17 Wall-Mounted Shelves for TVs You Will Love

Whether you have a floating or a built-in TV, you’ll need shelves for TV to transform the area around it into the centerpiece of the room.

Needless to say, no accent wall is complete without a shelf. Have a look at these amazing floating shelves for TVs before buying one.

The hanging hardware of the wall-mounted shelves is hidden, as a result, they have a “floating” look.

Moreover, these furniture units showcase decorations and add more drama to space.

There are lots of features, materials, types, and styles to select from. No matter the kind, floating shelves are truly practical.

They do not only look stylish and elegant but also make TVs shine. Check these options out!

Single TV Shelf


If you have a small space, purchasing a sturdy single shelf is a great option. The unit can make your TV float on the living room wall. Additionally, it keeps the room neat and eliminates visual clutter.

Just install a single shelf on the wall. Be sure you mount it at a convenient height. After that, put your TV, DVD, remote, or music player atop the unit.

The single open shelf saves precious space in the tiny room. However, we suggest limiting the number of decorative pieces you display on the wall. That way, the area does not appear cluttered.

When selecting a single shelf, you may not know whether it’s going to strongly support your TV or not.

If that’s the case, make sure the unit has high weight capacity, so the electronic device won’t fall off the wall.

Floating TV Shelf Stand


Wide shelves for TVs are a perfect addition to large rooms. They look awesome on open walls as well.

The floating shelf stand can complement your electronic device. Furthermore, it is such a cool alternative to a regular TV console.

This floating shelf stand offers plenty of space for the TV. It helps ground your room too, so the television seems to be a larger part of the area. Moreover, the device does not become an afterthought.

These floating shelves for TVs have extra room. It will enable you to store DVD cases, books, remotes, and decorations.

The furniture units keep things off the ground. They also ensure that your items are always within easy reach.

We highly suggest installing this floating TV stand. Not only does it free up floor space, but also creates a perception of a more spacious home.

Adjustable Shelves for TVs


Are you looking for floating shelves under TV ideas? If yes, add this wall-mounted shelf to the living room or home theater. It helps get the electronic device off the ground without sacrificing your control over the unit.

Make the most out of the wall-hung shelf by ensuring that it is adjustable,. Moreover, the unit lets you store items in almost any size and change their positions with ease.

This adjustable floating TV shelf will certainly fit your needs. In addition, the furniture piece enables you to customize its appearance without frustration. It is also normally simple to use.

You can use storage compartments to stash your books, knickknacks, and DVD cases, and other items. Although the adjustable floating shelf has a simple design, it becomes the focus of attention, thanks to the gray background.

Floating TV Cabinetry


Like drawers, these wall-mounted shelves for TVs with cabinets allow easy cleanup. That means you can tidy up your space very quickly. The DVD cases or remotes won’t get lost as well.

Since you’re able to close a cabinet door, this floating tv stand will certainly provide peace of mind.

Furthermore, cabinets are a perfect place to store a gaming console. When not in use, shut the doors and they’ll hide yours from sight.

For many people, keeping the living room clean and neat is crucial. By purchasing a floating TV cabinet, you can easily accomplish this.

Moreover, this streamlined floating TV stand can replace upper cabinetry’s storage capacity. It gives your living room an uncluttered style as well as a stylish look.

The TV should work nicely in the room. We recommend installing it at your design center.

Additionally, these shelves for TVs are not only multifunctional and versatile but also come with lovely hidden storage.

Wall-Mounted Shelves with Open Storage


If you choose shelves for TVs that feature open storage, keeping things together in one place is not a hard job.

The unit can be used to place your discs, books, and remotes. It enables your friend to play video games on TV with ease.

This floating TV shelf allows you to find your things easily. It keeps the mess at a minimum as well.

Furthermore, the storage may not feature an open back. If that’s the case, we suggest drilling a hole. Then, place a video game console in the unit.

For many people, drilling a hole through the shelf’s open back isn’t a huge deal.

This will help limit the number of your device cables showing around the TV and remove the clutter of cords left hanging.

In the other words, it enables you to move easily.

These shelves for TVs provide ample storage. They have showcase space for your decorative items.

The furniture units are not only functional but also allow you to make a focal point.

Reclaimed Wood Shelves for TVs


Many people adore the appearance of the wood floating TV shelf. Are you one of them? If yes, give this furniture piece a chance. It is not only charming but also eco-friendly.

This reclaimed wood wall-hung TV shelf is durable and sturdy. In addition, it keeps you from worrying about environmental hazards to produce new items.

Furthermore, many reclaimed floating shelves will give you wonderful stories about wood origin. People usually find them very interesting to know as well as to hear.

Besides knowing that you’re doing good for the planet, the reclaimed wood wall-mounted shelf provides a piece of history.

For instance, the unit that supports your TV was a part of an old barn.

Pictured above is a reclaimed TV shelf. The oak wood came from Wisconsin. Moreover, it is around 100 years old.

Solid Wood TV Shelf Ideas


Speaking of floating shelves for TVs, solid wood is a nice option. Since this wall-mounted shelf is sturdy enough, it can accommodate the heaviest TV.

The unit can house game consoles, remotes, and routers too.

If you have expensive entertainment devices, it is reasonable to ensure that they are protected.

Moreover, purchasing the most reliable wall-mounted TV shelf does make sense. Be sure the furniture piece has great durability.

You certainly can save money on particleboard shelves for TVs. People who have a limited budget generally choose the ones that are made from other materials.

When buying your wall-mounted TV shelf, make sure the unit has durability, style, and strength. Without a doubt, the solid wood shelves for TVs meet those requirements.

Floating Shelf with Drawers


The floating TV stand with drawers is undoubtedly functional. Moreover, it allows you to keep things out of sight.

Cleaning up your living room is not an intimidating job anymore.

When your DVD cases, books, and remotes are scattered throughout the living room, you do not need to worry about the way they look.

These shelves for TVs are a perfect place to stash things away. Tidying up a home is such an easy task.

This feature has an extra benefit of enabling you to find your remotes quickly at any time.

Furthermore, your friends do not need to search for DVD cases when they want to play video games.

You can make these shelves for TVs more appealing by adding an accent lighting next to them. Their storage compartments can house many things.

Since this floating shelf with drawers comes in pure white. It evokes an airy feeling and makes the room seem larger.

Shelves for TVs with Cable Management


For homeowners, there is nothing more frustrating or unappealing than a TV on the wall that has lots of cords showing. If you have the same problem, we suggest buying this floating shelf.

A wall-hung TV with too many cables can cause a distraction from watching your TV. For sure, it can be really hard not to see the wires whenever you’re looking at the electronic device.

Some people can handle these visible cables by themselves comfortably. Even, they may drill several holes in the living room wall to hide the cables.

Overcome the problem of your cords with ease by purchasing a wall-mounted shelf that features cable management slots.

They make the unit easy to connect the video game console, TV, and DVD player.

Buying a floating TV shelf with wiring grommets is certainly a great choice. The furniture unit does not only limit the number of cords that you own. It also prevents them from becoming too visible.

Farmhouse Floating TV Shelf


Are you searching for a rustic floating shelf under TV? If yes, add this unit to your living room to create a nice farmhouse look.

As the image shows, it is left unpainted and made of unfinished wood.

Unlike other shelves for TVs that boast sharp edges, this farmhouse-style floating shelf is convenient.

Since the unit is left unsanded, you don’t need to worry about your guests or splinters getting scraped when they contact it.

By choosing a natural wood floating TV shelf, you can allow its raw beauty to shine.

Moreover, these wall-hung shelves for TVs look terrific in-country and farmhouse homes.

Furthermore, this floating TV shelf carves a calm atmosphere. It will make you and your guests feel more relaxed as well.

We recommend framing your TV with small floating shelves like the ones pictured above.

They are excellent for showcasing DVD cases, books, and knickknacks.

Beach Style TV Shelves for Bedroom


As the picture shows, the timber floating shelf is painted gray-blue. It helps recreate the ambiance of the beach easily in any space.

Furthermore, the light stain reminds you of the wood that has beautifully washed up on the white sand.

Moreover, beach-style shelves for TVs exude carefree vibes and a peaceful atmosphere.

Bear in mind that you should avoid dark stains and hues. We recommend seeking out blues, grays, and lighter whites instead.

You need to choose lighter colors over the dark ones because they can carve a beachy ambiance.

Besides, those hues will make guests feel like they’re on their favorite beaches, not at your home.

These wall-mounted shelves for TVs transform bedrooms into coastal entertainment areas. They also add function and fashion to any space.

Furthermore, this floating TV shelf will serve as a focal point. It keeps your remotes, DVD cases, or books in place too.

Modern TV Shelves Design for Living Room


Sharp edges as well as straight lines make this wall-mounted TV shelf appear incredibly stylish. They will help the unit stand out in the modern living room for certain.

As you see, this floating TV shelf has no decoration. Also, the striking grains of the wood speak for the furniture piece.

This wall-mounted dark wood shelf can call attention to the TV without creating noise. It will certainly draw the eyes of the guests who step into your home in no time.

Moreover, these floating shelves for TVs are trendy. You can make the entire design pop by adding the accent light fixtures.

In this example, the dark wall-mounted TV shelf holds a media player, DVDs, books, and video games.

Additionally, it sends out a welcoming ambiance and contrasts delightfully with the crisp white background.

Contemporary TV Wall Shelves Design


Pictured above is a wall-mounted TV shelf. The interesting angles as well as lines lend it a contemporary look.

Also, they will give the unit dimension and a lot of visual interest.

People usually confuse contemporary shelves for TVs with modern ones. They are two different things.

When purchasing modern wall-mounted TV shelves, you’ll be noticing the differences between those two units.

These appear slightly more futuristic than their contemporary cousins.

Furthermore, contemporary floating shelves are typically made from solid wood. They feature more interesting angles and lines to steal your guests’ attention.

Minimalist Wall-Mounted TV Shelf


Without a doubt, these floating shelves for TVs look wonderful in minimalist homes.

As the image shows, the shelf does not boast visible knobs. It features smooth, clean lines. The unit has a very appealing look too.

Keep in mind that it won’t pop in the living room that is already decorated with furniture pieces in another style.

However, if your home has a minimalist flair, then this wall-mounted TV shelf is for you.

A floating shelf like this does not only accommodate your TV but also provides a lovely space for DVD cases and decorative pieces.

Moreover, it keeps you from feeling distracted when watching TV.

Furthermore, this blonde wood wall-mounted shelf will channel your inner minimalist.

The unit is wide enough to display your TV and decorations. It pairs stunningly with the taupe background as well.

Industrial Wall-Hung TV Shelf


When you hear industrial wall-mounted shelf, wood and exposed pipes or metal come to your mind.

Moreover, the unit does not only have a dark finish but also looks super captivating.

You can easily purchase floating shelves for TVs that feature black exposed piping as an accent.

However, not all pipes give the shelf great stability and structure.

Moreover, you should be careful when picking the things that will sit on the shelf.

Be sure those pieces don’t exceed the maximum weight limit. We also suggest searching for the dark-toned unit with oil rubbed bronze pipes for your room.

Plywood Floating Shelf for TV


If you love a visually pleasing wall-hung TV shelf or stand without the increased price and added weight, then opt for this unit. It is constructed from plywood.

The plywood allows for attractive parts. Moreover, the material will lighten the whole structure of the shelf, so you don’t have to worry about how it’s fixed onto your living room wall.

Keep in mind that plywood shelves for TVs are not as good or as durable as the solid wood counterparts.

Furthermore, the water damage from a damp or very humid environment is such a big concern.

Wood Floating Shelves for TVs


Unlike plywood floating TV shelves, these have solid construction. That means they are built to last. Additionally, the units even can house very heavy TVs.

Moreover, wood shelves for TVs can withstand water exposure. Just be sure you wipe the pieces down. Then, let them dry naturally.

Finding some floating TV shelves that are constructed out of a single wood piece is an easy job.

This lends more stability as well as strength to the structure. Moreover, it lowers the chance of falling television accidents occurring.

In conclusion, a wall-hung TV teams perfectly with an open shelf since they make the visual contrasts less visible.

There are different kinds of floating shelves for TVs on the market, be sure you choose the model that suits your room’s design.

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