15 Wonderful Tire Planter Ideas for Inspiration

If you want to repurpose some old things to be part of the garden decor, look at these tire planter ideas. In this article, you can learn many different ways to re-use the old tires for decoration of the outdoor space. This could be fun things to do with friends, colleagues, or kids.

Tire planter ideas are great for any size of the garden. They would definitely share their industrial look. On the other hand, you are able to spruce them up a little bit with colored paints. It will be a good way to complement the garden design and plants.

One example from tire planter ideas is choosing the contrast color for the tires that go against the plants. It will highlight the plants.

Tips for Executing Tire Planter Ideas

Clean the Tires

Flower bed made from old tires and small tire in the center. | Diy garden, Diy garden decor, Garden art


Well, you are about to use old tires to execute tire planter ideas. Therefore, it is better to clean all the dirt first. The tires would also be a bit grubby. The importance of cleaning is the application of the paint. It will not stick on a dusty and dirty surface.

The finished product would look bad if you do not clean it in a proper way. Make sure the tires are clean. Use a rough sponge and washing liquid for that.

Line the Tire Planters

How to Start a Vegetable Garden using Old Tires


According to which one of tire planter ideas you want to apply for the garden, it is better to line the tires and make some holes for drainage. It is a good tip to prevent any spillage and keep the soil safe. When there is excess rainwater, it will drain out of the planter.

The plants will not be sitting in wet or watery soil.

Choose the Paint

Reusing Tires in the Garden | ThriftyFun


Choosing the tire garden paint is an important job. You have to make sure the paint product to have is the one that can handle being outside all year round. The cold, wind, rain, and heat will definitely attack the planters.

So, aim for the hardwearing paint products like the acrylic-based ones. They are quite easy to find in hardware stores. Those kinds of paints are intended for outdoor uses and suitable for all types of surfaces.

Secure the Tires

Growing Vegetables In Tires – Is It Safe To Grow Food In Tires


The security for the tire planter ideas is crucial too especially if you are planning to have levels. If the leveled tires are not in secured position properly, there will be a big mess at some point.

It would be dangerous too when the planters are set up pretty high. You can use some glue, screws, and nails to stick them all together.

Some Tire Planter Ideas as Adoptable Inspirations

1. Tire Flower Planter Ideas

Tire Planters - Home Decor Designs


Look at this simple planter design made using old tires. They cut in halves and form a colorful bloom of a flower. Each of them has different bright colors. It makes the garden become more fun and pleasing to the eye.

The formation of those halves of materials becomes a perfect raised flower tire garden bed ideas. This whimsical planter would make an awesome focal point for the central attraction of outdoor space. You can fill the bed with some flowering perennials to match the design.

2. Stacked Tire Planter Ideas

Great Garden Ideas Using Old Tires - AgNet West


The concept tire planter ideas like this one is actually simple. Having all the tires stacked like that will give benefits to the garden. If you have many old tires to deal with, this is one simple solution. You can use this as some sort of barrier too. They will also become a great privacy screen for space.

You can fill many spaces with plants since they will be in separate places. Whether it is going to be short or tall, make sure the stability is in the right condition because it could be dangerous for people to heavy things like that above their head.

Feel free to add colors with painting or flowering plants. It would surely make the tire planter ideas more interesting.

3. Tire Fountain Feature

Tire Fountain Feature


Tire planter ideas like the one pictured above is not really a planter but it can be a great feature for your outdoor space. In fact, it is such a great example of how to use old tires to decorate the garden. With creativity and artistic skill, they become such stunning water features.

Building a water feature for the garden would cost a lot of money. Therefore, this tire fountain element can be great if you are on a budget. The tires make a great basis for it. From the image above, you can see that it has used some oversized tires from trucks.

It is also possible to use regular-sized tires to build a more compact feature for your garden.

4. Layered Tire Flower Planter Ideas

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This kind of planter will really take a little more effort to make. It is such a creative way to turn the old tires into a planter that looks like a flower. Tire planter ideas seen in the picture utilize a bunch of tires in various sizes in order to create a layered effect.

Therefore, you are going to be dealing with at least three tires. Cut the top edge of them. After that, turn the tires inside out.

The tire becomes a completely different thing. Now you have a smoother finish for the outside of the planter. Do not forget to paint them to reminiscent of the shape of flowers. To make the planters quirkier, have each of the tires in a different color.

5. Hanging Car Tire Planter

30 Impressive DIY Tire Planters Ideas for Your Garden To Amaze Everyone en 2020 | Maceteros de llantas, Maceteros de jardín, Jardineras de bricolaje


This is one of the DIY tire planter ideas because it is incredibly easy to make. There are only a few things to do. First, paint the tire in a color that goes in line with the style of your outdoor area. Do not forget to clean or wash it first.

Then, tie it to a rope. Make sure it has secured enough. After that, you may select what to fill inside it. In this picture, the DIYer uses fake flowers. There are no worries about the soil and the growing plants.

However, you may choose to have some real plants hanging on your wall. Well, one thing to do is fixing a back wall. It will help to prevent the soil from spilling out. A piece of plywood and a plastic may come in handy. Grow some plants like the Fuchsias or ivy.

Another option you can do is having this kind of planter as a festive wreath. Just wrap some branches and stems on the tire. Hang the tire wreath to welcome guests during the holiday.

6. Mosaic Wall Full of Planters

Mosaic Tire Wall


Some tire planter ideas like this one will be great solutions to cover a large vertical space you have in your outdoor space. Fixing many painted old tires on an empty wall really spice up the atmosphere.

If the wall has a lot of cracks or bad spots, the planter can hide them all and make the scene more appealing. To create the mosaic style, paint the tires with different colors, and set them in a pattern. In this outdoor space, the arrangement looks like a rainbow.

However, you can be more creative to apply other variations that match your personality and style. For example, paint all the tires with orange colors. When you arrange them on the wall, they will look like a honeycomb.

Fill the tires with plants that do not need a lot of space to grow the roots like the annual flowers.

7. “Sushi” Tire Planter Ideas

Pin on Planters


It is such a funny representation of sushi. This is one of nice tire planter ideas to try if you want to have some fun with your creativity to design a planter. Creating items of food as part of the garden decoration is an unconventional move.

As you can see, the ones that make this feature make a plate of sushi. It comes from a combination of a sandbox as the plate, long woods as the chopstick, the tires as the sushi rolls, and the plants as the fillings.

The tires are in black to give a shiny and clean look. Some particular plants are there to form an inside of the sushi. The color arrangement is set to look like real fillings. It is such an interesting way to design a feature for the garden.

Tire planter ideas resembling this one is quirky and can become your inspiration to highlight any space in your garden.

8. Planters for Succulents

Camouflage Planters


Succulents can be a great feature for a garden. The tires will surely handle the growth pretty well. The DIYer can set the planter as a camouflage. Therefore, the plants will be the main attraction of the feature.

As you can see, this tire has a simple combination of the white and green pattern. This will blend the tires with the colors. It makes a perfect basis to plant some beautiful succulents just like the one in the picture.

For a more creative option, you may draw or paint the tires with floral images or make it look like a plant or flowers. It is such a clever way to repurpose the old tires you have hanging around and useless.

Some people do not like the result of tire planter ideas. This is a great solution to make it look like something else.

9. A Cup of Tire

14 Awesome Tire Planter Ideas For the Garden You Try Today | Trees.com


Check out this unique way to design a tire planter. Many people will not realize that tires can look so fun and playful. If you have some small old tires in a good shape, consider turning them into these. As you can see, a bunch of tires is in such an order to look like a cup with its saucer.

Then, they paint the outer with a combination of bright colors. The one in the picture has a white color with yellow accents and flower images. To make the saucer, the tire needs to be sliced in half on the widest tread.

After that, you turn it over until the entire edge flared out. For the cup, just stack three motorcycle tires on top of each other. What about the handle, it comes from a half-sliced tire across the diameter. Then, set it inside out.

10. Tire Planter Ideas with Brick Pattern

14 Awesome Tire Planter Ideas For the Garden You Try Today in 2020 | Tire planters, Plant decor, Planters


There is a wide array of choices when it comes to the addition of patterns. You can get creative by adding your own personality to the design. The image or design does not have to be relating to the plants or nature.

You can actually paint whatever you want. This one is such a simple example you can take as an idea. The maker stacks three tires to form a big planter. Then, they turn it into a brick planter with a hand-painted pattern.

The painting will not be a hassle because the geometric design is very simple and basic. The red and white brick pattern offers such an interesting feature that pops. The garden will get a bright and summery feel.

This is one of the most simple and impressive tire planter ideas. The contrast color could really highlight the beauty of your flowers. It is a perfect focal point of any garden.

11. Low Tire Wall Idea

Jak zrobić ozdoby z opon do ogrodu? - e-ogrody


With two layers of stacked tires, you can create such an enormous border or barrier for your garden. It can also be the set of planters that are on the wall. The orange paint color really brightens the atmosphere around the space.

Those bright shades also contrast with the green color of the plants. That makes the foliage to become the main feature of the low tire wall planter. Look at how the color shades applied to all the tires.

They look very similar judging from its color shades but they are actually a bit different from each other. This will create a more unified appearance to the low tire wall. During the day, the planter would shine brightly because of the sunlight.

12. Two-Tiered Planter for Big Plants

Low Tire Wall


As you can see, the planters here are out of two old tires. Some paint applied differently is to create a unique abstract look to each other. They will become a nice cover for the big potted plants or trees.

You do not need many tires to make this planter. Just stack two tires. It would be great to fill the soil in. As we know, trees need a deep space for the root to thrive. Remember to water the soil in the planter more often than planting on ground soil.

When you have the tire planters set on the pavers, you may need to have something fixed on the bottom as the base. On the other hand, placing it on the ground will be a nice solution to get it connected to the natural soil.

13. Colorful Hanging Tire Planter Ideas



It is another simple idea to turn your old tires into an amazing decoration for the outdoor space. These kinds of planters can help spruce up a dull empty wall you have. Gather some of the materials and paint them with bright colors.

Then, fill the painted tires with plants or flowers. Hook the planters up high on the wall. You can also add some potted plants below to complement each other. It is not necessary to be the colorful flowers. Some lush greenery can also make a great impact.

However, having many colors on the planters would really change the mood of the space. They can brighten up a plain boring space on the wall. You can also hide some unsightly spots in order to make the whole scene looks neat and beautiful.

14. Big and Small

Double Tire Planter


Look at this big and small combination of a tire planter. The idea is very simple and practical. It is like a slightly upgraded version of a single tire planter. The design is so easy to copy. It just needs one big tire as the basis and tops it with the smaller one.

Then, fill the space with some soil to grow any plants you want. If you have a small space in your backyard, this could be a nice focal point as the center of the area. For those who have a large yard, make some of these planters to decorate the pathway.

Make it more obvious by painting it with two contrast colors that complement one another. From the image, you see the blue base with a white top. That creates a relaxing vibe and an exciting feeling.

This is just like another version of a raised bed. The design gives some kind of protection for the plants on the top.

15. Pyramid Shape Tire Planter Designs



To deal with many old tire planter ideas, just stack them to form a structure like a pyramid. This kind of shape could be very helpful to grow some flowers because they have many gaps. The space is perfect for growing the plants you want.

As an example, some beautiful flowers fill the colorful pyramid of tire planter. The formation of the planter can also act as a barrier to add more privacy to space. This attractive border will add a splash of vibrancy to the garden.

The choice of colors is also the key to set up the feeling you want. You can copy what appears in the picture. On the other hand, some neutral shades can also do work to impress many people.


From old tires, you can make such a lot of creations to fulfill the garden or outdoor space in the house. Those 15 tire planter ideas are surely inspiring to get you ready for a project of turning ugly things into an attraction.


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