Sliding Door Curtain Ideas

Sliding Door Curtain Ideas. Give your sliding door a happy, colorful makeover to freshen it up. Success comes from applying window treatment fundamentals while also accommodating the door’s functional purpose. These sliding glass door window treatment ideas offer a balance of style and usefulness.

What are the most important considerations when it comes to both style and functionality when shopping for sliding door curtains?

When purchasing for curtains to cover your sliding doors, we spoke with designers to answer all of the questions you have and provide some design advice when picking a hue. Keep reading and you’ll be motivated.

Privacy, control of light, and a more elegant appearance are all features of sliding door window treatments.

Sliding doors are more appealing when they are flanked by curtains, which blend in more smoothly with the space.

Curtains offer a variety of benefits, including emphasizing and framing architectural elements such as the huge glass expanse, which helps to create a more powerful center point for the area, according to interior designer Julie Williams.



Using the same fabric for both curtains and blinds is a great way to tie a room together, creating a sense of warmth and depth,’ advised Emma Clarke, Director of Warner House.

We’ve used Balmoral as a curtain and a blind in the same room, as seen in the above picture,’ says Bill.

Beautiful linings are recommended for both curtain and blinds. For a nice finish, blackout might be used as an interlining. To add interest to your scheme, try adding tape or bullion trims to the bottom edge.

Pick Window Treatments That Operate Like the Door


The bright light that streams into this traditional dining area by Lagnappe Custom Interiors is comfortable to view through sheer window treatments. Lagnappe’s Tiffany Cassidy, on the other hand, has some important tips when it comes to window treatments’ functionality.

The designer recommends, “With sliders, you’ll want something that moves side to side rather than up and down. We always recommend a window treatment that functions in the same way as your door.”

Install drapes so that they stack on the side of the stationary glass panel, Cassidy advises, if the wall space permits. “If the window covering may all of the way off the glass, it should move back and be able to get completely off.”



You can soften the look and add pattern to your French door drapes if you’re a fan of dark and dramatic. You may match it to your seat cushions, table runner, and napkins in this dining room, and it functions wonderfully.

The chromed pendants match the chromed curtain rails, and it’s these little aspects that make a design succeed. It’s all about equilibrium and the finer details.

Curtains for the Entire Wall


Curtain panels that cover both the windows and sliding doors are a good choice if you have complete windows beside your sliding doors.

This style suits plain sliding glass doors or sliding door modifications that need little attention.



It is worth choosing a fabric with the colors you can see outside when you’re looking for curtain ideas for French and patio doors, because the view beyond is absolutely perfect.

The stillness of forest landscapes is captured in this Norrland(opens in a new tab) print from VillaNova, and you can see how well it works when there’s a light breeze by looking at the painterly marks that mimic nature’s movement.

Blackout Printed Curtains


There are times when sunlight is welcome, and other times when it needs to be kept out, particularly in a bedroom. While adding some elegance to your area, these blackout shutters block up to 95% of the sun’s rays.



Consider the original characteristics of your room on occasion, such as in this lovely bedroom with patio doors that lead out to a balcony. Drapes would not be appropriate.

The shutters are lovely, and a simple blind will suffice in this case instead of curtains.

Having complete height curtains was not an option in this project since we frequently had furniture or radiators below the windows,’ says Irene Gunter, Founder of Gunter & Co.

The sheer was placed as close to the window panes as possible with double Roman blinds.’ You could fully view the magnificent architrave that wrapped around the window thanks to a blackout Roman blind positioned in front of it.

Animal Print Fabrics


A patio animal print curtain provides a practical way of adding design while brightening an otherwise dull room.

With your creation of an exotic aura, you can choose from a leopard spot or a zebra stripe and never go wrong. These designs are compatible with nature and will suit patios with a lot of vegetation.



The practicalities of patio doors must be checked before curtain designs are considered. In some situations, the airy ethereal fabric looks amazing, such as in the summer months when the weather is warm. However, in the winter when the wind is howling, wafting draperies will not be wafting for the right reasons!

Penny Morrison, interior designer at Penny Morrison Studio(opens in new tab), explains that the best solution is a pair of fully lined curtains that totally cover the whole patio door frame and capture all of the bothersome drafts:

Always make a space feel more comfortable with French doors and patio curtains! It’s a fantastic chance to utilize a bigger scale pattern because of their size, especially height.

Pole-based curtains are the most effective. You must hang them high above the lintel so that the door works and you don’t obstruct too much light if you utilize a pelmet.

Consider Venetian Blinds


In spaces that aren’t used often, Venetian blinds work well. You may try employing little horizontal stripe doses to avoid making the space too busy.

Instead of using one blind, consider getting a few. Wood may be too weighty, so choose none wood Venetians instead. Closing and opening your patio door curtains should not be difficult.



Although this seems straightforward, it is a design feature that must be taken into account, as well as matching your curtain ideas to French doors to your windows.

This is really a case of individual taste, although I usually choose neutral curtains when there’s a lot of color and pattern in the room already,’ says Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director at Kelling Designs(opens in new tab).

This not only assists to equalize the design, but it also enables spectacular views from the window or via patio doors to flow into the room, giving it a sense of being considerably bigger.

introducing some color and pattern via curtains won’t just make a statement, it’ll also automatically draw the eye to the window, making the room seem again feel more spacious. If you have a neutral design scheme, adding some color and pattern to your windows will help.

Sheer Curtains


The light-filtering properties of sheer curtains make them an ideal option if you enjoy the natural light from your patio door and want to add a bit of privacy or color.

You can choose from a wide range of colors and textures when it comes to sheer curtains, so you’ll find something that suits your style.

However, one risk to consider is that the lightweight fabric may start flapping uncontrollably in even medium-level wind, so you may need to leave your door closed on windy days.

Because they may help slow the curtain panels from flying around and staying out of your way, tiebacks and holdbacks are especially beneficial with these lightweight materials.



A French balcony is reached by pushing open French doors. Yes, that would be wonderful! You want to enhance, not detract from, a view like this.

Trims and tie-backs, when used properly, can have a big impact on how you want to frame the situation, and this is where they really shine.

Blackout and Insulating Curtains


Blackout drapes are a fantastic option if you want to get away from the unrelenting brightness of the summer sun. Blackout curtains are also available in a wide range of colors and textures, and they may block out as much as 95% of the sun’s light.

Insulated drapes go a step further than ordinary blackout curtains in that they not only block light but also retain cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter, making them the most energy-efficient option.

Blackout and insulating drapes, on the other hand, must be closed or opened, respectively prohibiting natural light from entering the space.



This curtain idea for French and patios doors by Warner House(opens in new tab) is an all-encompassing look.

Frame your doors so that the fabric can be pulled fully back from the woodwork, and the full length of the doors may be exhibited.

The curtains should be hung slightly higher than the top of the door frames, while the bottom hem should skim the floor for a stylish finish. Our step-by-step instruction may assist you get this right if you’re not sure how to measure for curtains.

Classic Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are the most popular window covering for sliding glass doors for a variety of reasons, despite their lack of attractiveness.

Even for huge doors that would normally need multiple rod support brackets and numerous curtain panels, vertical blinds are reasonably priced.

Just a damp cloth may be used to clean vertical blinds, and if one slat is stained or destroyed, it may simply be replaced.

By simply opening, closing, and rotating the slats on vertical blinds, you have tremendous control of your light level and privacy. You can also paint vertical blind slats in vinyl to freshen them up (or, if you just can’t do the vinyl, you may always switch to a fabric vertical blind).

Apart from their notorious unpopularity, vertical blinds have a few downsides, the most notable of which is that it is nearly impossible to completely darken a room with them.

While it is still possible to install them yourself, they are more difficult to install than curtains. Also, when the blinds are opened or closed, many people dislike the sound of the slats bonking against one another.

An inside mount allows vertical blinds to be placed within the door frame, while an outside mount allows them to be placed above the door frame.

Fabric blinds should be ordered at the proper height, which means they should end about 1/2 inch above the floor. Vinyl blinds can be cut to the right height.

Because, just like with curtains, hanging the hardware 2 to 4 inches above your door will make your door look bigger and make the room seem larger, you can install them using an outside mount.

Light-Blocking Sliding Door Curtains


Blocking light is critical for window treatments in regions that get a lot of sunlight, such as a room with south-facing sliding doors.

At the day, choose lined curtains for your sliding doors to effectively block the sun’s rays. This protects furnishings, such as area rugs and upholstered furniture, from sun damage or fade while helping to keep your home cooler during the hot summer months.

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