25+ Stair Runner Ideas and How to Install It The Right Way

Any homeowner will feel lucky once they know about stair runner ideas. Although this decorative item is pretty underrated, you can get the most of it pretty easily.

Stair runners can fully turn a common staircase into something more aesthetically powerful. Besides, it can help to emphasize your space’s overall look instantly.

With a bunch of stair runner ideas in this article, you will be able to make such outstanding home decor in no time.

Basic Information and Tips for Choosing Stair Runners



It is no secret that stair runner remains a classic option when it comes to stairway covering.

Aside from cushioning the noise of people running up and down the stair, this runner can add style and provide extra interest to your interior.

You can find an eye-catching design with a notable repeating pattern such as a vibrant stripe and extend the runner into a wall-to-wall floor covering for the most dramatic impact.

If you want to display a more cohesive theme in the flooring, try to keep the look going further by employing lighter shades of the similar color in the rooms.

However, similar to other home decor options, stair runner ideas are something personal, so your best choice is going to be different from others.

From plain colored one to a zebra pattern, there is always a good runner to satisfy every appetite.

25+ Striking Stair Runner Ideas to Beautify Your Home Décor



Not only protect your foundation material, stair runner ideas can help to diminish noise. If you are purchasing one for this purpose, make sure to consider sisal for the most hard-wearing choice.

If you want something softer underfoot above anything else, wool makes the best choice. Besides, this material is also popular for its durability compared to other.

Some people may prefer an indoor or even outdoor rug of Polypropylene for their stair runners since the option is great and durable as well.

When it comes to patterns, star, rainbow, and also leopard prints are generally favorable for those who want to showcase such bold as well as daring decor.

On the other hand, stripes are perfect for those who want timeless flair that also offer a hint of classic or elegant style.

To introduce a pop of vibrancy to a neutral scheme, you should try a red stair carpet. Meanwhile, a more elegant look can be achieved by applying a soft pink piece.

Then, if you prefer to keep your home interior neutral, plain colored stair runner ideas are also available. Meanwhile, a bold carpet makes the best option for a more welcoming first impression.

This kind of runner typically works best against an abstract wall as it will introduce a cool, classy look in your space.

Keep reading to discover a few stair runner ideas along with more detail information and sample pictures.

A Pop of Vibrancy



This bold red stair carpet offers a perfect dose of vibrancy to this space. You can pair it with a simple poster that is often found in bus station to bring a vintage flair.

Otherwise, you can include some wooden framed pictures along the wall.

Such a vibrant red runner makes a good choice if you want to lighten up a dark and moody space too.

Elegant Victorian Houses



When it comes to Victorian houses and traditional properties, a stair carpet with a dark grey border is pretty popular.

You can steal the look of the above staircase runner ideas in this view. To avoid making the space seem bland, consider hanging some vibrant artworks on the surrounding walls.

Natural Sisal Stair Runner



A natural stair runner of sisal material can offer a stunning, textural look in your space while bringing a neutral vibe.

Against the white and wooden staircases, this beautiful sisal runner offers a high-quality complement that appears natural.

Take note to the black and white framed pictures at the end of the stair if you want to replicate the perfect look of this staircase.

Classy Leather Stair Runner Ideas



It is no secret that a leather stair runner will appear very luxurious underfoot. However, it can be pretty difficult to keep the item clean.

However, if you have kids and pets at home, it will be better to find another material as leather is not the option.

Eye-catching Edging



Get a stair runner with an eye-catching edging for a beautiful home decor. It works in various wall schemes, including the neutral one without being too much.

This one of popular stair carpet ideas 2020 makes a good example with its notable red edging that contrast the pale brown design.

If you want to add extra patterns, a stair carpet with vertical line pattern and contrasting edging is also available to suit your preference.

Jute Stair Runner Ideas



Bring your hallway to the next level by applying these stair runner ideas. With a natural stair runner made of sisal or jute, you can get this outstanding look instantly.

You can incorporate several subtle black accents in this neutral palette like in the form of a bench, minimalist wall light, or a balustrade.

Doing so will help you to prevent the hallway look too bland without reducing the flawless balance of the scheme.

Stair Carpet Ideas 2020 for All-White Interior



For an all-white home interior, incorporating a strong repeating pattern can be a great solution to put some interest.

In such schemes, you can feel free to extend the bold stripe into a wall-to-wall floor covering for a notable interior update.

Be Bold with Patterned Stair Runner



If you want to go bolder and exceptional, don’t hesitate to try this one of stair runner ideas.

From encaustic tile floors and patterned stair runner to bold, geometric wallpaper, this hallway is capable to suit your unique appetite.

Simple yet Elegant Runner



Sometimes the simplest design can win your hearth too. Here is one of the best stair runner ideas if you like something simple yet elegant.

The plain stair runner features clean white appearance that highlights the pretty curved banister, making the hallway looks amazing.

This one of the stair runner ideas is especially amazing when applied against the dark wood staircases.

It not only offers an elegant highlight to the dark stairs, but also helps to make the wooden surface less slippery.

Leopard Print Stair Runner



If you call for something new and different, try these leopard print stair runner ideas in the hallway and see how they turn out to be.

Even though leopard print is not everyone’s cup of tea, it will be able to make your hallway more unique. You can pair the piece with vintage-style mirrors and DIY garland too.

Otherwise, allow the unique pattern shines by incorporating less additional décor around the staircases.

Geometric Print Stair Runner Ideas



Do you want to upgrade the look of your traditional home? Try to give a touch of modern style by incorporating this geometric print stair runner.

In case there is a side table around the hallway, you can consider adding an old-fashioned light fixture on it for additional interest.

Stair Runner with Serene Vibe



Can you see how serene this one of soft blue stair runner ideas is? Find one that looks similar to the piece and make your staircase appear more elegant instantly.

It is safe to say that the idea is among the best carpet runners for stairs, particularly for farmhouse style hallway.

The stair runner complements the soft blue and white design of the wainscoting walls perfectly, keeping the harmony of this space.

Striking Star Staircase Runner



Add star-splattered stair runner ideas in your staircase and let it perfectly contrast the dark-stained oak parquet flooring.

To maintain the warm vibe, you can paint the wall in a historic shade of blue. Then, incorporate a vintage chandelier to emphasize the style.

If you have some free time on a weekend, try to DIY the stair runner by using a few of pretty rugs in star patterns.

Exceptional Zebra Print Runner



Do you want to add a unique pattern in your home decor? Zebra print stair runner ideas can be the right choice.

Since there is no rule to bring a pattern to your interior design, having fun with the choice makes a good choice.

Mix and match the pattern of your stair runners as well as the floor tiles. However, remember to keep the backdrop neutral to let the item shine.

Simple Striped Stair Runner



It is no secret that striped stair runner ideas often look nice with anything. This is also ideal for those who are indecisive since they can’t go wrong with the design.

Take note to this warm space that features a light grey stair runner in small black stripes. This item works well against the natural wooden staircases and the earthy palette.

To keep the staircase feels open, you can incorporate a framed round mirror and limit the other wall arts.

Rainbow Stair Runner



Don’t you want to try to dry your existing stair runner in rainbow shades? This DIY project will give the house’s dark wood staircase a new vibrancy.

If you have no time for DIY project, a rainbow stair runner is often available in the market as well. Thus, there is no need to hesitate for stealing this extraordinary look.

Sisal and Leather Carpet for Staircases



Although a leather carpet is less popular than others, you can opt for this material if offering a classy, distinct look is your main purpose.

Try to use leather stair runner ideas as a pair of your wooden staircase to create a more uniform look. Don’t forget to contact a reliable provider when you need leather tiles for flooring too.

In case such a carpet seems too much, a sisal runner with leather edging and upholstery makes a good alternative.

Purple Runner for Staircases



When your existing wall features wallpaper, you need to pick stair runner ideas that go well with the design.

This purple stair runner makes a good example as it works perfectly fine against the lovely pale brown wall and brown banister.

Beautiful Runner for Wooden Stairs



To complement the wooden staircases, the homeowner picked a plain looking stair runner of dar colored sisal.

In case you need stair runner ideas for dogs, it makes a pet-friendly stair runner for them. As a result, your furry buddy will be more confident when going up and down the staircases.

Moreover, this pet-friendly stair runner will prevent unwanted accidents such as injuries and slips as well.

For other design, just make sure to pick stair runner ideas that are made of durable materials like sisal, wool, nylon, or sea-grass.

Luxurious Stair Runner



If you want to include something ultra luxurious in your interior, give this stair runner a try. Since it is made of silk, the material will be pretty tricky to maintain its cleanliness.

However, if there is no child or pet around and you want something classy to beautify your home, choosing this stair runner is not a bad choice.

Plain Grey Runner



Bring a plain grey stair runner with a dark colored border into your traditional Victorian hallway to give it a new, modern look.

The idea can help to neutralize the patterned tile floors and any accessories included around the banister or corridors.

In another home décor, a plain grey carpet for staircases can give a classic, timeless touch in the design as well. It emphasizes the versatility of such a stair runner.

Grey Runner for Victorian Properties



This proves how popular a plain grey stair runner with a dark border among homeowners, especially those who own Victorian properties.

Whether you have dark or light colored stairs and banister, grey stair runner ideas make an easy choice with an excellent result.

Dark Painted Banister



Thanks to the dark coated banister and the floral wallpaper on the walls, this hallway showcases such a dramatic view.

Not to mention the grey striped stair runner that complements the scheme flawlessly.

The homeowner also incorporates a pile of books in several stairs as an additional décor. Instead of paperbacks, you can go for a jute basket or other decorative items.

Two Toned Stair Runners



If you cannot decide on a single color for your stair runner ideas, selecting the same pattern but in dissimilar shades can be a great alternative.

For instance, you can apply the above patterned stair runner in a color of black and white in a half. Then, use the identical design with a different color combination for the rest.

In this view, try to find the two patterned stair runners from one vendor so that the only difference is on the colors or shades.

Deer Pattern Stair Runners



The dreamy effect brought by this deer pattern stair runner is highly eye-catching. It appears particularly notable against the wooden rods and white walls.

With white marks all over the surface, this runner also has that beautiful starry flair as well.

Counting Number Stair Runner



Do you have a small kid at home? Then, this is one of the best stair runner ideas to choose due to the design and the material.

It features print of numbers that allow your kids to count as they go upstairs. Made of natural jute, this stair runner is open for a DIY project as well.

How to Install Stair Runner the Right Way



After discovering a few wonderful star runner ideas, you will also want to know how to install this piece of decoration properly.

Stapling it directly onto the staircases is the simplest approach to install a stair runner.

However, you can also take advantage of stair rods to secure the runner. This method makes a good choice since it typically result in a more pleasing result.

To install a stair runner, you should first prepare or the tools such as a tape measure, square, pencil, meter stick, and a utility knife.

Indeed, you need to determine your favorite star runner ideas long before preparing the tools. Then, don’t forget to clean the staircases with a vacuum cleaner or broom as well.

Once you clean the staircases, measure and mark the center of each stair with a tape. It will help to install the runner evenly later

Then, you should measure and trim for the padding depending on the size of your runner as well as the depth of the pad.

After all the measurements, installing the stair runner ideas comes next. Make sure to begin with flat surface instead of an angle once since it may result in a mess.

When you come to the end of the stairs, simply cut the excess runner and fold it underneath to have a neat look.

Final Thought



Installing a stair runner can be easier than you ever thought since it is mainly about tucking the carpet tightly and stapling.

In most cases, choosing the right stair runner is far more difficult than installing the same. You need to pick the right pattern and color to make the most of this staircase covering.

Finally, you will need the above stair runner ideas to help sparking some inspirations on the best staircase covering to choose. Happy decorating!

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