22 Marvelous Retaining Wall Ideas You Will Admire

Some people live in houses with uneven yards. If you also belong to them and planning to make landscaping plans, luck is yours. Here, we have outlined likable and practical retaining wall ideas.

Furthermore, retaining walls help you level off your garden. Besides managing rainwater runoff, they offer strength and create terraced sections. Besides, those feature pieces prevent erosion as well as keep the outdoor area gorgeous.

Back then, people made retaining walls from concrete because the material is durable and robust. However, it is certainly not very appealing. Just because they serve a functional purpose, it does not mean yours should not look great.

Moreover, some of the most popular materials for retaining walls are timber, sandstone, brick, natural stone, and concrete render. Without further ado, check these options out!

Retaining Wall Ideas with Concrete Cylinders


Are you searching for ultra-modern retaining wall ideas? If you are, try concrete palisades. We recommend choosing the cylindrical ones. They also instantly give your outdoor space an industrial flair.

The smooth concrete cylinders make a terrific retaining wall. Additionally, they work nicely with architecturally individual minimalist homes.

You could apply this retaining wall design style to your mainstream property. Since it is simple, you will not need any key features.

Moreover, the concrete palisades can serve as a lovely plain background. They will contrast beautifully against the bright flowers or greenery.

Camouflage Retaining Wall


You do not like the look of your existing retaining wall. Improve its appearance without spending a fortune by growing some greenery in front of it.

Furthermore, the plants will cover the unattractive wall. Additionally, they take attention away from the unit. That way, it does not become an eyesore anymore.

We suggest using large ornamental plants like shrubs or tropical cultivars. Moreover, the evergreen climbers could be a great choice because they grow fast and will hide the retaining wall’s surface in only a few months.

Pictured above is a limestone retaining wall with flowering ground covers. It adds stability as well as color to the landscape.

Retaining Wall with Integrated Steps


It is one of the most brilliant retaining wall ideas for backyard. As you see, the unit features a cinder block staircase. It shows that the homeowner does not skimp on design.

The integrated steps lend interest to the otherwise primary retaining wall. Besides, they make it more delightful and practical.

Furthermore, this retaining wall with staircase is ideal for a sloped backyard. It also allows you to access the higher level easily.

The retaining wall stairs help to tie two levels together. They make the visual contrast between your lower and upper tiers appear less vivid.

There are flowerbeds on tiered levels as well. They enable you to create a backyard garden oasis. Furthermore, the plants give your landscape a touch of Mother Nature.

DIY Retaining Wall Ideas


Are you looking for rustic retaining wall ideas? You should try this option. Since the unit is just a few feet tall, it does not require professional help.

Without a doubt, a boulder stack is one of the most inexpensive retaining wall ideas. You can get some boulders from your local garden center or DIY store. We recommend sourcing the ones in large and medium sizes.

After purchasing the boulders, stack up the pieces on top of another. You could use appropriately sized rocks to fill the visual gaps.

Do not forget to add a layer of concrete or building sand between the boulders. That way, your retaining wall will be more durable and robust.

Furthermore, the boulders let the retaining wall fit in well with the outdoor space. These lend the backyard some attractive shapes and nature-inspired texture too. They also help support your garden beds and stairs.

Classic Brick Retaining Wall


Are you on a budget? If so, build a retaining wall using traditional red bricks. The pieces carve a classic look and make your landscape appear tidy. Compared to natural stones, they are more affordable as well.

Many people use red bricks to construct their retaining walls for a reason. Not only are they robust and convenient to work with but also cost-effective.

If you are a handyperson, we suggest creating the brick retaining wall yourself. It helps reduce costs.

Furthermore, this traditional brick retaining wall will look great in any outdoor space, be it the garden, back porch, or front yard. For an impressive appearance, complement yours with plants.

Mosaic Retaining Wall


If you are into unusual retaining wall ideas, then give this one a chance. It boasts stone pebbles in various colors. Moreover, the pastel hues bring a touch of fun to the landscape. They look quirky as well.

This mosaic retaining wall would be an astonishing feature piece. It lends a lovely splash of color to the landscape.

If you are not a passionate gardener, the mosaic retaining wall is a great choice. Since the unit is already decorative, growing bright flowering perennials is unnecessary.

You could build integrated stairs too. Be sure they feature the same kind of stone as your retaining wall. They do not only evoke a sense of cohesiveness but also assist in blending the garden features into the outdoor environment.

Using the same retaining wall material throughout your garden can be boring. That is why you should not hesitate to mix different materials and colors for something more modern.

Wood Retaining Wall Ideas


Talking about cheap retaining wall ideas, you cannot forget the wooden walls. Furthermore, these are a more incredible take on regular fence panels. Although the units are time-consuming, they look contemporary and trendy.

Are you great at handiwork? If so, try building a retaining wall of your own. Collect old pallets. Then, break them down and use those items to construct a timber feature piece.

Building a retaining wall out of unused timber is a very affordable option. However, the material is not so durable.

Moreover, the naturally long-lasting kinds of timber include forest red gum, ironbark, and tallowwood. Since these can resist termites, they usually will stay in good condition for 25 years.

Decorative Block Retaining Wall


It is one of the most spectacular retaining wall ideas for sloped front yard. It requires meticulous measurements and features a gorgeous repeating pattern.

Here, the blocks make a futuristic retaining wall as if the unit would blend in nicely among flying robots and cars. Since the feature is very repetitive, it definitely can act as a background for any front yard landscape.

Furthermore, this block work typically looks excellent on a grand property. However, it is also useful for your small retaining wall. No worries, the unit will be equally fabulous. To spice things up, try incorporating some greenery.

Sandstone Retaining Wall


Here, we show you a pale sandstone retaining wall. It sets a modern vibe while lending a bit of history and heritage to the landscape. Besides, the unit screams old-world grandeur without looking pretentious.

These sandstone blocks are undoubtedly quite expensive to purchase. If you love this retaining wall style, be ready to pay good money. It is both practical and classic. The unit itself poses as a statement piece in the front porch or backyard.

Moreover, these natural blocks are very long-lasting. If you focus on durability and quality, then this retaining wall would be an excellent investment.

Flower Beds


Are you looking for garden retaining wall ideas? Try this one. As the image shows, it brings flowerbeds together. The unit is not only practical but also adds a lot of personality to your outdoor area.

The brightly colored flowering plants will take the attention from the retaining wall. They jazz up the appearance of your garden. Moreover, you do not have to substitute the current unit.

Furthermore, we suggest growing trailing plants because they will beautifully cascade down over your retaining wall. Those pieces also develop a romantic atmosphere.

Do not forget to opt for a material that perfectly suits the exterior of your house. Moreover, make sure the flowering plants complement the design nicely.

Retaining Wall Ideas with Unusual Layout


Generally, people construct retaining walls in either curving or straight-continuous lines. However, you can build new garden spaces by creating your retaining wall with irregular angles.

We recommend constructing a cozy seating nook in front of the timber retaining wall. It enables you to have small garden areas alongside the unit for soothing water features or benches.

The next step is filling in this unconventional retaining wall with flowering plants. They certainly will motivate you to spend more time outdoors.

Retaining Wall Cladding


In this example, the house owner clad the retaining walls to create the stacked stone effect. Cladding them is a nifty choice. It lets you achieve the appearance you want without using the actual thing and breaking the bank.

Furthermore, the cladding options for retaining walls come in various styles. However, this one looks particularly excellent in a classically landscaped garden, offering an elegant touch and a traditional flair.

Talking about concrete retaining wall ideas, consider applying clad. Furthermore, this will instantly spruce the units up. It could also update the style of the existing walls without demolishing and reconstructing them.

Gabion Retaining Wall


Now, gabion baskets are a common way to construct edges or retaining walls around the landscape. They are wire cages that contain natural stones or bricks.

Moreover, the size of natural stones in the gabions will excellently depend on the wire cage type you have purchased. The tightly woven one can hold many smaller pebbles.

Out of retaining wall ideas exist, gabion baskets are one of the most sustainable and affordable. They also lend your property an edgy look and a touch of industrial style.

Bear in mind that gabion baskets are typically quite large. Furthermore, the units may be more suitable for commercial spaces or big gardens. Since they require a spacious backyard, make sure yours does not have a tight space.

Patchwork-Inspired Retaining Wall


As the image shows, this retaining wall has an unusual pattern. It undoubtedly reminds everyone of a hand-sewn patchwork blanket.

Furthermore, the colored stone bricks have a nifty haphazard style. As a result, the design of the retaining wall feels more pleasant and relaxed.

The bricks with rounded edges generate a cozy and welcoming ambiance. Meanwhile, the more angular ones would offer a harsher look.

You should ensure that the brick retaining wall style matches nicely with the rest of your property. It will exude a sense of continuity.

White Concrete Rendered Wall


Rendering a retaining wall lends a sleek look and an elegant feel to your outdoor space. We recommend painting it pure white. Furthermore, this simple style is popular in warmer regions of the U.S. and Mediterranean countries.

Moreover, the white concrete rendered wall will instantly produce coastal vibes. It allows your lush green grass to steal the spotlight too.

Speaking of concrete rendered retaining wall ideas, you do not necessarily have to paint it classic white. Try playing with bold or earth tone paint colors instead. It would assist the unit blend seamlessly into your landscape.

Retaining Wall Ideas with Multilevel Terrace


It is one of the most creative retaining wall ideas. The unit features low-tiered levels that give it a gentler look. Moreover, the multilevel terrace prevents erosion and offers strength.

In addition to being practical, the tiered sections let you create a delightful front yard garden. Another option is filling them with solar lights or ornamental pebbles.

Compared to single retaining wall ideas, the tiered terrace is undoubtedly more time-consuming and complicated. This project will likely need a higher budget when hiring a professional.

Living Retaining Wall


As you see, there are plants between the gaps of the retaining wall. They instantly transform the unit into a living feature piece.

Furthermore, this living retaining wall is suitable for those who love plants. The unit itself requires expert help. However, if you are indeed a keen gardener, we suggest filling the gaps with greenery yourself.

Do not hesitate to grow different plants, such as flowers and succulents. You could also consider vegetables and herbs.

As the plants flourish, they may take over the retaining walls. Moreover, in some cases, they can be unseen, creating a perception of completely green feature pieces.

Retaining Wall Ideas with Lighting


This stone retaining wall lends a rustic charm to any landscape. It boasts integrated solar lights as well. Moreover, you could install them along the top of the unit.

Adding solar-powered lamps into your retaining wall is a great choice. Furthermore, they give the outdoor landscape interest and character. Those light fixtures are also both low-maintenance and inexpensive.

The solar lights make the unit more practical. Besides, they illuminate your walk path after dark and generate a warm atmosphere.

Low Retaining Wall Ideas


In terms of height, this retaining wall is low. However, this unit gives you more options when we speak about building materials. Here, the feature piece built from concrete masonry units is also far-famed as breezeblocks.

Moreover, breezeblocks are affordable and easy to lie. Back then, people found this design too basic. However, it works nicely with the latest industrial style trend.

Unlike most retaining wall ideas, this design allows you to build the structure yourself. That means it helps save some money.

Irregular Flagstone Retaining Wall


As you see, this natural flagstone retaining wall features irregularly shaped pieces. They lend it a striking look. Moreover, the unit is such a perfect addition to the landscape.

Moreover, the irregular flagstones produce a rugged appearance. Since they have no uniformity, the retaining wall feels more unpretentious and earthy. Despite those elements, it still looks stylish, thanks to their gray tones.

Without a doubt, this flagstone retaining wall will be a center of attention. Moreover, it needs professional help due to the irregularity of the unit.

Retaining Wall Ideas with Tiered Hedges


This retaining wall is similar to the tiered one. However, it makes witty use of gabions. Since the installer diversified them with hedges, the unit appears modern and sleek.

To create this look, space the tiers properly so you can grow thick hedges. Besides, do not forget to prune their tops regularly. That way, they will not ruin your retaining wall design.

Furthermore, we recommend using pale or dark-colored pebbles in the gabions. They will contrast nicely against the hedges. The medium-toned ones will not look equally outstanding.

Sturdy Wooden Fence


In terms of replacing or constructing a retaining wall, a wooden fence is usually much more affordable. If you are low in budget, try the design.

Unlike stone or concrete retaining wall ideas, wooden fences are cost-effective. Timber panels also offer a sense of uniformity. Moreover, their construction must be particularly robust.

Compared to stone retaining walls, wooden fences are usually less durable. You should replace the unit more frequently too.

We hope you feel inspired after reading our retaining wall ideas. Choose the design style that suits your personal preference, environment, and budget. Finally, yet importantly, do not hesitate to think outside the box.

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