Shower Shelf Ideas

If you frequently trip over your shampoo and conditioner bottles, a shower shelf might be in order. These kinds of bathroom organization may help make your washroom appear slicker and clutter-free, suitable for walk-ins, cubicles, and shower-over-bath designs.

We’ve got you covered – no matter the size of your cleaning area – from corner shelving models for those with limited space to showstopping spotlight decor.

It’s never too early or late to look for bathroom shower shelf ideas or study the stunning designs that are accessible online and in-store, wherever you’re at with your decorating adventure.

Build in a smart recess to store supplies


A smart way of getting additional storage into places where it might otherwise go unnoticed is to create a recessed shelf or niche in your shower or wet room.

Recesses may be formed in places where unsightly pipework has been boxed in or between a stud wall and framework. Prior to tiling the shower area, however, you’ll want to evaluate the possibilities so that you can make a decision.

Edge a tiled shelf recess with gold-colored edging to create impact in a basic white shower design. In a metallic finish that matches shower and bathroom fittings, a contrast accent trim will draw attention to the area and add a beautiful touch.



The ones that don’t stand out like a sore thumb are arguably the greatest bathroom storage ideas. The shelf was constructed into a niche in the wall using the same white metro tiles as the rest of the wall and the adjacent wall, with a window, in this shower cubicle with wet room flooring.

The sink area has much darker wood wall paneling for interest and contrast, as a departure from the white bathroom decor.

Elegant and Minimalistic Wall Caddy


Without any frills or complications, this basic hanging shower rack performs its function. The single clean black lines are beautiful, and they won’t attract dust, mold, or shower gunk. There are two full shelves to hold all of your shower essentials and keep them separated and organized, despite its small appearance and the space it takes up.

If you have a contemporary home with plain tiles and smooth walls, choose this design. It works great with black shower accents, but it may also work with a shower with silver nobs and shower head.

Grey and White Tiled Shower with Corner Shelves


With corner shelves, you can store more items in your shower. They’re appropriate for both youngsters and adults because of their rounded edges. Because of their compact size, they stay out of the way and allow you to move around freely and get access to bath products.

This is a excellent one-size-fits-all solution since most showers include at least two empty corners.

The homeowner created these shelves out of the same material as the integrated shower bench to help them fit into the shower design.

Cut out a recess


Before you start tiling, it is recommended to think about storage if you are installing a new shower enclosure. A professional should be able to cut out a nice shelf recess for one of the vertical surfaces in your shower if it is a stud wall. This one has a great location for getting to your toiletries.

Since you’ll only be able to cut into the regions between the wood framework, the size of your recessed shelf will be determined by how deep your wall is.

By using various tiles within the niche, as shown here, you can emphasize it. Although it might be too busy for a bigger surface, it works wonderfully in a tiny space.

Alcove shelf-care


With a black frame that displays our Pier toughened glass shelves in a black hue, Christian Andrews’ clever customization has contributed to the alcove’s further beautification. Each is priced at £32.

An alcove, also known as a niche, is a gorgeous shelving idea whether your bathroom space is limited or you want to create a feature inside a wall. They’re so nice, I can’t help but adore them. They’re seamless, stylish, and oh-so-sleek in any bathroom.

Depending on their location in a bathroom, you may choose to have them lit or unlit, as well as adding glass shelving.

This stunning alcove that features our Pier glass shelves, £43 each, 60cmW x.8cmH by 12cmD in a stylish black tint and 8mm toughened glass has taken bathroom shelving concepts to a new level.

Consider the Pier glass shelves, which go above and beyond traditional shelving. Ultimately, a bathroom’s shelving may be used to establish a focal point depending on the kinds you choose and how you arrange them.

Before you even think about what to show on them, you have to start with this. For a convenient storage area and a stunning showcase unit, simply include them into your bathroom or wet room design from the beginning.

Glass Shower Niche Shelves


Since it is quite thin (typically 6 or 10mm width) and blends in with the rest of the bathroom, the glass shelf is the most popular recessed shower niche shelf. As a result, it allows the niche to blend in with the surrounding tiles more.

The tile design can be more easily seen with a clear glass shelf if you’ve chosen to install a feature tile at the back of your niche.

You may notice a little green tint to the cheapest glass when you begin investigating alternatives for glass shower niche shelf options. Clear glass is also available, but it’s a lot more expensive than the green hue. If you don’t like this green color, clear glass is an option.

I get a lot of complaints about how bar soap appears to end up on the shower floor since the glass is so slick, and glass shower niche shelves look so nice in your newly tiled shower niche. They also say that since water doesn’t disappear, the glass gets filthy as your soap dissolves away.

If you want to put tempered glass shower niche shelves, take note of the last critical advice: order tempered glass (or your contractor does).

You should not install untempered glass no matter how unlikely it is that you will break your glass shelves. Untempered glass may cause a serious injury. Taking that risk isn’t worth it.



Using a central shelving unit can keep all of your bathroom bits and bobs organized in one tidy space, which is perfect for small bathroom storage ideas.

The sleek, black metal unit fits in perfectly with the modern bathroom design, defined by the striking Lee Jofa wallpaper by Kelly Wearstler(opens in new tab), as shown in this beautiful bathroom by Alice Lane Interior Design(opens in new tab).

This central shelving unit provides a stand-out storage and display area, providing a home for both practical items like towels and containers with toiletries as well as more attractive items like books and ornaments.

Look to the Walls


Look to the walls if you don’t want to give up valuable floor space for storage. The designer used the empty space above and on the toilet to store knick-knacks and artwork in her small bathroom, as seen in this bathroom photographed by Margaret Wright Interior + Lifestyle Photography.

A modest bathroom can be added a bit of charm by installing a floating shelf above the toilet.

Go for gold with luxe fittings


To guarantee that shower products aren’t left sitting in a puddle of water, free-draining racks and wire baskets are a good in-shower storage option. With rust-proof fittings that have been coated or pre-treated for protection, it’s always worth paying a little extra and opting for them.

To create a sophisticated, coordinated appearance throughout your bathroom, choose finishing options. To create a plain bathroom a luxe, new look, replace standard fittings with on-trend brushed brass taps and shower roses.

When contrasted to polished brass, brushed brass has been treated to make it look duller and less glossy, and it offers a more lasting finish that attracts fewer fingerprints.

A trendy round shelf


It’s no surprise that round shelves are taking off. They’re fashionable, yet they have enough space. Use it to hold Q-tips or cotton balls alongside succulents, or hang one that matches your bathroom décor.

Pick an easy-fit shower stand


Without the need to drill any holes for fixtures and fittings, make sure there is plenty of shower storage. Regardless of the size of your shower enclosure, this clever extendable storage rail will work.

The spring-loaded support rail is installed by sliding into position. Shelves for shower gel, sponges, and other necessities are provided by corner-shaped baskets.

At (opens in new tab), Professional organizer Vicky Silverthorn advises, ‘Don’t try to have too many products at once.’

The trick is to always have the least amount of stuff possible, thus you won’t have to deal with it. You may streamline your regimen and keep your space more organized by using so many beauty products that are multi-use.

Create a Windowsill Shelf


A single ledge, which serves as both a window sill and a place to store extra toiletries, extends from the wall to the wall. When you contrast it against your wall color, make it pop more by matching it to your window trim.

Opt for an easy-access shower caddy


There are a slew of off-the-peg buys and freestanding components that will address any bathroom storage concerns without the need for permanent fixtures. If built-in storage isn’t an option, consider one of these options.

This stylish shower tidy comes with suction pads that will keep it in place when attached to a glass shower door or hooked over the shower head.

The shelves feature handy cut-outs to store bottles spout down for easy dispensing and two tall shelves to accommodate taller bottles with drainage holes so it doesn’t get waterlogged.

Basic wire shower shelf in a corner design


This wire shower shelf is both simple and contemporary, allowing you to keep a pair of bottles and some smaller products readily accessible. It comes in a polished chrome finish or a bolder satin nickel option.

The most space-saving option is a corner design, which enables you to take full advantage of the little space between your two shower walls rather than requiring additional depth all around it. If your shower isn’t the biggest, we strongly suggest corner shelves.

Corner supplies with neat shelving


Extra storage may be added to a tiny shower cubicle by using corner-shaped shelves or baskets. Stack them two or three high to provide plenty of storage for soap and toiletries, with the bottles angled so that they fit neatly into a corner without protruding too much into the showering area.

Consider floating corner shelves with discrete, inconspicuous fixings (like these). Some designs may need to be affixed using silicone, while others may be affixed with the fittings hidden behind the tiling.

Instead, to secure shelf fixings in place when installing shelves into an existing tiled shower, some drilling might be required.

Functional Shelving Unit


Consider Use Case


Have you ever seen a cuter bathroom shelf? Studio DB placed a tiny wall-mounted tray near the tub for bath products or a bathtime drink in their room at the Kips Bay show house.

Double-up with twin storage


In a plain white bathroom, a panel of statement shower tile ideas in a bold pattern and bright colorway will add wow.

If you have enough room, consider building in side-by-side shower storage alcoves so you can store your bathing goods. To create symmetry, place alcoves on either side of the shower fitting.

In a bigger walk-in shower or wet room, double alcoves or a single longline recess may be beneficial for providing additional storage.

Consider purchasing pre-formed recess units, which may be purchased from tile retailers and DIY shops to make installation simpler. The units, which are intended for pre-wall installation, include a fully waterproof base for tiles and come in a variety of sizes.

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