27 Ways To Have Room Divider Headboard For Bedroom [UPDATED]

Having a room divider headboard is one of the unusual ways to design a bedroom. However, it is still quite amazing to have this item as a statement-making element in space.

On this page, you can explore many ideas of using room dividers as a headboard. It is a popular touch to the bedroom.

So, pick the right dividers for your bedroom. Then, turn the ordinary headboard into one a kind focal point.

1. Refined Carved Room Divider as Headboard



One of the most essential things to think about is the matching style. Thereupon, it would make a room divider become a great headboard to your bedroom.

Further, take a look at this wood screen. It makes a perfect headboard because of its refined carved wooden texture.

Indeed, nature’s color of the wood and its carved textures match the bed and the bedside table nearby. As a whole, it becomes a refined vintage scene.

Moreover, this bedroom has a white neutral scheme. That becomes a great canvas to contrast the design of the headboard and other wooden elements.

2. Boho Headboard Style from Room Divider



Take a look at that whitewashed headboard. The traditional room divider headboard becomes an interesting boho element of a bedroom.

Likewise, it has got a chic look and texture that stay at the back of the bed. Even though the screen looks so eye-catching, it does not take over space.

Moreover, other elements in this room have a similar type of style. Thus they make a statement in their territory.

One interesting decor item is that birch wood bedside lighting. It is a good decision to have this item nearby the screen.

3. Whimsically Shaped Room Divider



Take a look at this interesting room divider headboard. It is made of an upholstered screen to set up a chic atmosphere in the bedroom.

That whimsy shape looks cool. It appears like a bedroom located inside a castle. The refined chic touch of this headboard is pretty uncommon. Therefore, it is definitely a catch to the eye.

On both sides of the bed, there are similar set-ups to maintain the style. Make the headboard a perfect center element. Some people would call this shape gothic, but it is white.

4. Antique French Divider for Headboard



Take a look at this serene bedroom that comes with a shabby-chic style. Also, the size is pretty small and limited in space.

However, having such a room divider as a headboard makes space better. It looks spacious and more comfortable.

The room divider used in this bedroom is a hand-painted one. The antique french frame makes a stunning focal point along with the painting and bedside table.

Moreover, the color of the bed is so different from the decor. It looks like the owner wants to highlight each of the elements in the bedroom.

5. Eclectic Bedroom with Large Orange Headboard



Check out this eclectic bedroom. It has got the warmth more than what you expect. Therefore, it means that the room would be more comfortable than you think.

The large orange headboard is a partition that the owner repurposed. Indeed, it is a simple room divider headboard that is high enough.

However, the light fixture seems to be giving away the strength to the orange hue. It emphasizes the color and adds more warmth to space.

In addition, the simple dots pattern on the white comforter and pillows do not belong to the background. The wall, headboard, and lighting become the special scene of themselves.

6. Floral Pattern Room Divider as Headboard



If you want to have some vintage pattern as your headboard, this one is a pretty good solution. Likewise, that light-colored floral image on the divider blends well with the color scheme.

Even though this bedroom is not in vintage style, the headboard is attractive enough to maintain its charm.

Furthermore, the pattern is simple but classic because that is all you need. Importantly, having a light color or design with the statement-making rug is already on point in this case.

7. White Carved Wooden Headboard



Looking at this room divider, you would agree that this headboard is more than just a supporting element in this bedroom. Hence, it is a piece of art.

The natural concrete wall seems to be making a good impact on the space. Besides, it offers an extremely rustic vibe for the bedroom.

Meanwhile, the design of this space is pretty uncommon. You will rarely see this unique style in an ordinary house in the neighborhood.

Some big elements in this bedroom have a boho style that would take over the entire atmosphere. The globe light fixture, the bedside, and of course the artistic headboard.

Additionally, it becomes a repurposed room divider as headboard that most homeowners use to separate a living room and a kitchen.

8. Rich Wood Texture Room Divider



Check out this converted room divider as headboard making a perfect headboard for the bedroom. It gives you such a traditional look with elegance.

It’s a practical idea for a bedroom. You can change the atmosphere of the space entirely just by adding a single element.

It’s such a creative decision to have this rich wooden divider as the headboard. It has its charm and impressive texture to catch the attention.

9. Folding Dressing Screen as Headboard



Whoever thought that a folding screen for dressing creates an attractive headboard will consider item is a pretty good example.

The stylish frame has a gold trim that becomes the highlight feature of this headboard. Also, the light floral image on the screen set up a fabulous scene for you to enjoy.

Further, the white color scheme is making a great canvas to contrast the soft color of the folding screen headboard. Both bedside tables are in line with the headboard to balance the style.

10. Olive Green Headboard from Space Divider



This one is a typical room divider headboard. It has a traditional or vintage floral image on the screen. That kind of design would make a great headboard.

However, you do not need to include another artwork on the wall. It is because your headboard is your artwork that provides an impressive package.

This bedroom has a neutral scheme with pops of colors. Then, the olive green color of the room divider makes a great pop along with the pink blanket on the bed.

11. Amazing Shutter Divider as Headboard



It is another interesting idea for a headboard. This one would make the bedroom very special. In this case, the shutter divider is very wide.

It seems to be enough to cover the whole single side of the wall in your bedroom. Besides, the bold color of the wall gets covered with a stylish element.

The combination of white and dark blue are perfectly blended. Furthermore, the amount of brightness seems to be enough to maintain comfort.

That is because of the shutter headboard that is taking over most of the dark blue walls. It is so stylish and comfortable.

12. Asian Style Headboard with a Zen



Check out this traditional bedroom design. It features an interesting headboard that comes from a Japanese room divider.

A simple square pattern has its charming look to spread all over the space. However, this room does not need any more brightness from lighting or windows.

There is enough warmth to enjoy within the Asian theme. Check out the pillows. It matches the Japanese style headboard.

Otherwise, on the bedside table, you can notice the glass lamp that set up the right mood for the bedroom scheme.

13. Modern Chic Metal Room Divider Headboard



The structure design of the metal divider is attractive. It is a beautiful pattern that looks like a painting on the wall.

As a room divider, this one does not have a great privacy feature. So, most homeowners have this decorative piece to separate the room in an open space.

Placing it right behind the bed is surprisingly impressive. Furthermore, the neutral color of the wall supports the artistic structure. The headboard design is unusual, but it looks stunningly attractive.

14. Dark Elegant Room Divider As Headboard



This small bedroom looks so eclectic with that beautiful rugs. Also, the headboard is one of a kind. It is a unique choice for the main decor item in this space.

An elegant room divider makes a good impact as the background of the small bedroom. Indeed, it has a good match with the traditional rug.

As a background, it is probably a little too bold and dark. However, the light blue color and sconces on the side uplift the brightness.

15. Gray White Bedroom with Large Mirror



This bedroom has a huge size of mirror leaning to the wall. As the background for the bed, the owner sets up a large room divider as headboard.

Besides, it makes a great headboard for the entire space. The simple pattern has enough interest to be a focal point of the bedroom.

The design of this bedroom has a gray-white combination that gets the highlight from the pattern and colors of the room divider.

Moreover, the size of the mirror gives an illusion of space to this small bedroom. That would also be very useful for everyday use.

16. Teal and Yellow Bedroom with Room Divider Headboard



It is a headboard idea that is so intriguing. That statement-making element has matching colors with the curtain and cabinet inside the bedroom.

The white scheme and pop of yellow add more life to this space. Usually, this kind of room divider has a rich wood color.

That way would give a sense of tradition to space. Having it painted with matching color is a safe move you can make.

In addition, the artistic texture of the folding screen adds a lot of character to the white plain wall. Of course, it makes the bed looks more attractive than before.

19. Impressive Gold-Colored Room Divider



It is a simple addition to give more interest at the back of your bed. This piece is a room divider painted in gold color. Then, it becomes a great decor item to upgrade the look of your bedroom.

The impressive design of the headboard highlight the rest of the piece. Right above the bed, there is an interesting comforter with a Persian-inspired pattern.

Such a pale color gives a nice modern farmhouse style to the scene. Besides, combining the colorful pattern on the bed with the gold-colored piece on the wall is very interesting.

20. Brown Vintage Pieces in White Bedroom



The white color scheme in a bedroom is such a great potential to set up the right style and mood. It gives you a lot of chances to go personal with the colors and choice of furniture.

In this white bedroom, the owner decided to put some pieces in colonial style. Thus, the rest of the elements would match it.

As you can see, the antique sideboard with black and brown color is like the main attraction of this bedroom.

There is also a matching rug to be a perfect basis for the colonial sideboard. In addition, you can see the headboard used in this bedroom.

The painted and carved wooden room divider headboard has a matching color. With the white bed and wall, it creates a chic vintage feel to the bedroom.

21. Tufted Screen Headboard for Master Bedroom



For a large bedroom, having a large headboard will expand the special space for the bed. It works together with the rug to separate the center space from the others.

In this case, you can see that the tufted screen or room divider is used to take the headboard place.

Otherwise, an ordinary headboard does not give such a complement to the bedroom space. Indeed, the color and design of the divider match with the rug and bed comforter.

The emphasis that is made by bedside lamps improves the character of this bedroom. It is indeed adding more warmth to the room.

22. Rustic Shutter Screen as Headboard



There is also a shutter divider idea before this. Put this screen in your list of headboard designs too. It has got the rustic vibe that you may need.

If you plan to have the bedroom filled with rustic elements, will you add a focal point that is completely in rust?

That way would make the rustic element you are about to include is more significant.

This rustic shutter screen headboard can be a great example. Check out the rust it has on its structure.

So, it would offer an outstanding charm to the entire space. In this bedroom, the flooring is the one that goes in line with it.

23. Matching Gray Folding Screen as Headboard



The gray color scheme in this bedroom is so strong. It is taking over the entire space. Check out that large folding screen.

Further, it is large enough to cover the entire wall space behind the bed. The gray screen makes the color scheme having a stronger impact.

You may notice a light image pattern on the screen. It comes in a lighter shade of gray. The combination matches the carpet.

If you like to have a grayish, this one would be a great recommendation.

24. Lattice Style Room Divider Headboard



The folding screen is the main attraction of this bedroom. As you can see, the bed has a small headboard.

It goes together with the bed structure. Having only a small headboard like that will not be enough to create a magnificent scene in this bedroom.

So, adding an interesting folding screen with contrast color with white background is just perfect.

The structure and bold colors would steal attention every time you go to the bedroom. You can manage the charm by spreading it with some other furniture with the same tone nearby.

25. Screen Headboard with Interlocking Rings Pattern



This room divider does not have a folding screen concept. This one goes inside the wall. Also, it becomes a part of the built-in system.

Also, this element functions as a room divider in some houses. This modern bedroom takes it to the next level.

The stunning combination of old and modern style is happening in this picture. As we know, the interlocking ring pattern is very classic. It is like coming from ancient times.

Choosing this decorative piece as a part of the modern bedroom makes the room divider element fresh. Then, emphasize the structure with some lighting fixtures.

26. Morrocan Modern Element in Mediterranean Bedroom



This Mediterranean style of the bedroom has a nice modern element that catches attention. Then, it adds more character to the wall.

Instead of having an empty wall behind the bed, the room divider headboard makes an outstanding scene to the bedroom.

As you can see, the bedside table looks like a wooden spool. It offers a little bit of industrial and rustic vibe. Both stay on the side.

The essential thing in this bedroom is still the bed design that works well together with the headboard. This room divider makes an eye-catching background.

27. Contemporary Bedroom with Twin Bed



This style is such a perfect example of designing a guest room. It comes in a neutral scheme and visually soothing. Take a look at the black folding screen that the back of those beds.

The screen becomes a perfect headboard for both of them. As you can see, it is quite wide to cover the wall from one bed to another.

Furthermore, one-piece can be a great headboard for both. It is a clever and very interesting idea to consider. Also, using a black color is a good move to emphasize elegance and charm.


Those room divider headboard ideas are inspirational. You can select the design that matches your bedroom design. So, get ready for an amazing change that it would make.


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