Single Dorm Room Ideas

You may be ecstatic to go into your college dorm, but you aren’t thinking about how plain and simple everything is going to seem when you arrive. Trust us, they all do. The small space you’ve got, which you’re sharing with another person by the way, isn’t even worth discussing.

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This is about to be the backdrop for your entire college experience, no matter how small or plain it appears; there’s no way we’re letting you go all four years with a dull dorm room.

Regardless of how little your lighting, cold-looking brick walls, or uninteresting your furniture, we have methods for bringing your dull dorm to life. With some motivation, you may transform your allotted living area into a stylish residence.

Here are 15 ideas for transforming your empty dorm room into a dramatic masterpiece. On your floor, you’ll quickly become the dorm everyone flocks to.

A headboard will instantly transform that standard dorm bed


Placing your bed in the corner is the only option when you have two or more beds in a room. However, you have the freedom to relocate your bed around and even position it in the center of the wall when you live alone.

You can add a headboard to your bed to give it a “homey” feel, depending on the style you choose. You may either build your own (try utilizing images in a rectangular pattern to create a unique effect) or buy one that meets your preferences and budget. The sky is the limit as long as they can be propped against the wall or Command Strips can be hung up.

IKEA, Dormify, Pottery Barn, and Urban Outfitters all sell stylish headboards online.



That dorm floor has seen it all, and we hate to break it to you. The carpet in your room has paid the price due to collateral damage, including booze, vomit, gum, and other items.

However, if you prefer to sit on the floor to study or want your room to look nice, get a rug to conceal stains on your bedroom flooring.

If you don’t want to pay damages on the other hand you’ve had a vino-shaped accident and want to get rid of red wine stains from your walls, floors, and furniture, here’s how.

While providing a soft component underfoot, area rugs add a touch of personality to your dorm area,’ says Sherri Monte, interior designer and owner of Elegant Simplicity(opens in new tab).

A rug can be a focal point in your dorm room, along with your bed and bedding.’

Nicola Croughan of Blinds Direct(opens in a new tab) agrees, as does interior specialist ‘Rugs are a fantastic way to add your own unique touch to your space,’ she continues.

A rug doesn’t need to be anchored down, hence you aren’t limited to where you place it, allowing you to carve out some space.’

Loft Your Bed for More Room


Expand your shared bedroom to space-saving configurations and endless activities by elevating your sleeping area and opening it to the rest of the house! A study nook, futon, or more storage furniture can all be created beneath your lofted bed. In addition, placing your college dorm items in reach will prevent them from being stored in the lofted bed.



Instead of going to the drugstore picture counter and buying glossy pictures, go to sites like Social Print Studio and Artifact Uprising (a bit more).

You may access square (and big-format) matte prints from Facebook, Instagram, or your image library on both websites. Fastened with clothespins on a piece of string or in the frames that both websites provide, these squares make a great grid.

I frequently print photos of artists’ works that I like on Social Print Studio, which allows me to mix personal photos with more creative pictures. I often pull images from websites such as Tumblr and even Google Images. On these websites, you may make your posters or prints with the additional capabilities.

Use a pinboard or a lightweight photo hanger, like this one with string lights, to create a collage wall display that you can easily change if you have small photos or post cards.

Moreover, less is more is another option that I only discovered after living in (and decorating) a number of student apartments.

Having wall-to-wall coverings with photographs, prints, tapestries, and other items is entertaining, but a more minimal approach can give the room a more mature and sophisticated feel that one might have later in college.



When it comes to creating a home-from-home bedroom idea, accessories are your best friend. You can do a wonderful job with soft furnishings, wall décor, and the like while you’re not able to transport your bed in your family home to your dormitory.

The bedding from Dormify(opens in a new tab) pays homage to the 90’s/Y2K with pastel purples, greys, and pinks, as well as elements and trinkets that reference popular culture.

Girlish, but not grandma! (Note: We recommend investing in a good laptop stand to avoid straining your back since the croissant-shaped posture isn’t attractive!) Cushions may also serve as floor seats and a place to rest your notebook.



Bed sheets are extremely important in a dorm room, therefore make sure you pick them wisely. It will be the source of inspiration for your wall décor and the groundwork for your room’s color scheme.

Since it’s simple to replace a throw pillow collection and create a totally new look if you get bored with your current decor, neutrals are always a smart option.

When deciding what to put on your bed, consider the climate. Maybe you’ll want a set of flannel sheets for the winter and another set of percale sheets for the late summer and spring.

In the winter, bring an extra blanket or two if your room is chilly. It’s a simple way to add a little pizazz and texture to your duvet, throw blankets, and pillows by mixing and matching the fabrics.



Take advantage of your school’s lack of desk furniture by BYOing in style. Try a vibrant colored retro-inspired variant or go super-sophisticated with cane details instead of a traditional business-style black design chair.

If you’re sitting in a comfortable desk chair like the SVELTI seat from Article(opens in new tab), you’re less likely to procrastinate or go on a snack hunt.

Students spend hours at their desk, so it’s critical that they get a chair that is going to support them properly,’ says Lucinda Newbound, senior ergonomics adviser at Back in Action(opens in new tab).

Sitting in bad chairs, causing back discomfort, poor posture, sore neck and shoulders, and prolonged periods of sitting still may contribute to sluggish circulation.’

To reinforce the core muscles and enable the spine to be in its natural bent position, we encourage “Active Seating,” a technique of sitting down that involves moving the body.

In addition, sitting upright promotes deeper breathing, which is crucial for handling demanding time constraints at university.’

Temporary Wallpaper


That bedroom is nothing short of astonishing before and after!

Wall paper that is temporary can be used to great effect. It’s possible to give your area the impression that you’re not in a dorm. I like how this college girl went all out!



Why not channel this Instagrammable style with woven wall hangings, mounds of throw pillows, and a plethora of the finest indoor houseplants (since that dorm-room air can get stuf-fy)? Why not do so with tons of pale pink and burnt orange?

When you leave college, you can use many of these elements in a living room or studio apartment because it is a versatile style that suits mismatched eclectic finds.

Make Your DIY Gallery Wall a Vibe


You putting holes in your walls might not sit well with your student housing director. Instead, take a dorm-friendly approach that is casual while not being overbearing. Posters pinned to the wall with a single piece of black tape add to the achromatic color scheme’s appeal.



Sleep deprivation on a rusted bed isn’t the worst way to start a college career. After all that studying (and a few drinks), purchasing the finest mattress will guarantee that dorm dwellers won’t wake up with aches and pains.

Dorm mattresses are well-known for being uncomfortable, and they’ve been around for a long time,’ says Happsy, who also manufactured the first verified organic mattress-in-a-box.

You’ll want a comfortable mattress to come home to after pulling an all-nighter whether you’re looking for the right Twin XL(opens in a new tab) or moving into your first off-campus apartment.

Nothing is more essential than getting healthy sleep when you’re dealing with stress and exhaustion that comes with college life.”

Our Happsy Organic Mattress Topper(opens in new tab) may be the ideal addition to ensure your kid’s bed is comfortable and their own if you’re unable to bring your own mattress to a college where you don’t have permission.

You may simply call the residence hall office to find out whether you can bring your own mattress. They may allow it in certain situations, but you must first get permission.

You might get some really terrific budget mattresses under $500 if you believe that you must purchase the finest mattress that you may afford. You might use it on a spare bed or sleeper sofa after you’ve used it up at college.

Mix Two Colors


Whenever you’re confused about what dorm décor is right for you, just revert to your favorite colors and go from there.

When you stick to just a few colors, it’s actually much easier to create a cohesive look for your dorm.



Unfortunately, dormitory costs are what they are. Ultimately, they are within proximity to campus and provide the bare necessities… Even if they’re the size of a shoebox,

1) You’ll need it anyway to check your costumes before the party, and 2) It’ll create the illusion of a bigger floorplan by tricking yourself into thinking about a bigger space.



Most residences don’t just have a bedroom, do they? That’s why your well-designed home needs a welcoming entryway. Moreover, a cheery, attractive phrase is certain to make your dorm a hotbed for fun.



After all, you can’t expect everyone to maintain the same food hygiene standards that you were raised with. Communal kitchens have a way of leaving little to the imagination when it comes to mess.

So, if a shared microwave is too seedy or you can’t bear to wait for a free hob, try a little kitchen design in your room to solve the problem.

If the building manager agrees that this is acceptable, consider purchasing a small fridge, microwave oven, and the greatest toaster and kettle set so you may take coffee and toast on the go at all times. The finest coffee maker for a small area will truly elevate your study area if you have the money.

The Yak About It Mini Fridge Dorm Station(opens in new tab) from Wayfair is a sleek way to store your electronics and takes full advantage of vertical wall space.