Sofa Table Decor Ideas

Sofa Table Decor Ideas. The sofa table designs highlighted here hit a range of individual style notes and are a fantastic option to maximize space and add height, as well as decorative touches, to your sofa area.

A sofa table is more than just a second thought, but a completion to your interior ensemble. Whether you prefer stand-alone art pieces or understated utilitarian designs, a sofa table can offer both.

These 25 sofa table ideas offer only a few inventive options for a variety of homes and preferred aesthetics, from repurposed wood materials to sleek metropolitan forms.

You’ll undoubtedly locate the sofa table that bears your name in one of the following options: shabby classics, editorial minimalism, or

Thanksgiving Sofa Table Décor Idea


Opt for a Light Beachy Feel


Consider going for a lighter colorway if you’re concerned about your sofa table making your space feel cluttered.

While still allowing you enough room for décor or storage, a soft colored wood will give you a breezy, beachy atmosphere.

Add a Wooden Table for a Beachside Feel


This smooth wood with crosshatch ends gives a sofa table a coastal and beachside feel, which is a popular look. Because of the three shelves and large surface, it’s a more functional option.

Depending on your decor style, you can get a lighter or darker wood finish; the crosshatch on each end of the table is especially important for the beachside look.

Provincial Accents


Extra seating is provided by a classic Louis XVI-style chair. For added texture, top with a chic pillow in a contrasting color.

The Symmetrical Sofa Table with 2 Lamps & 2 Baskets

My favorite method to decorate is to style things symmetrically, but it isn’t always the most attractive to my eye. It’s just simple to me. As a result, on our console table behind the sofa, this formula is the most often used.


A short stack of books and decorative item in the center, with my favorite two lamps on either side of the table. The organic element is introduced by the little brass turtle on top of the books.

The blanket that extends over the basket border on the bottom left side provides enough asymmetry to make it seem a little more interesting and less “plain Jane.”

Two of my favorite console baskets are then placed on the bottom. Every evening when the sun sets, we use these lamps to create a comfortable atmosphere in our living room by giving it a very simple yet classic look.

Tray décor


The rustic texture of a raw wood console table’s butcher block surface contrasts with a simple metal tray.

Leave trays open to create a space for minimalism or fill them with a tiny candle (as shown above) or other decorative element.

Also notice how the metal legs give this design an airy industrial-modern appearance.

It Adds Interest


A sofa table adds more interest and depth to your living room. The contrast in color from the bright white sofa draws your attention to this dark, modern design.

The addition of the sculpture also makes the whole space more cohesive and aesthetically appealing by adding another layer of ornamentation.

A Walk In The Woods Slab Sofa Table


Live-edge sofa tables are a stunning addition to your living room, combining part rustic and part contemporary artisan.

Every table has its own live edge, which introduces organic textures and forms into your space.

Without drawing attention from the beauty of the wood, two statement lamps brighten your room.

Instant Bite


When I was designing my living room, this was my preferred setup. With this design, I can either lounge or have the mid-morning shake while retaining the same sight, which is like having the best of both worlds.

Rather than dominating the couch, the sofa table serves to unify the space in aesthetic and functional ways.

One of the things I appreciate most about this system is I am not required to have a bite in the dining room when I am having a discussion or watching television with someone. The sofa table is really useful after all.

Refitted Block Style Wooden Table


Farmhouse Fall Flair


After months of deliberation, the owner of this sleek farmhouse living area bought the sofa table from Hobby Lobby.

Pumpkins are displayed on the three shelves to create a cohesive look, and little farmhouse signs in many sizes and designs are displayed.

A wood and metal end table with a plant and a basket of pillows sits to the side of the sofa table. Both increase the sofa’s display to its complete width.

Showcase Your Memories


A simple sofa table is a great spot to lay out all those carefully curated pieces in one central area whether you’ve been collecting memories from your travels, you have a decent book collection, or you just want to highlight a couple of keepsakes in your space.

Asymmetrical Sofa Table Decor with 1 Lamp & 2 Baskets


I kept both baskets on the bottom, but removed one of the lights in this arrangement. I moved the stack of books beneath my fake spider plant to give it some height, since it still needed to be balanced with something tall(ish) on the right side.

I used a dried grapewood branch to create an organic form. It not only attracts attention, but it’s also low enough to peer through.

We love having both lamps on the table for lighting, and I think this is the best look. So, if I had my way, our current aesthetic would be replaced with this! 😊

Gold + blue


We get the sense that it has to do with the mix of the traditional, ultra sophisticated metal and vibrant, casual color pop; something so current about gold and blue.

The bright hue of blue in the vases above it contrasts with a gold console table. The tone is balanced overall by a simple white box.

It’s Inviting


A sofa table may provide a friendly entrance for visitors when a living room feels divided.

For candies or favorite reads, use the tabletop as a showplace. The eclectic space is balanced out by the matching metal vases on this table.

The Magic of Repetition


Consider what the remainder of the room has for décor and use the same colors, forms, and textures to refresh your farmhouse sofa table décor.

Woven baskets, plants, and candlesticks are used to create this attractive display, which can all be seen in the backdrop by the corner fireplace.

Game Night Antique

Game nights are one of my favorite things to do. When I only have a couch, it’s difficult to get people to sit together around the table when we’re playing monopoly.

I can keep an ottoman or two beneath the table with this arrangement. I might utilize the region beneath the table instead of storing it.


Consider how convenient and nice it is to have ottoman stools around the home for a second. To keep the style tight and on point, I can use matching china on top of the table.

Asymmetrical Style with 1 Lamp


I wanted to show you how to decorate your console table without using or needing baskets, if you don’t need them. If you need it, I also put a tray on top for the remote control, which I used to corral.

A more clear sight line can be achieved by moving the lamp to the opposite side of the table! In your home décor, do what makes the most sense.

Create an Accessible Bar Cart


A bar cart may seem frivolous to some, but having a specific area for cocktail hour outside of your precious kitchen area is a gamechanger if you like an evening drink or entertain often.

It is even better to use a sofa table as a bar cart, since you don’t have to get up for the second round!

More Than Words


Reading a good book on the sofa is the most calming thing imaginable. In addition, books are the most classic-looking piece of furniture made of wood. As a result, this is an opportunity to enjoy the most exciting view while remaining on the sofa.

You may simply pick up a magazine and begin sorting out your next two hours. Ultimately, this arrangement is a fantastic option for keeping your visitors entertained while sitting on your sofa.

Asymmetrical Decor with 1 Lamp and 1 Basket

I took one of the baskets and hid it beneath some Christmas decorations. The way this tray connected the three items on the bottom left touched me.


The organic appeal comes from the limestone knot decor at the bottom. Keys or remote controls may be stored in the bowl on the table’s top, which is a good corral spot.

You may need the bowl for daily items if your console table is close to a door.

By placing the big lamp on one side and the big basket on the bottom of the other, do you see how I balanced it out? If both larger items had been on one side, it would have looked funny.

China And Around The World

A piece of china beneath matching lamps is the one thing that I find very satisfying. Ceramics have a unique power that cannot be denied.

Because of how much harmony a piece of china creates, this design gives it a grounded look.


The benefit of having china mixed into furniture is that you can achieve a comparable effect with the biggest or smallest items you may find. Consider how a bonsai and a huge tree have an overpowering presence.

Clear table lamp


The area immediately behind, before, and to the sides of a clear table lamp are all included into the design (as the name suggests).

Clear also creates the optical illusion that the space is bigger than it appears to be, as it breathes and light may occupy more of it.



The focal point of a space is the centerpiece. One of the most thoughtful statements you can make in your living room is a simple sofa table with a centerpiece of choice.

With decorative items on the sofa table, you can infuse your personality into the home decor and catch people’s attention right away.



A large storage advantage may be the sofa table. Baskets beneath the console may be used to store blankets and pillows without occupying extra room.

Keep the height and breadth of your table in mind while picking out your baskets.

Light Up My Mood


The first thing that comes to mind when I consider stylish interior design solutions is whether it is practical. The concept will then make sense to me once I can answer that question.

The lighting in a room can be dramatically improved by placing lamps on side tables. The best part is here.

The trips to and from the wall light switches were never fun for me. Nonetheless, because of the arrangement, I am able to reach back and adjust the light.

Table lamps, which are placed behind the sofa, which is most likely in the heart of the room, would work perfectly as an ambient solution.

The light in any room should be placed at this spot. This is confirmed by looking at the ceiling light.

Varying Heights & Color Coordination


This sofa cabinet has little space to display accessories since it only has one shelf to embellish. As a result, each element has a function.

The topiary chalices and candlesticks have a similar height variation and symmetry, which gives the display instant harmony.

By tying in with the green sign and window wall décor, the greenery also contributes to harmony.

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