Throw Pillows For Couch Ideas

Throw Pillows For Couch Ideas. Want to freshen up your sofa without spending a fortune or rearranging your current design? Just a couple of throw pillows can instantly alter the mood of your living room. Throw pillows can be decorated in a variety of ways, as anyone knows.

Design fans often split into two camps: Pile on the cushions or curate your collection, with each camp having its supporters. Others like to inject a pop of bold colors, while others like to experiment with textures.

Have a look at these 46 fantastic options if you’re looking for a throw-pillow refresh. There is something for everyone in this collection, from tactile solids to whimsical patterns. And, on the age-old question of how many throw pillows are too many? The more, the merrier is supported by this selection below.



Alexandra Ferguson graphic pillows aren’t for free; they’re not even really cheap. They are, nonetheless, reasonably priced in terms of quality.

In addition, one huge pop of graphic pillow is enough to provide the enjoyment…you don’t need more. With a few more budget-friendly texture and color pops, you may back that particular one.

I’m pretty certain I styled that on her sofa, but hey, if Shana’s bed is where she loves, all the pillow power to her! You may have seen I LOVE THIS PLACE on Shana’s Bed. They’re just pillows, so wherever makes you happy, put them!

Pillows with Character


Throws are designed to be more enjoyable and attractive than even the finest regular pillows for sleeping. These little cushion creations are simple to make and have a lot of personality!

You’ll be able to put these self-made throw pillows together quickly since they don’t need sewing. You can make new throws in a jiffy with no sew throw pillows, so there’s no need to spend a fortune on supplies.

Choosing Throw Pillows with Bold Solids


Take your pillow fabrics down a notch if you already have a lot of patterns in your room, such as patterned furniture, dramatic drapes, or vibrant rug. You may also decide to use solid pillows in very vivid hues if you really like color but don’t want to utilize a vibrant hue on big items (such as your sofa or club chairs).

We picked a fiery orange and a cold blue as our complimentary colors, which are on opposite ends of the color wheel.

When colored are adjacent to complimentary colors, they appear to be much more vivid and vibrant. They are individually attractive, but when they come together, they really sing!

As a starting point, choose a fabric, an art print, or an item that you can use. On the sofa’s rear, for example, we selected a stunning plaid fabric and let it influence the remainder of the area.

We selected pillows in solid hues to maximize the impact of the spicy orange and Navy in the blanket.

Sea Blue


The sea’s colors are almost always complementary to grey. They create a calm atmosphere by bringing in a cool vibe. When paired with the sea blue throw pillows, this grey sofa, although appearing plain and basic, adds life.

It’s a pleasure to have natural hues around the home at all times. The fundamentals should always be kept in mind when picking the greatest ones, and sea blue hues will undoubtedly come to mind.

Choosing Throw Pillows that are Asymmetrical


You may experiment with asymmetry, even if your space is already immaculate and cohesive, because we usually prefer a more ordered arrangement. Upstairs in the living area

Our largest pillow is a simple solid pillow with a fun flowery pattern, which we matched with. A little asymmetry works well in this space because the color palette is so buttoned-up.

Pairing Colors


The light on the ceiling is matched with the orange accent color. This average grey color is brightened up with this vibrant hue, which draws the eye.

The mood of the room is uplifted and more cheerful when a color combination like this one is used. Painting bright hues like this one is a fantastic strategy to bring light into your properties.

Choosing Throw Pillows in Streamlined Stripes


We adore simply pairing one bold hue with a classic stripe (here we used velvet) if you want an approach that isn’t fussy.

Stripe pillows are a fantastic option since they feature a perfect mix of bold and basic. Bring in two striped pillows for a little pattern, choose one bold color used elsewhere in your space for three pillows, and your strategy was simple enough.

Raspberry Red


Something to look out for is a grey sofa with a distinctive texture and raspberry red. The grey tone and the raspberry red in this photograph are balanced.

By balancing on one side with two identical raspberry throw pillows, the couch acquired equilibrium while developing a powerful personality. This one is beautiful to observe because it is so basic but so well balanced.

Choosing Throw Pillows with Solids as an Exclamation Point


We adore how a firm pillow in a vibrant hue can serve as an exclaimation point on your sofa. Despite the fact that there are patterns and other colors here, the rich, sapphire blue stands out.

When there are so many gorgeous patterns available, a solid pillow may appear to be a monotonous option, but one solid pillow in a bold hue can really establish a color palette that has been hiding.

Using a couple of solid pillows in a bright hue in your area, you may breathe fresh life into it with very little effort.

Pull this hue from around your upholstered furniture and accessories, then apply it to punches all throughout your home. Suzanne Kasler discusses this method of operation in the environments she builds.

Novelty Pillows


The latest designs that come out of the market from time to time have made pillows so popular among homeowners.

The yellow, knotted pillow steals the show in this combination because of its unusual design, making the grey sofa look so lovely.

As an accent to this grey sofa, it’s always such a delight to give something like the new novelty pillow a try.

Choosing Throw Pillows in Simple but Fresh Analogous Colors


Try selecting throw pillows in hues that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel, or comparable hues, if you prefer color but want a set of pillows that aren’t too loud.

This is a color palette that is quieter and more polished because the colors have a lot in common but are different.

Pink and orange were the colors we selected for the sofa above. On the color wheel, these two hues are close neighbors, yet they make a lovely combination. To complement the pink-and-orange theme, we also selected two artworks to hang above the sofa.

A modest orange stripe in the center, two bigger off-white pillows with an orange medallion, and two solid pillows in pink were selected for a more tranquil arrangement of patterns.

Uniform Throw Pillows


In this situation, as long as the throw pillows serve their purpose, they do not have to be colorful or attractive.

The throw pillow’s hues seem to be similar to the grey sofa in this photograph.

Despite the fact that they did not add enjoyment or thrills to the sofa, they added character, which gave this sofa a sense of balance.

Choosing Throw Pillows in Warm, Neutral Colors


Even if you want to keep your color scheme neutral, you’ll still need a few throw pillows to give your room texture and pattern. Off-white, taupe, and chocolate were selected as the color palettes for this combination.

We started with a print of animals, then moved on to a much larger print in the Buffalo Check color as a complimentary color.

Finally, a solid chocolate brown linen pillow with a contrasting flange was selected as the ultimate backdrop to tie these two prints together.

Cream throw pillows


Choosing Throw Pillows in One Color, Three Patterns


Pick three distinct textiles that work well together if you’re picking throw pillows in a collection of just one color. We balanced the color on the sofa with bold velvet pillows in the corner and plaid pillows in the center, and we used a very organic, bold print as our jumping off point (the floral pattern in the center).

Balance is the key to success in this case. The off-white sofa and lighter plaid pillows are balanced by the bold pillows in the center and corners.

A more masculine plaid print on either side balances the feminine floral print in the center. The patterned components serve as a counterpoint to the solid components.

So when you’re combining various fabrics in the same color, ask yourself “does this pattern complement this pattern?”



Anthro is a one-stop shop for unusual items that have a similar message while remaining unique. That concept translates to me as sufficient color, sufficient fun, comfortable on the eyes, simple to like, and warm in the case of pillows.

We’ve picked a few of our favorite finds at Anthro right now, both for easy linen and velvet bases, as well as just the right patterns. You’ve got the perfect combination of texture pattern and color if you use bigger solids sizes behind the textures and patterns!

Pick an Anchor Color


Ensure that the remainder of your space does not outshine or overshadow a piece of furniture that adds a burst of color to your room. The tufted raspberry ottoman is highlighted by the soft rose gold accents and striped linen pillows in the example above.

As a result, the overall aesthetic is much more cohesive. However, in addition to the printed square throw pillows, a new exciting color has been added to the pallet. The light gray paint in the kitchen is accentuated by their steel blue details, which contrast with the anchor color.

Faux Fur Throw Pillow Covers


Forget that these Mongolian-style cushions aren’t genuine fur because they’re so gentle and fluff. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colorways and sizes for a more unique pairing. They’ll add a touch of luxury to any seating area.

These fuzzy pillow covers are incredibly comfortable, and they add a nice surprise to the sofa design. They look matted and strung out when they’re pulled from the packaging.

I grabbed my trusty de-matting comb and headed to town on the pillows! With the sheer amount of fake fur in this cover, I had a little bit of hair loss in the brush, but much less than I was expecting.”



Jungalow’s tagline is “Decorate Wild,” and they do it in a way that is truly stunning! When you move the tassels from the corners, lines take turns in beautiful textures, colors, and patterns, there’s something just a ‘lil bit extra in a good way. Each of them is delicious! Here are a few of our favorites…

Throw Cushion Designs


Since they feature some unique textures, patterns, and embellishments, these throw pillows take an extra step.

These throw cushion creations may be as imaginative as you want and are totally DIY. These pillows are also personal, so they make a terrific housewarming present or birthday gift.

Mix and Match Prints


You’ll intrigue the eye by mixing and matching styles and prints. Decorating with throw pillows of various styles is exemplified by this vignette.

A floral-print pillow ties in most of the colors in the room, and you have your graphic chevron print, a few neutrals for balance.

It’s important to consider your throw pillows individually rather than in the context of the complete area when selecting them. As a result, you may see how certain pillows suit the blue cushion and carpet, while others suit the crisp white walls.

They also enhance the hardwood floor’s and stone wall’s natural characteristics. As you can see, the artwork above is a more muted tone because these pillows are also artfully curated in their own right.

Pillows may be used as art objects, too. A pillow like this one, with its neutral colors and incredible style and versatility, will be perfect for tossing into any décor mix.

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