Sliding Door Blinds Ideas. Update your sliding door by giving it a beautiful makeover. Success comes from using basic window treatment and designing around the door’s practical purpose.

These sliding glass door window treatments combine style and functionality in a beautiful way.

Pick Window Treatments That Operate Like the Door


The sun that pours into this formal dining room designed by Lagnappe Custom Interiors is easy to see through sheer window treatments.

Lagnappe’s Tiffany Cassidy adds a few essential tips when it comes to window treatments’ functionality.

With sliders, you’ll want something that moves side to side, not up and down, the designer says. “We always recommend a window treatment that operates the same way your door does.”

Configure the curtains to stack on the side of the stationary glass panel, Cassidy advises, and she provides a few tips when it comes to sizing.

The window covering should pull back and be able to remove all of the glass if enough space on the wall permits.

Light-Blocking Sliding Door Curtains


Blocking light is a top priority for window treatments in locations that receive a lot of sunlight, such as a room with south-facing sliding doors.

During the day, choose sun-blocking lined curtains for your sliding doors to provide full coverage.

This protects your furniture from sun damage and fading, while also keeping your home cooler during the hot summer months.

Vertical Sliding Glass Door Blinds


For privacy concerns in a room with sliding doors or French doors, vertical blinds are the most popular sliding door window treatment.

Sliding glass blinds are attractive and practical, however they must be treated with the right kind of treatment in order to maintain privacy and screen sunlight.

Choosing the wrong vertical blinds for a sliding door may diminish the appeal and functionality of a sliding door.

Therefore, in order to prevent this from occurring, you must be aware of the various options for sliding door blinds.

Being overwhelmed by a plethora of options is common, but in this case, knowing what choices you have is helpful.

PVC plastic, Faux Wood, Real Wood, Woven Wood, and Fabric are the most common materials used in vertical blinds.

Slats or vanes are used to create them, and a cord, wand, or remote control may be used to adjust them.

The blinds and shades are very easily adjustable due to the slight overlap of their slats. Vertical blinds are a fantastic window treatment because they’re simple to modify and provide privacy whenever you want it. You might also restrict the amount of sunlight that enters your dwelling.


When the sliding doors are closed, they rest flat against them. They may also be configured to allow as much or as little light into the open configuration, depending on your needs.

In addition, the slats conveniently fit against each other out of the way of your indoor-to-outdoor travels when they are completely opened.

Sliding Glass Door Control the light Blinds


To give your home a distinctive look, they mix functionality with current designs. Natural woven textiles and materials are used to make sliding glass door blinds of various kinds.

Roll down blinds placed behind pleated drapes may be used to control the light from your patio.

This combination allows you to control how much light or view should enter or leave your room. Ideal for preserving both your vision and your privacy.

Linked Roller Blinds


It is a popular choice to choose roller blinds instead of sliding doors. They may be linked to create a wider span across your whole door by stretching them out.

On our order form, you may simply add a linked blind by following the steps in the ??. On our measuring page, there are tooltips.

Because the linked set up allows you to roll down your blinds on either side of your sliding door, you may do so in an independently controlled way.

Since there is only one bracket in the centre, linked blinds have less space between them than regular blinds, which may be split across the top of window or door mullions.

Add a pair of sleek sliding panels.


Fabric sliding panels (like the ones shown, which are from IKEA) are a sleek and modern option to improve your home’s sliding door situation.

These thin coverings, sometimes known as panel tracks, provide a great alternative to vertical blinds and do an excellent job of screening out sunlight.

So finding the right ones to match your personal style (and supersized windows) should be easy, since they come in a wide range of colors and textures.

Roller Blinds for Patio Doors


The elegant simplicity of a roller shade lends itself to produce a spectacular declaration on patio doors.

Our range of lighting solutions includes new, daring ways to manage light and enhance your patio door, from bold prints to glimmering sheers.

When the roller blinds are raised, they reveal everything in their full glory.

Sliding Glass Door Curtains and Drapes


Curtains are the quickest and simplest way to dress your sliding patio door. They may add style and drama to your room, with the ability to control lighting and provide easy access to the door.

Many fabrics, colors, patterns, designs, and motifs are used in the construction of curtains and drapery.

Sliding glass doors need curtains to stay out of the sun and to beautify the area. They also serve a crucial safety purpose by drawing attention to the window.

You know what I’m talking about if you have youngsters! Kids and even friends have walked straight into a closed glass sliding door, which I’ve experienced. It’s amusing, but it might be harmful.

If you’re employing custom drapes over your window, sliding glass door curtains should be able to be hidden away to prevent folks from stumbling over them while passing through the entryway.

Therefore, make sure that your tie or sash is made of a material that is easily stored.


A transparent sheer material that allows light into your space while protecting your privacy is frequently a significant source of sunlight, so consider using one.

Sheer curtains are preferably made of soft colors like grays, creams, and pastel blues. To totally darken your area, you may also choose blackout drapes.

Pick a lighter material if you want to leave your sliding glass door open to provide air into the home. In this scenario, I prefer minimalistic designs over overly embellished and intricate ones.


They’re also quite simple to set up. You can have your curtains up and brightening your space in less than an hour with a quick DIY installation of a sturdy curtain rod.

A matching decorative valance that sits atop the main curtain rod can also be used to dress up the drapes.

A pro tip is to test the weight of your curtain. To prevent the curtain from falling and shattering the glass, use a sturdy and secure curtain rail.

Curtains for sliding glass doors may be used to enhance the aesthetics of your home as well as improve safety for children and adults.

Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding-Glass Doors


Cellular shades are well-suited for patio and sliding-glass doors, particularly if you reside in a hot or cold environment. They are recognized for their superior energy efficiency.

The DUETTE Honeycomb Shades feature a honeycomb structure that retains air in separate compartments, resulting in an additional layer of insulation at the pane.

Duette Architella® shades, which feature a honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design, are even more energy efficient.

When your shade is open, both products’ honeycomb pleats overlap neatly to provide a clear, unobstructed view.

Pleat sizes, colors, designs, and textures are available for duet shades. Additionally, on the exterior, most textiles will be white, giving you a consistent appearance.

You have the option of using either one shade to cover the whole expanse of windows or two independently operated shades of varying opacities for more light control with the Vertiglide™ operating system, which was designed specifically for vertical applications.

The LightLock™ system, which has an innovative side-channel designed to trap and absorb nearly all incoming light, is ideal for use in rooms like media rooms where you want to be able to achieve more darkness.

Benefits of Cellular Shades:

Large expanses of windows like patio and sliding-glass doors in hot or cold climates are especially grateful for their superior energy efficiency.
-Cellular shades can be used with practically any décor thanks to their extensive fabric collection.
-You have more options to regulate natural light since the use of individually controlled light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics on the same shade.

Functional Window Treatments


Because you don’t want to limit the usefulness of the door, choosing a window treatment for a sliding glass door may be difficult.

Consider tying back window curtains on one side of your sliding door, particularly where the handle is, to help support the door’s functionality while you dress up.

Mount window treatments high enough above the door frame to avoid brushing heads when passing through if you’re using valances or Roman shades.

To keep your curtain panels clean and out of foot traffic, make sure to hang them an inch above the floor.

It’s OK to Go Shorter in Length


Cassidy emphasizes that when it comes to window treatment length, maintaining a busy lifestyle is important.

It is acceptable to size them a bit small, she observes. “This is a door where numerous filthy shoes will enter and leave, so you may want to make certain your window covering material is up just a tad off the floor—I like about a half-inch.”

Sliding Glass Doors with Built-in Blinds


Specialty sliding glass doors with horizontal blinds built-in are now available because people have trouble with vertical blinds (they break, get filthy, make noises, and most are unattractive).

A slider knob controls the horizontal blinds, which are sandwiched between two pieces of glass. These ingenious blinds for sliding glass doors are dust and dirt resistant, attractive, and can be operated by a switch.


Panel Glide Blinds


Panel blinds for sliding doors are excellent since you may simply move the big vertical panels across it’s track to get to the door, and a panel glide track with a wide width may be manufactured.

When used on sliding doors, panel glide shades are much simpler to manage and frequently look better than roller shades.

When compared to roller blinds, the only downside is that it will cost a bit more, although it is still very affordable.

Hang several long curtain panels


You’ll know you need at least four panels to get a full look when covering a sliding glass door with draperies (instead of a flat sheet-like vibe when closed).

Double-wide draperies (they exist!) are the key to keeping things simple. Despite their jumbo size, woven sliding door drapes like these pinch-pleated stunners from JC Penney look every bit as fancy as formal curtains and are lined for guaranteed light-blocking power and privacy.

Curtains for the Entire Wall


Try curtain panels that cover both the windows and sliding doors if you have complete windows beside your sliding doors.

This style is ideal for sliding glass doors that have a basic design or sliding doors that need to be renovated.

Window Treatments That Preserve Light


The views and access to outdoor areas are best appreciated with sliding doors. So, finding the best sliding glass door curtain designs may be challenging when you take into consideration how important simplicity is.

A pair of sheer panels or opaque curtains can filter light while maintaining privacy. The door is kept open with ease by sliding curtains on rings.

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