Side Gate Ideas. Guests are welcomed into your garden or house via a gate. At the places where a fence or wall meets a roadway or walkway, you’ll need a gate.

Driveway gates, side yard gates, and front entry gates are the most popular garden gates. There are virtually endless options for the design of your gate.

Simple or ornate, huge or tiny, open or solid, wood or iron are all options for your gate.

People may enter the rear yard or front door via side yard and front entry gates, also known as pedestrian gates.

The width of a pedestrian gate should be at least 36 inches. The majority of pedestrian gates are single gates, however a double gate may be selected if you prefer.

For a front entry, a double pedestrian gate is ideal. This kind of gate should allow visitors to enter your yard by swinging inward.


The benefits and drawbacks of wood gates are discussed by Chad Hoover of Hoover Fence, who advises that they should be handled by experts.

I believe that the majority of issues with wood gates stem from the materials utilized, when thinking about their most common source of failure.

Wood by nature is a soft material that expands, contracts, and soften with age.

Wood screws on hinges and latches, for example, lose their grip as a result of this.

Building a dependable wood-framed gate (as opposed to steel-framed gate) requires expertise that most people lack.

To avoid the effort and aggravation of building their own gate, regular citizens should pick a ‘steel framed gate kit’ and install their own matching fence boards to it.

The wood members of a well-built wood frame would be ‘ship-lapped’ and welded with high-quality galvanized nuts and bolts.

Time-consuming to construct properly and usually need additional professional equipment than average home owners’ garages.


The initial impression of your house is heavily influenced by the entrances of your home. Keep these rules in mind while creating the best effect.

First, the height of your fence or wall should be taken into account when choosing a gate. It will seem out of proportion if your gate is too tall or too short.

Second, always use high-quality hardware. The appeal and life of a gate will be enhanced by durable and attractive gate hinges and latches.

Third, consider spicing up your gate with a colorful pop. A warm welcoming color for your gate will attract attention and make visitors feel welcome.

Ultimately, install a gate at the bottom of stairwells for safety reasons. Gates should always be open away from the stairs and positioned at the top of stairwells.



Try combining a contemporary, white gate with classic stone columns if you prefer a country-classic look.

The soft tone makes a exquisite contrast against the rough backdrop, lifting the area and making it seem clean and stylish. The overall aesthetic, on the other hand, retains a lot of retro appeal.

To complete the setting, combine it with one of our cottage garden path ideas.

Playful Pencil Gate


Is that a colorful pencil gate? Why not? By carving the ends and painting them, the husband and wife team from @casa_colorful transformed basic wood posts into “pencils.

Looking at their quirky gate is impossible not to grin about. It demonstrates that even a simple gate stop can be stunning when you let your imagination run wild.

Old Fashioned DIY Garden Gate


Do you want to brighten up your yard with a basic but beautiful garden gate? This is a great gate that anyone can build.

It blends in well with a vintage-styled garden and residence because of its somewhat antique look.

At the top, there’s a tiny window that you can peek through. This is wonderful because it gives just a little taste of what lies ahead before the gate is opened and someone enters.

As a result, the gate serves as both a beautiful and functional piece.



Are you looking for something more current? For your garden gate ideas, go for a sleek wooden style.

This one seems simple while sophisticated because it matches in with the neighboring fence panels. Furthermore, a lockset is a great way to ensure security.

If you’re trying for garden privacy solutions, a design like this is also ideal since it’ll keep peeking eyes out.

A topping of leafy green foliage – check out our top climbing plants for inspiration – will add visual appeal.

Wrought Iron Gates


One of the most prevalent ornamental gate designs is wrought iron. It has a distinctive old-world vibe that no other hotel can match.

Intricate designs and patterns may be used to create custom wrought-iron gates.

Several gates feature a family name or initials, while others feature animals in the design and others are styled to resemble trees, leaves, or plants.

Wrought iron gates are resistant to weather and have a long lifespan. Powder coated steel in the traditional wrought iron style is used to make several contemporary wrought iron gates that are not really wrought iron.



When it comes to garden color schemes, blue tones always feel calming and are a fantastic option. So why not use the color for your garden gate ideas?

This dark, blue-grey hue appeals to us because it has a sophisticated and elegant feeling. The look is accentuated by small zinc planters on each side.

Also, beyond the gate, notice how the blue-themed palette is continued on the slatted fences. To provide the plot with a sense of coherence, this is a simple yet effective method.

Metal Cut-Out Gate


Plasma cutting using computer numerical control (CNC) Metalworking experts @firebeards.fabrication can cut intricate designs thanks to a metal cutting technique that uses a plasma torch controlled from a computer.

The metal was cut within an hour of receiving this image from a client for this gate. The tree’s intricate design contrasts nicely with the wood fencing’s straight lines.

Gorgeous and Colorful Garden Gate


Something that is bright and colorful is the best way to dress up your garden. This is one of the greatest do-it-yourself outdoor gate ideas available, and it really shows off your attitude and ingenuity.

This can be colored in a variety of ways to best suit your style and purpose. It also resembles a door more than a basic gate.

The centerpiece is well-separated, preventing it from becoming monotonous and solid.

Thanks to the lovely flower in the center, everything is rounded out and makes it look like one color instead of being multicolored.

Garden gate ideas


Your own domain is often accessed through a garden gate. As a result, it has a strong effect on passers-by and tourists, as well as playing an important role in security.

Garden gates are available in a variety of materials, including wood and metal, and come in a variety of designs.

The dilemma is: Which one to choose between?

It largely depends on your fence in terms of safety. It’s recommended to use one of the wooden gate designs if your fencing is made of wood.

You may apply the color and finish of your choice to unfinished wooden gates to create the desired effect.

Want a way to relax in the garden? Then, pick a cool tone of blue! Maybe you’d want to brighten things up a little? After that, white is a very good option.

Wooden garden gates are also simple to install, which is another plus. For further information, visit our guide on how to install a garden gate.

You may, however, want to get a metal gate if your fence is metal. With a zany art design and a bold color, decorative metal gates offer a fantastic way to add an extravagant touch to your home.

But, if security is a major factor, a more solid, classic fence and gate metal design is a good option.



In search of romantic garden gate inspiration? Next, take inspiration from the amazing design above.

A warm welcome can always be found beneath a canopy of blooms trained around an archway. To enhance the atmosphere even more, choose scented flowers like roses.

Against the white picket fence and gate, these lovely pink blossoms appear picture-perfect.

To recreate the look, take a look at our guide on how to grow roses.

Vinyl Gates


The fact that a vinyl gate requires little upkeep is the best part about it. Vinyl gates are unlikely to decay or rot, and they may last much longer than wood or metal.

Light colors, such as white and beige, are the most common vinyl gates.

With vinyl, you may pick from a range of options such as a picket gate, a privacy gate, or a lattice gate to create your own style.



A lattice design offers a rich aesthetic when coupled with a whimsical archway.

To make a stronger declaration, go for a broad, doubled-up design, and it’ll be simpler to push a wheelbarrow through if you’re using it to divide your veg patch from the lawn.

The space is brightened with a honeyed-hue. Yet, you may give your garden gate concepts a coat of weather-resistant paint if you want something more lively for them.

Geometric Wood Gate


@sage_and_beryl created this sleek wood gate, which features wood boards arranged into a diagonal geometric pattern.

The stark white siding is brightened up by the beauty of the natural wood grain and knots. If you value privacy above all else, a solid wood gate like this is a great option.

Stunning Rustic Cedar Post Arbor Gate


The ideal way to depict your garden is with a rustic style, and this cedar post arbor gate does it perfectly.

This has a rustic, outdoorsy feel that is wonderfully blended with the vintage. Since it has a stunning design in and of itself, the iron gate is really striking.

On the other hand, the wood plays a role in the overall aesthetic as well as acting as support.

The gate is even topped with an amazing arch that uses wood in a clever and efficient manner. It’s a fantastic way to display your creativity as well as the garden that supports it.



Do you want to make a spectacular first impression with your front garden ideas? Give it a shot with this easy trick.

Match the color of your garden gate to your other exterior elements. The red brick and the crisp white tone compliment each other beautifully, giving the whole design unity.

Z-Shaped Support Yard Gate Design


This homemade design is a excellent option for you if you want to secure the edge of your property. It has a nice flair of style without you having to go overboard because it is both straightforward and distinctive.

The gate has a beautiful arch that gives it a dynamic appearance. Instead, it flows with a pleasant sense of movement.

The z-shaped support on the gate, however, is what keeps this even more appealing. It stands out against the rest of the gate’s wood due to its darker tone.

As a result, you may add a little color while still being discreet.



Sadly, huge modern gates are often dark, robust, and imposing, although they don’t have to be.

There are more aluminum choices available on the market. They provide a sharp first impression for garden gate concepts, as they are lightweight to operate and have a hardwearing and smooth powder-coated finish (usually matt black).

The real benefit, though, is that multiple have laser-cut fretwork panels.

They offer a decorative touch and provide the opportunity to customize the front of your house by allowing light to filter partly through.

This is a excellent option if you prefer our current garden concepts.