25 DIY Storage Shoe Display Ideas To Have Today

Finding the right shoe display ideas are very important nowadays because the price of good shoes is more expensive. So, it is crucial to organize the collection in the nicest way possible.

Indeed, some methods are available to reach the expectation. A lot of homeowners decided to have their shoe collections organized on open shelves in a walk-in closet.

If you choose not to hide all the shoes in the wardrobe, this page has the needed solution. You can go with the less traditional way which includes magnet racks, ladder displays, wall hooks, and so on.

Otherwise, you may have it traditionally, like placing the shoes inside a display cabinet in a hallway and storage right under the stairs.

We have gathered all of those ideas just for you. On this page, you will explore some of the best ones to help you decide immediately. So, let us see.

1. Easy Wall Mounted Shoe Display Ideas for Heels

Shoe storage: declutter hallway and wardrobe in one hour | Woman & Home


If you are into something chic for your sleek space, this idea would do the trick. Therefore, it is recommended for women to display their heels collection.

Having a rack that makes the heels arranged that way would be quite tricky. It would look perfect for your collections with a lot of different colors.

Getting it mounted to an empty or white wall can add soul to the vertical space. Consider this great idea for walk-in closets owned by fashionistas.

Also, it would be one of the best boutique shoe display ideas to impress the customers.

2. Cardboard Shoe Storage for DIY Project



Making a shoe display storage ideas is not a difficult project. Thus, with the right guides and steps, it would be a piece of cake. Itincludes this DIY idea.

This shoe display idea is made of cardboard. Who knows that cardboard would make outstanding storage for your collection of shoes.

As you can see, the decorative-looking structure would make a nice element for the lower area of the space.

Further, use some cardboard and duct tape to join them together. If you already have both materials, then this project costs nothing for you.

3. Skateboard Shelvings for Shoe Display



Using a lot of skateboards to display shoes is a very special thing that would happen to space. Thereupon, this DIY element would be a perfect setup for everyone who loves the activity.

The skateboarders would go crazy about these ideas for shoe display. However, there is not need to hide all of them inside the closet anymore.

Show them off on the wall with cool skateboards as the basis. They become cool shoe display ideas that ever comes to mind.

4. Bamboo Shoe Rack Display Ideas

Gymax 4 Tier Multifunction Bamboo Shoe Rack Boot Tower Shelf Storage Organizer Stand | Walmart Canada


Take a look at this open shoe storage which has a bamboo structure. This wooden material is very sturdy and also stylish.

This portable shelves bamboo rack is available at Walmart. As you can see, there are a bunch of different shelves that are designed to suit other types of shoes.

So, this rack will be a perfect shoe display ideas for all of your collections. Of course, it is not for you who have lots of stuff to display.

5. Space-Saving Shoe Display Idea



It is such a clever idea when you have only a small space at the corner. This tall shoe display would highlight the collection without wasting a lot of space both horizontal and vertical.

You can fill each shelf with different types of shoes you have. Indeed, it can be an element to complete the entryway.

Moreover, all the family members can have their spot to display and store their shoes. For those who live in an apartment, this would be a good solution.

6. Smart Idea of Shoe Display with Spinning Tree System



The rack with a spinning tree system becomes an alternative way to arrange shoes. Hence, this smart idea would be an eye-catching element inside the house.

The shoe organization has never been so smart. The spinning tree system looks like what you find in the shoe stores.

Furthermore, you can purchase it yourself on Amazon at an affordable price of 37 dollars. While choosing the shoes to wear, spin your way to it.

7. Stackable Cube Organizer as Shoe Display



This specific product has become so popular because of its affordable price and practical system. It is open storage that comes in cubes.

There are about 15 cubes you can have to display the shoes. Then, what makes the rack so popular is the stackable feature.

So, you can organize or arrange the cubes your way. In the picture, the rack features a 4 x 4 system. Restack it to match your taste according to space.

8. Premium-Quality Wall Rack for Shoes



The system of storing the shoes in this display idea is similar to the spinning piece. However, this wall-mounted rack does not have the feature.

Furthermore, the rack becomes an ideal utility shoe storage. The door can also be a nice base to mount this display storage. It offers a sturdy structure and functional design.

The high price is the major drawback of the shoe display ideas. Otherwise, it offers you the real quality that will not be a disappointment.

9. Multifunctional Rack for Shoes



This sturdy piece of furniture is very functional. The countertop seems to be a good point about this rack. Therefore, this rack becomes one of the preferable DIY shoe display ideas.

The top of this shoe storage is spacious enough to lean a mirror with some decorative items. It makes the storage becomes more and more significant in the space.

That could be the reason why homeowners might start to get attracted by the furniture. There is a bunch of shelves that you can fit with four to five shoes.

Besides, there are special shelves for shoes with longer leg covers like boots and others. That makes the furniture more complete.

10. See-Thru Box for Shoe Display



This interesting box functions to store your expensive shoes or heels. It acts as a closed storage container, but you will clearly know what is inside.

As you can see, it is very stylish, but you do not need a lot. Just have a couple of those boxes to be on a certain table as a centerpiece. Also, it might be one of the nice shoe display ideas for shop.

Moreover, you can have this protected storage box to keep all of your shoe collections safe and well-displayed. Then, try to be wise in deciding the amount to buy since it is quite pricey and special.

11. Vintage Decorative Cabinet to Display Shoes



Using an ordinary cabinet to store all the shoes is one of the most practical ideas to display your collection. Then, pick the one with open concept or glass doors.

Take a look at this charming dark-colored wooden cabinet. It has got some gold accent to upscale the design.

A cabinet would have a lot of space to decorate the space. Fill all the shelves with the heels collection of yours.

You will see everything inside through the glass. Thereupon it is necessary to set up a proper arrangement of colors or designs.

12. Magazine Rack Concept for Displaying Shoes



It is another interesting way to decorate the wall and store the shoes. This rack is such a clever decision to have the shoes on the wall.

They will not use up space on the floor. It maximizes the vertical storage the room has. Also, inside your walk-in closet, there might be a little space in the corner.

That is the perfect spot to have the racks. Just place all of the heels and other female shoes inside the holder. However, this storage is not recommended for men’s shoes.

It is because the space to hold the shoes is pretty tight and small. This rack would give some kind of pressure that can ruin them.

13. Island Organizer for Overflow Shoe Storage



A storage display for shoes does not have to be always on the wall. The one with the cabinet and now the island table is an interesting choice.

You may consider having this island organizer. It consists of shelves under the tabletop. Then, you can make use of the space to display the shoes.

Besides, it would become a great focal point for any space. Arranging the shoes neatly will offer a more sleek and clean look of the space.

14. Stackable Wooden Crates for Shoe Display Idea



A wooden crate has a strong DIY feel that you may not find in a lot of houses. The material is popular because it is an inexpensive solution for your space.

It looks chic and rustic. Hence, this stack of wooden crates became so popular almost anywhere. Indeed, it is easy to set up.

If you already have the crates, one thing that you have to do left is to stack. Be creative and show off your designing skill with this type of shoe display idea.

15. DIY Latter Shelf Display for Shoes



Displaying your shoes using the latter is one of the great ways to decorate a space. The design of this simple wooden structure is quite attractive.

Again, it would be even more attractive when you have it full of the shoe collection. As you can see, this storage looks so stylish.

In addition, when all the shoes are arranged, it becomes a dazzling display that will impress everyone. Setting up a color-coded arrangement is necessary.

16. Sleek White Shelving Cabinet



This picture is an open cabinet full of shelves filled with heels collection. All the shoes look fantastic on this shelf.

This wee-bit tight space needs to have the pair to be on the opposite side. Thus, it would be a good concept of the shoe display ideas for bedroom.

As you can see, it makes a special scene for this white shelving. So, the shape and design of the heels are getting the most highlight in this shoe display idea.

In addition, set up each of the positions of the heels to make the shoe fit on the shelf space. That is what makes the shelving cabinet so special.

17. Shoe Display Using Strips of Crown Molding



It is one of the most innovative ideas on this page. A crown molding on the wall would make any wall attractive.

The rack that comes with a classic style adds texture to the wall. In this case, you should install some hooks to let you decorate the wall with heels displays.

As you can see, the female shoes that you should pick are the colorful ones. It makes the space to have a soul with colors from the heels.

Additionally, the plain white background of the wall becomes a perfect canvas the gives contrast to highlight the color.

18. Metal Hooks on The Wall to Display Shoe



Using metal hooks is another practical way to display your shoe collection. Also, it is such a nice element to be in your entryway. That would make everything so easy when entering the house.

So, you will not find lots of things on the floor clutter. Add a row of metal hooks to the wall. You can make astonishing vertical shoe storage without spending a lot of money.

These shoe displays you see in the picture is a product that you can buy from IKEA. Each item consists of five hooks. So, it would be suitable for two pairs of shoes.

19. Metal Garden Grid Shoe Display Ideas



It is another practical idea you can have to display the shoe collection. Thus, this simple idea comes from an inexpensive metal garden grid.

This smart idea has a grid that becomes a creative shoe rack inside the house. It is something you rarely see at home.

You can fit the racke with many shoes. The grid becomes an attractive wall decor that will impress the guest. Pick some of the best ones to display on the grid.

20. Storage Display Idea for Boots



Winter is coming, be ready to place the element to support the organization of the house, especially the entryway. Wherefore, boots are the essential accessories to wear during the cold season.

Thereupon, it is very crucial to have a storage or a display for the boots to be well-organized. Well, this one is a very simple structure to deal with it.

People need to dry out their boots. So, it would become useful again to warm your feet when you go out. This shoe display idea arranges the boots upside down. That’s the trick for drying out faster.

This specific wooden structure is a DIY project. You can spare your time to build it on the weekend.

21. Vertical Metal Shelving as Jordan Shoe Display Ideas



For sneaker lovers, these shallow vertical shelves are for you. In this picture, the homeowner installs the unit in a hallway by maximizing an unused wall and make it more attractive.

Likewise, with various shapes and colors of the shoes, people can get to see a decorative scene on the wall. So, there is no more unused vertical space in the hallway.

The design of the shelves is sleek and shallow. It offers such an accessible landing spot for all the sneakers collection.

22. PVC Pipe Shoe Display Idea



This PVC Shoe rack is a brilliant idea. You need to find the pipes of the right size to fit the shoes.

Find the PVC that is big enough to fit all of your shoe collection. After getting the main material, you can begin to cut the pipe down to a suitable length.

Using special glue for PVC pipe, stack them to be something like in the picture. You can add more rack as the collection of shoes grow.

23. Ladder Shoe Storage for Display



Check out this smart idea to display a shoe collection. You might put your shoes on a ladder. It is better to have the one with wooden material for a nice contrast to the bright wall.

This step ladder shoe rack is easy to make. You can use the used stuff to display the shoes. So, you do not have to spend a lot of money.

As you can see, the storage looks so stylish when all the shoes are in place. However, you can only fit the rack with up to 9 shoes, but it is still a great way to display them.

24. Stainless-Steel Mesh Shoe Holder



These are the unique shoe display ideas that only some people would love to have. Then, placing this storage display in your hallway will definitely steal attention.

Furthermore, the stainless steel baskets and shelves make a great combination together. You might agree that it looks like the owner has a lot of colorful animals in cages.

That is what makes the rack so unique and special. Only some people would choose to have this in their hallway.

However, it is still a great way to keep all the shoes uniquely displayed and well-protected.

25. Creative Shoe Display Ideas with V-Shape



Take a look at this creative shoe display idea. The storage looks very attractive. Besides, it makes use of empty and narrow space right in the corner.

Moreover, arranging the shoes on the shelves in a V-shape is the key to its attractiveness. It is smart to give a twist in such a tiny space.


So, have you found the right shoe display ideas for your place? Some of those racks are perfect for an entryway or house interior, while others would make great stuff for a shop.


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