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18 Tile Removal Tools to Prepare Before Going into Action

Replacing flooring is a complicated task that costs a lot of money. But for various reasons, sometimes you have to do it. In case this happens, you will need the appropriate tile removal tools to make the job easier and more efficient.

While some are affordable, some high-tech equipment is expensive to buy. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry as the tile removal tools rental will provide whatever is needed in one blink. It will help to save a little on costs.

However, you still need to have adequate knowledge before you do the tile removal tools hire. Choose them well to avoid unsatisfactory results. These few tools below can come handy for you.

The Main Tile Removal Tools to Prepare

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As explained above, replacing flooring is not easy. But if you choose the right tile removal tools, it’ll be less complicated. The following are some of the main pieces of equipment designed to do this job.

Pry Bar

DeWalt DWHT55129 609mm (24") Wreaking Pry Bar

These tile removal tools are known by many names, from wrecking bars, crowbars, pinch bars, and so on. These objects are multi-functional and can be for various other things, such as removing moldings, wood slats, rust, and so on.

In general, this object is made of metal with flat edges. One side is curved like a gooseneck, while the other is slightly bent upward. However, some types of pry bars only have one flat, bent side.

Regardless of the design, the flat shape is for separating two objects that stick together. With such a structure, a pry bar is a useful tool for removing tiles. The bent hook-like end makes it easier to separate the floor from the subfloor.


Anvil 16 oz Claw Hammer with Wood Handle | The Home Depot Canada

Using pry bars alone will not be enough to do tile removal. To lift the floor, you need to submerge the divider before pulling it out. Hence, you need a hammer as assistance. Punching this object will help your job.

The combination of a pry bar and a hammer is considered the best so far in the process. With the ideal size and less weight, workers will easily swing the tool and get the job done quickly.

However, these two tools are considered one of the expensive tile removal tools Home Depot has to offer. Combining these two will impact at a considerable cost.


TEKTON 3-lb Sledge Hammer Tools | Meijer Grocery, Pharmacy, Home & More!

Removing tiles is not an easy job because you will need the right equipment. One that is necessary is a hammer, which also consists of several types. Each of them has different characteristics, forms, properties, and uses.

One reliable type is the sledgehammer. These tile removal tools have a large, flat head shape that is the same on both sides. With a standard-sized handle, this tool can apply hard pressure to the object.

The use of a sledgehammer is one solution on how to remove ceramic tile in various parts of the house. For use in a wide area, you can combine it with a pry bar. The immense power of each swing will help you complete the process easily quickly.

However, generally, this object is not suitable for small areas. The power that is too big might break some parts that you don’t want to destroy. However, you can still use it with chisels.


Jackhammer 3D | CGTrader

The jackhammer is also known as a pneumatic drill or demolition. Unlike other types, this tool uses an electric motor as a driving force. However, some use hydraulic systems for use in construction activities.

This tool works with a drilling system. In addition to the motor, there is an internal hammer that will move up and down when operated. Its intended use is to crush hard and thick surfaces. Using a jackhammer as tile removal tools will make the job easier and complete quickly.

But bear in mind to be carefull while using it. The reason is, the power of this tool is large enough that it will cause too much damage. Its use is suitable for hard floors, for example, of stone.

Besides, a jackhammer also makes a noisy sound when working, which causes annoying noise pollution. Make sure you use ear, eye, and face protection when using it.

Rotary Impact Hammer

Rotary hammer - Kress Powertools

Another tool that can be relied on as tile removal tools is a rotary impact. The function is to do work related to drilling and chiseling. It is heavy-duty and able to complete jobs that are difficult to do by your hands.

With a piston mechanism in it, this tool provides a much stronger hitting effect than ordinary hammers. Thus, the results are also getting stronger. The drilling process will help you make the holes bigger and faster.

These tile removal tools apply EP (electro-pneumatic) technology by directly utilizing electric power. There are two pistons in it, namely the drive and the flying one. The engine in it will move the pistons so that they both move alone or in combination, according to settings.

Uniquely, when working, the pistons do not touch directly. However, the resulting air pressure will channel energy for drilling. In comparison, the way it works bears little resemblance to a jackhammer.

Its drill has a flat part at the end that functions as a chiseling part. However, one thing to remember is that the use of this tool requires special skills. Workers must be good at adjusting the power so as not to cause damage to the subfloor.

Like a jackhammer, the use of this tool also creates noisy sound due to the drilling process. The dust and dirt generated are also quite annoying. Make sure you use adequate safety while using these tile removal tools.

Air Hammer

Air hammer (fabrication) - Wikipedia

These tile removal tools are also known as chisel air. An air hammer is a pneumatic hand hammer that has enough strength to crush materials such as stone and metal. With a handy design, this kit is easy to use but gives the best results.

Even though it has a design that is easy to hold, you can still adjust the length according to the material you worked on. Not only helps make tile removal jobs easy, but the air hammer tool also helps smooth rough objects.

Today, many shops provide this tool with various designs according to your needs. Unfortunately, the price of an air hammer may be a little expensive. However, to save costs, you can hire it at the tile removal tools rental.

Floor Scraper

KRAFT TOOL Flexible Floor Scraper with 14 in SS Blade, 60 in Handle Length - 43Y501|CC214 - Grainger

One of the items you have to prepare is floor scrapers. These types of tile removal tools are useful to clean any unwanted materials that remain after replacing flooring, for example, dirt, glue, grout, and others.

This scrapping process is necessary to ensure that the subfloor condition is clean and ready for new flooring. Manual scrapers generally have long handles to facilitate the cleaning process. However, you still need to exert a considerable amount of energy to do this job.

To make it easier, you can also use a floor tile stripping machine that also has the same function but with more advanced technology. Currently, several stores provide various designs and features that can be for any needs.

Masonry Chisel

WORKPRO 3PC Chisel Set Steel Blade Chisel Masonry Carving Tool Hand Tool Set|chisel set|blade chiselcarving chisel set - AliExpress

Apart from the tools above, masonry chisel is also very effective in removing stubborn tile pieces that are difficult to reach. Its slim shape makes it easier to use in corners of space that scrappers can’t reach.

Unlike the scrapper, this type of tile removal chisel also has a handy design so that it’s easy to use. It is also lightweight but less effective for cleaning over large areas. To use it, you need a hammer or something similar.

The chisel itself is available in various sizes, although not as big as a scrapper. You can choose according to your needs and mix with the right hammer. This tool can be used in various angles and locations, for example, as pretty good bathroom tile removal tools.

Demolition Fork

Honey Badger 56 in. Demolition Fork Wrecking Bar-HB56 - The Home Depot

The function of these tile removal tools is similar to pry bars, chisels, and scrapers but it has several heads at once with the edges that are all flattened and make a shape similar to a giant fork.

Because it has several heads that are used to do chiseling jobs, using this demolition fork will be much faster and more efficient. You can remove many tiles at once in a large enough area. Some designs even have long handles and work like scrapers.

Apart from being practically used in a large area, these tile removal tools are also minimally damaged. Plus, this tool can also represent multiple types of equipment at once so that you don’t need to use multiple items.

Not only for flooring jobs but you can also use them for something else. The demolition fork that is sold in various stores today is also available with many designs. The size of the handle and the number of heads also vary, depending on the needs.

Power Grout Removal Tool

Dremel 568 Grout Removal Rotary Tool Kit - EtherKart

Grout is an integral part of the tile. Therefore, you also need to prepare this tool in the flooring renovation process. Besides helping with the removing process, it will help you get through the rest of the work.

As it is multifunctional, there is nothing wrong if you have one at home. You can use the power grout removal tool from the start to make it easier to separate tiles from one another. After that, you can use the other equipment such as chisels or scraper to clean the floor.

Even after finishing the tile removal job, you still need this tool. Grout or other debris may stick to the subfloor and need to remove. To make sure everything is in order, and then you have to do it thoroughly before the next flooring task.

Additional Tile Removal Tools

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The tools mentioned above will indeed make it easier to remove the tiles. But after that, you still have to clean up the rest. Therefore, you need other equipment to handle it properly. Here are some supporting items to prepare:


15439 Builders Wheelbarrow Easy Rider 4-ply, Productgroup: Wheelbarrows - MATADOR BV. for solid products

No matter how good the tile removal tools you use, in the end, this job will leave behind trash to clean immediately. Shredded material, dust, dirt, and all kinds should be cleaned and removed immediately. Hence, a wheelbarrow is needed.

This equipment will be useful for transporting trash and bringing it to the space provided. Its use is also more practical than placing it in a sack or other container because the wheels on the wheelbarrow will make the moving process easy.

Having this thing at home will bring many benefits. Not only as part of tile removal tools, but you can also use them for other purposes, from gardening, renovations, and so on. Wheelbarrow itself is available in various models to suit their needs.


Shop Vac

It functions like a vacuum cleaner that cleans the dirt that is on its track. However, more than ordinary cleaners, this tool has a strong suction power so that it can clean heavy materials such as broken glass, wood, or tiles.

Shop-vac is specifically for construction and woodworking purposes. Inside, there is a motor and a suction machine that can pull heavy objects. However, you don’t need to buy it as these types of tile removal tools will rarely be used at home.


Square Head Golden Grip® Screwdrivers - Fuller tools

Removing tile can be done in many ways and tools. As explained above, several powerful tools will help you get the job done quickly. Chisel and pry bars are tools that will keep everything simple.

However, in case you don’t have these two objects, there is one alternative to take. The screwdriver can be impromptu tile removal tools that help you remove unwanted parts. However, there may be some flaws that you find.

Because the size is too small, you will find it hard to do tile removal in a large area. Even if you do this, you will need a lot of time and energy. Plus, you have to use a small hammer type so as not to damage the screwdriver.

However, this does not mean that this tool is not good enough. Rather than chisels or pry bars, screwdrivers are most effective when used in a small area because of the minimal risk of resulting damage.

An example of its use is, for example, when you want to dismantle just one part to install something under the flooring. You just need to destroy the part you want without destroying other areas. That way, you don’t have to do too many renovations.

Shovel and Buckets

Free Sand Shovel Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart Library

These two objects do not play a crucial role in the process of removing tiles as they are replaceable. However, it is necessary to prepare them for emergency conditions.

The shovel will help you clean up any debris that appears during the working process. Besides, you can also use it to clean grout, paint, or dirt stuck to the subfloor after the tile removal. However, the results may not be as optimal as the tools mentioned above.

Meanwhile, you also use the buckets to accommodate various purposes, for example, the tile removal tools or the waste. Although it is replaceable, there is nothing wrong if you still provide it.

For Your Safety

How to Create a Safety Culture – Liftsafe Group of Companies

Every job has risks. There are many difficulties you may face while replacing flooring. That’s why don’t neglect your safety. Apart from using the appropriate tile removal tools, don’t forget to wear the following safety objects so that you work more safely and at ease:

Safety Goggles

SL-05693 Light Safety Glasses - Solarlight

The shards of material can bother you. For example, when you use wall tile removal tools, dirt and dust will fall out and fly and possibly get into your eyes. Therefore, you need to use safety goggles.

More than accessories, it has security to minimize the entry of foreign objects into the sense of sight. In the other words, its cheap yet functional.

Safety Mask

Clear Mesh Full Visor Flip Up Face Shield Screen Safety Mask Eye Protector | eBay

Apart from the eyes, the face is also at risk of dust and material debris. To avoid unwanted things, you need to use a safety mask. Choose the right type to protect your face perfectly. You have to make sure that it protects your nose and another critical part of the face.

Work Gloves

Men's Basic Work Gloves

It’s not just face and eyes; your hands also need to be protected. The tile removal tools that you use are quite heavy and rough so that they might cause injury. To avoid this, wear gloves with secure protection but still make you feel comfortable while working.

Noise-canceling Headphones

Buy Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 - Black | Harvey Norman AU

Some tile removal tools make a lot of noise when used. The too-loud sounds can be disturbing and even damage hearing. Hence, it is necessary to protect your ears with the right equipment.

One of the things you can use is noise-canceling headphones that can suppress sound very well. Even though the price is a little expensive, this tool is quite useful in protecting the ears from damage caused by a loud noise from using a jackhammer.

Knowing about types of tile removal tools will be useful in case you plan to renovate flooring. Later, you can choose the right item and how to use it properly. Thus, the replacement process will be more efficient and cost-effective.