Stand Up Showers Ideas

Stand Up Showers Ideas. The world is divided into two groups of people. Some get up even earlier to have a lengthy, pampering shower before sitting down to read or watch the morning news.

Then there are those who simply have enough time to rinse their entire head and body after hitting the snooze button for an hour. We consider ourselves to be the latter, personally. Neither is preferable, and neither requires a more enjoyable shower than the next.

And if we’re being completely honest, the amount of time you spend in the shower isn’t a good representation of the quality. The quality of your system is much more important.

Nonetheless, here are 30 shower designs for your own bathroom to apply to ensure that you’re getting the premium experience you deserve.

There’s an idea in here for you whether you have the budget to completely renovate or just a weekend to refresh your existing design. And would it be too much to anticipate that you’d be willing to get up even earlier to use these?

Soaker tubs are nice, but showers, which are equally cleansing, are more practical. A walk-in shower, whether traditional or contemporary, is even more versatile and can be built to suit your preference in both huge and tiny areas.

Get ready to redesign your bathroom. When designing a thoughtful and beautiful shower for your bathroom, the following concepts have similar design components, materials, and accessories to consider.

Black and White Bathroom With an Open Shower


The huge and unused tub in this area was removed to make a stunning open shower with no enclosures necessary, according to interior designer Jennifer Jean Morris of JMorris Design. Black penny tiles provide dramatic contrast against the white surfaces in this bathroom.

They go all around the bathtub, wrap around the shower curb, and up the wall to provide a stunning vista. As a consequence, the space is contemporary, clean, and minimalist-inspired.

Small Bathroom Walk-In Shower Ideas for the Space-Savvy


A walk-in shower with wall space for vanities or tubs can increase the usefulness of a tiny bathroom. This knee wall includes a shallow vanity with a mirrored door, which seems to be an expansion of the bathroom’s shiplap-clad walls.

The small bathroom appears larger thanks to white painted walls, a walk-in shower with glass enclosure, tiled walls, and reflective surfaces.

Beauty in Basics


This walk-in shower’s basic black and white palette has an elegant feel, according to studio CAK. This shower stands out as a stunning feature from the white shower head and handle to the black glass wall rim.

Strike a Match


Hardware is crucial, and the wrong faucet could really ruin or enhance your entire design. We can’t emphasize this enough.

This arrangement provides a cohesive, and expensive-looking feel by perfectly matching the gold sink hardware to those in the shower. All of the gold contrasts beautifully with the achromatic color palette (which includes the white subway tile and black grout).



This isn’t the entrance to Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, because there are no windows or glass doors. The most sophisticated shower ever created is described in this video.

The extended, gloomy, solid shower tiles lining the floor and square rain shower head contrast with the tiny mosaic tiles along the shower wall.

A thick block of metal, statue-like, stands off to one side for shelving, giving this incredibly distinguished shower area even more modern character.

Try the ultramodern open-air walk in shower on your next bathroom remodel for modern and futuristic bathroom design ideas. Don’t you think that glass doors and windows are overrated?

Standout Walk-In Shower


As soon as you walk into the bathroom, a stone mosaic tile on the back wall draws your attention. This tiny but functional shower is enclosed by glass, giving it the appearance of endlessness.

A smaller bathroom is kept from becoming too crowded by designing a shower with a herringbone-patterned tile on the shower floor in a lighter color.

Design With Your Space in Mind


You don’t need an endless amount of square footage to offer a luxury shower experience, contrary to what your Instagram account might suggest.

With the use of textured tiles, brass hardware, a paned window design, and a contrasting black tile floor, this small shower stall has some big style. Trust us when we say that you’ll barely miss the extra feet once your small space looks great. It’s also Insta-worthy, to boot.

A Dramatic Effect

Designer Scott Sanders achieves a dramatic effect by using black and white color blocking for a modernist appeal. The sense of solitude and tranquility is cued by the dark coloring throughout.

Seamless Walk-In Shower Design


A seamless entrance into the shower is created by foregoing the conventional shower door. The bathroom is divided by floor-to-ceiling glass panels from the rest of the space.

Because they exude a sense of luxury that those with sliding or swing-out doors don’t, barrier-free showers are becoming more popular as doorless shower designs. An enormous showerhead, a bench seat, and pebble-inset flooring provide a comfortable atmosphere within the shower.

Take On Terrazzo


Covering your entire bathroom and shower in terrazzo might be a good idea if you’re as into the trendy material as the next home décor enthusiast.

The modern, yet moody appearance is sure to appeal to years to come thanks to the gray and black undertones throughout. The shower has a completely distinctive appearance thanks to the fluted embellishments along the shower wall.

How Luxurious Materials Create a Spa-Like Shower


CetraRuddy, one of the city’s top architectural and design firms, adds a vintage Gotham-esque touch to the residences at Rose Hill, a luxury condominium tower located north of Madison Square Park. Nancy Ruddy and John Cetra are the husband-and-wife design team behind it.

The shower has a spa-like aesthetic punctuated by Greek Dolomite Honed stonewalls and Breccia Capraia accent shower walls, and each shower you take should feel like a relaxing retreat. The aged brass fittings provide a nice contrast.



Tiling has the ability to function as both a feature and an accent at the same time, which is why it’s so popular in bathroom design.

The small tiles throughout the room — yellow towels, foggy glass windows, and a bronze figure — break up the monotony beautifully without any noise.

Even when floor space is at a high premium, little spaces may have big and bold design choices that create a sense of enormity (see: Which Little Bathroom Tile Size Will Make a Bathroom Feel Bigger?).

An simple way to expand the feeling of space while not doing too much or overworking the area is to use huge shower floor tiles with a built-in shower seat.

Finally, to provide shower area isolation while still allowing that area of the room to be seen, install a single glass panel. This also contributes to the feeling of openness in this guest bathroom, making it seem even bigger.

Asian-Inspired Spa Bathroom With Open Shower and Rain Showerhead


Jennifer Gilmer, a designer, desired a huge freestanding tub and a walk-in shower in her master bath but didn’t have enough space to locate them side by side. Her trip to Japan inspired her to create an open environment where the two could be combined.

A large sink, ceiling-mounted rain shower, and oval-shaped pedestal bathtub are included in the light-flooded contemporary bathroom, which has black mosaic tiled flooring and insets.

Think Outside of Marble


Jade has become the new marble, and we’re calling it right now. This spa-worthy, Insta-worthy soft grayish green stone has cream-colored veins running throughout it.

We believe this jade shower will be replicated time and time again, even though we can only image you’ll see it on countertops, backsplashes, and floors. This stunning shower is the focal point of an all-white bathroom design.

Opt for a shower over the bath


If a lengthy, leisurely soak is required as well, try combining both and choose an over-bath shower. A cooling shower starts the day off right, but if a long soak is also required, then try it.

In a small bathroom, finding space for both a distinct bath and shower cubicle may be difficult, but utilizing the same footprint for both is a much better choice.

By choosing a standout tile treatment, you can make the bath and shower area the focal point of the bathroom. In a small bathroom, installing a contrast panel of color above the bath adds pizzazz to the space and helps an all-white scheme seem less stark and clinical.

Spacious Walk-In Shower


The homeowners opted to replace the soaking tub with an extra-spacious shower and steam room in this redesigned bathroom layout. While allowing light into the shower, tall glass panels keep water and steam inside. Bath products are stored in a tiled niche, while a small stool cowers into a corner.


A marble-tiled walk-in shower with double glass panels and a rain-effect showerhead graces this exquisite ensuite bathroom. Even after a long day at the office, it provides a bench for you to sit on. You might think that a design like this would cost a lot of money, but you’d be wrong.

The cost-effective glass walls are budget-friendly and simple to put up, and the shower tray is elevated to conserve money. Lastly, it’s simply a matter of fitting and sealing the marble shower tiles to the existing wall. You may, however, choose marble effect tiles to save money even more.

Marble Shower With Frameless Glass Walls


You may take a big shower like this one by Cathie Hong if you have enough room. The bathroom feels twice its actual size thanks to the frameless glass walls and door, which create an open and airy atmosphere. Homeowners may bathe in natural light thanks to the privacy window.

Shaving or basking in steam is Relaxing and Comfortable thanks to the handy built-in bench. Mixing gold bathroom accessories with marble tiles is also a favorite of ours. Without being overdone or haughty, the blend feels both elegant and traditional.

Consider Vintage


Don’t you dare consider replacing your clawfoot bathtub with a newer model if you have one in your bathroom. In a way that can only be passed down from generations past, this shower setup feels old-Hollywood glamorous. Using art-deco elements, such as the mirror’s sconce, drive home the concept.

A Timeless Design


This opulent and modernist style was created by Pappas Miron using the beauty of a black and white palette. The space seems smaller than it is due to the geometric tile flooring and white tile walls.

Shower Tile Rack


Bring your favorite characteristics from luxury hotels into your own bathroom. A walk-in shower can seem more posh (and it’s even better if the rack is hot) if there’s a built-in towel holder.

You don’t have to get out of the shower to dry off because of the steam, which makes the towels comfortable. Just ensure that the shower is big enough so that water doesn’t splash onto the towels.



Couples that want both heat and private space in their showers will appreciate this exquisite master bathroom walk-in shower.

The naked eye (no pun intended) sees the shower of the seamless double-pane partner as simply more bathroom space. The two exquisite panes of glass, numerous shower heads, and the extension of the tile into a separate shower area like no other are all visible on closer inspection.

Within a broader scope of contemporary architecture, the give and take between brick, metal, wood, and stone components works wonderfully.

For obvious differentiation between one material (and space) to the next, the white and gray tones of the shower floor tile stand out significantly from the wooden countertops.