Storage Ideas For Hats

Storage Ideas For Hats. Hats are the next most popular piece of apparel I’m asked to locate a home for in my clients’ closets, just behind shoes and bags. Hats are difficult to store and keep in order because of the variety of shapes, sizes, and materials available. And even having a tiny closet hasn’t helped matters.

The good news is that you can organize your different types of hats for every season in a variety of ways. I’m a professional organizer who sees each year the hundreds of new and innovative hat storage solutions that come on the market, as well as creative ideas created by expert organizers.

Get your caps, berets, and beanies organized for good with a browse through these favorite hat storage ideas.

With these 23 clever and unique hat storage ideas, you can build a functional and insanely easy DIY hat rack or organizer.

More whimsical décor can be added to your walls by storing your hat. That hadn’t occurred to you, had it? Why? Since hats have historically been a problem.

They may be discovered anywhere throughout the house, including at the end of the closet. It can really ruin the aesthetics of your space if you let it get too much.

With these hat storage ideas, you’ll be able to keep an eye on it. They’re adaptable, appealing, and simple to prepare. They’re more like a decorating idea that reconfigures storage concepts. It’s a genuine thing!

Baseball Cap Organizer


This pegboard hat rack is really cool! It can also be used as a wall décor. The complete instructions for building this baseball cap organizer project can be found within.

To assemble this hat rack, you’ll need the following items. That will suffice for pegboard hooks, corner brackets, pegboards, and 1″ x 2″ boards.

3D Hat Storage


It may be challenging to locate unique hat storage systems. With a few simple steps, you can transform any wall into a decorative hat rack, according to Style Beat Blog.

Some hats seem to pop out of the wall more than others in a 3-Dimensional visual effect created by the system they use. Hanging your caps in such a way that your favorite ones stand out above the rest is a good idea. You’ll always see your top choices first this way.

High-Up Hat Hangers


Some individuals in this planet adore hats; others keep a few on hand and interchange them often. You’re now something different altogether. You’ve run out of room for your hats, and you adore them.

Is this your business? The higher spaces above your windows and doors, which are perfect for storing things, are often ignored due to their height. You can, however, easily retrieve your hats thanks to a hook like this.

Hanging Closet Organizer (Great for Baseball Hat Storage)


I hung two hanging shoe organizers in his closet for my son’s hats. I then filled the hat boxes with all of his hats. Each hat may be held by one of the sections. Each hat can be held by one of the organizers.

These will hold all of his baseball caps as well as his bucket hats, and they’ll store them all in one place. The hats are kept accessible by these hangers, which are simple to install. Even if you have a big number of hats, this method is very manageable. One of my favorite baseball hat storage solutions is this.

Boxed Set


Wrap attractive paper around cardboard boxes to store shoes and sweaters. Just make sure a single hue or pattern ties all of the elements together when you mix multiple patterns.

Unique Zigzag Wall Mounted Hat Rack


Do you prefer the old style? Like House & Home does, go all out and create your own unique hat rack. You may produce any design you desire with a vertical zigzag hat pegboard.

Since it allows for overlap, this appearance is ideal for people who have a lot of hats they need to store. For a last-minute wardrobe improvement, put it in your bedroom or near your entryway.

DIY Hat Storage


Remember that big-brimmed hats must be stored in a certain way to retain their form. Hat storage can be done in a number of quirky and attention-grabbing methods!

They’re lovely, and they may be put on a wall as a focal point or hidden away and hung on an inside closet wall or the back of a door, she claims.

Gann recommends using 3M command hooks because hats are so light-weight; they don’t leave holes or marks.

I believe the finish of the hook is less important since it is covered by the hat, and I’d choose a low-cost option because of this, she added.

In the meantime, winter hats and mittens may be kept in a tote or basket. Store them high up and away in a dry, cool area. Have the basket in an easy-access area, advises Gann, and take them down with winter hits.

I believe that everything should have a home. Gann claimed that establishing a spot for everything allows you to keep your surroundings neat and simple.

You can also learn tricks on how to store your purse and handbag collection if this gets you motivated to organize yours.

Hats in a Deep Drawer


It’s the best storage for baseball hats if you have a large enough drawer. When you open the drawer, you can see everything in it, but when you’re not wearing them, they’ll be protected and dust-free.

Budget-Friendly Hat Wall


You’ve just discovered something simple, cheap, and refined if you’re searching for it. Using wooden clothes pegs (here) to keep the hats in place, this hat wall is hung from a wooden hanger.

I recommend macrame rope for this hat wall, since you can use whatever string you want. It’s pure, has no frays, and is incredibly durable.

Wall Hanging Hats


This wall hanging system by Eat Sleep Wear can display your caps beautifully if you prefer your room to be a little more organized and refined. Each hat is placed strategically to form a linear pattern, which is visible. Wall hangers like tape strips or nails can be used to display your statement hats if you just want to reproduce this look.



If you have a lot of cowboy hats or sunhats that aren’t easy to hang on hooks, this is a fantastic idea. It’s also effective if you’ve got a lot of team baseball hats that you’d want to show, but this approach isn’t suitable for hats with no hole in the back.

Displaying a lot of gorgeous hats is a excellent strategy if you have a big hat storage!

Your hat collection can be displayed in a number of ways. Buying a hat rack from a local store or online is one option. They come in a variety of forms and sizes, so you can choose the perfect fit for your home.

All you have to do after getting your hat rack is put it in a corner (if it’s a standing hat rack) or nail it to the wall, then put your baseball caps and stylish hats on the pegs.

Instead, you can use the hat tip we provided earlier (now that you have hung all of your hats on a curtain rod). It’s really simple to construct, and the curtain rod will function as a hat rack!

The curtain rod will hang on the wall, taking up no space on floors, in drawers, or in closets, which is excellent if you have limited space. If you really want to showcase that hat storage, place your display hanger on a bedroom wall or even in the main area.



Attaching a wire grid to the wall is required for this one. Then again, just a few clothespins or other clips are all it takes to connect your hats to the grid (similarly to the cord example above).

Transform Them Into Art


Many individuals develop a habit of collecting lovely hats throughout their lives, and some of the most complicated styles may be considered genuine works of art. You’ll want to upgrade your collection with a hat storage idea as lovely as your brims if that describes you.

Look for a wall hanger or display that keeps your caps out in the open and displays them as genuine celebrities. This Etsy option is ideal for a boho-themed collection, but it’s worth noting that there are numerous design options out there.

Statement Piece Hat Rack


Instead of wearing hats on a regular basis, choose them as an art statement piece.

Above her bed, Bethany Nauert has hung her favorite hats using a system of nails. She adds a country touch to these gorgeous sunhats by hanging a painting or centerpiece instead of a piece. For your own style, use whatever types and colors you want.

Live Edge Mounted Hat Rack


The natural edge of wood is sometimes used in manufactured surfaces by wood designers. Bark is common, but attractive cracks and grain designs are also common. Wood in this manner is used as a kitchen countertop, coffee table, and shelf, among other things.

There is no reason why you can’t build a rustic, outdoor-looking hat rack out of a live edge slab of wood if you have the right size piece. The only thing you’ll need is a knife and the hooks of your liking.

Live edge wood is available at many do-it-yourself shops, and you may get some for free at a garage sale if you’re lucky. Polyurethane is used to finish the majority of live edge wood. Coat any piece you find with poly if it’s unprocessed and untreated.

Mount some door hooks


A solid hook is the best way to hang hats and coats on your front door if you want an simple (and cheap) solution. You may hang as many hooks as you want without damaging your budget with the help of a screwdriver or a few hefty-duty adhesive variations.

Simple Rope and Branch Rack


The traditional rack shape is replaced with a branch and some rope in this next hack, which takes rustic minimalism to a whole new level. So, what’s the matter? It functions really well! For a rustic home, this is a wonderful addition.

I recommend using these leather ties to secure your branch to the wall, whatever method you choose. They enhance the overall aesthetic, and they are simple to remove if you are a renter.

Sliding Hat Rack


Slide it out when you’re not sure! This Momasaurus design is ideal for a hat rack that serves as a closet rod. Since you may slid the hats, it’s a fantastic solution for anybody with many hats. Attach any kind of hat you have to hang your hats with a hat clip.

Stylish Copper Hat Rack


Just a piece of copper and some rope are all you’ll need to make this simple hat rack. This copper rack is really simple to make and it’s really stylish. Therefore, with this rack, you can transform your foyer, studio quarters, dorm quarters, or bedroom into something a bit nicer and more organized.

Baseball Cap Organization DIY


Forget about the hats placed at random places and have them arranged neatly on a curtain rod with this hat organizer, which takes less than 10 minutes!

Each hat may be placed on that fascinating wall-mounted hat rack with the assistance of C-hooks, which twist to firmly grip the hats.