Shoe Storage Ideas For Entryway

Shoe Storage Ideas For Entryway. A neat entryway gives a positive first impression of your residence, but coming up with an suitable solution for storing everyone’s shoes can be challenging.

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You’re looking for a product that’s both stylish and practical, yet fits your home’s style.

On your way to a neat and maybe even stylish entryway shoe system, check out this list of SOME fantastic entryway shoe storage ideas.

You’ll discover the perfect combination for your home, whether it’s basic or stylish, and get those filthy shoes out of the way and into their new proper location.

Whenever you’re adding a new piece to your house, especially in the front hall, think about how much space you have and try to maximize it.

Sneaking a shoe storage space into a corner, nook, or hallway closet is an excellent option and a fantastic way to make room. Also, since your design decision will be influenced by the primary type of shoe you’ll be storing, keep that in mind.

Have a good time and come up with your own ideas. Consider combining some options or using distinct entrances for distinct entries to your house if you notice a few ideas you want to try.

Set Up a Coat Rack


Make sure to get a coat rack that can do double duty! This one has a shoe shelf that will help keep shoes off the ground but still readily accessible, as well as plenty of hooks for keeping everyone’s outerwear neat and tidy.

Shoe Rack


One of the most basic approaches to shoe storage in the entryway is a shoe rack. Shoe shelves are used to keep items organized.

Look for a rack with enough space for all of your shoes, along with adjustable or varied shoe shelf heights to accommodate boots and high-heeled shoes.

Caroline Solomon, the creator of New York-based home organizing business Neatly, recommended our favorite entryway shoe rack, which we picked up from Open Spaces.

Solomon told Living Cozy, “I’m partial to the Open Spaces Entryway Rack because of its sleek look and capability to hold up to nine pairs of shoes at a time.”

Powder-coated steel is used to make the Open Spaces Entryway Rack, which can be used for a variety of purposes and has sleek aesthetics. It comes in a variety of colors that can be used in any room, and it fits well. Boots and taller shoes are best stored on the top shelf.

With its tough steel frame and powder-coated finish, the Open Space Entryway Rack helps transformation into décor, according to Dowling, co-founder of Pattern Brands.

It can be used to organize, decorate, or display items that are most important to you and may be used in a variety of settings.

Sweet and Simple Summer Sandal Solution


This low-hanging sandal rack is made of a simple rod and traditional wire coat hangers and solves the dreadful sandal heap problem.

Bending the wire hangers and adding a little touch of fabric gives your room a unique style. Your guests will appreciate not having to rummage through a big pile of flip-flops to locate them.

Baxton Studio Winda Wooden Shoe Storage


The Baxton Studio Winda Collection will disguise the clutter while giving your front door a vintage and modern look.

To give a traditional look and enhance the corner’s appeal, the cabinet door has a woven design. The storage’s indoor quality is also carefully managed by the ingenuity of this design.

Shoe Storage Cabinet


Shoe racks with small shelves for everyday shoes and high sections for boots are one feasible design.

You may use this piece as a console table in the entryway by giving it a wooden top that is somewhat larger than the original cabinet. This trendy do-it-yourself shoe rack is versatile enough to use in practically any area.

Vertical Shoe Cabinet


Keeping your shoes organized by the front door is easier with a vertical shoe cabinet. Moreover, since it promotes hiding items out of sight and storing them away, it’s a fantastic choice for minimalist areas.

Consider a piece of furniture that is designed to maximize vertical storage if you have a small area. Seana Turner of The Seana Method said, “IKEA alternatives like these are great because they have a limited footprint and provide a lot of storage.”

Since it only has legs on the front, the IKEA shoe cabinet that Turner suggests has a small footprint and may stand close to the wall above the baseboard. There are four sections, each of which can hold two pairs of shoes.

With nine shelves, this Wayfair Shoe Storage Cabinet can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes. Moreover, this free-standing vertical cabinet’s functionality is enhanced by the ability to store other items, such as purses and bags.

Build a Shoe Organizer


This DIY project will keep your shoes organized and off the floor. Shoes as tiny as sandals or as huge and heavy as winter boots may be stored in the basic storage rack.

Boot Tray


Like a designated spot on the floor to store your shoes, a boot tray serves as a catch-all for footwear. They’ll save your floors from unnecessary messes and are simple to clean, so they’ll save you space.

A boot tray is a terrific way to contain mucky boots ordirty, wet shoes if you have the room for one. Jessica Welling remarked to Living Cozy, “It’s especially useful in the autumn and winter months.”

For keeping muddy floors at bay, the Anthropologie Marquetry Boot Tray is a stylish option. It’s pine wood, and it cleans up quickly for regular upkeep.

A dark black finish gives the natural wood grain a contemporary appearance that matches any design. If you need to conserve space in a small area, tuck your boot tray under an entryway bench.

The polypropylene material used to make this Bed Bath & Beyond Home Boot Tray makes it suitable for storing muddy, messy shoes in a convenient and durable spot.

It’s proof that boot trays don’t have to be expensive, with a price tag under $10! It cleans quickly with a hose or in the sink, allowing you to have clean, dry floors throughout the winter months in your home.

Put Shoes in a Box


It isn’t necessary to go to the store for every shoe storage idea. For easy access storage, repurpose an old planter box.

Even if you don’t know how to build something, try your hand at it. Inside a window box or planter mounted to wall studs, flat shoes can be slipped on tightly upright. For a streamlined front door area, stack two in your entryway.

Shoe Bins/Boxes


Shoe storage bins near your door help you keep your shoes organized and readily available. Bins may be constructed out of baskets and other containers, or they may stack.

To avoid a massive shoe mound on the floor, I prefer to utilize bins or baskets. Even better if you can divide the trash among several bins for each family member, according to Welling.

You should be able to fit your favorite pair of shoes, as well as any weather-specific boots or shoes you need for the season, in a separate bin for each person.

A set of six stacking shoe organizers with clear sides is included with this Shoe Storage Organizer from Wayfair (as shown above).

Furthermore, to avoid unpleasant odors, the product has ventilation apertures that allow the shoes to breathe. A stackable and collapsible construction is also available in the boxes.

Baskets or bins are adaptable for a range of spatial configurations and are categorized and labeled by user or shoe type (athletic, walking, sandals, hiking boots). Bins with lids or without lids are available. Sherri Curley of The Practical Sort explained that uncovered enables for more air flow to eliminate odor buildup.


The Marie Kondo Ori Rattan Bins from The Container Store are a great choice if you want open storage.

These bins are simple to transport and tough since they are made of handwoven quality and open, rounded handles. They’re also made of renewable rattan, which is known for its flexibility and strength.



Making the most of what you have – and that includes everything – is the finest small hallway designs.

For those who want to save space by not taking up precious area with freestanding cabinets and cupboards, a secret pantry beneath a staircase in a hallway is a optimum space-saving solution, according to interior designer Emma Sims-Hilditch(opens in new tab).

While opening up the area may allow for an wonderful boot bench position with out having to worry about lack of head height, storing shoes in this cabinet is one technique to make use of this weird space.


Cubbies enhance your entranceway with a number of little boxlike spaces, in which you may store shoes, bags, and other items.

You’ll want high-quality material that can withstand the debris that’s often found on the bottom of shoes, so it’s preferable to have specialized shoe cubbies for hygiene.

Cubbies are good for a number of people to discover what they need. Entryways might get cluttered easily, so it’s important to create a unified design that ties all those little things together, according to Reeves of Living Cozy.


Classic elements and an attention-grabbing open grain characterize Pottery Barn’s Livingston Shoe Storage Cubby, which is guaranteed to make a good first impression.

Moreover, since it’s constructed of sustainably harvested mango wood, your shoes, luggage, and other belongings will have a lovely yet durable finish.


When each family member has their own cubby for shoes, coats, backpacks, and so on there’s no need to forget your shoes when it’s time to leave, said interior designer Jessica Welling.

Using the inexpensive Billy bookcases, this is an Ikea hack.

You might also get a custom cubby bench set up in your entryway if you have a little bit more money to spend. Re:modern has also shared a custom example:


Hack an IKEA Piece


This entryway was inspired by an IKEA hack. Footwear is kept out of sight in this modest shoe cabinet, which is constructed to seem like an integrated unit with a little do-it-yourself ingenuity.



A shoe storage bench is a common home furniture that allows you to sit while removing and installing your shoes. And guests get a wonderful first impression.

The Burrow Carta Bench would work well in any size of entryway or mudroom and is a highly versatile option.

Its comfortable seat is large enough for your shoes and low enough to fit under a garment rack. Furthermore, if you put your shoes on a tray and tuck them beneath each other, it may help keep them clean.

An entryway bench with storage is a good place to store your shoes if you prefer them to be hidden.

The tight wood Totem Bench by Burrow has a small aesthetic and a huge inner storage area that may be used for shoes.

[A] bench with closed storage is a fantastic idea, as everything is hidden (making it seem tidier). So it’s really useful since interior designer Anais Chaumien explained to Living Cozy that you may sit down on your bench to alter your shoes.

You might even construct a custom shoe rack bench like the one shown below, which was supplied to us by Mona Reeves, Principal Architect at Re:modern. Depending on your area (and budget), you may even construct a bespoke shoe rack bench.


A well-organized entryway has a psychological impact on the rest of your abode, said Reeves.

To assist households manage clutter and daily items that come with the flow of a lived space, a system for storage is required, particularly for entryway design. I build custom solutions that adapt to an individual’s or family’s habits for entryway shoe storage.