33 Succulent Terrarium Ideas for Striking Indoor Gardens

If you want to have a small garden that does not require much work and maintenance, then try these lovely succulent terrarium ideas.

Terrarium generally refers to an enclosed glass planter where you can grow your favorite vegetation straightforwardly and with less care.

However, the definition is now becoming broader as it comes in a more open container as well.

Nowadays, the term terrarium may also refer to glass or other eye-catching planters that are not always completely closed.

Succulent and air plants are among the most favorite vegetation to grow in terrarium due to their easy to grow habit.

These plants also have a slow-grow habit and come in a range of textures, colors, shapes, as well as sizes, making them a perfect alternative for terrariums.

The following succulent terrarium ideas will show you numerous planters and planting inspirations, so you can create one at home.

It is possible to place the terrariums together as multiple plantings. Otherwise, you can simply hang a sole drop of the plant around your sunny window.

Besides, they can make an excellent gift for your family and friend as well. Thus, you can give special ones a personalized succulent terrarium.

Stand Alone



You don’t always need a wide variety of vegetation to display in your terrariums. A single simple choice wins and is still capable to add a lovely accent to the indoor garden.

Rather than terrarium ideas without plants, growing a single succulent in a container may make a better option after all.

Moreover, the great thing about these succulent terrarium ideas is that they are adaptable in a broad range of sunlight requirements and is very straightforward to water.

Glass Cubic Spaces



Terrariums are available in all sizes and shapes, offering the best option for every preference. But, if you want to add artistic flair to your succulent, try this cubical container.

With the straight lines and heightened angles, this terrarium looks so much beautiful. It also allows your plant to confront gravity as they grow up slanting sides.

Thus, all will mix and match in one place, showing a sort of different textures as well as hue variants.

Mini Zen Garden



Turn your Zen garden into this mini version so that you can enjoy the tranquil scheme wherever needed.

You just need to arrange a few succulent plants and then combine them with decorative, colorful stones. But, don’t forget to rack the sand with care to transform the Zen garden perfectly.

Try to add a fun as well as a quirky focal point to your mini Zen garden too. For instance, you can consider something like a smiling meditating figure to give a hint of relaxation.

Repurposed an Old fishbowl



Rather than throwing your old fishbowl away, why don’t you repurpose it into beautiful succulent terrarium ideas like shown in the picture?

An unused fishbowl makes an ideal tabletop for your terrarium, especially due to the opportunity to level the planting media.

It allows you to layer a variety of soil as well as rock textures before filling the container with succulent plants of your choice.

Moreover, a fishbowl terrarium also lets you see your design from all sides. Lastly, put this container around the living room and it will be an interesting object to talk with the guests.

Little Desert Landscape



Since this vegetation can preserve its water supply, it makes a popular choice for infertile circumstances.

With this in mind, you can make your terrarium in the style of a desert garden so that it requires less maintenance.

Despite its low maintenance, you can still enjoy the pop of color and unexpected textures of succulent terrarium ideas in your design interior.

Consider using a decorative planter to make the terrarium so that it will appear more eye-catching.

No Restriction



The size of the terrarium should not limit your creativity. Considering the growth habit of succulents, then it won’t be hard to mix a lot of species without feeling restricted.

Most succulent plants have a slow-growth habit, but many of them don’t grow at all.

Thus, allow your succulent plants to creep along the rims of the terrarium or wrap over the border of the pot to show their natural beauty.

Layering Beauty



You can always set wood, rocks, pebbles, soils, as well as dyed materials to create terrarium layers for succulents.

Feel free to pick any of these accessories as long as they go well with your succulent plants, so the desired look can be achieved.

This one of the succulent terrarium ideas also makes a great project for the family. You can also invite your kids to make the creation together and make it into a thoughtful gift.

Mix and Match



Cacti are other popular vegetation in waterless conditions. As a result, they make a good pair in terms of succulent terrarium ideas.

That is why you can mix and match these two plants to offer a beautiful splash of color in your terrarium. They will also display surprising textures that look jovial when put together.

Fascinating Vision



Even though circularly shaped containers are very popular for this kind of planting, you probably want to bring them to the next level.

Take note of the above picture and then try to put your cubic containers in different manners for a more interesting view.

In addition, this terrarium looks like trying to balance out itself, making it a fascinating part of the tabletop.

A Bunch of Options



With a range of unlike textures available for your terrarium, opting for a variety of succulent plants makes a good choice instead of sticking with one variant only.

The easiest trick is to select succulent variants that feature complementary hues with one and another.

However, if you want to display such a dramatic view, fill your terrarium with succulent plants that have contrasting textures for a unique planter.

Teardrop Glass Planter



Likewise, a teardrop-shaped glass planter is very versatile as it can be used in many different succulent terrarium ideas.

As a result, you can put the planter individually or in a group on your tabletop. Otherwise, hanging them around a sunny window makes a great approach as well.

In addition, it makes a decorative item for your shelving system too. Because this teardrop terrarium comes in a variety of sizes, it surely will add interest to any space around your house.

Lovely Budding Bowls



Thanks to its superficial depth, budding bowls can make your plants as well as planting materials stand out.

This type of planter is also perfect for creating succulent terrarium ideas with a more upright plant option.

Thus, your succulent will be able to reach ahead of the rim of the planter, introducing extra interest in your space.

Miniature World Theme



Find a little hanging globe, then fill it with your favorite succulents to reflect the world ecosystem in a tiny terrarium.

Also, try to mix and match your choice of plantings and substrates to provide a variety of interests, textures, and colors too.

Another one of succulent terrarium ideas in this manner is to display several hanging globes in different sizes collectively for achieving a wonderful decorative solution indoors.

Upcycled Shallow Bowl



You don’t need to make your terrarium all-inclusive. Instead, take an unused shallow bowl from the kitchen and turn it into a fine-looking little garden.

Such a low bowl provides a great opportunity to showcase tall succulent variants as it gives enough room for them to grow up instead of out.

Lovely Cluster of Greenery



One of the best things about succulent terrarium ideas is how easy it is to mix and match various sizes as well as shapes.

Subsequently, you can easily create a little indoor garden by placing or hanging some terrariums together.

The idea is becoming easier when you plant succulent plants that do not require much care.

Fun Planting Prep



Have fun when selecting and matching succulent terrarium ideas as these plants come in huge variations.

Allow yourself to plant a few succulents in different sizes since they will not grow faster.

Indeed, you will get alerted if your plants require a little transplanting later, but it typically doesn’t come that fast.

Tiny Greenhouse



If you have more space for wonderful succulent terrarium ideas, then this miniature greenhouse is a must-try idea. It allows for a DIY project, especially for woodworking lovers.

First, you should find some pieces of wood to create the frames of the greenhouse. Then, finish the design with a glass panel or other see-through materials.

Then, fill the miniature greenhouse with potted succulent in a variety of species and colors. Once finished, you will have a piece of timeless decor that promotes the fresh mood of nature.

More interestingly, this decor will work in nearly all styles and can lighten up a bland corner in your living room. The succulent greenhouse makes a lovely centerpiece for a dining table as well.

Triangular Succulent Terrarium Ideas



Find yourself a pretty terrarium that has a triangular opening. Therefore, you can steal a look into the top of the container easily to balance color and texture choice of your succulent plants.

For these succulent terrarium ideas, pick species with vibrant colors and leafy textures so that they can stand out from other plants if you grow them with others.

Geometric Inspired Terrarium



Expect this adorable terrarium as an interesting conversation piece by placing it on your living room’s end table.

The even surfaces and corners of this geometrically shaped terrarium are ideal for contemporary as well as modern settings.

With its capability to become a great centerpiece, don’t neglect the option just because it has distinct manner to lean towards.

Mini Glass House



Get a fun planter shape and you will be able to showcase your succulent in an exceptional way.

This house shaped glass planter is just right to let you layer the planting media in a more creative manner.

Its transparent feature allows you to enjoy the beauty of the succulent terrarium ideas from any angle.

Besides, it will not make a narrow room feel cramped, making the option perfect for an awkward corner.

Miniature Desert



Do you want to go for terrarium ideas with plants that work in desert-like setting? If so, succulents are the best choice as they can withstand so-called circumstances without any difficulty.

Moreover, you can find the species that mimic many larger types of vegetations among the huge varieties of succulents.

As a consequence, it will be easy to create a miniature desert with succulent terrarium ideas. Put your creation on a table and allow it to remind you of the beautiful landscape in the Southwest.

Upcycled Jar Terrarium



Opt for this eco-friendly project when you are interested in DIY succulent terrarium ideas. Using upcycled jars as the container, it will help with the environment.

If you have a lot of jars from your groceries, turn some of them into little terrariums with a sort of unique succulent plants.

You can also create some terrariums that feature vegetations other than succulents and mix them with your jars of succulents.

Perfect Succulent Paradise



Evoke the memory of your previous paradise vacation with these succulent terrarium ideas that showcase a tropical greenery option.

Grow your favorite succulent plant with mosses and some leafy greens. Don’t forget to include fun souvenirs as well as pretty pebbles to boost the beauty of the terrarium.

Hang the terrarium around your living space and allow it to remind you about the last holidays by enjoying the indoor planters all year round.

Stony Ground



In case you find glass containers with huge bases for your succulent terrarium ideas, consider layering the planting materials with vibrant stones.

Furthermore, you may like to include sand or other items like aquarium gravels that create a pop of color in your succulent terrariums.

Cacti X Succulent



Although cactus is frequently overlooked as part of the succulent family, you should not hesitate to include this plant in your creation.

As long as you can handle this plant carefully, it will make a beautiful addition to your succulent terrarium ideas.

From sharp thorns to soft prickly needles, feel free to pick your favorite cacti and let them provide extra interest to the terrarium.




Succulent terrarium ideas can be made of other planters aside from glass bases. Terracotta makes a great alternative for potting option as it capable to preserve cool moisture.

Terracotta also offers an ornately hued setting for your succulents. If you want to create a more desert-like terrarium, try to pick one that is made of natural clay.

Whimsical Wheels



The more you try to look for succulent terrarium ideas the many fun inspirations will be discovered. Just like this fancy whimsical planter that serves an excellent collection for your mini garden.

Featuring a wagon inspired design, this planter can provide a nice place for your succulents to grow properly.

Find one that comes with a hinged top so that you can plant your succulents and set the other accessories more easily.

Biosphere-like Project



Take note of a biosphere-like project and imply the design to your succulent terrarium ideas.

This small planter plays with light and reflection very well, making it an ideal complement to any indoor planting idea.

You can find succulent terrarium kit in crafty shops or simply use your existing colorful pebbles to set the base.

The pebble base will provide a great backdrop for your collection of succulents and make them stand out against the setting.

Large Terrarium Ideas



If you are looking for large terrarium ideas, this planting box gives a perfect example with its huge collection of succulent plants.

Instead of spreading the soil or pebble directly on the base of this big terrarium, you can incorporate a selection of potted succulents and cacti to fill up the space.

Thanks to the size of this terrarium, you can easily arrange what to display in it. The measurement is also friendly to add other things like fancy souvenirs.

Pops of Color



Vibrant colored rocks make a perfect choice when you want to add astonishing charm to your succulent terrarium ideas.

Consider something like colorful aquarium rocks as they are easy to find and come in a wide range of sizes or hues.

Simply layer the rocks of your choice in the most creative manner until you are satisfied with the result.

Exceptional Oval Planter



Rather than choosing a boring pot, you should at least find a uniquely shaped planter like this. It provides the best setting to highlight your succulent terrarium ideas.

With its off-center characteristic, displaying taller succulents among low-growing ones will never be this easy.

Smooth Curves



If you are looking for a succulent terrarium for sale, finding one like shown in this picture is probably not easy.

Alternatively, you can create the terrarium yourself with your favorite succulent plants in the display.

The smooth curves of these rounded planters make a great solution if you find ones with flat glass surfaces are pretty boring.

Personal Touches



Involve your personal preference in colors and styles while creating a succulent terrarium.

You can fill the terrarium with a variety of colored pebbles or rocks and let your succulents float on them beautifully.

In short, this article has provided many succulent terrarium ideas for your consideration. Now, it is time to mix and match the choice for the best creation!