26 Beautiful and Functional Room Divider Fireplace Ideas

A room divider fireplace is both functional and aesthetical since it can break up the dining and living room without interrupting the flow. Are you interested to have one at home? Look at some practical ideas here that add warmth and coziness to the space.

Electric Fireplace Room Divider

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If you love to linger in a warm living room but loathe cleaning up the mess due to the ash and smoke, try an electric fireplace.

An electric fireplace is simply, as the name suggests, a heater powered by electricity. It comes in various designs to emulate the look of burning wood and coal.

Since you use electricity to set the flame, you will not find any smoke and ash, which means you do not have to struggle with the hassle of the maintenance. You just need to clean it regularly. It is easy, right?

Triple Sided Gas Fireplace

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Triple sided fireplaces are common in contemporary and modern houses due to their practical and sleek design.

As you can guess, these kinds of fireplaces have three accessible sides. This design allows them to give you more light and warmth.

This room divider fireplace comes in a three-sided design and uses natural gas to ignite the flame. Since it is not a wood-burning type, it tends to be clean. It may produce a little smoke, which is less than the aforementioned counterpart is.

Double-Sided Fireplace

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Open space is more preferable now. It offers an unrelenting charm and unlimited boundary.

This master bedroom, for example, adopts the sleek design of modern flair. The absence of a wall that separates the bedroom from the bathroom has made it look more appealing.

Instead of a single wall that would make the bedroom feel boxed in, a room divider fireplace stands up between the rooms, separating them nicely.

This two-sided fireplace features a sleek design with clear glass in the middle, which is suitable for a newly married couple who are seeking sensual aspects in every moment.

TV and Fireplace Combo

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You might have come across many room divider ideas, but this one will blow your mind.

This fireplace and TV combo can make a great partition for the living room and dining room. It has a simple design that suits any modern and contemporary house immensely.

What makes this room divider look more wonderful is rotatable TV. You can watch it from either the living room or dining room by just twisting the holder.

You might be wondering whether this room divider fireplace is safe as some experts say that putting a TV above it is not a recommendation. Well, that is true.

Luckily, this electric fireplace – not the wood-burning or gas one – is harmless for your TV set.

Minimalist Fireplace

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Most room dividers are free-standing, but this one is different. It comes in the form of a protruding wall, which looks like a peninsula with trims.

An electric fireplace fills in the opening of this built-in room divider. The clear glass frame allows the flame to add extra lighting to the space. It also creates a link between the living room and dining room because you can see through it.

Mid-century Modern Fireplace

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Are you looking for a fireplace dividing two rooms? You can try this one.

This room divider fireplace does not have any sophisticated details like trims or carving, but it still looks standout in its simplicity, making it suitable for a mid-century modern house.

Most three-sided room divider fireplaces feature a transparent glass frame, but you cannot find it here, which accentuates the simple and elegant look. Besides, it allows you to see the other room more easily.

Wood-Burning Room Divider Fireplace

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The next room divider fireplace idea is this wood-burning type.

It will be your best bet if you want to get the authentic warmth from the flame that is burning the wood, not to mention its gas and electric counterparts cannot replace the smell and sound.

The most significant drawback of a wood-burning fireplace is the inevitable smoke and ash, but you can alleviate it.

This room divider fireplace combines the classic and modern look in an epic way. The unpainted concrete wall adds a little bit of industrial style to the space. It features a useful opening that you can use to store wood.

Contemporary Room Divider Fireplace

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It is a challenge for an apartment dweller that has to get by with limited space to make the entire rooms look and feel spacious and airy. The best thing that you can do is to knock down the wall separating them and merge them all.

However, you will not find any clear boundaries that distinguish a certain room from the others, not to mention the privacy that you will not obtain.

To make your home more spacious without compromising the style and privacy, a room divider fireplace is the best choice.

This textured fireplace will add some sort of style while defining the kitchen and family room. It will also maintain the flow as there is not any door, nor wall that blocks the traffic and view.

Industrial Style Fireplace

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Round out the industrial style of your home by building this fireplace. It acts as a floor-to-ceiling wall that separates the living and dining room.

The rough and unfinished surface is the hallmark of the industrial style, and that is what you can see here. The black fireplace nestles on a concrete bench that has uneven edges.

The fireplace also features a black metal chimney that accentuates the industrial style immensely.

Multi-Purpose Room Divider Fireplace

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If your home lacks space, it will be prone to clutter. You can overcome this problem by incorporating some shelves into your room divider fireplace, just like what you can see here.

The opening of this fireplace stays flush with the wall, giving a modern and sleek look. It also does more than just an ordinary room divider.

It features some built-in shelves that you can use to store wood, books, magazines, or any other knick-knacks that you want to display.

Luxurious Fireplace in a Bathroom

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Who says a room divider fireplace is only for a living room? You can place it in your bathroom.

This fireplace separates the bathroom and bedroom nicely. It eliminates the boxed-in feeling due to the wall and replaces it with elegance. It comes in a marble finish that matches the flooring immensely, making them look seamless.

The electric fireplace provides sufficient warmth for a cold night and morning. It would be nice to see a flickering flame while relaxing in the bathtub.

It features a clear glass frame that allows you to see the bathroom from the bedroom, which adds a sensual aspect for a married couple.

Modern Farmhouse Fireplace

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This modern farmhouse interior design lacks walls, which makes it look spacious. However, it is a bit haphazard since the boundaries between each room are quite obscure. For this reason, a fireplace comes to the rescue.

The room divider fireplace stands in the middle of the home, separating the dining, living, and family room. It comes in the form of a masonry wall with faux stone tiles to accentuate the farmhouse style while adding texture.

Stone and Brick Peninsula Fireplace

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This small living room would feel more cramped if it had a wall that separates it from the dining room. Luckily, the homeowner comes up with a brilliant idea, and it is about building a peninsula fireplace.

As the name suggests, it looks like a peninsula since it protrudes from one of the walls. Fortunately, it does not cover the entire room. It is only a few feet off the floor, allowing him to see through the next room clearly and easily.

Another good thing about this room divider fireplace is you can make the top of it become a multi-purpose shelf on which you can put anything, such as a planter, a statue, or a wicker basket.

Marble Fireplace

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Unlike many other fireplaces that have a front opening, this one features a top opening that makes it look like a tabletop fire pit. Seamless marble tiles make it look lavish and aesthetic.

This fireplace does not have any glass frame, allowing you to stay as close as possible to the flame. You need to be careful, though. It also features a black metal chimney that matches the cabinets and TV nicely.

Warm and Cozy

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This is another peninsula triple-sided fireplace that will round out your contemporary living room. It does not stretch from the floor to the ceiling. It is only a few feet off the floor, allowing you to reach the top easily.

Since you can reach the top of this room divider fireplace, you can use it as a shelf that lends you an additional storage space that hosts a fish tank, a jar, a planter, or a chandelier.

Small tiles cover the siding of the fireplace, giving more patterns and textural elements.

Contemporary Wood-Burning Fireplace

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A wood-burning fireplace has never failed to bring in classic ambiance to the space. Nothing can replace the smell and sound of it, which is why many people still use it today despite the smoke, ash, and maintenance.

This kind of fireplace has evolved. It used to be out of bricks and stones. Now, you can find a metal wood-burning type that can round out some types of interior designs, such as mid-century modern, Scandinavian, Boho, or any other modern styles.

The homeowner of this modern farmhouse interior design has knocked down the wall and replaced it with a metal wood-burning fireplace. It separates the kitchen and the living room without making them feel more cramped or boxed-in.

The Centerpiece

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Room divider fireplaces usually feature captivating designs that will never fail to steal anyone’s focus. That is the reason why it deserves to be the centerpiece of a living room to impress the guests, just what you can see here.

Instead of standing between the dining and living room, this fireplace perches on top of the sleek white coffee table. It has a simple design that is suitable for this modern interior. Since matching can have a big impact, it comes in the same color hue as the wall.

Placing a fireplace in the middle of the living room allows you and your family to feel warmer during the chilly night. Besides, it draws anyone’s attention so that they can temporarily forget that the dining room is right behind them.

Subtle Divider

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Are you looking for a fireplace that can do more than just alleviating the coldness of a chilly night? This one is worth a try.

This natural gas fireplace has a top opening that lies on the tabletop, which enables you to throw a barbeque party in the living room, especially when it is raining or snowing outside.

To make it look more natural and emulate the rustic of a wood-burning fireplace, you can store some wood inside the table.

The fireplace features a transparent frame that allows you to see through it, making it become a subtle divider.

Metal Room Divider Fireplace

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Carving out an industrial style into your living room does not have to be arduous. This simple room divider fireplace can do the tricks well.

This fireplace comes in an extremely simple design with clear-cut edges. Made from black metal, it brings the industrial style to the space instantly.

Right in the middle is an opening that enables you to place some woods or charcoals to ignite the flame. Since it has no frame, you can see what people are doing in the next room.

Room Divider Fireplace with Stone Mantel

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This minimalist cabin is a perfect place to escape from the hurly-burly of city life. The beauty of nature will indulge your eyes, as nothing can block your sight.

To complete the charm of nature, a room divider fireplace stands in the middle of the house, separating the living and dining room. It is made of natural stone that adds pattern and texture to the space.

Sleek Wood-Burning Fireplace

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Many people consider that a wood-burning fireplace is old-fashioned. It will not fit in with a modern house. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

This wood-burning fireplace has proven that it can complement a contemporary house. It comes is a sleek design that has always been the hallmark of modern flair. The minimalist color hues also denote the style immensely.

Besides being a great room divider fireplace, it also has two small built-in shelves that you can use to hold the clutter at bay. It also features an opening that you can use to store some wood. A mint cushion perches next to the fireplace, providing an additional seat.

Brick Fireplace

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Are you a big fan of the rustic style? Then, this room divider fireplace is for you.

This cottage is small and minimalist, which embodies contemporary style well. Therefore, the wall that defines the living and dining room is not necessary. However, a fireplace stands right in the middle to take the role.

The fireplace is probably the most conspicuous thing among the minimalist décor that you can see here. It is made of bricks, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting.

What makes it different is the bricks remain unfinished, declaring a vivid rustic ambiance that can be the main charm of this room.

Flagstone Electric Fireplace

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Now, let us move on to a flagstone fireplace.

Like bricks, a flagstone fireplace can also bring in the charm of rustic ambiance into the space. The earthy tones of it will suit any modern house well, just like this one.

This flagstone fireplace stands perfectly between the living and dining room of this contemporary apartment. It separates both of those rooms while becoming a visual interest that entertains anyone who sees it.

Granite Tiles Fireplace

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Being simple does not mean that it is always boring. Simplicity can boost an elegant look of a room.

This room divider fireplace, for example, is quite simple. It has no trims and sophisticated carving, yet it looks fabulous, thanks to the marble tiles that always add the touch of elegance into any space.

The slim and sleek design of this fireplace is suitable for a modern interior design with minimalist furniture and fixture.

Mosaic Room Divider Fireplace

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You can incorporate this natural element into your contemporary living room. Look at the rough surface produced by natural stones. It contrasts with the seamless and glossy flooring, making it become the center of attention.

The use of different earthy hues forms a mosaic-like fireplace, which makes it deserve to be a marvelous centerpiece.

Rustic Room Divider Fireplace Idea

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This fireplace is unique. It has a top opening just like a fire pit, and stones surround it. A black mantel covers the flame.

What makes it look even more amazing is a stone wall that sits on the mantel, becoming a spectacular backdrop for this living room.

A room divider fireplace is not only stylish but also practical. It serves you a splendid backdrop while keeping you warm.