsy is an example of an online store where you can find them. You might also add maps or stickers representing a journey aesthetic to the crate’s edges. I’m dying to use an old one that I found in my parents’ garage.


Toilet Paper Stand with Reserve

It is vital to have toilet paper available in every restroom. Just in case you run out of tissues in the bathroom, this nickel polished stand comes with an extra rod to store extra tissue paper, so you never need to call anyone for tissues.

The rust-resistant nickel polished tissue rack can hold up to four paper rolls and is durable.


DIY Fabric Spare Toilet Paper Holder


Why take two rolls of toilet paper when you can have four?

You’ll never be desperate for another roll thanks to this ingenious design.

As long as the fabric is strong enough, you can use it. If your bathroom needs pizzazz, bright colors are a good option, but smooth colors will blend into an already-planned setting.

Sweet Shelves


Have a fun patterned shelf liner or paint color on your open shelving to make it more than just functional.

These polka-dotted shelves in the powder room provide a nice touch while also holding extra toilet paper.

Toilet-Mounted Wire Storage Rack


This lid is rather non-mobile, so it makes a great wire tp holder. In addition, this private space provides a convenient location for storing other necessities.

If your bathroom cabinet space is restricted, utilize it for extra storage. You’ll know it’s being utilized when you add hanging storage on the side. In your contemporary décor, coordinate with other wire elements.

An Elegant and Tidy Way To Store Toilet Paper For A Polished Look

The stylish and contemporary toilet paper storage is provided by a tall hurricane vase. Add some nice touches to the vase to make it look even better – change the décor for the season or year-round sleekness.

Depending on the height of your vase, you can place it on the floor or a nearby counter.


Simons Floating Wall Shelf

A spot for spare rolls can be created by mounting a simple shelf above your door. Make sure you have a step stool readily available when you’re out so you can get to them quickly.

If you want to make replenishing even easier, you can use a shelf like this above the toilet or anywhere near it.


Skinny Storage


This eight-inch-wide DIY toilet paper stand is a great option for storing items in a limited area, as we all know it’s tough to come up with a storage solution that’ll work.

You might also paint the wood to match the scheme of your bathroom if you repeat this project.

Reclaimed Wood Statement Shelf


A exquisite spot to show off a beloved keepsake, and one where you’ll see it every day. Put a few freshly picked flowers in a small vase, or display a favorite pottery piece.

Make it strong enough to hold a few books. As a backing for this one-of-a-kind holder, use that odd-shaped piece of reclaimed wood.

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