Small Outdoor BBQ Area Ideas. Turn a ordinary backyard into your family’s favorite pleasant weather gathering spot by installing the right outdoor grill station ideas.

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A grill station offers extra conveniences that elevate the whole barbecue experience, in addition to installing the finest grill on the patio.

Food prep areas, built-in sinks, additional electrical outlets to plug in small appliances, and even cover from the sun and rain are just a few examples of outdoor kitchen ideas.

These grilling stations range in price points, designs, and backyard sizes, from planning an outdoor kitchen focused on grilling to shopping for souped-up standalone barbecues.

You can create the outdoor bbq area of your dreams with the help of these bbq area ideas. We have ideas to make it all work seamlessly and stylishly no matter how big or small your backyard is, whether you want to build a complete outdoor kitchen area or just grill beside your outdoor furniture.

If you use yours often, it makes sense to create an outdoor bbq area. The best bbqs make alfresco cooking a treat. For your outdoor area, discover the ideal design and arrangement.



At an outdoor grill station, it’s always a good idea to include plenty of storage. That way, all of your sauces, condiments, cutlery, and tools are readily accessible.

In addition, you can experiment with styling in the zone by using rustic wooden chopping boards and attractive pots of herbs, for example. For extra character, we like the patterned tiles.



Dedicating your patio, if you have one, to the outdoors bbq area is the simplest method to do it. The remainder of the property may then be used for relaxation and eating. Exploring patio ideas is definitely worth it if you don’t already have one.

It’s also possible to build your own patio. We like the way the dark patio slabs contrast with the rest of the garden, so take inspiration from this bbq area created by VisionScapes(opens in new tab).



According to Russ Faulk, Chief Designer and Head of Product at Kalamazoo(opens in new tab), a luxury outdoor kitchen company, one of the most essential aspects to think about when designing an outdoor grilling station is where to position it.

I prefer to put my grill close to the kitchen door and set it up so that I can watch the lid thermometer through the kitchen window all year,’ he adds. ‘As a year-round griller in the Midwest, I want to make sure my grill is close.’

You’ll need to consider utility sites in that setting. Is it time to relocate the gas and electricity to a better position, or is it already in the right spot?’

Cedar BBQ area


When you’re getting ready for the BBQ season, wood is the first choice. If the British weather turns foul, add a roof cover so you can continue to barbecue. Also, since spotlights allow you to continue cooking after dark,

Hard-wearing Iroko wood


This outdoor kitchen is constructed of hard-wearing Iroko wood and stainless steel hardware, and it is hand-crafted using traditional joinery techniques. It is guaranteed to last for many years in this Markham home.

This outdoor kitchen has the balance of simplicity, scale, and proportion that harkens back to a traditional contemporary design that suits the modern, manicured style of the h What M is known for.

This outdoor kitchen is cleverly zoned to include all of the key spaces required in an indoor kitchen for food preparation, grilling, and cleaning up, thanks to an L-shape configuration set inside a custom designed permanent wood gazebo.

The cooking run, which includes the 107cm Wolf outdoor gas grill on the right-hand side of the kitchen, is located. As a luxury range cooker market force, it has already established itself globally.

With this behemoth of a barbeque, Wolf has taken outdoor cooking to the next level. The Wolf outdoor gas grill comes with a sear zone and infrared rotisserie spit as standard, and it was designed and built to stand the test of time.

A pull-out bin with separate compartments for food waste and recycling is located beneath the counter to the left of the Wolf outdoor grill, which can be used to help with food preparation.

The LPG gas canister is stored in a container to the right, which allows for neat and organized storage of the outdoor kitchen while protecting it from the elements.

The zoning of the space, particularly as it pertains to food preparation, cooking, and cleaning up and clearing away, is key to a successful outdoor kitchen design.

Consider the position of the sun and where it is during the afternoon and early evening, which will be when this outdoor kitchen will be busiest.

During the winter months, a timber gazebo will provide shade from the sun and protection from the elements.

A seating area that may be scaled up or down depending on your entertaining requirements is necessary, and always install stone flooring that can withstand a few spills here and there.

Chiltern Garden Design


A dining area and outdoor kitchen have been built on a raised composite deck under a fully automatic bio-climatic pergola.

Outside pizza oven, warming drawer, barbecue and sink, with a granite counters are all included in the kitchen, which is fully outfitted with SubZero Wolf gadgets.

The party is kept going until the evening with the help of heaters and screens, as well as lights inside the pergola, which can be opened and closed electronically. The pattern on the ‘decorative rug’ around the firebowl is tied into by a decorative screen, which adds to the backdrop.

Can I BBQ On My Patio


Only if the deck isn’t made of flammable materials and the patio isn’t covered by a roof. Unless the manufacturer’s directions specify otherwise, grills must be set at least ten feet away from a side of a building.

Barbecue Grill and Prep Station


Classic, adobe-style stonework is enhanced with a dark wood pergola. Orange hues reminiscent of the desert and stainless steel creating a striking contrast characterize this kitchen’s southwest appeal.

The countertops are made of darker red tiles, and the brightly coloured tiles provide a pleasant burst of color. You can have a complete kitchen with an outdoor sink and griddle.

Invest in a bioclimatic canopy


If you want to maximise the use of your outdoor kitchen year round, a canopy is required. However, it will obstruct both the light and the rain. The need for a bioclimatic canopy becomes clear here.

In order to withstand the finest and worst of the British weather, outdoor kitchens should be planned and constructed to suit them,’ says Duncan Aird, creator of Outdoor Kitchen Expert(opens in new tab), ‘which means a roof is not required.’

Rotating and/or retracting roof blades allow for sun, shade, and breeze to all be accommodated in bioclimatic canopies.

Move Your Kitchen to an Open Deck


Take advantage of the space given to you if you have a deck! The convenient position makes it simple to return and forth from the home to the deck, not only giving you enough area for your outdoor cooking area and eating arrangement, but also making it simple.

Stone Outdoor Kitchen


The sleek stone fireplace and grill station are fantastic aspects of this entertaining space. Pergolas made of contrasting wood provide not just privacy, but also a change in texture.

Vertical Garden


Heather Hilliard Design created this vibrant modern outdoor kitchen in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow neighborhood, which is situated on a large balcony just off the main kitchen and dining area.

The towering multi-colored living wall behind it steals the show with its manicured design that resembles a work of modern art, while blue cabinetry adds an unexpected splash of color.

Hideaway Kitchen


When you need it, it’s ready; when you don’t, it’s protected and out of sight. This kitchen-in-a-box is a terrific option for weekend cookouts and rainy days because it allows you to keep your kitchen utensils secure.



You don’t have to give up your grill size in order to make up for a lack of space. You may use the remainder of your yard as an extension of your cooking area, thanks to a modest pergola and brick counter built-in.



A fire pit adds a cozier, camp-out atmosphere to a garden, and many of the designs can also function as a BBQ. All you really need to do is cook by placing a grill over the top.

A fire pit BBQ is wonderful because it doesn’t have to be hidden away, in the middle of the garden, or involve everyone in the cooking process. Add throws and pillows for extra comfort to dot chairs around the edge.

Do You Have Building Space?


Before coming up with the backyard grill concept, make sure you have enough outdoor space. Space is critical when there are so many things going on in your yard. Think about where you’ll set up your grill and cooktop.

Remember that entertainment requires some space, so set up a grill and cooktop area. When you have a large counter in your outdoor kitchen, it will look amazing.

Your backyard grill will stand out more if there is enough space. Each part of your outdoor grill should have its own spot to highlight the focal point.

Make sure you use your landscaping wisely. Put your outdoor grill in a position where you can witness all of the action.

Compact DIY Kitchen


They certainly seem attractive, but few of us have the money or yard space to develop swanky, high-end barbecue spaces in our gardens.

We adore the cleverly installed knife rack, sauce bottle holder, and handy container in this beautiful mini-kitchen, which has been carefully built to house outdoor cooking essentials.

Use the convenient workstation to prepare and serve up your barbecue beside it. Herbs are kept in pots on the kitchen’s rear wall.

It’s a compact and sophisticated design that will fit any area. You may construct a tiny play kitchen for your children if you have them.

DIY Stone Covered Grill Island


This DIY grill island is ideal for use as an outdoor kitchen if you have room for it. If you have a few buddies willing to assist with the hard labor, you may have this one constructed in a weekend.

When it’s completed, you may cover it in stone, brick, or other material. It will have a lovely appearance.

This is a straightforward project that will cost you less than having one professionally constructed. There are several wonderful home stone and pebble projects that will help you add beauty to your environment.

Fabulous BBQ Island


Why not consider adding an island to your BBQ area if you want something a little simpler but functional? A island offers more prep area as well as extra seating.

While your guests observe your expertise on the grill, you may be a part of the celebration by cooking. HomeDIT is credited with the above excellent modern island design.

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